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Double Enchantment
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Double Enchantment (Relics of Merlin #2)

3.78 of 5 stars 3.78  ·  rating details  ·  511 ratings  ·  61 reviews
"The world sings with vivid imagery and fantastic magic."--Publishers Weekly STARRED review for The Lord of Illusion

Too Much of a Very Good Thing...

High society enjoys their power based on their rank, but Lady Jasmina Karlyle's magic causes nothing but trouble. Her simple spell has gone horribly wrong, and now she has a twin running around the London social scene wreaking
Paperback, 342 pages
Published March 5th 2013 by Sourcebooks Casablanca (first published August 26th 2008)
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Julie (jjmachshev)
Reviewed for; book release Sep08

This is my second read by Kathryne Kennedy. “Double Enchantment” is her second book about an England where magic is commonplace in the upper class. In fact, magic is the determinant to belong to the upper class. The stronger your magic, the higher your status. Except for shapeshifters, for some reason their magic is considered too wild and they are looked down upon by the rest of high society. Kennedy’s series is set in regency times so the books
In Double Enchantment Lady Jasmina is in a world of trouble. What got her in the whole mess to begin with is that her mother likes to steal or as her mother puts it, 'borrow' expensive jewelry. And as Jasmina's mother tends to forget to give back these 'borrowed' objects, it's up to her and her aunt to return them unnoticed. However, one particular broach gives Lady Jasmina more trouble than usual. She thought it would be a good idea to create a double of herself to fool her parents while she wa ...more
Kathryne Kennedy – Double Enchantment (Bk 2 in Relics of Merlin series)
When a spell infused with Relic magic goes awry no one can tell you better of the consequences then Lady Jasmine Karlyle. She only wanted to bring back a brooch her mother had “borrowed” from a lady friend. With casting a spell she got a life and kicking replica of herself instead of the illusion it was meant to be. Only this replica doesn’t have the same upstanding values as Jasmine and Sir Sterling Thorn gets a sensual tast
This review also appears on my blog at http://www.thegoldenruleof666.blogspo...

A lovely historical romance with a touch of magic. Double Enchantment is a wonderful read!

I loved how the author managed to take Victorian society and seamlessly add paranormal elements to create a society where rank is based on magical power. It was flawlessly done. So, kudos to the author for some fantastic world-building.

Jasmine was a flawed heroine. I liked her, for the most part. In the first half of the book, h
Eh. I still like this magic-filled high society setting, but the story ran parallel to the plot of the first, and I found myself rushing through to get to the end. Sadly, there were no pleasant surprises along the way.

Our heroine creates an illusory double of herself so she can sneak out on an errand in the night, but she's unintentionally in posession of one of the titular Artifacts. Thus the spell's considerably more powerful than she realizes, essentially splitting her into two: her daring, s
I enjoyed this much more than the first book. It may have been that the hero was a stallion, what girl wouldn't want a guy who turns into a horse (LOL)! Entertaining and fun!
เลดี้จัสมีนาร่ายเวทมนตร์สร้างร่างฝาแฝดขึ้นมาเพื่อนำเครื่องประดับที่คุณแม่หัวขโมยของหล่อนฉกมาจากบรรดาผู้ดีมีตระกูลไปคืนตามบ้านในยามค่ำคืน แต่ครั้งนี้ ... เวทมนตร์กลับทำงานผิดพลาดเมื่อฝาแฝดของหล่อนไม่ยอมหายไปหลังเสร็จภารกิจ แต่กลับไปปรากฏตัวในงานเต้นรำแล้วไปลงเอยอยู่บนเตียงกับเซอร์สเตอร์ลิง บารอนเนตรูปงามที่สามารถเปลี่ยนร่างเป็นม้าได้

หลังค่ำคืนอันแสนหวานระหว่างสองหนุ่มสาว สเตอร์ลิงได้พบหน้ากับจัสมีนาอีกครั้งในยามที่หล่อนไปขอความช่วยเหลือ แต่จัสมินาคนที่สเตอร์ลิงพบไม่ใช่คนเดียวกับที่เขามีอะไรด้วยเม
Blodeuedd Finland
This is book two, but it works perfectly as a stand alone and you can just jump straight in. There is a little prologue at first explaining why and what magic is.

And on to the book. Jasmine is a proper young lady, until a spell backfires on her. Which leads her to meet a shapeshifter, and those are just so beneath her social standing. Too bad Sterling is a total hottie and sparks fly. The book is about Jasmine trying to find a missing magical relic, and the twin she created with magic. Her very
Dejean Smith
This is really 3 1/2 stars.

