Zombie Fallout 5: Alive in a Dead World
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Zombie Fallout 5: Alive in a Dead World (Zombie Fallout #5)

4.32 of 5 stars 4.32  ·  rating details  ·  2,036 ratings  ·  106 reviews
Eliza turned to Tomas "This is the end...he is no longer alive in a dead world." Show More Show Less
Paperback, 368 pages
Published March 1st 2012 by Createspace (first published February 29th 2012)
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Before I started this book I had read many mixed reviews of it. Many people were on the fence as to their opinions of it. After reading it I have to say to those reviewers,"ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS,DID YOU READ THE SAME BOOK I READ?"

I loved the book and even found it incredibly frustrating at times. The story aroused many strong emotions with every turn of the page. I found myself cheering for the characters victories and filled with dismay at their defeats. Some of the characters...more
Deni Skeens
I have now made it through the entire series.
Books 1-3 are fun and consistent. By the end of 3 and into 4, there's a whole other agenda rearing it's head, and things change. Drastically change. It's not only in the story that I see the change, but in the writing as well.
By book 5, Alive in a Dead World...
I felt as though the actual story was completely obscured by flashbacks. I couldn't get far enough along, compelled by a huge nasty that was in my face that the group had to deal with b...more
ok, have read all the other reviews and anyone who knows me will tell you I am a zombienut! plus I think Mark Tufo is fantastic!
I can see the positives and negatives on all reviews.
It is a fab book and a real fan pleaser as no constant refs or repeats of passed books, always fresh stuff! which is great for us constant fans.... not so good if you pick the book up from fresh, but hopefully the no.5 on the cover gives that away!!
Yes it does have a lot of pre zombie flashbacks but I feel that just b...more
I cannot believe I have not written a review of any of the Zombie Fallout books yet. These books are just fantastic and along with the White Flag of the Dead books I have lost plenty of sleep staying up late reading these books. Warning this review is a little spoilerish.

Where do we even start the writing is superb why because Mike and company are not just characters they are real people well with the exception of Eliza and Tommy/Tomas that you could meet anywhere. Yet these people are unique b...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Sakinah Jonas-mawji
Oct 31, 2012 Sakinah Jonas-mawji rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Everyone who loves a good zombie novel and is a survival horror fan.
Recommended to Sakinah by: I found Zombie Fallout 1 completely by accident while looking for something to read and have been hooked on the series ever since.
The Zombie Fallout series of books is right up there in my top favorite zombie horror fiction novels. I'm a totally devoted zombie horror reader, video-gamer and movie buff, and this particular series was impossible to put down. I hope there will be another book soon! It's hard to find a balance between humor, suspense, action and horror without crossing a line into unnecessary graphic morbidity that would have definitely put me off reading them, and I have read other books by authors that could...more
Claire C. Riley
This isn't your typical zombie book which is actually very fitting as Mark isn't your typical author- (or man for that matter, not that I've met him but seriously how can anyone be considered typical after writing such gross devastation??)
My favourite thing about Mark Tufos books is he isn't afraid of his characters. In that sense i mean that, a lot of writers fall so much for their characters lead or non lead that they are afraid to harm them or kill them off. Mark isnt & i frequently foun...more
Albert Yates
The series keeps getting better and better with every book. While the series started off with a whimper for me, the first book was a little slow and monotonous most of the time, this book made up for it with violence, gore and unnecessary death.

While on his way to find Eliza and she her reign of terror once and for all Mike naturally is able to find some enemies and ends up causing some trouble as he passes through town.

Mark Tufo is capable of breathing life into some rather boring and under us...more
Gadget Girl
This book is quite different to the last 4 I have read as it has many flashbacks to help build onto the emotions of the plot. Many other reviewers have complained about this but I feel it has helped to build this amazing plot.

Mark does it again with another mega nail biting ending and twist jeeze can I breath now....?
Book 5 is mainly about Mike, BT, Gary, Brian and the old bat Deneaux going on a road trip to finally confront Eliza...which is never going to work out well...is it...?
Real shocker...more
I just finished ZF4 & 5. I would not start it until I reread the series again. (That made 4 times for zf1-zf3) I loved it!!! The pacing, the horror, and the humor… it was all spot-on!
Start this series from the beginning and get to know some really wonderful characters. Mark brings them to life for you! So much so, that even a dog named Henry, who I have fallen in love with, I worry about.
I highly recommend Mr. Tufo’s Zombie Fallout series as one of the best Zombie apocalypse books around....more
Mark does it again in this nail biter. I think my only complaint I would have is that I got to the end of the book and thought "what the...?" It's going to be hard to wait for book 6 as this was cliff hanger. My gut instinct tells me that Mike survives this latest catastrophe that he's gotten himself into, but I find myself questioning even that. It's hard to be sure when the author throws in curve balls by killing off characters that you learn to love.
Due to the nature of this story (Zombie Apocalypse) it could go on forever. I have read other series of books that tend to get boring, playing out the same old things just slightly repackaged.
HOWEVER, this series is always new with unexpected events. If you are a fan of anything apocalyptic, this series is for you.
10 out of 10 yet again.
Melissa Martin


I like Mark Tufo and I really do like Zombie Fallout as a series, I really do! But... Zombie Fallout 5: Alive in a Dead World felt like a whole lot of stalling by Mark Tufo. There was some headway made in the general progress of the story of course but the headway that was made was very small where the general plot is concerned.

