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Lajka je napuštena kujica čija je sudbina bila postati Zemljin prvi svemirski putnik. Ovo je priča o njezinu putovanju. Nick Abadzis majstorski spaja fikciju i činjenice u priči o tri isprepletene sudbine. Uz Lajku tu je i Koroljov, nekadašnji politički zatvorenik, poslije predan inženjer na vrhu sovjetskog svemirskog programa, i Jelena, laboratorijska tehničarka odgovorna...more
Hardcover, 206 pages
Published 2011 by Fibra (first published September 1st 2007)
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Dead dog books used to be a dime a dozen. Time was a kid couldn’t walk into a bookstore without getting whacked over the head with “Old Yeller”, creamed in the kisser by “Sounder”, and roughed up royally by “Where the Red Fern Grows”. Recently, however, dogs don’t die as often as all that. You could probably concoct some magnificent sociological explanation for this, citing changes in the political and emotional landscape of our great nation leading to the decrease in deceased literary pups, but...more
Okay, let's get two things out of the way. One, this is a graphic novel. Two, this is a dead dog book. The latter's not a spoiler--we're all reasonably intelligent people, we've heard of the Sputnik program even if we weren't around to personally witness its impact on the world. The dog dies, okay? That's not an acceptable reason to give this book a pass. (I'm talking to you, Ruth.) As for the former, well, if you're going to read one graphic novel this year, make it this one.

This is a tremendo...more
Seth Hahne
Books with dogs tend to manipulate. That’s just the nature of the literary and cinematic landscape. Old Yeller. Where the Red Fern Grows. Homeward Bound. It’s like a rule. And rather than subvert this, LAIKA‘s pretty up front about the fact that it will in no way deviate from the script. It relishes in its formulaic, heart-melting prison of manipulation and contrivance.

Really, unless you’re a fan of being manipulated, the book’s only saving graces are that it offers an eye into Russia’s Cold War...more
Dec 12, 2008 Jess rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: animal lovers wanting a sad tail(sorry), Librarians - cold war bibliography, USSR history fiends
Recommended to Jess by: group from children's lit
Laika blends four stories: Korolev, a political prisoner turned Soviet space engineer, Yelena, a lab tech in charge of dogs, Gazenko, Soviet space scientist, and Laika nee Kudryavka, the first dog in space.

Sad but interesting read. A useful look into cold war Soviet Union--notice the way propaganda is spoken of--that students would read. My only read objection is to chapter 2, where Adabzis creates a fictional backstory of Laika. I get that he's mirroring Korolev's struggle but it's unnecessary....more
Claire Scott
When I started working in a schoool, I thought that my strong immune system would keep me healthy even though all first-year teachers spend the whole year sick from new germs. Was I right? Not at all. It was the same with Laika. I knew that everybody else cried when they read this book, but I thought that somehow I'd be prepared, not that I'd find myself bawling into a bowl of pho on Clement St. And yet.

Laika is the story of the first dog to go up in space. It's not a spoiler to tell you that s...more
Nov 23, 2008 Mahrya rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Ages 10-Adult
Shelves: juvenilia
Abadzis, Nick. Laika, First Second, 199 pages. Graphic Novel.

Description: Laika tells the story of the Russia's Sputnik II program and the satellite's canine astronaut, Laika. The book focuses on the dog's hard early life and her bond with a trainer named Yelena.

Review: Any preconception that I had about graphic novels presenting simplistic or cartoonish stories was shattered by this book. Laika, is a complex story that focuses on the deep relationships that can be formed between humans and an...more
This book broke my heart. It's difficult for me to imagine what the world was like during the Cold War and the suspicion, fear and competition that motivated it, so reading Laika was like stepping into another time.

Abadzis tells the story of Laika, the first dog to be sent into space as part of the US-Soviet race to the moon. We follow her from puppyhood all the way to her ill-fated selection as the test subject for the program. The art in the book is simple but vivid and through it we come to s...more
And I thought "Lassie Come Home" was sad. This was a new level. I don't know that I can recommend this to dog lovers - it's just sad. I hate how helpless...ah, well, it's no use to wail about it. The artwork left a lot to be desired - must everyone be ugly?
Brian Kelley
Any story involving a mistreated animal just rakes at my gut--I'm a sucker for that type of manipulation. I can't even watch Marley & Me even though I read the book when it first came out. I'm serious when I say I steadfastly refuse to even look at the screen if my girlfriend puts Marley & Me on television. I've always had dogs and have become wired to respond emotionally to them. Few other stories have come anywhere near generating those types of heavy emotions in me.

