Blood and Betrayal (The Emperor's Edge, #5)
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Blood and Betrayal (The Emperor's Edge #5)

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The last thing Maldynado Montichelu—former aristocrat and current ladies' man—ever wanted was to be left in charge. After all, the team just blew up a train, crashed a dirigible, and kidnapped the emperor. It's kind of an important time.

But, with Amaranthe captured by the nefarious Forge coalition, and Sicarius off to find her, the team is lacking in leaders. Also, Sicariu...more
ebook, 372 pages
Published September 3rd 2012 by Lindsay Buroker (first published September 2nd 2012)
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Patricia Eddy
If the worst thing you can say about a book is that you are...less than thrilled that the sequel isn't coming out for a year, then you are exceedingly lucky and well, I am exceedingly lucky. I have been waiting for Blood and Betrayal for several months now as Conspiracy (the 4th book in the series) ended on a cliffhanger. I could not, and did not, put this book down for the entire day and in a few months, to keep myself happy while I wait for book 6, I plan on starting over at Book 1.

There are...more
Hali Sowle
In a way I am glad that I found this series as far along (this is the 5th book) as I did since the cliff hanger ending of the last book pretty much left me howling in frustration. I really hate cliffhangers and this was a doozy and I was immensely grateful that I could start reading this one immediately to follow up.

The book begins with the aftermath of the dirigible crash and Amaranthe's capture by Major Pike and the Forge and is told from both Amaranthe's and Maldyano's point of view. While A...more
SubterraneanCatalyst -Censorship is for the Weak
So have you read the first four books? No you say? Do you plan on reading any of these? Yes you say? THEN DON'T READ THIS REVIEW. Why you ask? Because some things I mention in this review aren't a spoiler- not for someone who has read this entire series up to this book, but for YOU, that haven't read this series, this will be Spoilerland, so you are warned. Continue forward at your own risk reader.

I looked forward to this book desperately as I do with any series I adore. This is an unusual ser...more
cEe beE
Not as interesting as the first few volumes, a lot of close calls, near misses, and death defying escapes - way too many. But I'm hooked on these series and can't wait for the 6th book.
Here's the obligatory warning that I'm in love with these books and they can do no wrong in my eyes.

All of the previous books in the Emperor’s Edge series have been leading up to this book, in a way. The lines of the Forge storyline become completely clear, and by the end of the book it is understood that the events to follow will forever change the world of the Emperor’s Edge books.

We get some strong development between Sicarius and Amaranthe, plus we get more of Sicarius, Amaranthe and Sespian...more
Douglas Meeks
Blood and Betrayal (The Emperor's Edge #5)Blood and Betrayal by Lindsay Buroker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just finished Blood and Betrayal (The Emperor's Edge Book 5) and other than the fact I have to wait until next year to move the story along it was amazing as expected. The whole Emperor's Edge series borders on the edge of fantastic, the characters are fleshed out and the stories are always full of things that make you think you know what is going to happen .... until something you never thought of happens. I could write paragraphs o...more
If there has to be a cliffhanger in a breathless adventure like the Emperor’s Edge series, then at least it should culminate in a suitable reward. Blood and Betrayal offers just that; the previous book might have ended on a real nail-biter of a cliffhanger with Amaranthe thrown (literally) into the most dangerous situation she’d ever known, but the outcome in this book is so satisfying that I almost wish there would be more of the sort.

The characters and relationships have always been one of th...more
Maldynado is left in charge of protecting the emperor while Sicarius leaves to rescue Amaranthe. She has been captured and is being tortured for information on Sicarius’s secrets while the rest of the team and the emperor attempt to infiltrate the usurpers in an endeavor to foil their plans.

I am a huge fan of Steampunk and specifically this series. Blood and Betrayal was a very enjoyable book. I love the characters. I love the sense of humor and intelligence of the scheming and diabolical plans....more
Not knocking off any points for the horrible non-ending to the previous book in the series, although I normally get very cranky when authors do that. Part of my unusual tolerance is due to my own selfish lack of suffering, as I was able to go straight from Conspiracy into this; part the sincere-seeming apology at the end of Conspiracy; and part the fact that Buroker hasn't done this in any previous books (at least of those I've read, which is most of them).

A few essentially non-spoilery thought...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I have so many feelings about this series. I have many, many feelings for the characters. The characters continue to be amazing. But I have to admit to being irked by a couple of things in this book. First, I'm getting a little tired of one of the main characters being kidnapped and kept captive as a main plot. Second, there was a lot of torture in this book, which, well, I just found really unpleasant. It felt like there didn't need to be so much time spent on it, especially as it seemed not to...more
3.5 stars. If only the story wasn't dragged so much, I would have appreciated it more to round up my rating to 4 stars. That said, I'm still addicted. There is a 700 year old empire to topple afterall. Besides, we've also been promised some "later" time for Sicarius and Amaranthe.
I have to say, this book was a nail-biter. I nearly jumped out of my chair and started pacing when Amaranthe got kidnapped at the end of book 4. And then to see Major Pike show up? Well, I knew it was going to bad. And it was, indeed, very bad. Things did not go smoothly for Amaranthe this time around, and I really wish she had clung just a little bit tighter to that stupid slingshot. There were some cringe-inducing moments, and the violence could get pretty intense. However I wasn't too horrifi...more
I am kind of absurdly fond of Maldynado, which is why I went into this book with anticipating of enjoying it greatly, and I did, but less than the others. Most of that is because the group is split and Amaranthe spends a lot of her time being imprisoned and tortured. It's not so much fun when Amaranthe is tied (literally) to one place and not allowed to go gallivanting off to her adventures. I've always enjoyed the books best when everyone is together and Amaranthe is making crazy plans and peop...more
Quite frankly I am not sure why I gave this 4 stars instead of 5, cuz really it is amazing! The character in this series are absolutely awesome, they all have different personalities and development. Also they are freaking hilarious!!!
The names are rather hard to spell and read tho, but I don't really mind, at least they don't all sound the same. The plot in this series is also amazing, and fun! I love all of Amaranthe's plans they are just INSANE! And lastly we must talk about sespian and sicar...more
Quite a bit darker and more introspective than the earlier novels (largely due to (view spoiler), but also due to Maldynado's perspective and his dealing with his past and self doubt). Still a fast paced, action packed, wonderful character driven story. It doesn't fully resolve at the end, but it is less of a cliffhanger than book 4. Hopefully book 6 will come out soon!
This series is akin to modern version of old-school pulp. Plot, more plot, barely believable twists and turns of plot, heroes and heroines who are amazing fighters, seldom needing to eat or sleep yet always managing to come out triumphant, thrusting themselves into the heart of danger while riding upon waves and waves of luck that always gets them out of desperate trouble. The heroine gets tortured for days, yet seems to survive this ordeal with general health and personality intact. Amazing.

