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How (Not) to Find a Boyfriend
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How (Not) to Find a Boyfriend

3.5 of 5 stars 3.50  ·  rating details  ·  544 ratings  ·  93 reviews
A funny and smart romantic comedy about getting the guy. . . and finding yourself.

Sophomore Nora Fulbright is the most talented and popular new cheerleader on the Riverbend High cheer squad. Never mind that she used to be queen of the nerds—a chess prodigy who answered every question first, aced every test and repelled friends at every turn—because this year,Nora isdeterm
Hardcover, 304 pages
Published June 13th 2013 by Philomel Books (first published June 6th 2013)
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Sometimes, I forget about how hard it is to like someone in high school.

In this book, the protagonist is a cheerleader who is trying to shed her former nerd self (despite being quite smart and from a family that values high intelligence, as both of her parents are college professors and her older brother is a student at Harvard). She seemingly is on the way to being popular, even attracting the quarterback, who is dumber than soup.

Then she meets Adam, a smart, cute guy who is more into the chess
How (Not) to Find a Boyfriend by Allyson Valentine


Nora Fullbright, a sophomore with bounds of intelligence and 'potential', decides she doesn't want her high school experience to be just studying, 4.0 GPA's, gymnastic tournaments and completely unpopular. So, to get the ultimate PQ, or popularity quotient, she dumbs herself down at the beginning of the year and decides to go out with the stereotypical dumb jock. But then she meets Adam, smart, kind and everything she used to be. With ho
Brenda Sarahi
Este es el peor libro que he leído en lo que va del año.

Esperaba encontrarme con un libro sencillo y divertido pero oh me he encontrado con una heroína de lo mas frustrarte e idiota, ¿irónico no? el libro trata de Nora Fulbright una ex "reina de los nerds" que ahora harta de serlo decide convertirse en la típica hueca popular y para lograrlo no se escatimara en hacer estupideces, hasta que conoce a Adam, su nuevo y atractivo vecino, quien es un nerd de primera y del cual cae profundamente enamor
Augusta Scattergood
I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of this one. Although I'm not a teen, my teen self would have loved it. This writer has a great ear- and eye!- for readers twelve and up (publisher's suggested readership). Even though my favorite character isn't the narrator, Nora- smart girl turned talented cheerleader to move from brainy nerds to the popular h.s. in-crowd. I loved her little brother, Joshie. How about this for a perfect sentence that tells us a lot about him-- from the description ...more
Khim Anne (someonepurpleblooded)
One of the lessons this book thought me is, de-smarting yourself won't land you the guys and seriously being who you truly are is the one key in landing the love of your life.
Princess Bookie
My Thoughts: When I first read the summary of this one, I knew I had to read it! My type of book!

And I was right!

We are introduced to Nora who is really smart but decided to reinvent herself so she has become a cheerleader and she hides just how smart she is. She drops her AP classes and takes more normal level classes. She hides a lot of things, even from her best friend.

But when a new boy arrives named Adam she can’t resist letting her inner nerd show. Adam is also very smart so she doesn’t th
Newport Librarians
So our heroine is a chess loving nerd from a family of nerds. You have to answer a math question to get the salt passed at dinner. Seriously. But that all changes when her family moves her to a new school district. She become a cheerleader flying under the radar academically, quitting chess and working very hard on her P.Q. (popularity quotient). She almost has it when the new boy arrives. He is a chess loving geek and she just can't get him off her mind. What is a girl to do. Well she orchestra ...more
Nicole Moser
After a kind of slow start, this book had me hooked.I had a rough start getting into the book just because all I could think about was "Why does Nora think she has to act like this for Adam to like her?!?!" She spent the entire rest of the book trying to fix her mistakes from her previous choices. Once I got past that initial bump in the road, the book was really good and I was entirely hooked. I love how Adam is super smart and attractive. He is absolutely fantastic! I always looked forward to ...more
Bueno para superar la abstinencia literaria.
John Clark
Sadly, the stereotype of the smart girl who thinks she must play dumb to be popular isn't a fiction. In this book, Laura Fullbright is an extremely smart girl who decides when she changes high schools that she'll hide her past academic achievements so she can become popular. She joins the cheering squad where her gymnastics experience makes her a valuable addition. Her best friend Krista who has been with the same guy since she was twelve, is pushing Laura to go out with Jake who is good looking ...more
Meli A.
Cuando leí la sinopsis de How (Not) to find a boyfriend, me sacó una sonrisa. ¿Ajedrez? Bueno, eso es nuevo para mí. ¡Nunca había leído un libro que tuviese ajedrez en la trama! Y sin duda me gustó que lo tuviese.

