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The Sweetest Dream
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The Sweetest Dream

3.66 of 5 stars 3.66  ·  rating details  ·  803 ratings  ·  92 reviews
Set against the backdrop of the decade that changed the world forever, The Sweetest Dream is a riveting look at a group of people who dared to dream-and faced the inevitable cleanup afterward -- from one of the greatest writers of our time.
Paperback, 480 pages
Published December 24th 2002 by Harper Perennial (first published 2001)
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In The Sweetest Dream devotees of communism are some overexcited, smelly youths with greasy unwashed hairs who have sweetest dreams about the future of their ideology. This is England in 1970.

The historical-fiction aspect in this novel is so strong that I sometimes felt I was reading a real historical book. All the meetings, family gatherings and discussions are revolving around politics.

A big family, consisting of Frances and her two sons: Colin and Andrew, Julia -grandmother, Johnny-Julia's s
دوريس ليسينج من أجمل الأقلام الإنجليزيه التى قرأت لها فى حياتى,
أنثى جميله بقلم أنثوى أكثر من رائع,
أول ما قرأت لها كانت روايه بعنوان (الطفل الخامس) وأيقنت أننى وقعت فى غرام قلمها وأسلوبها السحر,
وفى هذا العمل (الضخم) الساحر تقدم لنا واقع المجتمع فى فترة منتصف القرن العشرين, بأحداث اجتماعيه قمة الإبداع عبر عين شخصيتها الرئيسيه الجميله (فرانسيس)تلك المرأة المكافحه الى تضغطها ظروف الحياة لدرجة الأنفجار,
كم يخذلها الرجال وكم تكافح هى لتربيه ولديها وكم تهتم بحماتها العجوز
ورغم أن العمل مترجم إلا أن اللغ
meer damad
طالعت هذه الرواية في رفوف المكتبات، إلا أنّ سعرها الغالي كان محفزاً لي لتركها؛ علّـني اتحصل عليها في موقع هنا او مجلدٍ هناك. إلا اني طمعت فيها كثيراً حينما وجدتها في معرض الأيام الثقافي في المنامة، العاصمة البحرينيّة، فاقتنيتها بسعر يختلف بشكل يسير ( 60 ريال! ) في سبتمبر الماضي. والآن، أجدها قد قاربت هذا السعر في رفوف المكتبات.

البارحة، كان آخر عهدي في قراءة الرواية. صفحاتها – ذات الحجم الوزيري – كانت مملوءة بالأحداث. أمــا الحوارات، فهنا وهناك تجدها مبعثرة. إلا أن الصعوبة كل الصعوبة، والسوء كله
Hadn't read Doris Lessing in years and here she was again, along with all her familiar kinds of people, scenes, concerns, prose. I still don't know how she does it, exactly. I did notice the narrator constantly pulling back from the scene to examine the bigger picture, to reflect in a puzzled way on how "we all" were acting one way or another, how a fashion for shoplifting took hold before anyone knew what hit them, for example - trying to discern the larger movements of social change in which i ...more
This is a book which tells the story of one family pretty much through the 20th century. Julia, the matriach, is a German woman who is young in the First World War. Between wars she marries a British soldier and moves to London. The book has as a central character the house she and her extended family live in.

The strong characters are almost entirely female, as too are some of the weaker ones.

Her rather useless son, Johnny, is a communist in the 60s and his ex-wift Francis lives inthe house with
Extraordinário, absolutamente notável este romance que me apaixonou do princípio ao fim e que se desenrola dos anos 60 aos anos 80 do século passado (passa muito brevemente pela Primeira e Segunda Guerras Mundiais).
Três gerações de mulheres, três histórias: Julia, a mais velha, é uma alemã que se casou com um diplomata britânico após a 1.ª Guerra Mundial; Frances, a ex-nora, e, por fim, a sofredora Sylvia.
Anos 60: o único filho de Julia, Johnny, é comunista, negligenciando os filhos e desprezan
In this testament to a time long ago, "The Sweetest Dream: A Novel" reminds us of a colorful era when the boundaries were blurred, the issues were paramount, and many young people (and some older ones) were celebrating the revolution.

