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Viimeinen haltia
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Viimeinen haltia (L'Ultimo Elfo #1)

3.97 of 5 stars 3.97  ·  rating details  ·  2,072 ratings  ·  232 reviews
Kiehtova fantasiaromaani Italiasta. Kauniin ja jännittävän sadun tunnelmaa keventävät lempeä huumori ja
mieleenpainuvat hahmot. Mustavalkokuvitus.
Hardcover, 318 pages
Published 2005 by WSOY (first published 2004)
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Kimberly Hirsh
When you have too much sadness, the magic drowns in it, like people in water. If you think things hard enough, they become true. But if you have sadness inside, all that comes out of your head is sadness. (p. 35)

Sometimes a book finds you at the right time. That's what happened to me with Silvana de Mari's The Last Dragon. I was in the middle of reading this book when I lost a friend of mine to her own mental illness. It was exactly the book I needed at that time.

Yorshkrunsquarkljolnerstri, "Yor
Translated from the Italian -- prose is beautifully done, would love to be able to read the original Italian. A story in two parts. Yorsh (short for Yorshkrunsquarkljolnerstrink) is a little elf, one born lately, alone in a world where elves are persecuted. Indeed, he is the last elf. A young woman and a hunter gradually befriend him, helping him follow his father's last instructions and make his way to the last dragon. They find him in a cave filled with books -- the accumulation of the world's ...more
L’ ultimo elfo e’ un bel libro, coinvolgente ed ironico al tempo stesso e con molte chiavi di lettura. Mi e’ molto piaciuta la sua leggerezza; non e’ facile parlare dei fantasmi del ventesimo secolo in un linguaggio fiabesco e leggero. Gli schemi della letteratura per bambini (l’ eroe piccolo e debole ma destinato a grandi imprese, gli orfani maltrattati, la spada nella roccia, i draghi) sono mescolati a temi ben più attuali (i diversi braccati in quanto tali, la paura irrazionale ed alimentata ...more
This has to be my favorite book of all time. It's the one that introduced me to the world of fantasy. Full of humor, bravery, love, sorrow, and magic, this book is, in my opinion, well-rounded. I can read it no matter what mood I'm in, and it's always amazing.

I find De Mari's writing style to be, well, brilliant. I especially love the repetition of certain words. The style changes as she narrates each character, making it seem from their view without using first person.

Speaking of characters, De
Effettivamente, ora che l’ho letto, capisco la difficoltà incontrata da Mirtillangela nel recensire un libro di questa autrice.
Perchè non è facile, per niente.

Potrei definirla “una fiaba fantasy”, nel senso che è una fiaba la cui struttura è costruita a somiglianza della classica struttura fantasy: un gruppo che si aggrega quasi per caso, una profezia che spinge a una ricerca. Elfi, draghi, orchi, soldati…
Ma quella del fantasy è solo la forma scelta per raccontare questa storia, e il fulcro real
(Mi sono ripromessa di non rendere questa recensione troppo lunga – anche perchè poi mi toccherà tradurla, ma non prometto niente: non sono sempre coerente, quando si tratta di questo libro – I promised myself not to make this review too long – also because I’ll have to translate it later, but I won’t guarantee it: I’m not always coherent, when it comes to this book)



Se non ricordo male, ho letto questo
Sep 23, 2011 Elerwen rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: everyone
Shelves: fantasy, kindle
un libro entusiasmante, pieno di emozioni che parte in modo molto semplice diventando però sempre più sorprendente, con una cura maggiore dei personaggi.
Questo libro è una fiaba, un fantasy che tocca anche temi come intolleranza, libertà e altruismo.
Una lettura imperdibile.
The Last Dragon by Silvana DeMari is a good pick for the 4-6 grades: Attention elf and dragon lovers! Here is a book for you! Yorsh is a young elf… just a baby really. He is wandering the earth looking for food and shelter. A woman comes to his aide and shares her food with him, even though there are strict laws against harboring elves. The two of them soon find themselves in trouble and are rescued by a hunter. The elf accidentally sees an ancient prophecy written on a wall saying that the last ...more
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I don't remember much about it, but I do remember that my now 14 yo son liked it better than I did. I seem to remember it being a little too sweet for somebody who also likes Applegate's Everworld series, Wright's Chaos series, and Meyer's The Host, which were his favorite books at about that time. Honestly, if it's not memorable, I can't rate it higher than 3 stars.

