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Blue Violet (Svatura, #1)
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Blue Violet (Svatura #1)

3.96  ·  Rating Details ·  604 Ratings  ·  69 Reviews
Book #1 of the Svatura Series

Ellie Aubrey is a centuries-old gypsy princess whose extraordinary abilities once inspired her Roma ancestors' fairytales (or nightmares). Along with her twin-brother, Griffin, Ellie has spent most of her life hiding from the Vyusher, a rival tribe who destroyed their entire powerful family. But after a mysterious dream, Ellie risks discovery i
Kindle Edition, 260 pages
Published August 19th 2012 by Abigail Owen
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Sep 05, 2012 Cara rated it it was amazing
My blog:

Summary: This starts off with a girl named Ellie. She is starting her first day of school in a city called Estes. She talks about how alike this school is to the ones she's been at previously. So your trying to figure out what her deal is; does she move a lot or is she a vampire, is it going to be Twilight? Thankfully, it wasn't like that. Anywho, her brother pops into the story a couple of pages later, he has decided to join her in Estes. His name is
Blue Violet by Abigail Owen is a refreshing YA paranormal romance on the light and slightly innocent side. The first book of the Svatura Series, isn’t overly violent or full of tons of angst and tears, perhaps because, while looking like teens, the main characters are actually part of a supernatural race that ages very slowly. Ellie looks like a high school senior, but she and her brother Griffin are over two hundred years old. They are quite possibly among the last surviving Svaturi, so Ellie i ...more
Article first published as Book Review:Blue Violet by Abigail Owen on Blogcritics.

Walking the razor path between fear and danger is often deadly. If you were the one who witnessed a horrible act, and had to hide from life, what would that look like? Could you find a strength and courage to return to the everyday cycle of life?

In Blue Violet by Abigail Owen, we have the opportunity to meet just such a soul. Ellie Aubrey moves to Colorado, knowing that she has made a move that will put her in a sp
Laura Greenwood

Title: Blue Violet
Series: The Svatura Series (#1)
Author: Abigail Owen
From: Review Copy
Genre: Paranormal, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
Release Date: 19th August 2012
Challenges: 2015 Reading Assignment Challenge, COYER Scavenger Hunt
Links: Goodreads - Amazon

For decades the only company of her own kind that Ellie's known is her twin brother, Griffin. But since her recent dreams she's been determined to protect others that she has learnt about. Going back to
Dec 25, 2013 -RadioActiveBookWorm- rated it really liked it
I wasn't so sure about this book, I mean, I had no idea what it was about when i started reading it, thanks to the kindle app on my phone, and due to downloading it forever ago. Probably before summer. It was surprisingly good, though. Lots of gore, mystery, and romance. I mean, sure, it was high school romance, but that's okay too.
This book was about Ellie, and her twin brother Griffin, and their life in a new town. When they first moved to the town,(the name is escaping me right now) they wer
Kathy Cunningham
Jan 17, 2013 Kathy Cunningham rated it it was amazing
Abigail Owen’s YA novel BLUE VIOLET is a compelling supernatural romance about a race of beings, called “Svatura,” with both super longevity and super powers. In way, BLUE VIOLET is like a mash-up of the TWILIGHT books and the X-MEN comics. Ellie Aubrey is two centuries old, but she looks like a high school senior. She and her brother Griffin are the sole survivors of their clan of Svatura, and they witnessed the decimation of their people a century earlier by the vicious Vyusher, a tribe of met ...more
I want to say for the song choice, "I've Got All This Ringing in my ears and none in my fingers" by Fall Out Boy, because i will proudly admit i love Fall Out Boy but i think the better choice is "Dirty Little Secret" by All American Rejects. So there is my song suggestion to give you a better "understanding" of the book...

Okay so this is literally tittering on the edge of 3.5 and 4. And i will explain one of the biggest reasons much later. And some of the reason i can explain right now, sometim
Oct 09, 2012 Adriana rated it it was amazing

Flowers were all the rage a while back but I never got to read that many with them so it's nice to have one now. It's a simple but pretty cover. Ellie has been around for a while. She's about 200 years old if I'm correct. She is NOT a vampire. She's not immortal either. She can get hurt and die. She just lives longer than the average person. She's this petite little thing who blends in well with the High School crowd. If it were me I would look at her like
Kate McMurry
Terrific YA, urban fantasy, paranormal romance with a dynamic heroine

Ellie Aubrey looks like a teenager, but she and her brother Griffin have been around since the Civil War. Though her paranormal race, the Svatura, live preternaturally long lives, Ellie's family and most of the Svatura on earth have been exterminated by their mortal enemies, the Vyusher. The Svatura need each other to thrive, but when more than two of them are in a particular place, they draw the Vyusher upon them. For that rea
Sep 08, 2012 Shelly rated it really liked it
Ellinore ‘Ellie’ Audrey is not just another high school student; she’s a girl with a secret that only her twin Griffin knows. In this first book of the series, both of these siblings have moved to Colorado from Texas in pursuit of what they believe to be more of their own kind. Once in Colorado Ellie’s disguises herself as a high school student allowing her to get close to the Jenners and the Pierces, who are undiscovered members of the Svatura. The Svatura are a ravaged and decimated group of g ...more
Sep 12, 2016 Sandra rated it liked it
Ellie Aubrey es una Svatura, personas que viven más que la gente corriente y que además tienen poderes. Ellie se muda a un pueblo buscando por una familia que es como ella, los Jenner y los Pierce, necesitando encontrar a más Svatura dado que toda su familia ha sido brutalmente asesinada por un grupo de Svatura lobos, llamados Vyusher. Entre los Jenner está Alex, un chico "mayor", guapo e irresistible para Ellie sin tener idea de por qué no puede dejar de pensar en él.