The journey this time around was a forgettable one. We pick up minutes after "Conspiracy" ended and the exciting part is already over. There is no build-up or clue-gathering in "Blood and Betrayal"; our characters already know their path and hurtle down it at full speed.

Amaranthe's kidnapping and recovery definitely need more weight behind it. The whole thing was lightly skipped over and only the revelations from Sicarius' past kept the scenes from floating off into absurdity.

Maldynado's much-...more
this series is getting better and better ... I was not sure what to expect from Maldynado POV but I hoped that he would endear himself to me the same way Books and Akstyr did. And I was right!

the books starts where the other book ended - which was with a big cliffhanger. Amaranthe is captured by Forge and Mal and the others are trying to help Sespasian.
there is not so much scheming in this book but the action is as good as in the previous books. and the characters don't disappoint. I love the wh...more
I was pleasantly surprised in this book because it started to really focus on one of the minor main characters. But was a little disappointed at the end because ultimately even though Maldonovo was given so much page time, I didn't even learn that much about him than I could found out from a secondary point of view.

We already know from other books that he's fond of clothes and women and tries to avoid direct responsibility, but is intelligent despite his foppish appearance. What did we learn mo...more
3.5 Stars

I love this series, but Blood and Betrayal isn't my favorite installment. Maldynado's storyline isn't particularly compelling (sorry, Mal), or perhaps it’s just lackluster in comparison to Amaranthe's narration, which is super exciting and emotional. Every time I was reading about Maldynado, I couldn't wait to get back to Amaranthe, making his sections seem to drag on and on. Even though Blood and Betrayal is uneven, there’s still enough action and great character development to make it...more
Kathy Henderson
can't wait for next book to come out! I really like Lindsay style of writing. I like to laugh.
The fifth book in the series picks up right after Conspiracy's cliffhanger and delivers another fast-paced, action-packed fantasy read that is just as wonderfully entertaining as the previous books. This one is Maldynado's book, which I'd been especially looking forward to as he's been one of my favourite characters ever since his first appearance. With Amaranthe captured by the enemy and Sicarius off on his own to rescue her, Mal finds himself with way more responsibility than he ever wanted as...more
So, out of all the novels up until this point, this one is my favourite. And that is because, after four long books (that were all great, but well lacking in the romance department for me), this one delivers!

Amaranthe and Sicarius definitely have their moment, though it comes after a horrifying experience. I'm not sure I liked the way her reaction to the experience was handled, but that would be my only complaint. (view spoiler)

Oh goody, this instalment focuses on Maldynado!! He is one of my favourite characters in the series so I just couldn’t wait to read Blood & Betrayal. Luckily enough for me, I started reading this series after the first seven books were written which means I was able to jump right from book 4 to book 5 (no cliffhanger for me!).

This is my favourite instalment in the series so far. I love how the group is coming together and the addition of new members to our favourite team of outlaws changes t...more
I love this series. And there are very few series where I manage to stick it out to the very end without losing interest, and even fewer authors where I will buy the next book with no hesitation. Blood and Betrayal continues the adventures of Amaranthe and her mismatched gang - including the brooding assassin/love interest Sicarius - as they attempt to bring about the downfall of the nefarious organisation the Forge and reinstate Emperor Sespian to the throne. This book is from Malynado's point...more
First of all, I am WAY too old to be reading steampunk, despite my long flirt with fantasy series. I almost did not buy the first book, because seriously, steampunk? But I like well-written fantasy books, so why not give it a try based on reviews. Then the first book hooked me - great characters who never get boring or stale, great story, great writing - especially those "Indiana Jones action moments", and of course, the Amaranthe/Sicarius relationship, neither of which overwhelm the books. Each...more
Lindsay gives us another fantastic read in her Emperor's Edge Series. Blood and Betrayal begins promptly where that wonderfully unfortunate cliffhanger left off. We find out about the gang from Maldynado's point of view. As the secondary character, he has an awful lot of "screen" time. However, his perspective does not disappoint. Maldynado is a fun character; he even endears himself to you when you are least expecting it. He and Yara are quite a pair together and I enjoyed their interactions. T...more
If you've read my previous reviews of Lindsay's works you'll know I'm a HUGE fan of her Emperor's Edge series. I am pretty much in love with Sicarius, and I have a warm place in my heart set aside for Amaranthe and the rest of the cast of her motley crew.

That being said there was something a bit different with this installment. It wasn't bad... far from it, but it didn't seem to have the same punch as the previous books. When I started feeling this way (about 40% in) I decided to have a look at...more
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