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3.68 of 5 stars 3.68  ·  rating details  ·  712 ratings  ·  64 reviews
In the future, interstellar travel to alien worlds will be too expensive for most ordinary people. It certainly is for Marvin, a college student who wants to take a really good vacation. And so he signs up for what he can afford, a mindswap, in which your consciousness is swapped into the body of an alien lifeform. But Marvin is unlucky, and finds himself in the body of an ...more
ebook, 224 pages
Published May 30th 2006 by Orb Books (first published 1966)
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A wonderfully zany SF romp, which you'd be tempted to dismiss as a rip-off of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy if it hadn't been written 15 years earlier. I see that some reviewers here object to Sheckley's style and dialogue, but to me it seemed clear that he was mostly parodying SF and other genre fiction - I found it very amusing.

In this book, you travel the Galaxy by swapping minds with alien beings on other planets. There are many brilliant throwaway ideas, but the clear standout is "panzai
an interesting, and outrageously imaginative book, that i must admit i didn't find funny. i know that i'm supposed to find it funny, and a great many other people will no doubt double over with laughter, but i just don't laugh at this kind of book. as others have noted, it is in the same vein hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, and sort of reminded me of the one terry pratchett book i read. if you are mad for these authors, mindswap would more than suit your tastes, and should definitely be sought ...more
Empezar un libro de Robert Sheckley es como entrar en un bar y descubrir que, aunque tus amigos aún no han llegado, el tipo que está dándote conversación en la barra es de esos con los que te quedarías charlando entre cervezas. Desde el anuncio clasificado que abre la novela, en el que un marciano «tranquilo, estudioso y culto desea intercambiar su cuerpo con un respetable habitante de la tierra», entran ganas de quedarse sentado en el taburete y pedir otra ronda.

La premisa la novela es sencilla
Before Arthur Dent had to worry about the destruction of the Earth, Marvin Flynn found himself missing his body.

Marvin, bored with his life on Earth, decides to travel and see the Universe through mind transfer. Things don't go well. But they go strange.

Including a very fun Dumas parody. I expected Daffy Duck to arrive as the Scarlet Pumpernickel.

(Listening to version, and the narrator is very good as well. He has many accents to keep up with.)
Andrew S  Taylor
I really hope Sheckley stays in print for decades to come. Douglas Adams gets all the credit for sci-fi satire, but Sheckley did it before and did it better.

This book might be very loosely compared to a grail-quest - or maybe Kerouac's On The Road - but with brain transplants. Hilarious and wonderful.
I've read this book three or four times. It still holds up as funny and acerbic. I keep seeing phrases and sections that'd I'd plagiarize if I thought I could get away with it.
M.D. Backes
Douglas Adams once told me that Sheckley was his favorite science fiction humorist. Mine, too. Hilarious tale of interstellar comedic mishaps.
Stephen Goldin
One of the funniest books I've ever read.
La Espada en la Tinta
Pillad una toalla y vuestra guía de autoestopista galáctico, que nos vamos por esos universos de Dios a liarla parda! Uys, no. Espera. ¿Eso no es con otra novela? No importa, para el caso, es lo mismo. De la mano, o la mente, de Marvin Flynn, un anodino habitante de la Tierra, nos vamos a meter de cabeza en una disparatada historia sobre intercambio de cuerpos y la levedad del ser, que tiene miga el asunto. Esta es una de esas novelas que te gustan o no, sin término medio. Yo aún no sé en qué ba ...more
Alexander Páez
Le doy un 3,5/5. Tengo que reconocer que la deformación metafórica ha estado a punto de poder conmigo. Hay un momento que te quedas con cara de tonto y cuando terminas el libro te das cuenta de como el autor ha jugado contigo. Pronto reseña en el blog con sus pros y sus contras.
Very bizarre book. Sheckley is hilarious. Rent your body out while your mind is on vacation. Great stuff.
Jay Daze
A comic tale of a bored earth man, a thirty-one year old adolescent, swapping bodies with a Martian to go on vacation. Things go wrong almost immediately.