Tenemos a Nora Fullbright, una chica que ha sido la cerebrito tooda su vida. Sí, ¿esa de frenos y anteojos, que siempre levanta la mano para responder y tiene un I.Q gigantesco? Esa misma. Además de amar el ajedrez (y aspirar ser la mejor jugadora del mundo algún día), también gusta de
Let me begin, many people seemed to enjoy this book, maybe I missed something but I most certainly did not like this book, so much that while I painfully tried to get through it I finally gave up trying to finish it. Nora Fulbright is supposed to be smart but I never saw it, she continued to dig herself deeper and deeper into a hole frankly I don't think she deserved to get out of. She would stop at nothing for a guy and to be popular. She had no thought to what she was doing and the possible co ...more
Ahora que leo la sinopsis, me doy cuenta que dice absolutamente TODO lo que sucede en el libro. Podría hablar y hablar de todos los aspectos que no me gustaron y eso sería algo desordenado así que simplemente voy a nombrar tres razones por las cuales NO deberían leer este libro bajo NINGUNA circunstancia.

Nora: Es la protagonista mas ridículamente tonta que tuve el placer de leer durante mis cortos quince años de vida. Siempre tuve este odio infundado hacia
I enjoyed this book, but I *really* did not like the main character. She was shallow and desperate and kinda dumb in the way she handled a lot of stuff. It's worse because she's supposedly an extremely intelligent girl, with great talents like chess, and gymnastics, and cheerleading, etc. And she's pretty too!

This isn't even about "first world problems", this is way worse than that.

But. I did like how interesting the rest of the characters were. There were so many interesting and unique charac
Sarah Al-attas
I found it really interesting in how the writer implemented the stereotypes of the different social groups. Also, I found it really entertaining how the cheerleader, Nora is paired with chess out of all things and how she implemented quotes and strategies of chess. However, there was not much written about her and Adam being really like really together and it was more focused on how she was trying to get his attention. I think that it would be pretty cool if there was a sequel about the bumps in ...more
An enjoyable light teen read. No surprises; with this book what you see is what you get.
Angelyca Taguba
How(not) to Find a Boyfriend is written by Allyson Valentine. Nora wants to change her image from geek to chic! She dumbs down her schedule and becomes friends with a bunch of people. Her plan is going great, until comes Adam. He wins Nora over with his intelligence, sweetness, and adorable dimples. She decides that maybe she can win him over and still be popular at the same time. But that plan fails. Here she is now; cheer leading getup and playing chess in finals. Could she actually be popula ...more
Montana G.
3.5 flowers :)
Aly (My Heart Hearts Books)
I wanted to read How (Not) to Find a Boyfriend for awhile now, but I didn't really have much time to get a chance to read it, but then this summer all the stars aligned and I managed to snag a copy.

It seemed like it would be the perfect summertime read. Light and fluffy and it seemed like fun. Almost from the very beginning, I had an inkling about what exactly was going to happen. It was one of those books. I didn't think that it was a bad thing, just a little predicable. Predicable didn't have
Maryam Dinzly
Nora Fulbright is the most talented new cheerleader on the Riverbend High cheerleading squad. Never mind that she used to be a friendless overachiever with a penchant for chess - this year, Nora is determined to leave all of that behind and transform from brainiac social larva to full-blown butterfly, even if it means dumbing herself down. But when Adam moves to town and steal Nora's heart with his ultra-smarts and incredibly cute dimple, Nora has a problem. How can she prove to him that she's n ...more
When I got to the last line of the last page, I had discovered that there was only one question that continued to beg me…was I ever this crazy over a guy? Ever?

Although, I did know quite a few girls who were, so this read wasn’t completely unbelievable. Nora Fulbright is incredibly smart, her whole family is incredibly smart…but she doesn’t necessarily want the kids at her new school to know. She compares her social (and popularity) development in the life cycle of a butterfly and prior to movi
The original review for this title can be found HERE on The Book Hookup.

