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The Chimera Vector (Fifth Column #1)

3.86 of 5 stars 3.86  ·  rating details  ·  1,130 ratings  ·  453 reviews
The Fifth Column: the world’s most powerful and secretive organization. They run our militaries. They run our governments. They run our terrorist cells.

Recruited as a child, Sophia is a deniable operative for the Fifth Column. Like all operatives, Sophia’s DNA has been altered to augment her senses and her mind is splintered into programmed subsets.

On a routine mission in...more
ebook, 514 pages
Published May 2012 by Pan Macmillan
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Brian Turner
I'd heard that this book was similar to Scarecrow by Matthew Reilly, and thought I'd give it a go.

Having read the book, I'd have to disagree. Whereas Reilly throws up more and more improbable situations for his heroes to get out of, this book doesn't go too over the top.

At the beginning, you're not too sure what is going on, but it gets explained in following chapters. Again, unlike Reilly, this book isn't too "in your face", so you have to read to get the answers. Also, the book is a lot more c...more
Tim "The Enchanter"
Dec 04, 2013 Tim "The Enchanter" rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Action Adventure Fans
A solid 3.5 Stars

I could not go to 4 stars as it lack the polish of other action writers. Nonetheless, I enjoyed The Chimera Vector.

After reading the reviews of other readers, I am struck that many felt the plot was too complicated or hard to follow. I simply don't agree. I have recently finished The Five Greatest Warriors by Matthew Reilly. The book was highly rated and read by many. If you want a convoluted plot, read the aforementioned. Nathan M. Farrugia has taken a complex area of science a...more
Peggy Kincaid
Jun 28, 2013 Peggy Kincaid rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: 17+ male and female
Recommended to Peggy by: Nathan Farrugia
I was offered the chance to read this book by the author and I never pass up the chance to find a new author to read. I am a big fan of Matthew Reilly's books and Mr. Farrugia thought I might like his books as well.

Well I just finished Chimera Vector and I can certainly say that he was absolutely right. I enjoyed this book immensely. Once I started reading this book I didn't want to stop until I was at the last page and then I wanted more. There are so many twists and turns in it first of all th...more
Dan Shea
I have read a couple of reviews that compare this author with Matthew Reilly. Not really a good comparison. Reilly is a fun read (especially Ice Station and Scarecrow), but there are certain quirks that Reilly has that are pretty silly. The first is that every character has a call sign. I was in the military. No. The call signs are also pretty ridiculous. Second, sometimes the action goes beyond the suspension of disbelief. (especially in the Jack West Jr. series) You can usually get away with a...more
Claire Robinson
This book is like a visit to a theme park all on its own. You have a roller-coaster of a plot, a merry-go round of double crossing, there are thrills and spills galore and a cast of characters that keep it rolling along like a boulder in the middle of an avalanche. I really enjoyed it and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone looking for an action-packed, unique read.

I particularly like that Nathan has put a strong female lead firmly front and centre in Sophia, Jay and Damien were also...more
Brand Luci
This book was so awesome it got me pregnant and now the author wont return my calls.
A very complex story such as this is hard to put into readable words, but Nathan has done a great job of starting the story, and now i cant wait to see where the journey takes the reader next, and i get the feeling that the story will mature into an even more compelling tale of betrayal, loyalty and what it means to be super powered super agent running from a shadowy evil regime, in todays world.
The action sequen...more
So, I Read This Book Today
Jul 08, 2013 So, I Read This Book Today rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Lovers of Thrillers, action, adventure, sci-fi, science
The Chimera Vector is special. A heart-pounding blend of science fiction and thriller, the story line grabs your attention at the first and doesn't let go. Not only does the story provide all the action and thrills that I love in a book of this sort, Farrugia knows his stuff when it comes to genetic manipulation, world governments, secret organizations, and the human need for power and wealth above all else.

Imagine the horror of waking up one day to discover that everything you thought was real...more
I picked up a copy of The Chimera Vector thinking it would be a standard adventure novel. I was wrong. From the sands of the Middle East to the streets of New York, Nathan Farrugia has taken the techno-action/spy novel pioneered by David Morrell and given it steroids. The closest book I could compare it to was Morrell's The Fifth Profession with a smattering of The Manchurian Candidate--both, in my opinion, giants in literary fiction. Farrugia mixes psychology, mind control, and lots of action t...more
Hmmmm, This book was suggested to me as something similar to Matthew Reilly. I'm afraid it didn't live up to my expectations. Although MR books are crazy, they do flow very well and you get involved with the characters and their lives. I found that I didn't know anything about the characters in this book by the end. There was no motivation for the baddie to be a baddie apart from that he was a "psychopath".

