Power Exchange (Power Exchange, #1)
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Power Exchange (Power Exchange #1)

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From the moment Detective Gavin DeGrassi steps into the world of BDSM to solve the brutal slaying of Dom George Kaiser, his course is not his own. Mesmerized by the context in which the victim lived and the images of the lifestyle seared into his soul, Gavin must find a way to navigate these unknown waters. With his personal life in upheaval due to marital trouble, and his...more
ebook, first edition, 270 pages
Published September 15th 2012 by Voodoo Lily Press
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Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter
4 stars for Ben, Gavin (Gavin the man, not the cop) & Myah.****Review completed August 18 2013

 photo 3aaa92ef-50fb-4de0-95f8-99576cbb2791_zps5381df50.jpg

When Dom George Kaiser is murdered, Detective Gavin DeGrassi doesn't know yet that he'll get more than he bargained for. Gavin is not familiar with the lifestyle and soon he must realize that he is out of his depth. They need a tutor. Enter Dr. Ben Haverson, a psychologist and well respected Dom who is specialized in counseling patients who are into the lifestyle. When Ben and Gavin meet for the fir...more
Written March 15, 2014

4.3 Stars - strong and engaging - I was both stunned, terrified and charmed

Book #1

~ Read in October 2013... ~ A VERY late review!!

There was never any review written. Now it's too late to really do this book justice, but I still want to say some words. First of all, I liked this novel a lot - and even more the subsequent second book (Safeword).


A great start for a two book series. I was both frightened of nasty stuff in the crime part, but above all complete...more
Rach  *Feisty kitty*

Buddy read with the lovely ladies Awilk, Em, Laci Rain, Renee,

The only reason for 4 STARS instead of 5 was because I felt the murder plot overtook the story too much at times. However the relationship development between dom Ben and sub Gavin more than made up for it.

I loved it when Ben called Gavin 'Baby' it made my heart crush for Ben

This is a BDSM book, yet there is much more depth to it. The relationship between Ben and Gavin is beautifully written a
Duchess Nicole
"I have you where I want you," Ben said, approaching me. "I can do with you what I will. You trust me not to harm you. I take that trust to heart....I'll take what I want. You'll give me what I need. In return, I'll take on your burdens, set you free."

Gavin DeGraw is a detective and comes from a family of cops. It's in his blood, it's in his bones, and he takes his job seriously. Possibly a bit too seriously, and it's put quite the strain on his marriage. When a brutal case involving the BDSM co...more
Those clueless about BDSM will enjoy A.J. Rose's "Power Exchange". Detective Gavin falls for his BDSM consultant on a serial murder case, Dr. Ben. Ben's a Dom therapist and Gavin's married...to a woman. So you figure them apples. But if you love Law & Order:SVU, like I do, you'll also like this story. Now while I am a huge fan of the show, the first two seasons were a little hokey.

And guess what? This read like a first season episode. There were two central storylines going on: Gavin's comi...more
4,5 stars

Looks left...looks right...no one is currently reading it?
Do I really have to go first? Unf...friends!

Well written, well thought out mystery-plot (a plot!), touching D/s romance...loved this book and read it almost in one go without skipping a single word.
I`m no expert in police procedure and BDSM, just read about these themes in books but I think there went a huge amount of research into this book - forensics, edge play, D/s dynamics - everything in the story sounded convincing and pla...more
Exposition, exposition, too much exposition. It's like a manual on BDSM. Not to mention that Gavin, our MC is a very incompetent cop and you can spot the perpetrator a mile off.
Emma Sea
A BDSM 101 / Law and Order: Special Victims Unit mashup.
MsMiz (Tina)
Okay - cannot pass this up - the cover alone is worth the purchase.

3.5 Updated for review.

I rather enjoyed this book. The slow boil between the murder case as well as Gavin's discovery of what he needed in partner as well as in a D/s relationship I felt was done well. This book went into great detail regarding the lifestyle, different relationships and different levels of play inside BDSM and really seemed to be honest and respectful.

What i did not like about this book was: the ending. For suc...more
Power Exchange is the perfect title to this book! The power that is given by the submissive to his Dom is precious and its value is so well demonstrated in this book... I'm no expert on BDSM lifestyle, but it fascinates me...

