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The Whatnot (The Peculiar, #2)
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The Whatnot (The Peculiar #2)

3.93 of 5 stars 3.93  ·  rating details  ·  374 ratings  ·  92 reviews

"Oh, the Sly King, the Sly King, in his towers of ash and wind."

Pikey Thomas doesn’t know how or why he can see the changeling girl. But there she is. Not in the cold, muddy London neighborhood where Pikey lives. Instead, she’s walking through the trees and snow of the
enchanted Old Country or, later, racing through an opulent hall. She’s pale and small, and she has b
Kindle Edition, 368 pages
Published September 24th 2013 by Greenwillow Books
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Tyler Jones
I gave young Mr.Bachmann's first book three stars because, like most readers, I was amazed at his evocative descriptions, masterful dialogue and mature style. I would have rated it higher but the plot was thin. I was hoping that in the follow up he would have mastered some of the finer points of plotting, but sadly this story is even weaker. All the fireworks of evocative language and description can not compensate for a story where even the author seems to have no idea what should happen next.

"You-hoo, toodeloo, Mi-Ma-Mister Mu-Mo-Magic!"

"What is it now, Cuteness?" asked the concept of Magic.

"Do-ho you wanna hug? It's free today-yay!"

"Really? Gods no!"

"Hm, may-hay-be tomorrow? I think it's going to be free then, too-toodeloo. Oh, and you have a vo-va-visitor."

"Couldn't you have started with that? Who is it?" asked Magic.

"It's me! Do you remember me?" asked the stranger.

"I have no idea," said Magic.

"I give you a few hints. Think of me as taller, green hair, longer. Different eye color
Stuti (Turmeric isn't your friend. It will fly your ship
OH GR, because of the few reviews, I will give you this one. I suck.

There she stood, one small girl in front of twelve great globes.

I believe if you can manage to imagine the gravity of this line solely, regardless of whether you've either book of the duology, I'll have the unquestionable freedom to bet my imaginary third arm against your real left one that you'll like this story as much as, if not more than, I did. Even if you can't, you might like it. I'm no astrologist or numerologist, or psy
"A tower of blood," she sang to a wavering, sliding tune. "A tower of blood and a tower of bone. A tower of ash and a tower of stone. Who's at the top of them, who's in the dark? Who climbs the stairs without leaving a mark?"

Stefan Bachmann did it again! He created an extremely intriguing and fantastical world that kept me glued to my seat for days. Not only did I get to fall in love with his old characters again from the first book in The Peculiar series, but I also had the opportunity to fall
Ashley Chen
Aug 28, 2013 Ashley Chen marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
Okay, I need this book. I'm in it. Like seriously. Though it is a SUPER minor character...but still. >3< If you see an "Ash-Yandere-Ley" in the book....aha. You found me. I'll feel shit ass bad if all the reviews come back as "wtf was that "Ash-Yandere-Ley" thing?! Was Stefan trying to be cool or something?!" Guys, not his fault. This was forced upon his poor lil' soul. Sorry Stefan in advance if anything bad happens because of me; I love you. :3

Need. kbai.
Brandy Painter
Originally posted here at Random Musings of a Bibliophile.

I enjoyed The Peculiar by Stephen Bachmann when it came out last year (my review). MG Steampunk is such a rare thing and the world building in this one is so well done. I was eager to read the sequel, The Whatnot, and excited when I received an e-galley.

The world building is again the greatest strength of this novel. Bachmann has created two vivid and separate worlds. In The Peculiar we were concerned mostly with the alternate England. Th
"The city became a beast after dark; the streets were its throats and the graveyards were its bellies, and ever since things had started going rotten between the English and the faeries the beast had gotten hungrier."

Even in an alternate universe where the plot of The Whatnot was lacking, or its world didn't enthrall, Stefan Bachmann's bewildering mastery of prose would still make his second novel worth a read. I'm sure he's sick to death of people mentioning his age by now, but that's what make
Nola Decker
Stefan Bachman's THE WHATNOT is one of those books that just makes me wonder why I even TRY to write anything because he does it so dang well. Perhaps the plot wasn't so tight, but I really didn't care because there was so much to look at in this story. He is a master of visual description and world building. I felt like I could imagine every stone of this terrible, dark, cold, grime-covered, horrible world.

There are few rays of hope and moments of comfort in this book, making it the perfect rea

Niemand darf das Geheimnis von Pikeys Auge erfahren, denn würden die Leute erfahren, was es damit auf sich hat, käme er ins Feengefängnis. Doch dann taucht Bartholomew in Pikeys Leben auf und gemeinsam machen sie sich auf die Suche nach der entführten Hettie. Endlich hat Pikey einen Freund und ein Ziel im Leben gefunden...

