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Guardians Of Stone (Relic Seekers, #1)
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Guardians Of Stone (Relic Seekers #1)

3.74 of 5 stars 3.74  ·  rating details  ·  1,136 ratings  ·  160 reviews
Kendall Morgan is a human bloodhound. Spending her childhood hunting relics with her ambitious archeologist father, she knew the two of them shared a sixth sense for the history and location of objects—sometimes even people. What she didn’t know was that their paranormal gift could ultimately be their undoing.

After the tragic plane crash that killed her father as well as h
Paperback, 311 pages
Published December 4th 2012 by Montlake Romance
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The minute I saw this book's description, I was intrigued by its being billed as "Indiana Jones meets Stephanie Plum". First of all, who doesn't like Indiana Jones. Secondly, I happen to love the Stephanie Plum novels, which are pure hilarious entertainment. This book, however, is neither Indiana Jones nor Stephanie Plum. Spoilers to follow.

First off, I was completely appalled by Jake being offered up as a love interest. At the beginning of the book, he refers to Kendall as a "skirt". He is such
Indiana Jones with a paranormal twist? With a female lead who is a relic hunter? Who is being sent on a job by her handsome, enigmatic employer to search out and acquire an ancient and mysterious box before a potentially dangerous rival does? And she's forced to team up with a sexy, kickass bodyguard to watch her back? This was worthy of an "Oh YES!"-fist-pump combo. I cracked open my kindle and was prepared to be swept away by an awesome adventure.

It didn't happen. I was so disappointed with th
All Things Urban Fantasy
A kickbutt premise stumbling over the execution, anyone who picks up GUARDIAN OF STONE for adventure, mystery, and cinematic action will not be disappointed. While I was never quite swept away, I will certainly remember the mythology and ruins of this particular Italian adventure.

My biggest issue with GUARDIAN OF STONE was the writing style. Clenney gives us the story from both Jake and Kendall’s perspective, but their inner thoughts and back and forth banter supplants almost all other descripti
Jessica ❁ Elsecaller ❁ at Rabid Reads

The only good thing about this book is that I didn't actually have to purchase it in order to read it.

HOORAY! for Amazon Prime.

I felt like I was dropped right into the middle of the plot almost as soon as I began reading it. No plot-building, just BAM--head first into crisis.

Sometimes this can be a good thing--it can be exciting--but not when you have absolutely no attachment to the characters.

And I didn't. Not a one. They were friendly acquaintances at most.

I don't think I've ever rea
S. Wideman
I'll start off saying, I kinda know this author. So, I was rather hesitant to read this book. Mainly because I have a crippling fear of, "What if I don't like it" and it somehow ruins any good will between us. I was supposed to read this book a year ago, but kept putting it off. Turns out, it wasn't bad, and I'm happy to review it. This book wasn't perfect (none are), and it did touch on a few major buttons of mine, but not enough that I'd pass up any other book by this author. Which is good, si ...more
Teri Carter Lloyd
Wow an Indian Jones type book that had me on the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading. It has fast action, some scary parts, little tease of romance and extremely well written suspenseful moments. Anita Clenney is a consummate writer of beautiful flowing descriptions that makes you feel like you can taste it, touch it, feel it and smell it. I read this book in one sitting it held me spellbound.

I seriously want to be like Kendall. She isn’t afraid to go after what she wants or tell people
Guardians of Stone (The Relic Seekers) ended up more on the okay to pretty good side for me, mostly because I had a hard time really connecting with the characters. All three of the leads, psychic Kendall -whose talent gives her impressions of objects and people- her employer Nathan and her crass but hunky bodyguard Jake all have mysterious backstories that are hinted at but never fully exposed, which is sort of intriguing but also mildly annoying at times. But my bigger issue was that Kendall k ...more
Lori McD
4.5+ stars

This one is so close to 5 stars, it's crazy! (And it's tough for me to give any book a 5-star rating!) I love, love, love this new series with Kendall, Jake, and Nathan! It's fun, whacky, adventurous, sexy, mysterious, suspenseful, and just plain fun! Kendall is the BEST version of Stephanie Plum - the one that's not so inept; yet there's that vulnerability, a bit of clumsiness, humor, and the two sexy guys interested in her.

But Kendall can stand on her own two feet! She's tough, smar
I gave this 3.5 stars

GUARDIANS OF STONE is another one of those books I had never heard about until it showed up in my mailbox.