Ellie es todo lo que me gu
Carrie Slager
May 29, 2014 Carrie Slager rated it it was amazing
[Full disclosure: I received a free ebook copy in conjunction with the blog tour in exchange for an honest review.]

When I signed up for the Black Orchid blog tour I really wasn’t all too sure about whether I’d like the books or not. However, the thing that convinced me was that I had read Andromeda’s Fall by Abigail Owen as well and loved it. Why not give her other series a try? And let me tell you: I’m so glad I did. It’s just as good as Andromeda’s Fall and I am now a huge Abigail Owen fan.

Neysa (Papier Revue)
Oct 21, 2012 Neysa (Papier Revue) rated it it was amazing
Shelves: books-i-owned
[A PDF file was provided by the author for review purpose. Thanks Abigail!]

Enthralling. That's all I have to say for Blue Violet.
Abigail Owen bring us into a new magical urban world that feel truly believable. Simply amazing. So glad that I've found this book.

This book told us about Ellie and Griffin, a pair of twin who had been on constant running since their tribe-The Svatura, people with long lifespan and certain special power- wa
Tony Parsons
Aug 26, 2014 Tony Parsons rated it it was amazing
Blue Violet (Book #1 of the Svatura Series) 174 (182) Abigail Owen posted 8/26/14

Ellie (Ellinore) Aubrey (HS Sr., aka Artemis; huntress, gypsy princess) goes to school in Estes Park (Carriage Hills) CO. Griffin Aubrey is her twin brother. The 2 had just moved there from Austin Texas.

Ellie was to meet with Ms. Langston (counselor). Ellie 1st class of the day was Mrs. Cavender (AP English).

At lunch Ellie met Adelaide (Delia) Jenner (HS Sr., ability to see relationships between people; past, pre
Maghon Thomas
Wow! I'm completely hooked and there's three more books to go! I was not expecting this one and I loved the whole thing. The writer definitely had me cheering for Ellie and her friends and hoping not all wolf shifters are bad!! And it's innocent yet deeply complex and simple all at the same time. Ellie and her brother want a family like them, special. And she finally finds them but there's a catch, can they stay alive from those whom have slaughtered their whole family in the past.

So Ellie is a
Ellie and her twin brother Griffin aren’t typical teenagers. They may look like they are, but in fact they’ve been around for over a hundred years. They’re part of the Svatura, a supernatural race who live a prolonged life. But most of the Svatura, at least the tribe Ellie and Griffin belonged to, have been murdered a long time ago by their natural enemies, the Vyusher. The Svatura normally live in tribes, because each other’s presence enhances their powers. Unfortunately the Vyusher have made t ...more
May 18, 2014 Melinda rated it really liked it
Excellent New Paranormal Series

Abigail Owen wrote a smart and magical tale of the Svatura, who are a people of gypsy heritage that are close to being immortal. They each have at least one power, and some have many more. These powers could be anything from healing, teleportation, mindreading, firestarting, shapeshifting, as well as psychics.

The Svatura lives in a large group, and smaller family groups would break off, then come back. The smaller groups started being wiped out by the Pyusher - an
Taylor  H.
Dec 14, 2016 Taylor H. rated it really liked it
Shelves: young-adult, fantasy
* I received a free copy of Blue Violet in exchange for an honest review *

Blue Violet follows Ellie, a girl who has had only the company of her twin brother Griffin for the majority of her life, and by life I mean over a century. Ellie and her brother are not normal human beings, they instead belong to an ancient mystical race that has almost been completely wiped out.

Although Ellie does enjoy her brother's company, she yearns to be around other people like her. Being around the same person (and
Jessica Nicholls
Oct 15, 2013 Jessica Nicholls rated it really liked it
Abigail Owen’s writing was a worthwhile discovery. This is the first book of the Svatura Series. Her style is simple and precise, which I thought made the world building and varying ‘gifts’ or ‘talents’ of the characters much easier to digest. Sometimes the details in paranormal writing can be overbearing, but I found reading Abigail Owen’s first Svatura instalment very refreshing (as well as entertaining).
Ellie Aubrey moves to Colorodo with her twin brother Griffin, unable to stop herself from
Kirsty Vizard
Sep 16, 2012 Kirsty Vizard rated it it was amazing
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) . . . .'Blue Violet' is the type of book that makes me want to press pause on the world (wink wink!!), snuggle in a blanket and read it from start to finish. The plot gave me that dizzy feeling from spinning to fast on a roundabout when I was a little girl!!
'Blue Violet' is the story of Ellie, who arrives in Estes park, with her twin brother, Griffin, following a premonitory dream. Ellie believes that she has to find the remaining members of her race, the Darane Svatura,
Sep 02, 2015 Kina rated it it was amazing
I give this book 5 fangs