Meine Meinung:

"The Whatnot" ist die Fortsetzung zu Bachmanns Erstlingswerk "The Peculiar" und ich bin verblüfft, welche Fortschritte Bachmann gemacht hat. Alles, was im
Hettie befindet sich im Alten Land und stampft seit Tagen durch den Schnee auf eine Hütte zu, die einfach nicht näher kommen will. Ihre Gedanken kreisen um ihren Bruder Bartholemew. So verbringt sie Jahre dort, auch wenn sich alles nur wie Minuten für sie anfühlt. Sie weiß, dass sie von großer Wichtigkeit für die Feen ist, denn ihre Macht als Mischlingswesen könnte den Feen helfen, endgültig das Alte Land zu verlassen. Währenddessen versucht Bartholemew alles, um Hettie aus den Klauen der Feen z ...more
Nachdem Hettie in die Feenwelt entführt wurde, beschließt Barthy Nägel mit Köpfen zu machen und seine Schwester schnelllst möglich zurück zu holen.

Dabei bekommt er Unterstützung von Pikey Thomas der ihm eine große Hilfe ist und Mr. Jelliby.

Denn Pikey hat ein besonderes Auge mit dem er mehr entdecken kann als seine Mitmenschen...

Das Cover ist für mich wieder eindeutig mit Stefan Bachmanns erstem Teil zu vergleichen und hat somit wiedererkennungswert. Nur dieses Mal ist es in
The creepy horror from The Peculiar is here continued in The Whatnot. Where the first book took place entirely in the mortal world, the second confines itself mostly to the Old Country (what the fair folk call their home realm). Once again, it is one of the Sidhe that is the villain, an ambitious lord who has crowned himself king and wishes to extend his reach into the human world.

The adventure in this book is phenomenal, testing its protagonists and forcing them to prove themselves, often in ve
Nancy Butts
Book 2 and the last in this short series, I believe: an alternative history set in 1850s England, when humans and faeries are at war. In the first book, we followed a poor young Peculiar, or changeling, named Bartholomew. At the end of that book, he loses his sister Hettie to the Old Country, or the faerie realm. This book follows his crusade to find her again, though it isn’t told from his point of view: it’s told from that of Hettie, trapped and living with a deranged fae duchess; and Pikey Th ...more
Book 2.

Pikey Thomas lives on the street, shivering on the cold, unfriendly London streets, stealing to survive. Despite the best efforts of the city, fairies still haunt the streets, and one did something to Pikey's eye. And now he can see an odd changeling girl, somewhere in fairy country.

Bartholomew Kettle runs into Pikey when Pikey could really use some help--and Pikey leverages his visions for some help, traveling with Bartholomew on his quest to find his sister. Because that's who the chang
Feb 23, 2013 Jersey marked it as to-read
Shelves: cover-love

They had the cover already!! ^^
this was an ok novel, it has a good potential, has a good imagination, and nice way of writing, but it is missing a LOT of needed details, and with a closure that was VERY weak and routinely repeated.
details about protagonists back ground and profiles were needed, and simply discarded, more details more profile was needed,
lots of running back and forth with distractions in between , twists that weren't fitted and not well played though they should have been if it was more organized and more st
This series is darker than ones I usually read. Faeries with bug & fishbone dresses, teapots for heads and/or black sunken eyes, black birds, blood, leech faeries in the bodies of the dead. However...I honestly loved this series. Despite the dark themes nothing ever seemed too creepy. That being said, everything else was described so amazingly that you couldn't help but get pulled in. The author has an amazing way with words and the characters are so fantastic. The setting as almost a Steamp ...more
Emma Trevayne
Review to come when the ARC is out, but I read the first draft of this and it is perfection.
Hettie Kettle, sucked into the fairy world in the previous book of the series, now struggles for survival among the Sidhe. Her brother, Bartholomew Kettle, seeks her for years on end, refusing to admit that hope may be lost. The hope he needs comes from an orphan named Pikey, with a strange eye that sees into the fairy world.

I enjoyed the first book in this series, but was disappointed with the follow-up. The tone was just too dark throughout. Mr. Jelliby, the comedic relief from the previous b
Original Link to the review at my blog Le' Grande Codex - here

Just as vibrant as the first and just as original as expected. Presenting The Peculiar #2 The Whatnot by Stefan Bachmann.

Here is the summary of the book:

The sequel to Stefan Bachmann's riveting and acclaimed debut novel, The Peculiar, which Publishers Weekly called "An absolute treat for readers of any age" and the Los Angeles Times compared to "Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, Charles Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities and more rec
Angela Oliver
With "The Peculiar" fresh in mind, I embarked excitedly upon "The Whatnot". Like its predecessor, it has a magnificant cover, filled with whimsical charm and a story inside to match. Bachman pens a splendid narrative, filled with evocative colour and vibrancy; lyrical and poetic, he casts a magical weave.

"The Whatnot" picks up some six or so years after the door to the faerie lands was temporarily opened, and Bartholomew's sister, Hettie, snatched away into the other world. He has never given u
This review is entirely spoiler free, even if you haven't read book one, The Peculiar.