I liked Kendall, She was easy to connect with and read about. Her ability was neat to witness and it was fun watching her push down most of Jake's sexual attempts. Kendall has a habit of putting herself in more danger then needed but besides that I enjoyed following her character. Jake starts off as a sexist bad boy that ends up being so much more than that. He was a gre
Playing With Metaphors


So, the normal order of things is that you have a great book, and then the film / television industry get their hands on it...they do a re-write aimed at the lowest common denominator, then to be sure...they dumb it down even more.


But, this book seems like it's ready for the film and television industry straight out of the box. To be honest, I wonder if it was written with film options in mind.

For what it is it's not bad. I noticed some people likened the story to Indiana
When my dog immediately ate the cover of this book, I thought it was a bad sign. Thankfully I was wrong and Guardians of Stone is a really fun, entertaining, and sexy foray into a new series and new author for me. I’m actually lamenting the loss of the cover because it’s hard to convince people to try a new book with teeth marks on the spine; no really, the dog LOVED it too. The review quote on the back is a perfect descriptor as “a cross between Indiana Jones and Stephanie Plum.” The book is ni ...more
A kickbutt premise stumbling over the execution, anyone who picks up GUARDIAN OF STONE for adventure, mystery, and cinematic action will not be disappointed. While I was never quite swept away, I will certainly remember the mythology and ruins of this particular Italian adventure.

My biggest issue with GUARDIANS OF STONE was the writing style. Clenney gives us the story from both Jake and Kendall's perspective, but their inner thoughts and back and forth banter supplants almost all other descript
A nicely timed mystery with paranormal and romantic overtones, Anita Clenney’s Guardians of Stone opens with a brief, gently haunting prologue then moves swiftly into the lives of the talented Kendall, manipulative Nathan and rebellious Jake. Soon there are hints of mystery in all the protagonists’ pasts, but the author fills the story with adventures the present, keeping the reader intrigued as the pages fly by.

Sent on a quest to find a curious box, hidden by a secret order, perhaps, and never
Kathy Martin
This book starts a new series by Anita Clenney and, unlike most series starters, this one doesn't start with tons of story-building and characters introductions. We find ourselves with Kendall Morgan meeting with her mysterious new boss billionaire Nathan about finding a relic that he is searching for. Kendall has a psychic talent that lets her locate missing objects and also lets her learn about people when she touches them - which isn't very good for her love life. Nathan has also recruited a ...more
Kirsten Lenius
For a book with no typos that I noticed, this is one of the worst written books that I've seen. Not the worst. I've seen much worse, but bad enough that I am sorry that I paid money to read it.

Among many other things, the heroine was consistant in doing exactly what she was asked not to do. The characters kind of flapped around, rather than the story escalating; they went places, but it was all pretty much the same nonsense. They couldn't even keep each other's aliases straight. And if I had to
It's like a really campy urban fantasy version of Indiana Jones. With ancient Christian relics, immortal knights, booby traps, Roman catacombs... I mean, it's kinda ridiculous.

There were quite a few times when I felt like everyone was dumb. Just dumb as fuck. Kara running off all the time and Jake thinking with his dick, Nathan being a do-good-kidnapper... These people are straight up stupid.

Still... it was entertaining.
This book has so many flaws that it's diffucult to decide where to start. At the beginning I was seriously thinking to DNF it.
The characters are so over the top bad that I couldn't believe it. She is the stereotypical dumb blond, of course she is beautiful (way beyond that actually, model worth...sigh). She is also IQ less, as in "oh there's a button with Armageddon on it. I wonder what will happen if I push it". Yeap that kind of idiot. The rest of the crew is no better at all.

Jennifer Schaper
Guardians of Stone is a romantic suspense with some paranormal elements mixed in, such as Kendall’s ability to ‘read’ the history of objects–basically psychometry (but I don’t think that term is ever used in the book).

Kendall can also dig into people’s memories or read their thoughts if she chooses to do so. She can also sense the location of an old object. Another ability is that she can see ghosts.

Strangely, she claims she isn’t psychic. That’s a lot of abilities for someone who isn’t psychic.
This book is all about a woman, Kendall, who can see things, but doesn't call herself a Psychic. She has an crazy adventure with two men who want to protect her even though she doesn't want it. One is her boss, one is her bodyguard. Danger, mystery, questions, intrigue, attraction, headbutting. Who is the Reaper? Does he want to kill them? Where are the relics they need to find and protect? What is wrong with her boss, Nathan? Why does she feel connected to Nathan? Who is he really? Does Jake re ...more
Victoria (nocturnalintimacy)
I grabbed this as a free read to Kindle Prime members. I thought the premise sounded interesting, a girl Indiana Jones. I think this series has potential, but as a first installment it's a little disappointing. All of the elements were there to be great, but it falls short.