The subject of this book, however, is not only BDSM... is about a realization... It's about a man Gavin, trapped in an unhappy marriage, feeling how wrong that marriage is, because he's not himself... He realizes that to be who he truly is, he must change his life and submi...more
3.5 Stars

I really liked this one. Up to a point.

I enjoyed the MC's and their relationship development and the murder mystery thing was good too. Up to a point.

I read it straight through, feeling invested in the outcome. Up to a point.

I reached that point at about 75% when the murder mystery becomes ... well, a joke really. It's so obvious a whodunit I felt like a kid again watching a pantomime shouting and furiously pointing at the bad guy: "He's behind you, He's behind you", while the hero look...more
Cory (who is idolized by Mishyjo)
I really enjoyed this one because of the following:

Gavin/Ben - I loved how their relationship evolved and what they became to each other.

Gavin/Cole - Brothers who truly loved each other.

Gavin/Myah - Great partners.

So obviously, I loved Gavin LOL! I thought he was great and I will definitely read book 2!

The 'mystery' part had me cracking up though as it was really easy to figure it out. Other than that...two thumbs up!

** 28/7/14. Re-read with Andrea. Having such a long gap between reads only emphasized for me what a fabulous book this is, some of the lines are just delicious, and Gavin, well he's just one of my fave characters full stop. Chock full of feelz, wonderful writing and characters. **

Original review dated 2013

Loved it. 5 stars and

I adored Gavin and the 'will he, won't he come out of the closet' saga. Gavin, the youngest of 4 boys all of whom have some connection to the St Louis police force, if...more
JaHy♕ Bitchy  Goddess ♥'s  everything CrAzY  ☿
Wonderful book. I am kicking myself for ever putting it down (stupid,impatient hormones)

Those of you whom know me are already aware that I don't like to give many details away but in actuality I'm going to be vague because I REALLY WANT TO START BOOK 2, DAMN IT!!!

What an enjoyable murder mystery (is that an oxymoron?). My mind wasn't spinning due to numerous possible suspects, just enough to keep me guessing. The scenes between Gavin and Ben were phenomenal. Ben is a very meticulous lover and...more
This is Gavin and he is HOT as HELL!

I Really liked Gavin~ he was Adorable without a doubt.

The Book~

>>>Gavin and Ben, Adorable Romance!!!
>>>MYSTERY...no surprises, but it was a nice touch.


>>>WTF & WHY & DUH moments...I wanted a smarter Detective and Psychologist... At 1st I thought, what a let down for me~ Cuz, that crime solving stuff could have been off the charts awesome!

>>>The feel of th
I like mysteries. I like BDSM books and I like m/m. Put all three together and you have a book which is bound to be a win as long as the writing is good and the characters realistic. Fortunately, this book managed to combine everything beautifully and was a marvellous read.

The story follows homicide detective, Gavin, who is called to investigate a horrible murder of a man connected to the BDSM community. During his investigations he meets Ben, a psychologist who has been brought in to help with...more
Oh what a wonderful book! It kept me entertained on my long flight today and left me with the feeling of 'I want more'. And that although I knew the bad guy as soon as he appeared. Normally that kills my will-to-read-on, but not this time. The personal development of Gavin was very captivating, I only would have wished for a more lengthy epilogue - all right, the family situation was resolved, thanks:) but otherwise I felt as if I was told only glimpse, not really satisfying after feeling with G...more
After trying (and putting down to finish later- possibly WNF) some pretty derivative BDSM-themed stories over the last few weeks, this one was a pleasant surprise. I would have to agree with Simsala that the ending was a bit rushed, but great writing and characters kept it a five star read for me. I loved Gavin; his toughness combined with vulnerability and the desperate need to hand over the burdens and stresses caused by his job and loving (but helluva controlling) family.
Gavin and Ben had so...more
I enjoyed this one. It had a nice mystery to it although easy to figure out toward the end. Was kind of BDSM 101 because Gavin was just starting to explore his submissive side so there was a lot of explaining going on by Ben. However, I enjoyed how Ben eased Gavin in. The MCs connected very well for me. Plus, was nice to see a strong female character in Gavin's partner. The BDSM is overall fairly light although there is some violence as part of the mystery.
Edina Rose
Oh Sweeeet read! I like when a romantic relationship just blows my mind away like this one! Their D/s relationship is healthy and beautiful.
The mystery is not a "mystery" though. The killer is obvious from the beginning and does not even try to hide but it's like they cannot put two and two. Fortunately, the beautiful relationship between Ben the dom and Gavin the sub totally made up for that.
4.5 stars. I get a little jaded by BDSM books sometimes, so I was pleasantly surprised at how invested I was in Gavin and Ben's relationship while reading this. I liked the slow buildup and great chemistry between them. I also liked the secondary characters(especially Myah). Minus a half star because, while the mystery was interesting, the perp was a bit too obvious....more
The painfully earnest and detailed explanations of BDSM completely killed any spontaneity in the romance. I felt like I was being lectured. There was a nugget of a good story there but like many other readers I found it improbable that the Detective could not see who the (very obvious) villain was.
Tami (synchro from BL)
It was well written, and the beginning was very promising. The first murder and the whole introduction to the MCs family/private situation as well as the scene (BDSM) is very well done. But this is the only really good part in the book imho. It goes downhill from there very fast.
(view spoiler)...more
Hi all, I have never written a review so please bear with me....