Couldn't put this book down!
Ellie isn't like other girls, she may look 18 but add a century and a couple decades and that's more her age. Ellie and her twin griffin are not quite human they are svatura a very old line of humans that developed gifts, and yet even amongst their own people they are royalty. That would matter a lot more if there were any of their people left but a massacre decimated them. For a very long time it has just been Ellie and griffin but now after a
Nov 03, 2014 Michelle rated it liked it
I liked this book, and it's definitely one of the better-written self-published books I've read! The characters were interesting, the premise was interesting, and it all unfolded at what I felt was the perfect pace. My only complaint? The further I read the more I was reminded of the Twilight saga. I should mention that I really liked Twilight. But I'm always irritated when a book too closely mirrors any other.

(The rest of this review has spoilers).

A group of people who appear human and normal
Aug 13, 2014 July rated it it was amazing
Freaking awsome!

Ok, let me be serious, first of all, I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I like a very singular kind of books, but sometimes I feel like read something new, so I took this one and let me tell you something:

Letting aside some repetitive stuff, I loved this book, from the beginning of the book it trapped me, all the secrets and all the magic, and then the things started to have sense and I was like:

I liked all girls, I like Ellie even if she is all mig
Sep 26, 2012 Kaylee rated it really liked it
Shelves: ya, romance, fantasy, kindle
Ellie Aubry isn’t your normal teenager girl. She is part of a long line of magical people called the Svatura, and her whole family was decimated by some wolves, the Vysher, leaving only her and her twin brother alive. I thought this book was good…it blended fantasy and reality, and I especially enjoyed the relationships with the other characters. However, while I found Ellie and her brother and her love interest Alex to be fairly well developed, many of the secondary characters felt a little fla ...more
Steph Coleman
Sep 30, 2012 Steph Coleman rated it really liked it
Ellie Aubry moves to Colorado and immediately her life changes. Although she enrolls in high school, it is only so that she can find some other students who are like her. Even though she looks young, she is very old (but not a vampire, thank goodness!) and the others of her kind all share the same secret powers. What I found the most interesting was the history Ellie and her brother shared, and how their family (clan) was wiped out by the same threat that Ellie faces now. There are definite simi ...more
Apr 27, 2015 Mavis rated it it was amazing
Llegue a este libro gracias a mi book jar challenge, me tocaba leer un libro que en su nombre tuviese un color, me puse a investigar y llegue a este libro, totalmente fuera de mi zona de confort pero que me llamó la atención desde que leí de que se trataba.

Me gusto toda la trama, la historia familiar, los poderes, el romance, el misterio, me gusto su redacción y aunque algunas veces llegue a compararlo con twilight, creo que esta lejos de parecerse a esa saga.

Sin duda amé y adoré a Alex y a Ell
Oct 04, 2012 BellaReadz rated it really liked it
For me, this novel started off kinda slow, and I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. But about half way through I found myself completely engaged in the world that Ms. Owen created with her likable and unusual characters. I read another review where the reviewer described this book as feeling like a cross between “X-Men and Twilight” and that is such a perfect description I had to repeat it! There was some of the most interesting super powers in this book, and they were all described so thorough ...more
Sep 07, 2012 Jenna rated it it was amazing
I read this book in one sitting. I loved it! I liked Ellie’s personality, she wasn’t the typical dumb teenager girl who trips over her own two feet trying to get the guy. She’s smart and strong and has awesome super powers that she shares with her twin brother. She is hiding from the creatures that want to kill her kind, but then ends up having to face them. It’s really hard to find anything original in the paranormal romance genre these days, as it seems just about everything has been “done”. A ...more
Sep 23, 2012 Darla rated it it was amazing
I loved this book! The romance between Ellie and Alex is so sexy hot! And I liked that their relationship felt natural…not contrived. Also, I’m happy that the author decided to spare us with the usual high doses of angsty-teen in regards to the romance. Sure there is some conflict and tension involved, but it wouldn’t be a good love story without some drama! But Alex and Ellie are perfect for each other and the ending nearly made me cry! Can’t wait to see what happens in the next book. Recommend ...more
"Blue Violet” by Abigail Owen is a captivating novel that kept me turning the pages of my kindle well past my bedtime. This author is the master of the suspenseful chapter endings! There was so much action packed into this book, and secrets and twists and turns, I never felt like I knew what was going to happen next. I love that it wasn’t predictable, and Ms. Owen writes with genuine emotion that is reflected in the characters. I though the writing and editing was near flawless, something that i ...more
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Award-winning paranormal romance author, Abigail Owen, grew up consuming books and exploring the world through her writing. She attempted to find a practical career related to her favorite pastime by earning a degree in English Rhetoric (Technical Writing). However, she swiftly discovered that writing without imagination is not nearly as fun as writing with it.

No matter the genre, she loves to wri
More about Abigail Owen...

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