Overall, Double Enchantment was an enjoyable read once you got everything sorted out. It could be because this was book 2 of a series and the world DE takes place in was already explained in book 1, but the story didn't read like a continuation. I didn't feel as if I had missed out on too much.

First, how much magic you have determines where you are in the pecking order in this world. Different castes are lauded while others are looked down upon which adds to the story.
The story is about Lady Jasmina, who is planning on living life as a spinster taking care of her parents for the rest of her life. Jasmina for some reason is very concerned with what her parents think of her and never disappointing them, from this she takes great pride. However her mother is a thief so Jasmina has to create spells so items can be returned to their proper owner. Well one night Jasmina has a spell that goes wrong and creates a double, Jaz, who is looking for a good time and a bit ...more
Jo  (Mixed Book Bag)
This is the second book in a reprinted series by Kathryne Kennedy. It is a historical romance filled with the paranormal. I found the whole premise a lot of fun. It is set during Victoria’s reign and has both fictional and real characters for the time period. Magic is real and people have different magical talents. Lady Jasmina Karlyle uses here to protect her parents and keep their housewhole running smoothly. She is not expected to wed. Everything changes where she tries to return a broach he ...more
Tam B.
This was a re-read for me.

I like this series for the idea of magic defining rank instead of birth, so in theory those raised as nobles can lose their status (although usually to someone in the family) and the reverse (although the author has never written about such).

I liked this book showing the growth of the heroine - Jasmine. She is a very obedient daughter of an Earl. Her parents don't wish her to marry so she can continue to manage things / look out for them - she doesn't look for suitors.
I simply loved Enchanting the Lady. Kathryne Kennedy's first book really delivered on all levels. When that happens you often find the second book in a series a let down. An author pours their heart into that first book, so sometimes book number two is weaker or a carbon copy. Thus, I was holding my breath as I read Double Enchantment, the second in the Relics of Merlin series by Kennedy. I am thrilled to say there was no let down, no disappointment.

Lady Jasmina has a very perplexing problem. A
Romancing the Book
Posted on Romancing the Books blog
Reviewed by Robin
Review Copy Provided by Netgalley

Choosing books sometimes seems like an art form. But at times it is as simple as choosing a favorite author or perhaps in my case a name or what the cover looks like that draws me to the book. Very rarely do I read what the book tends to be about. I wanted to read this because of the title and brief mention of Merlin. So what I went into this thinking there would be more Merlin for me; but, I soon found a book th
DOUBLE ENCHANTMENT, the second book in the Relics of Merlin books by Kathryn Kennedy, is set roughly forty years before its predecessor, ENCHANTING THE LADY. This book actually serves to explain some of the societal differences between 'real' Victorian England and Kennedy's 'magical' Victorian England that weren't explained, in so many words, in the first book. The fact that titles passed to either gender as long as the heir had the magical ability to back it up, for instance, was mentioned in E ...more
First off I'm not keen on historical romance, so when I requested this off of netgalley I was unsure if I would like, but as it had a paranormal element it was worth a shot. Well I'm shocked how much I liked it, even though its historical its only based on old traditions and classes of people and there views on others.

For the paranormal part you have people who are born with magic, shape shifters, gnomes, nymphs all sorts basically, but mainly magical persons and shifters.

The story well jasmina
Robin (RBBR)
This is the first book dealing with shapeshifting that I've read and the jury is still out as to whether it will be the last or not. The premise of this series deals with Relics that are associated with Merlin as in King Arthur's Tutor\Mentor and that appeals to me. However, although this book was good except for one thing I find myself considering reading the rest of them.

The annoying bit was the Hero who happens to be a Were-Stallion and he spent more time as a Horse than as a Man. I can unde
Kathie (katmom)
Available NOW:

This was so much FUN! This is a historical with a twist. Magic is the norm in Jolly Old England. It resides in different ways and amounts from the Royals right on down the line. The Baronets are shape shifters.

At one point, our leads are at a ball, dancing on moonbeams! I could just see it.

Lady Jasmina accidentally creates a double of herself, not just an image, but an almost living, breathing double. She leaves her in bed, pretending to sleep, but the double, going by her nickname
Originally published at Book Lovers Inc.

Double Enchantment is the second book in Kathryne Kennedy's Relics of Merlin series, after Enchanting the Lady.

Whether because the second outing didn't mix in quite as many fairy tale tropes, or because we'd already been here once, Double Enchantment definitely was not doubly enchanting. Maybe three-quarters as enchanting.