You know how covers or titles can determine an opinion of what inside??? this one kind of made me think it was heavy BDSM, in my narrow minded view that meant scary beating, pain, and control of sub by dom. Well after reading this, not so much. This book made me understand so much more about the Dom/Sub relationship. I loved Ben, and how he explained evrything to Gavin. I loved how Gavin not only embraced being gay,(after the misera...more
This was a great read ... not perfect, but fun. I enjoyed the smex & the BDSM was pretty soft & easy to read. Gavin & Ben were a cute couple & I was satisfied with the HFN but I do hope there is a sequel so I can see a stable, healthy & happy HEA. The murder mystery aspect of the book was a little bit simplistic & naive ... I guessed 'who done it' fairly early in the book. Despite that, the characters were nice enough for me to want to continue reading anyway. This book w...more

Gavin and Ben are adorable and hot and a perfect match for each other.

I was captivated by this book from the very beginning. Two gorgeous guys, the mystery and thriller... and when the power exchange began and things got really interesting and I was completely hooked.

"It's an exchange of power. Believe it or not, the subs have more power than you realize. They have the power to choose whether or not they give themselves to a Dom. Once the exchange is made, the Dom ta
3.5 stars

Wow, this starts off just like a Patricia Cornwell novel, all gruesome with the nude dead body found in a compromising position and crime scene experts swarming.

Gavin DeGrassi is a police detective on the case and let’s just say this one blows the lid off his life. In the space of one week investigating the BDSM murder, he discovers as much about himself as what’s happening on the case. When he meets Ben Haversom, a psychologist (and a Dom in the BDSM community), hired by the police to...more
ツ Renée
A wonderful and engaging read filled with passion, mystery, and suspense.

I really liked Gavin. He was sweet and sexy, with an innocence I didn’t expect given his profession. His wife was a bitch; his partner was an ass; Ben Haverson was a god. The awareness that passed between them the very first time they met filled me with hope and anticipation, and for the rest of the read, Ms. Rose did not disappoint.

I loved the intimacy of this story as they both set out on a journey of sexual identity, pe...more
Cap'n Heather.....Aarrrrrrr  ~Snarky Bloggers~
This story was a perfect mix of thrill, love, D/s, murder....and over all a rather beautiful story of finding one's self and accepting and being accepted for who you truly are.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Gavin...way to finally step out of the closet....even if you were pushed, tripped and fell hard.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I loved Gavin. His submission to Ben was beautiful. He and Ben were perfect for each other
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Jenni Lea
All I can say is beautiful, just... beautiful.

While the mystery was entirely predictable and I knew whodunit from almost the beginning I found that I really just didn't care. I wasn't reading this for the mystery; I was reading for Gavin and Ben and Myah and Cole. Especially Gavin. The way that this tough as nails detective was able to not only show his vulnerability but flourish with it was in a word - breathtaking. I found him endearing and, bless his heart, so repressed in the beginning that...more
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