Books earning 5/5 s...more
Palkittu sarjakuvaromaani Laika lunasti kaikki odotukseni. Pieteetillä tehty sarjakuva maailman kuuluisimman eläinkokeen uhrista kylmän sodan kilpavarustelun aikana liikutti jo alkusivuilla, vaikka totuuden nimissä "Laikan" päähenkilöitä ovat kyllä koiran elämään vaikuttaneet ihmiset. Laika (Haukkuja), alkuaan Kudryavka (Pikku Kippura hännänkiemuran mukaan) oli kertojan mukaan sekarotuinen koira vahinkopentueesta. Kudryavka siirtyi sattuman kaupalla nuoren pojan kaltoinkohtelemaksi lemmikiksi, k...more
I have a bit of an obsession with the story of Laika, the dog the Russians sent into orbit on Sputnik 2 in 1957. As a way to capitalize on the success of Sputnik 1 a month earlier, the team was sent reeling into action to send a living being into space in time for the 40th year celebration of the Soviet Revolution. As a result, there was no time to develop a plan to get Sputnik 2 back to, and Laika ("bark" in Russian) were doomed to die in space. At the time, the world was told that t...more
Tek sam prije par godina, u svojim tridesetima, saznala da se Lajka nikada nije vratila na Zemlju (view spoiler) i zbog toga sam bila šokirana, razočarana i tužna (doslovno na rubu suza). Osjećala sam se prevareno jer 1. svemirski putnik nije preživio let te uživao u slavi i njenim blagodatima. Do jučer sam mislila da je to...more
(Éamon, I don't think you should read this book.) The story mostly revolves around humans, even though it's supposed to be about the first dog in space. The humans weren't as interesting to me. There's also a lot of meanness and some rather graphic violence toward the non-human characters, lots of unpleasant situations the non-humans never consented to being subjected to (like the space stuff), and all of that has left me feeling quite upset.
Wow, I really liked this. It's one of those tricky genre mash-ups, though: a fictionalized account (the dog Laika's perspective, mostly) layered on top of rich historical research & information.

It was fascinating to learn about the Russian space program and the race to have manned space missions. The story moves between Laika's story, the story of the girl & mother who found her, the engineer Kolov, and the dog trainer, Yelena. These switches in time and perspective are effortless; the...more
This is a beautiful, very poignant book. It's a gorgeous graphic telling (blending fact and fiction) of the story of Laika, the Russian cosmo-dog. It's categorized as JRHI/YA in our library, but I highly recommend it to anyone. It's a layered story involving not just the dog, but a driven scientist, Korolev, and the lab technician, Yelena, who's in charge of Laika's health and "well-being" leading up to her (Laika's)launch as the live passenger of Sputnik 2. It's very compelling, and the artwork...more
sweet pea
this book manages to be sweet, heart-wrenching, and detailed all at the same time. the interplay of tales that turn Kudryavka to Laika is convoluted and interesting to watch unfold. the character of Yelena Alexandrovna Dubrovsky, the head dog trainer, is unique and riveting. her bond with her charges is absolute and allows her some power in the male-only world of the russian space program. this book is a superb retelling of the tragic, if heroic, figure of laika, the first being to (briefly) orb...more
This book was so sad and beautiful it just about destroyed me. Nick Abadzis does an amazing job bringing this touching story the caring and uncaring ways that people treat dogs. He is also an incredible cartoonist as well as a skilled writer.
Laika adalah hewan pertama yang pergi ke luar angkasa.
Nick Abadzis meramu cerita ini berdasarkan fakta yang dicampur dengan fiksi. Ada tiga sudut pandang yang dipakai : Laika si anjing, Korolev dan Yelena.

Laika dipakai sebagai propaganda keberhasilan Soviet. Dikatakan dia bertahan selama 6 hari lalu ada prosedur euthanasia untuk "menidurkan" Laika. Namun pada kenyataannya Laika hanya bertahan selama 4-5 jam saja.


Kutipan pernyataan Oleg Gazenko :
" Work with animals is a source of suffering...more
From the afterword:

"Nick Abadzis researched with impressive thoroughness - from the stacks of the British Library to Korolev's house in Moscow - all the facts that have come to light since the collapse of the Soviet Union. He then wove all available historical elements into an unforgettable narrative that achieved the power of myth. Cutting through the official deceit spread at the time, the story brings out the truly heroic dedication that these exceptional scientists showed, even as they lived...more
Amazing. One of the few reading experience that not only brought tears to my eyes but left me covered in tears. This really touched my heart. Great proof of what the comic medium is capable of.
I dock one star for the sloppy art, but have to give back one star for leaving me emotionally crippled. I admit I was bawling through the last quarter (which hasn't happened in a LONG time), even though I knew how it would end.
The story of the Cold War space race, focusing on three characters: the gulag prisoner turned head designer for Sputnik, the stray dog who became the first living being in orbit, and the lab technician in charge of the research dogs. Though the art quality is indifferent a...more
Sean Kennedy
WARNING: This book will make you ugly cry. For serious.