Christina's Review:

**Special Note:** My KP, Stacee from the wonderfully fabulous Adventures of a Book Junkie, let me borrow her ARC of this title. All quotes and opinions will be of this version and not from the published edition.

Actual Rating of 3.5 stars!

The Lowdown: Nora Fullbright is from a family who happens to be highly intelligent. Her dad is a professor at MIT, her mom’s a hardcore feminist and professor of women
My original review for this title can be found HERE on The Book Hookup.

**Special Note:** My KP, Stacee from the wonderfully fabulous Adventures of a Book Junkie, let me borrow her ARC of this title. All quotes and opinions will be of this version and not from the published edition.

Actual Rating of 3.5 stars!

The Lowdown: Nora Fullbright is from a family who happens to be highly intelligent. Her dad is a professor at MIT, her mom’s a hardcore feminist and professor of women’s studies, her stepfa
Zara Brumana
There was a part of me, as a grown adult, that related to this book. I remember being a teenager and understanding (especially in the town/neighborhood that I grew up in) that it was not to my advantage to have people catch wind of me being a smart kid. That kid whose mother signed her up for Saturday classes and weekend science fairs at the local universities. So I thought this might go in the direction of what I was familiar with.

And to an extent, it did. But most definitely not in the way tha
Jun 26, 2013 Naimah rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: 2013
Loved it!

When I started reading wasn't surprised to see Nora hiding who she was so that people would like for a person she wasn't. I think a lot of people would find this counter productive but I felt like, what better way to tell a story about being your self then showing what happens when you try to be someone your not?
I think telling the story of someone who learns to be true to themselves regardless of what others think is more personal and allows for a bit more character depth then tellin
I really wanted to like this book. However, I just couldn't get behind a girl who compromises her own identity for a guy, or something shallow like popularity. And this book is basically that. Nora, the female protagonist, spent the majority of the book getting into one tangled mess after another for the sole purpose of nabbing a guy she likes. Well, she kind of rediscovers herself in her effort to catch this guy's attention, but I couldn't help but feel frustrated the entire time that she was d ...more
Sep 13, 2013 Phoebe. rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Cheesy romance lovers
Recommended to Phoebe. by: Me :)
So, Nora is finally hitting her goals. She's on the cheerleading team, on the bridge to being popular, has a hot football licking at her ankles and is on the bridge to popularity.

Until Adam.

Then she's spiraling down into turbulent waters as she struggles to clamber on the bridge, while reaching the valley that is Adam. One problem. He is on the other side of the bridge, back the way she came from.

I'll admit, what first drew me to this book was the cover, quirky weird and interesting. Most teena
When her family moved her freshman year, Nora Fulbright had the chance to shed her brainiac, teacher's pet, nerdy image from middle school. Now, entering her sophomore year, she has made the varsity cheerleading squad and has managed to keep her smartness a secret and manages to become pretty popular. However, when Adam Hood moves to town--and turns out to be super smart himself--Nora finds that maybe she's not content to be the dumbed-down version of herself any longer. Nora sets out to show Ad ...more
Sophomore Nora Fulbright decides to change her "nerdy" image when she starts attending a new high school. She becomes a cheerleader and drops all of her AP classes, but then she meets a new boy who she wants to impress by appearing smart. What's a girl to do?

Sometimes amusing, but largely frustrating. Nora's attitude against appearing smart was upsetting for a number of reasons and her history of being an outcast was not given enough attention for me to fully sympathize with her. Adam was great
Fairy Tale Junkie
I just want to slap Nora's face for all the stupid things she pulled to be able to get close with Adam. One thing after the other, one lie plus another lie, then cheat a little, dish out favors she shouldn't be giving, and just acting plain manipulative of all the people around her.

She was annoying but then I think when you're in highschool, all bets are off. Being part of the in-group is what ALMOST everybody aspires too. I really cannot blame her. I love her and I hate her.

Adam is really cute.
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I moved to Issaquah, Washington from New York because I found that every weekend I woke up hungry to escape the city and get to the forest. I'd grown up playing at an arboretum in Connecticut and have
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