I've said it before and I'll say it again one of the main reasons that the book series is as enjoyable as it is is of the little quirks that Mike Talbot have and the myr...more
Mark TufoZombie Fallout 5: Alive in a Dead World
This set of books has it all, the humour shines through to lighten the darker parts of the book, the psychological terror of the situation drags you into the story making you feel a part of the family, Mike Talbot is the hero of the piece protecting his family and loved ones to the best of his ability from the growing Zombie threat, the zombies are not all slow and lumbering as in the majority of Zombie films neither are they as fast as in 28 days...more
So, this book was my least favorite but still pretty good. I wish I could give it 3.5 stars. It seemed like a lot happened but it didn't? I know that probably doesn't make much sense, but to me it went like this:

- Mike, BT, Gary, Brian,and old creepy hag decide to confront Eliza this time so they take a road trip.
- Along the way they meet Mary and her son, but Mary is nuts and way over-protective, but who wouldn't be if she had already lost her husband and zombies were constantly knocking at the...more
Ehhhh. I have loved every book of this series but this was a hard one to get through. So little actually happened until the very end of the book and it seemed like just a time filler until we finally get a resolution. Some half-cocked attack scheme that backfires horribly, but doesn't make sense in the first place. Also, 85-90% of the book is smart-ass comments, which while funny for 1-4, seemed to be overdone and overwrought in this one. I kept thinking, I have to wade through another page and...more
I really wanted to like this whole series more than I did, but I just couldn't get past the badly written, cliched and rather pathetic female characters, and the tmi jokes. I did find it a fun read though and would recommend it to lovers of this genre! I liked the main character, Mike, despite his terrible sense of humour. He is very dry and ironic, which I like.

My biggest gripe with this fifth book in the series was the ending. Not because of what happened, but because it was written with such...more
Robert VanAckooy
Some of the reviews of this installment in the Zombie Fallout series have been a bit on the negative side. I enjoyed it. Yes, there were a few rather lengthy flashbacks and back stories that seemed to just interrupt the story, but there was plenty of action and suspense.

I thought the characters were portrayed very realistically and the interplay between them was spot on. There were memorable events that happened in this story. Some in detailed, individual terror and others in group interaction a...more
Even thought this is the least fave of the series..it was well worth my time and credit...I am continuing..on to book 6...I love this series so much and am happy I found it...and am sooooo curious to see what happens next...I really hope Mike and his family are going to be ok!! I recommend this series very much!! 2 thumbs up!!
Caridad cruz
this story is as outstanding as zombie fallout book one until now, i gave it a 4 star because I have been seeing a certain pattern with these books, I don't like when the characters reminisce about the past, I mean who cares what happened in college, it takes away the suspense feeling one gets when one of the characters are in a bind either fighting a zombie or just got bit and I am waiting at the edge of my seat just to have that character go into detail on what happened 30 yrs ago in college,...more
Clint Heitz
Great read, as the rest of the series has been; however, this is my least favorite so far. I feel like the plot didn't really move forward too much... Still, I can't wait for #6.
Another great book in the series. This one is wonderful, Mark Tufo does go on alot of sidelines and tangents in this one more than the previous novels But it is part of the fun of the ride.
In my opinion, this one was the darkest and most sad story in the bunch. But another excellent story in this series!
Hope York
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
The great thing about a fun series is that you get to read more than just one book. The bad thing about a book series that runs to 5, 6 books is that you've usually seen all the author's tricks by the end of third book. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy Zombie Fallout 5. Mark Tufo is a perfect writer for this genre and I've enjoyed reading the entire series. I think I've just had too much of a good thing for a while and will probably give Tufo a rest for a while. However, if you like the zom...more
Another Mark Tufo brilliant book! This is a very interesting series. There were things that happened in this book that made me very sad. I feel the pain that Michael is going through as things happen to him and his family and friends. The ending is quite startling, and I immediately went and bought the next book in the series to find out what happens. I can't even wait for the audio book to come out, it was that necessary to start reading the new book. This is an excellent series, but not for th...more
I have never read/listened to a book that stirred actual emotions from me. Some parts had me laughing and some actually grossed me out (I was bothered at the "cat" scene) and I had a tear in my eye at some.
I happened to find this series on a generic search in the library and I am ecstatic that I found it. Michael Talbot is very relatable, especially if your a survivalist from New England! The other characters are easy to love or absolutely hate!
Mark Tufo is a wonderful author and I cannot wait...more
before reading zombie fallout 5, I was getting to a point where I just wanted to finish the series and move on. but having now read the penultimate installment, I'd go as far as to say this is one of the better zombie fallout books, if not the best. still a bit short on scares, there are some nice twists and real tension. I found myself reading large chunks of the book so as not to leave unanswered questions before my next read.
there's still a lot of unnecessary back story, but I'm still far eno...more
Love the whole series, best ot listed to books on CD.
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