When I read and fell in love with book one, a sequel hadn't been announced - and I was heartbroken. I wanted more of this world, more of the changelings, and more of the fantastic writing style! And when The Whatnot was announced, I literally freaked out. As soon as I got it, I had to dive into it immediately. I got it late at night and only planned to read the first chapter or so...

...200 pages later, I coul
Sep 23, 2013 Pili rated it 3 of 5 stars
Shelves: arcs
When I requested The Whatnot I had expected I would have had the time to read The Peculiar already, but I had almost all but forgotten about my request when I was approved for the eARC on NetGalley last Friday, which left me shuffling my reading schedule to read The Whatnot before release date!

Thankfully it is not really necessary to have read The Peculiar to read The Whatnot since it's a companion book and not a sequel or prequel exactly. Some of the main characters are common and of course the
Fast forward years after The Peculiar (because time in our world is different from that in the Old Country)... Hettie is stuck in the Old Country wandering towards a cottage yet never seems to reach it. Meanwhile, in England, all faeries have been banished and a war with the faeries is imminent. Pikey is a boy, who after an encounter with a faery, is left with a mysterious eye that lets him see odd visions from elsewhere. He hides his eye under an eye patch so that the Englanders won't send him ...more
"The Whatnot" is what a strange woman in the Old Country calls Hettie, as if she's not a Peculiar (half-human/half-fairy) and instead a collectable. Hettie is in Piscaltine's very odd house, filled with walls that move and a clock that chimes moods, following a very long walk through Deepest Winter with a fairy butler. All she wants is to be found by her brother - she doesn't want to be Piscaltine's friend and she's afraid of the other fairies.

Barty, Hettie's brother, is, in fact, looking for he
Pat Gerber-Relf
The sequel to The Peculiar and a good one, although not everyone's taste perhaps. This stuff is called steampunk apparently, probably beause of the use of steam driven machies like coaches and prisons. I like something out of the ordinary, so it kept me busy for a few days. I assume it takes part in the late 19th century, although even that is not so sure. Anyhow if you like fairies and changlings mixing with the human world and causing problems, then it is a good book.
I liked the first novel a lot, but this one, while rich in world-building, had little else to it - flimsy plot, paper-thin characterization, haphazard momentum. A shame, because Bachmann is such an imaginative writer, and one who's very effective at immediately drawing the reader in - it's his inability to sustain my interest (due to aforementioned flaws) that eventually had me skimming the last 1/3 of the book to finish it. It reads like he just got too mired in describing every last visual of ...more
As excellent as the first book. This young writer has a unique ability to weave a Charles Dickens-type London society into a terrifying story about abduction, evil faeries and horrendous experimentation, seasoned with a heavy dose of greed for power. His characters are flawed, courageous, reluctant and very, very frightening. A perfect read for Christmas Day, I wait with anticipation for his future work.
Hier nun zeigt sich der Unterschied zwischen einem jungen und einem gereiften Autor: Eine hübsche, kleine Geschichte mit sehr viel Potential hat ihr - durchaus rundes - Ende gefunden, doch bleibt der Leser etwas unbefriedigt zurück, hätte er doch gerne mehr über die Hintergründe gewusst. Etwa über den Schlauen König, die Eigenarten des Alten Landes, die Herkunft Pikeys, die Heimatstadt von Hettie und Barth, ihre Mutter, ihren Vater usw. Sehr schön allerdings beschreibt Bachmann das Ende der Böse ...more
Pikey is a young boy with a eye that is able to see in to the old country ( faerie world). When Barthlomew's sister Hettie is lost in the old country and eventually kidnapped by faeries, Bartholomew does everything in his power, when he comes across Pikey he enlists his help to track down his sister.

This is a fantastic book. I really enjoyed it. I give it 5 stars.
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Stefan Bachmann is a music student and author currently living in a very old house outside of Zürich, Switzerland. His debut, gothic-steampunk-faery-fantasy THE PECULIAR was published on September 18th, 2012, by Greenwillow/HarperCollins. It was a New York Times Editor's Choice as well as a Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2012, and was translated into eight languages. Its companion THE WHATNOT was ...more
More about Stefan Bachmann...

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“The faery lady looked at Hettie curiously from beneath her wig. "You know..." she said, very softly. "All I wanted was that you would be my friend. That isn't very much to ask, is it? Doesn't everyone in the Smoke Lands have a friend? Doesn't everyone have someone?" She smiled pitifully and looked away. "I wanted a little person who would be mine, because no one else is. Life is so lonely when one lives as long as we do, in such a horrible, horrible house. But you never wanted to be my friend. You never, ever did.” 3 likes
“Pikey Thomas dreamed of plums and caramel apples the night the faery-with-the-peeling-face stole his right eye.” 0 likes
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