There are some character consistency issues. At the start, Jake is overly sexist and some kind of goon bodyguard for Kendall. As the story develops, his character softens, so I want to forgive the rough beginning. But as a bo
Lee French
I enjoyed this book. Every time I picked it up, I had trouble putting it down. It's solid, fun, and action-filled. The story didn't dawdle over anything, pulling the characters from place to place without wasting time on irrelevant information. It's a fast-paced read, and I flew through it.

The romance aspect felt a little silly to me. It was made very clear that Kendall, Jake, and Nathan are 'sexy', each in their own way. The possessiveness and attraction didn't really seem wholly believable to
Dorrie Baker
Nice series starter.

A psychically gifted relic hunter, an extremely rich collector and a jaded mercenary team up to collect powerful relics that shouldn't fall into the wrong hands.

Kendall's gifts are interesting, especially in the fact they come and go leaving her never know what she will get. I like the byplay between Kendall and Jake and the sparks that fly between them. I love all the different plot twists and trying to sort out the who is who of the good and the bad too. However, I feel li
Fair action-adventure story with very slight supernatural elements. I'm not happy with the ending, however, since it didn't wrap up some of the personal histories of the characters. I suppose this is to get the reader to buy the next book, but I doubt I'll be reading the next. The one just didn't grab me. The main character, a woman named Kendall, initially comes off fairly tough and confident, but after clashing with her bodyguard Jake she starts taking foolish chances and seems to go out of he ...more
Apr 29, 2013 April marked it as didnotfinish
Shelves: fantasy, romance
I had to stop just over a third of the way through. I found both of the mains to be complete idiots and the plot was so full of holes, I'm surprised it didn't create a vacuum.

Other than that, it was well written (ha, yes, go ahead and laugh) but I could tell that the author had put some time into developing the story. However, her editor should have kicked it back for character development and plot darning before publication.
Sandie Laughner
What an exciting book!!
Guardians of Stone was a very good story, well written, and engaging.

You're drawn into the mystery from the first page.
It has echoes of The Da Vinci Code, with secret religious orders and valuable, historically-significant relics.
But this story has its own voice and a supernatural twist -- our heroine, Kendall, can divine an artifact's history and legitimacy by touching it.

The same is true with people; she can see their histories, the most private or embarrassing details of their lives by simply
megan dotter
The amazing personalities of the characters and the real life feel to them is touching and amazing, giving the reader the abilities to really understand them and their reasoning for everything they do. Connecting with these characters and feeling like you could run into them at any moment on some city street makes the whole world real to the reader. I know Jake, and despite his act and history I would love him just the same. Kendall is something special even without her abilities you can feel he ...more
Book One in the Relic Seekers Series grips your attention right away with its feminine Indiana Jones heroine and her hunky protector. Kendall Morgan is hired by a mysterious benefactor to find a box containing a relic of great power. He sends Jake Stone as her backup. Together they hop from one locale to another with bad guys on their tail. They almost gain the box only to have it taken from their grasp. What can this artifact contain that is so powerful? And why does someone always seem to be o ...more
I liked the book despite all of its problems. I absolutely abhor love triangles for the simple reason as they are extremely clique and just not worth the ink used. If a book is going to be good then there does not need to be a love triangle in it. PERIOD.

I thought the writing style was immature. The conversations between all the characters lacked depth as it sped along from one scene to another. Both lead males are total jerks and I would hate them both in real life despite how hot they are supp
Douglas Cook
This book grew on me. Will definitely read others in the series.

First sentences -
Prologue - “WHY CAN’T I go with you?” Kendall asked. Her father hesitated and then tucked the covers up to her chin, even though it was warm inside. “Not this time, pumpkin. It’s too dangerous.” He ruffled her hair, but his face was tense. “Besides, your aunt Edna wants to see you.” “What about Adam? Won’t it be too dangerous for him?” “He’s coming with you.” “OK.” Adam was her best friend. She trusted him more tha
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Anita Clenney is the New York Times and USA Today Best Selling author of the Connor Clan highland time travels series and the Relic Seekers series.

Before giving herself over to the writing bug, she worked in a pickle factory, a preschool, booked shows for Aztec Fire Dancers, and has been a secretary, executive assistant, and a real estate agent. She lives with her husband and two children in Louis
More about Anita Clenney...

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