Frances Lennox is trying to make it on her own, raise her two sons, and manage to maintain a household for the seemingly ever-growing group of hangers-on that shows up regularly at the house owned by her former mother-in-law Julia, whose generosity she depends upon.
I was a child of the 60s in the US. This book reminds me of how old I have become and how idealistic I was. The 60s in Britian were different than in the US, but there were still many similarities. There were children, who left their families to live with other families, because they could not tolerate their parents. There were demonstrations, drugs, sexual promiscuity and a general rebellion against authority and the Establishment, but the Communist Party seemed to play a big role in Britian wh ...more
Granted, two stars to Doris Lessing is like four stars to anyone else. I just keep on picking up Doris Lessing books and hoping to get something as mind blowing as The Grass is Singing . While The Sweetest Dream was engaging and ambitious, I found the abrupt shift from the ensemble of characters to the focus on a single (supporting) character in the last part of the book hard to justify. I also have kind of a problem with staying focused when reading about hippie whiners, but I thought that the ...more
I was actually pleasantly surprised to find that I enoyed this book. I recently also read "The Grass Is Singing," which really disappointed me in that, while it was clear that the ideas Lessing was putting forth and the themes she was exploring were probably rather revolutionary at the time they felt rather dated for a post postcolonial theory world. I had similar issues with the last third of "The Sweetest Dream," which sort of spirals off into another diatribe about the problematic relationshi ...more
I really have no idea what I ended up reading here. It was way more interesting to discuss with book group than it was to actually read it, though at one point I felt the story became very compelling. For a good bit through, I just felt extremely disoriented by the the characters and setting. The discussion pulled some themes from the book mostly about women, work, gender equality, the role of women in the family (60's vs. today) and distinguishing what was "English" about this novel. Ultimately ...more
Janene Tamborello
Just Meh. I will read another Lessing so I know what all the fuss is about. Maybe its just my mood, but this was boring, lacked humor and was not all that insightful. Feels like she scolding everyone. Yes, communism sucks. Hero worship is a weird thing among the mucky much of everyday life. Selfish men cause chaos and care giving women pick up their messes. The 60's was about an idealism that ended up disappointing. Young people's morals and motivations are bizarre and ever changing, yet they al ...more
James F
I gave up; I couldn't finish this long, badly written book. I can hardly believe that this blatant propaganda novel is by Doris Lessing. It didn't surprise me, after reading her autobiography, that her politics have moved far to the right; but what did surprise me was the total lack of subtlety, of nuance, and to be frank, the poor writing.

Of course, there were touches of the old Lessing, passages where she shows a real understanding of psychology; but as soon as I began getting interested in th
Louise Wilson
Tedious and boring. Maybe just 'dated'.

The book's themes should have resonated with me - I was a teenager in the 60s; I lived in Third World Papua New Guinea in the 70s; and I've certainly lived long enough to see how the world treats women. My mother was very like Frances, going out to work to help support the family and coming home at night, exhausted, to turn on family meals for all and sundry. Her own talents never had a chance to be expressed while my sisters and I were given every opportu
Errol Hess
I fear I've neglected Lessing the last couple of decades--inexcusable as she was one of the greatest writers in English in the 20th century and well into the 21st. This book dates from 2001. Set in the 80s and 90s,it describes a group of people who live in a London House, starting with the grandmother, from Germany, courted by a Brit in the 1930s who married her after the war and brought her to England. Then there's her sons. One, a Communist and thoroughly selfish person, marries and leaves his ...more
Ahmad Sharabiani
The Sweetest Dream,Doris Lessing
عنوان: شیرینترین رویاها، اثر: دوریس لسینگ؛ برگردان: اسماعیل قهرمانی پور؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، روزگار، 1389، در 758 ص، شابک: 9789643741655؛ فروست: شاهکارهای ادبیات جهان از مجموعه رمان روزگار 424، موضوع داستانهای انگلیسی

فرانسیس زنی که از شوهرش جدا شده، و همراه با مادرشوهر و دو پسرش در خانه بزرگی زندگی میکند. دوستان فرزندانش و افراد دیگری نیز ساکن این خانه میشوند. بنابر همین دوریس لسینگ از ماجراهای خانوادگی سخن میگوید و روابط جدا نشدنی این افراد را در کنار هم روایت میک
J.C. Greenway
Loved this with the power of a thousand suns. There are some parts I read over and over, both from enjoying them so much and so as not to finish the book too quickly.
The tale of three generations spanning the 20th century, bound by a house in Hampstead where an extra spare bed can always be found, must surely be one of Lessing's finest. From Germany before World War I, via London as the Sixties begin to swing, to the fictional African country of Zimlia (a stand in for Zimbabwe, or Rhodesia as i
Awful book. Narrative all over the place, characters are a haze of blurry, one-dimensional, half-hearted caricatures, who seldom ever feel like real characters. The story is also outrageously lacking in terms of real plot development. I can understand that, especially when it comes to 'literary fiction'; however, as much as it pains me to say this, I found nothing literary about this book. Horribly over-rated.
Sarah Newton
Absolutely superb. This is a classic "great novel" - it reminded me very much of Thomas Mann's "Buddenbrooks". It's a tale of a family spanning generations, tracing British society's relationship with communism, and in particular the "Leninist / Stalinist communism" of the Soviet Union and China, from the 1960s to 1990s. It's very much more than that, though - a study of hypocrisy, lip-service, real active humanity vs cynicism, exploitation, and ingratitude.