The fight scenes were quite engrossing but sometimes clunky e.g. "the second shocktrooper...more
I was offered this book to review and I half expected it to be rubbish. I was very surprised to find the book well written and the characters well fleshed out and believable.

The main character is Sophia an operative for a secret organisation, The Fifth Column, who thinks she is dealing with terrorists. It is only when she begins to behave strangely and then is captured by an ex member of her organisation, named Leon, that the truth becomes apparent. Leon explains that Sophia and her fellow opera...more
The action is continuous. The combat/fight sequences are phenomenal in their detail and intensity. The storyline has an uninterrupted and gripping flow. Nathan Farrugia is in a class by himself. Children with special gifts are recruited and conditioned to be the ultimate warriors, Operatives, of the super-secret Fifth Column. With abilities beyond the norm due to DNA manipulation and having – unknowingly – undergone extensive programming, the...more
Fast paced and action packed, Chimera Vector hooked me at the start. Genetically altered super soldiers under the control of a shadow organization isn't anything new but Nathan Farrugia puts a fresh spin on it. His innate understanding of combat situations, however, is what makes the whole thing really come together and feel alive. The action constantly leaps off the page at you and just never stops coming. The concept of psychopaths being the next step in human evolution as an apex predator was...more
I absolutely love that this book isn't so far out of the realm of possibility that you shake your head at the absurdity of it. Instead it left me thinking that something like this could actually be possible and the general population would have absolutely no idea.

The characters were very well built and their personalities were very unique. I have to say, though, that Jay and Sophia are my favourites.

Truly, this book was awesome. I'd recommend it to just about anyone who was into military books...more
Anne Treasure
Really humorous, lots of action and the characters are so much fun. Loved it. Fast-paced, entertaining read.
The Chimera Vector is Momentum Book's first release. Momentum is a global, digital-only publishing house which is clearly the lovechild of ebook-loving people who want to give unpublished writers a chance. And that's how I came to The Chimera Vector. A friend is part of the Momentum family but I can assure you there is no bias here - just expectation and the horrible possibility of having to tell a friend "well, I liked the font".

The Chimera Vector is a non-stop, action / conspiracy theory / sci...more
Chris Durkin
So the author gave me a free copy of this book because I had rated the Scarecrow series by Matthew Reilly highly. Mr. Farrugia is delusional if he thinks he is 1% the author that Matthew Reilly is and that's not even saying much as Mr. Reilly is no literary genius; but at least he is entertaining.

I felt honored that an author wanted me to read their work because I read so much and because they want to get the exposure. The problem is that this book is just terrible and I mean awful. There is not...more
Greg Barron
I thoroughly enjoyed The Chimera Vector. It has a great plot, some well realised characters in situations that keep you constantly guessing. I found it very easy to read, and this was one of my very first ebook reads so I was totally impressed. If you're partial to a techno or military thriller or two and you're looking to stock up your kindle, look no further.
As I have said before, it's a shame I can't give four and a half stars on Goodreads because this is a definite four and a half.
Derek (Guilty of thoughtcrime)
I'm not going to rate this book.

It may not be a bad book, but it's certainly not a book for me. TMI ... and TMDB.

TMDB: Too many dead bodies. At the start of this book, there are three characters. By the time I gave up, we'd been introduced to at least a couple of new people per page, and all but one of them were dead. This is probably sheer prejudice on my part — I'll happily read fantasy novels with barbarians slaughtering just as many people, even more messily, but for some reason I expect "c
R Jean
Never heard of this author before, and I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant to take the time to read a book by an unknown, but I’m glad I did. Mr. Farrugia has done a great job writing fun and unique, yet believable characters and creating a crazy new world where everything seems so possible but at the same time is so messed up!
I loved reading this book, it is fast-paced and exciting and it just really made me want to write my own story. I love reading books that are inspiring and this one de...more
THE CHIMERA VECTOR is an intense, high octane tech-fi action thriller that blends Crichton, Clancy and Reilly to create a no holds barred worldwide futuristic look at plain sight gorilla warfare. Fusing together military science with precise and deeply plotted covert ops, THE CHIMERA VECTOR reads as one long action sequence balanced by well defined characters in Sophia, Jay, Damien, and Denton. Each with questionable origins and equally as questionable allegiances and agendas.