Put me on the side of people who really enjoyed the humour in this book. Sheckley jumps from parody to parody, most pulled off with great verve and skill. It benefits from being written before 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' and I would argue it is probably a more timeless book than Adams' work - which seems much more locked in the 80s than
So, cleaning out a top-shelf in a closet, there it was. A 1969 reprint of the UK Mayflower paperback edition of 1968. Inside the front-cover were written: Anne G... a street address, Rheindahlen, (in what was, then, West Germany).

Anne G was likely my age, or perhaps a pal of my older brother. My Dad suggested I might have bought the book in a church bazaar. Who knows. Anne had added the same details on the upper left of the first loose-leaf. The penmanship and pen changes between the two and I
Christa L
This book was unlike anything I've ever read. There is no genre or cliché that is safe from being stretched beyond anything it ever should have become. You should be able to look up "absurdism" and see "Read Mindswap by Robert Sheckley." The only way this could be a film is if you brought Gene Wilder, Mark Strong, Humphrey Bogart, and Mel Brooks to the 1970's and have Paul Bartel direct. Spider Robinson said that Mindswap would turn your mind into chunky peanut butter.

"Hi, my name is Peter Pan.
My dad bought me this for Christmas, as he used to quote things (inexactly, but with this book it doesn't matter) from it a lot and he wanted me to understand what he was talking about. It's quite bizarre and a really fun read. If you do read it you have to make sure sometimes not to try too hard to figure out what is going on or you might end up more confused.
My favorite scifi author. Often copied and stolen from (Hitchhiker's Guide is a good example of denied theft. Don't believe it? Read "Dimensions of Miracles"). Huge concepts taken care of in a paragraph at most. Very readable writer.
Another solid effort from the always inventive Sheckley. This novel follows a poor chap who decides to sign up to a sort of body house swap with a martian, only to find that he's been duped and now is essentially a homeless mind. This is made worse by the fact that he only has a few hours to live if he can't track down the fiend who has literally run off with his body.

Cue plenty of scenery swapping, comic capers, and long exposition of deliberately non-sensical philosophy and psychology.

Angela Alcorn
We own this as an omnibus with people trap: People Trap and Mindswap.
Reseña de Manu Viciano · Nota: 8 · Reseña en Fantífica

Empezar un libro de Robert Sheckley es como entrar en un bar y descubrir que, aunque tus amigos aún no han llegado, el tipo que está dándote conversación en la barra es de esos con los que te quedarías charlando entre cervezas. Desde el anuncio clasificado que abre la novela, en el que un marciano «tranquilo, estudioso y culto desea intercambiar su cuerpo con un respetable habitante de la tierra», entran ganas de quedarse sentado en el tabure
I read this when I was a teenager and loved it. Thought-provoking.
El punto de partida es interesante y podría ser muy bueno, una especie de "Alicia en el país de las maravillas" con tintes galácticos como sugieren en el prólogo.

A pesar de algunos puntos geniales, la poca o ninguna gracia de la mayoría de las bromas, junto con lo irrelevante de algunas aventuras, las pesadas y tediosas descripciones en otros momentos y para acabar con algún toque homófobo que en el año 2014 ya huele a rancio ha hecho que lo que empezó siendo una lectura ligera de entretenimi
Chapter 32 and 33, the last two chapters, were superlative, resolving enough of the issues raised within the story to please a reader, but the book throughout featured so many missed-opportunities I have to give a mixed review. In reading other reviews and the blurbs on the book it seems a critic need only address two issues: whether the book was (1)funny or (2)imaginative. My answer to both are 'yes, but in places.' Sheckley sent Marvin to many worlds, into several bodies and introduced him to ...more


In a 2006 speech at Google's headquarters, fantasist Neil Gaiman recounted how his one-time editor Alisa Kwitney asked his opinion about Robert Sheckley. "I think that from the late fifties to the mid sixties he was probably the finest short-story writer actually writing in pretty much any field," he replied, "and that it's a terrible pity that he burned out his brain on recreational pharmaceuticals and sort of lost it. Why?" Kwitney's response: "I
This book is about a average guy who swaps his soul (I don't want to say mind because the swaper get to use all the memories and such that are in the body the person swaps into) with a Martians, and things go rather bad after that when he discovers he must vacate that body because it was oversold.