Laika is the most famous dog to have lived. The first living sentient being in outer space, Laika was a symbol of the cold war and ongoing relations between the USA and Russia.

She became a symbol of so much more, as she also became their victim.

Her story is beautifully rendered in this superb graphic novel - seriously, one of the best I have ever read - and Laika is given a beautiful and respectful farewell here, which she never received in...more
Mrs. Davidson
I criedI cried so much at the ending. When you talk about Laika in the rocket you know she dies in space but no thinks about the dogs point of view. A rocket launch is logical. Dog goes into space with a no return mission. Dog doesn't make it back. Dog dies in space. It's science. It's emotionless. Science questions can we do this not should we? The launch could have been a posponed return mission but Russia had to rub the American's nose more into the ground. Politically speaking it was a victo...more
Yudhi Herwibowo
sebenarnya sejak beberapa bulan lalu saya lihat buku ini ada dalam rak obralan. entah di gramedia atau di togamas. beberapa kali pula saya memegangnya dan berniat membeli. namun selalu saya saya batalkan, karena merasa sedikit tak tertarik dengan ilustrasi di dalamnya. namun baru 2 hari lalu saya membeli buku itu hanya dengan 10rb saja. sepertinya ini cukup bisa melengkapi novel2 grafis yang memang saya kumpulkan.

dan tak butuh waktu lama menyelesaikan novel grafis besutan nick abadzis ini. gamba...more
c2o library
Terbagi dalam tiga bab, Laika bercerita tentang perjalanan Laika atau Kudryavka, seekor anjing buangan yang kemudian menjadi hewan pertama yang dikirim ke luar angkasa dalam Sputnik II. Kisah ini sendiri telah menjadi suatu ikon budaya massa mengenai permainan ambisi politik, etika teknologi, dan kerapuhan rasa percaya.

Sebagai pembuka, bab pertama menyorot perjalanan Sergei Pavlovich Korolev dari seorang tawanan yang diasingkan menjadi Chief Designer misi peluncuran satelit Sputnik. Bab kedua m...more
The idea behind this book has immediate appeal--it's about Laika, the first dog to be launched into space (by the USSR on Sputnik II). But it's definitely not the light and fun read that I was expecting.

It starts with the head of the USSR's space flight program trying to walk himself out of a gulag (Siberian prison) where he has been released (although not acquitted) in order to be a scientist again--if he is able to survive the walk back to civilization. You then meet Laika as a puppy who is gi...more
Karly Steele
This past week I had the pleasure of rediscovering one of my favorite graphic novels while sifting through the piles that constitute my overly stuffed bookcase in my overly stuffed one bedroom hobbit house. It takes an extreme concoction of storyline plus killer graphics to win my heart, but Laika by Nick Abadzis has had my number dialed for years. It is one of the few books that I have reread numerous times in my adult life. Laika is based on the story of the first living passenger launched int...more
Rachael Quinn
A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I wanted to read some graphic novels because it had been a while and I remembered that I really enjoyed them. I went to the Young Adult section in the library I picked up the first one on the shelf. It was Laika and I had no idea what I was getting into.

It was wonderful.

In Russia, Laika starts as a little stray puppy named Kudravka because of her curly tail. A woman tries to find her a home, refusing her daughter's wish to keep the dog because they already h...more
Sebuah GN yang menceritakan 2 tokoh berbeda yang mempunyai andil besar dalam penerbangan Sputnik II ke ruang angkasa. Di bagian awal dikisahkan tentang seorang ilmuwan yang dituduh pengkhianat dan dipenjara si Siberia saat terjadinya pergantian kekuasaan di Rusia. Tokoh ini ditinjau ulang kasusnya dan (di kemudian hari) akan menjadi ketua bagian desain roket-roket Sputnik. Menjelang paruh buku, kita diperkenalkan pada seekor anjing dengan ekor melengkung. Dari anak anjing manis yang disayangi, m...more
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Nick Abadzis was born in Sweden to Greek and English parents and was brought up in Switzerland and England. He is a writer and artist who likes comics (which means these days he seems to be known as a “graphic novelist”). His work for both adults and children has been published in many countries across the world.

He also works as an editorial consultant and has helped set up several best-selling an...more
More about Nick Abadzis...
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