The fifth column i...more
Dani Star
This book really surprised me, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was very pleased and I just had to write a review for it. The Chimera Vector is very unique and it written in a way that pulls you into the story and you feel like you should have your own character. The description is bang on; there is plenty of action, adventure, crazy people and awesome mutant abilities. This book has a little bit of everything that you would want in a good techno–thriller. It’s a very fun read and I’m already...more
'SPLOSIONS!!! Need I say more? I'll say more anyway! The Chimera Vector is truly fast-paced - filled with guns, grenades and action sequences that would put any of the latest Hollywood flicks to shame. And in between all the brain splatter and debris, it still makes you connect with the characters enough that you really don't want them to get 'sploded. Definitely worth a read if you like things that go 'BANG' and 'KABLOOEY' but still like using your brain cells every now and then. Looking forwar...more
Keith Stevenson
Is it possible for a plot to be too complex, with too many reversals, changes in loyalty, table-turnings etc. Maybe I'm just not smart enough, and Nathan Farrugia has a planet-sized labyrinthine brain. Still, while I was left feeling slightly stupid after reading The Chimera Vector, I was mightily impressed by Nathan's knowledge of the 15 ways to kill a man with only a tunafish tin key, his obvious affinity with modern mercenary and spec ops arsenals, and his mastery of the detailed fight scene....more
Shana (ReadingVixen)
This book had more action than I've ever seen! Good God, man...every page had action on it! Unreal!!!

If you want espionage, treachery, conspiracy, double-dealings, secret facilities working behind every government in the world, and NON-STOP action, with a little paranormal extras thrown in, you need to get this book!

The only reason "The Chimera Vector" didn't get 5 stars from me is because I just couldn't keep up with it all. head was spinning, reading this book! (It still is, as I thin...more
The excitement plus the nerves fought with each other as Sophia was preparing to be removed from her family. She had won a scholarship to attend boarding school, with excellent results in her tests. She was sad to leave her family; she agreed to let her younger sister sleep in her big bed as long as Sophia could share it with her when she returned home for term break. But little did Sophia realize that this was where her life as she had known it would change, dramatically, forever.

As an operati...more
Tikvah Allarie
Let me start my review by stating that I chose to read this book because I was told that it had a similar dynamic to a series called 'Dark Angel' by Max Allan Collins.

The Chimera Vector did share some similarities with 'Dark Angel' in that it followed the exploits of a female supersoldier created by a secret faction of the government. However, I should point out that while Dark Angel focuses primarily on its protagonists attempt to fit in with society and hide her past, The Chimera Vector choos...more
Jenny Delandro
Thank you Nathan for bringing this book to my attention. I thoroughly enjoyed my excursion into your world. I was curious about the title.. so the inner geek in me truimphed and I used a dictionary...
Cimera - an illusion or fabrication of the mind, an unrealistic dream or an imaginary monster compounded of incongruous parts..
Vector - an agent (plasmid or virus) that contains modified genetic material...
From the first page, I was reminded of the action sequences in a James Bond film before the o...more
Now, I really, really wanted to like this book, but it was very much swings and roundabouts; it had it's good moments, and it had it's bad moments. At some points I only kept on reading because I had gotten it free, other times I was caught up in the excitement. For parts of it I wanted to rate it two stars, and others three. It was exciting, enthralling and pure adrenaline one moment, and then the next dull, confusing and hard to wade through. Comparable to Matthew Reilly, I think not, but enjo...more
Blake Bailey
*Spoiler Free Review*

After reading my way through the majority of books published by author Matthew Reilly, I was quite pleasantly surprised to find 'The Chimera Vector' in my recommended list. On a whim I decided to pick it up and give it a read and that single decision was probably be the best I have made in a long time!

Whilst a lot of comparisons can be drawn between Nathan Farrugia and Matthew Reilly, I believe that readers will love both of these authors for completely separate reasons. Rei...more
Dave Farmer
Many years ago I read Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, where Douglas Adams mocked summer holiday books for their titles - The Delta Vortex, The Alpha Caper, The Hydra Enigma, and so on. Books worthy of a mock or two considering their vague similar titles.

Farrugia contacted me with the suggestion I checked out his book based on having read Dark Rivers of the Heart, by Dean Koontz. I was intrigued. Dark Rivers is an excellent read. I couldn't help feel the title of Farrugia's novel was a bit chee...more
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Nathan Farrugia is published by Momentum Books (Pan Macmillan).

Nathan Farrugia served in the Australian Army in infantry and reconnaissance, and studied film, television and professional writing. He worked as a post-production video editor, colorist and copywriter, where he earned the nickname Fagoogoo because no one could pronounce Farrugia.

Nathan lives in Melbourne, Australia. In his spare time...more
More about Nathan M. Farrugia...
The Seraphim Sequence (The Fifth Column, #2) The Phoenix Variant

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“Nothing like a cheap shot, right?’ He snorted blood from his nose. ‘I’m disappointed. I thought even terrorists had principles.’
‘Can it,’ Nasira said, towering over him with her P90 leveled at his head. ‘If we need patriotic paramoralisms, we’ll give Jack Bauer a call.’
Denton grimaced, pulled himself upright. ‘And if I need overblown alliteration, I’ll give you a call.”
“Your loyalties are indecisive at best. You know what that makes you, big boy?’

‘Definitely a Gemini.”
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