The book has it's good parts, for example the discussion of how humans use their intellect to create machines which make it so human can't get jobs was rather effective. That is, that humans work to ma
Julie Davis
#93 - 2010.

Read this for the SFFaudio discussion ... was pleased and surprised to find it is laugh-out-loud hilarious at times. No. Really. I actually laughed out loud a couple of times. Such as at the talking ganzer egg.

This book had some extremely funny scenes that no one should miss and for that I would recommend it, at least through the first two-thirds of the book. There were similarities to Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide books but not as completely imagined or skillfully done. As has be
There's a quote from Douglas Adams on the front that reads, "Robert Sheckley is one of the great funny writers". I've read all of Douglas Adams' books, and this is like a teenage fan-fic of Hitchhiker's. The first few chapters were great, but from chapter 16 onwards - about halfway through the book - it was like being stuck in the Improbability Drive; before the last chapter, the Drive turned up to Infinity, and the book lost any claims it had to making sense. My favourite sci-fi satirises moder ...more
Víctor Arturo Mercado Fernández
Cuando comencé su lectura las expectativas de una novela incisiva y amena parecían cumplirse; un arranque directo, una idea interesante y sobre todo, y pese al necesario tamiz de la traducción, la promesa de la lectura de un fino estilista.

Hacia la mitad del libro, Sheckley se olvia de la relación entre autor y escritor rompiendo con su propia línea argumenta y comenzando a narrar cosas sin coherencia con lo anterior. Sin descubrir el argumento, la novela parece ser un divertido viaje por el Uni
It would be quite unreasonable to give Robert Sheckley less than top marks for putting together a wild and woolly imaginative premise to build a sci-fi novel around. Consider a world in which interstellar travel is possible but, not surprisingly, it's a long, arduous and crushingly expensive process. For those that can't afford the time or the money for the real thing, science has also developed the technology for a "mindswap" - a way for two consenting people to simply switch consciousness, eve ...more
Partiendo de una idea bastante original, un intercambio de cuerpos para hacer turismo, nos encontramos ante un libro que está separado en dos partes un poco extrañas. Si solo fuera por la primera mitad, le hubiera puesto una nota altísima. Me gustó mucho, me reí un montón y realmente me encantó. El problema que tuve es que hacia la mitad el libro perdió el sentido común por el camino y se convirtió en algo confuso, caótico, llegando hasta el extremo de que ya no sabía si seguir leyendo o no. Lo ...more
The late great Robert Sheckley has written some of my all time favorite short stories ("The Specialist" is the only title that comes to mind right now), but somehow he could never get it together as a novelist. This is not a science fiction novel it is just existentialist and/or abusurdist ramblings. After reading several of his short stories, at least two of which were adapted for TV and hearing that his work help provide Douglas Adams with inspiration for "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, ...more
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One of science fiction's great humorists, Sheckley was a prolific short story writer beginning in 1952 with titles including "Specialist", "Pilgrimage to Earth", "Warm", "The Prize of Peril", and "Seventh Victim", collected in volumes from Untouched by Human Hands (1954) to Is That What People Do? (1984) and a five-volume set of Collected Stories (1991). His first novel, Immortality, Inc. (1958), ...more
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Immortality, Inc. The Status Civilization Dimension of Miracles (Dimension of Miracles #1) Store of the Worlds: The Stories of Robert Sheckley Untouched By Human Hands

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