The Beauty and the Beast story looks like it's going to persist through the whole series. The barons in this alternate Victorian-Era fan
I read and reviewed Enchanting the Lady (Relics of Merlin #1) a while back and I loved the world that Kathryne Kennedy created enough to dive into book #2. I can't exactly say that this book added much to the world itself but it was still a fun romp in a time when women wore lots of clothes and the nobility were defined by the amount of magic they could perform.

In a change of pace from book 1, Sir Sterling, our intrepid baronet, is not a relic hunter. He's hunting for his sister, who everyone as
A bit of damning with faint praise - this is a cute series. This particular book had an interesting story, but some of the characters... Ok, the feeling I got was that the only reason the h's parents had reproduced was they wanted a slave. The h had spent her life knowing that the title would pass to her and she was to take care of her parents. No family of her own. Wow. The H of course, is a shape shifter. Not just any shape shifter though. You know that saying, "save a horse, ride a cowboy"? I ...more
Another great entry in the Merlin's Relic series. The male lead is Sir Sterling Thorn whose other shape is a gorgeous stallion. His female protagonist is Lady Jasmina Karlyle. She has a problem, she's cast a spell that has created a twin who is going around London doing all kinds of scandalous things.

Thorn has fallen in love with both halves of Lady Jasmina.

After much magic and adventure, they finally admit their attraction and make a life together.

The magic and magical creatures are great, t
Lady Jasmina Karlyle has devoted her life and future to caring for her rigidly upright parents and hiding her mother's tendency toward kleptomania but she risks disrupting their orderly lifestyle with a spell that goes awry. Sir Sterling Thorn is a were-stallion who is only marginally accepted by the aristocracy such as the Karlyles but braves their displeasure while searching for his missing sister. The two cross paths while dealing with the repercussions of yet another of Merlin's relics and t ...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Great novel about an alternative Victorian England. Love, magic and gnomes!

Esta segunda novela ahonda en este mágico mundo histórico alternativo, donde la magia existe y determina tu posición social y tu herencia, y los baronets son despreciados por el temor que despierta su resistencia a la magia (excepto la relacionada con las Reliquias de Merlín).

Me han encantado los nuevos detalles relacionados con la decisión de los padres de no casar a sus hijas para asegurarse así que los cuiden hasta que

This book was originally published in 2008, and is being rereleased. It is the second in the series, and I did not read the first book but that was ok. This is definitely a stand alone novel. It was fun, silly, magical, and appropriately sexy for the time period the story takes place in. As a matter of fact while Jasmina’s twin behaved extremely scandalous, even though hardly cause a stir today. Jasmina is smart, strong, and fun. Sterling is sexy as all get out, with just the right amount of bro
Lady Jasmina has an evil twin. It was just one little spell, but it has turned into a nightmare. Now she has a double running around town, in the middle of the Season, doing all sorts of naughty things. How can she end the spell before her twin ends her reputation and marriage prospects?

Sir Sterling Thorn is a shape-shifting stallion, on the edge of Polite Society but he maybe the only one who can help and protect Lady Jasmina. Will she accept his help?

Why I started this book: I requested a copy
Jessica B
The first two books in this series have been a pleasant surprise for me. Having read them both with a slight hesitance, they were both a great read and I am looking forward to more from this author.

Jasmina, our heroine, has created a twin, by accident. This twin seems to have her more passionate side and isn't afraid to show it. Lord Sterling, a Baronet, ahhhhh is thrust into her life after marrying Jasmina's twin, Jaz.

Sterling and Jasmina are thrust together in their search for the twin and we
Silver James
Double Enchantment is the second book in Kathryne Kennedy's Relics of Merlin series. Once again, her world-building is imaginative and fresh, her characters interesting and her plots intriguing. In this entry, a spell goes awry leaving a very proper Victorian miss with a very improper "twin" and a shape-shifting baronet hot on her trail. It was a delightful read and I hope Ms. Kennedy will return to the series and carry it beyond the 3rd book.
When Lady Jasmina performs a routine copy spell, she never expected her copy to take on a life of her own! Now her 'twin' is tearing through London with no propriety at all, and even getting romantically involved with shapeshifter Sterling! Jasmina must team up with Sterling to find her duplicate before she does any more damage.

A lot of the charm was lost in this book. I didn't really like Jasmina at first, as she was difficult to empathize with. I also was quite confused as to what to think abo
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As a college grad, business owner, and writer, Kathryne has published nearly a dozen short stories in the SFF/Romance genre, receiving Honorable Mention twice in the 'Writers of the Future' contest. Being a self-proclaimed "Air Force brat," Kathryne has traveled a great deal, and over the years has lived in Guam, Okinawa, and several states in the U.S

She currently resides in Arizona with her husba
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