I found myself arguing with Lessing's
Alex Lemus
The Sweetest Dream, a novel by Doris Lessing is a great book that talks a lot of what a family goes through in the 1960's. This book talks about Julia a German woman who marries a solider then move to England. This book talks about how her and her family live together in her house. This novel to me talked about leaving family behind to experience the world we live in.For example at Julia's house many many people live there including teenagers that are rebellious with all the communism that's goi ...more
Cuatro estrellas y media estrella. Doris Lessing una vez más lo ha hecho. Ha puesto en escena a padres e hijos (las madres aparecen más) y en el escenario a los partidarios de la revolución, los enemigos del orden establecido, los resentidos, los que odian. Y en medio de esa escuela de odio tratan de salir adelante unos pobres chicos, una abuela, una madre, una hija.
Hay muchos personajes y son todos interesantes. Es una novela de personas que crecen, de destinos que no están escritos, que pueden
Susana Pereira
Esta é a história de uma família ao longo da maior parte do século XX, com um ênfase particular na Londres dos anos 60 e na situação actual pós-colonial de um país africano. É de certa forma um relato autobiográfico na medida em que esses são dois cenários vivenciados pela autora. Mas é decididamente ficção, e algo alegórica até, com personagens que acabam por ser caricaturas de figuras reais e um país africano fictício que pode representar qualquer um à nossa escolha...
O livro é grande, complex
Well then. When I was a girl I read Doris Lessing as a guidebook for the creative and activist woman. You have to understand that that was in the 60's, and Lessing was a curious guide. I remember even seriously wondering if I ought, like the heroine in the Golden Notebook, to have different colored journals for various aspects of my life.

So she holds in my life the position of a sort of mentor. The Girl Scout Guide to rad feminine life. Though she was never quite so simpatico as many others of m
May 22, 2011 Andrés rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Andrés by: Irina
Shelves: own
Los personajes son bastante entrañables, normalmente tengo grandes dificultades para recordar los nombres de los personajes y distinguirlos, sin embargo en este caso no fue así a pesar de que son relativamente numerosos.

La historia transcurre a lo largo de una treintena de años, a grandes rasgos le vi dos partes, la primera transcurre a principios de los sesentas y muestra un retrato de la sociedad de la época, la segunda transcurre a comienzos de los noventas y tiene algo mas de critica a gobie
Luego de haberme enterado de que esta fabulosa autora a quién le he tomado cariño en los últimos meses falleció, sentí un gran deseo de hacer una reseña de este libro. Ya no lo tengo fresco, pero causó una gran impresión en mí.

Este libro, como lo menciona la autora, fue una manera de reflejar los 60's sin tener que hacer la segunda parte de su biografía, esto con el fin de evitar lastimar susceptibilidades. Es por esto, que Lessing en lugar de hablar de ella, habla de una gran cantidad de person

"Em O Sonho Mais Doce, o leitor é conduzido por uma saga familiar que atravessa três gerações, centrando-se o enredo, sobretudo, na década de 60, altura em que a casa de Júlia Lennox alberga uma grande quantidade de jovens, personificando o espírito de liberdade prevalecente na Inglaterra de então."

Um livro marcante, inesquecível... é o meu terceiro livro da escritora e começa a tornar-se óbvio que o meu apreço pela escritora, mesmo antes de ler qualquer obra sua, é verdadeiro.

Este livro fala-no
It is not for nothing that Doris Lessing won the Noble Prize.

I place this book into an imaginary genre called "British Gothic." It's a book that covers the life of a family over 30-40 years from the early 19060s until the 90s or so. It deals with politics, class, parents and children and the separate worlds that they inhabit. It does not have a classic arc but is rather about the family as a whole and the individuals as members of it.

It's brilliant. The characters are incredibly engaging. I fina
A vast, sweeping, panoramic novel of the 60's and the aftermath of the 60's. In the huge cast of characters and the dense intricacy of the narrative, it resembles some of the great 19th century novels, like "War and Peace", Middlemarch" or "Bleak House". Indeed, although the literary style employed here is quite accessible, keeping track of the many threads of the narrative can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Very powerful in certain parts of the book. Some of the later sequences in Africa, s ...more
A family epic and commentary on society covering the mid twentieth century years. Doris Lessing manages to interweave events, such as Kennedy's assassination, the Vietnam war, African states pursuit of independent rule, AIDs, free love and recreational drug use, around the lives of the Lennox family and their friends. A critique of communism threads its way through the story, exposing its failure to bring about change, simply replacing one form of power and oppression with another.

Her women are
Wendy Brown-Baez
The extended family made up of friends and young people alienated from their own parents, the idealism and the disillusionment, were very familiar to me as a teen of the 60's. I understood Frances although I did want to shake her out of being used by others. But I often had trouble sympathizing with the other characters; they didn't resonate with me. I was watching from a little bit of a distance a fascinating portrayal of a living situation that had the potential to be inspiring and instead, ev ...more
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Both of her parents were British: her father, who had been crippled in World War I, was a clerk in the Imperial Bank of Persia; her mother had been a nurse. In 1925, lured by the promise of getting rich through maize farming, the family moved to the British colony in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Like other women writers from southern African who did not graduate from high school (such as Oliv ...more
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