Katherine Alice Applegate
John C. Wright
Stephanie Meyer
Mirriam Neal
Unexpectedly adorable! I enjoyed the first half more than the second half; young Yorsh and his friends kept me in constant laughter.
This is a book of fantasy that, although cute, it is very touching, and lets the author discuss her feelings about the world. As the Elves move from enslaved to extinct, two humans find the last one. Even though humans are supposed to hate elves, they befriend him, saving his life.

I like how the book is written. It also has a funny but satirical look on the world of humans, which can seem ridiculous sometimes. I recommend it to anyone, kid or adult, because it is cute, funny, and touching. It i
Second attempt to appreciate this story - it was slightly better in audio, as I did actually chuckle and gasp (but not out loud) a few times. Some clever world-building, which I always appreciate. I could never visualize any places though, and since characters were regularly questing the countryside or escaping labyrinthine prisons, this was a big drawback. Also the characters were more superficial than I'd like - I mean, they were pretty much stock role-fillers for the epic fantasy.

My now 16 yo
This is another book I recommend over and over and over again. It is exceptional. I loved it so much, I emailed the publisher in Italy to see if she would be writing another book soon, I loved it so much. (Answer: not currently)
It's translated from Italian, so I don't know how much impact the translator has. I do know it is beautifully written, by one or both! :-)
The story itself is wonderful, and that's all from Silvana, so she is definitely one of my fave authors. I hope she writes another
Kyle Bigelow
In the book The Last Dragon by Silvana De Mari. It takes you through the life of the last living Elf and his adventure to fulfill his prophecy of finding the last dragon and marrying a human girl so the world can once again be at peace. In the story the land that the elf named Yorsh lives in his ruled over the city of Daligar. For some reason through the book his travels keep on going back to this city. This book takes you through Yorsh’s life the moment he becomes the last elf and is walking th ...more
I was completely captivated by this wonderful little book.

The beginning is a bit grim, OK straight up grim—
Once the quest starts and the dragon is found the reader is hooked. It slowly dawns on the engaging Yorsh that he truly is the last elf, from an immensely lonely state he finds the last dragon and then the action begins. Tackling themes of racism, courage, friendship and wit, this books has been translated into many languages. Originally Italian. I eagerly await a new title by DiMari.

Aaron Jun29094
This book was not that good. I thought it was pretty good until it got to part 2. I really liked how it included the elf's companions that he met and when his companions married each other after they separated and went on their own paths. At part 2 of the book, I really didn't like how there was this HUGE time skip and how Robi and the elf didn't have anything to do with each other. That part was so boring when it just explained how they were doing with their lives. But I kind of liked how their ...more
Una bellissima favola densa di emozioni che affronta tematiche importantissime con la leggerezza di una piuma.
Devo dire di aver apprezzato molto di più la prima parte. Dopo l'inizio un po' deludente (più per il cambio di ambientazione che per altro) anche la seconda parte mi ha affascinato, ma la prima rimane insuperabile per dolcezza e anche per comicità!
Ed ecco una storia che non ti aspetti! O meglio, la storia è abbastanza semplice e senza grandi nodi narrativi, ma, come in molti altri contesti, certe volte il viaggio è più importante della meta... E che viaggio è stato questo, signori! Una scampagnata tutta in allegria, senza mai un momento di noia e con la miglior compagnia, perchè spesso i personaggi sono il vero cuore di una storia. Se siete in cerca di una lettura leggera e che vi tiri su il morale, questo è il libro che fa per voi. E fra ...more
May 08, 2009 Terry rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Everyone
Now that's what I call a fantasy! It's got elves, dragons, magic, romance, Fate, even a treatise on how to name the family dog from which can be extrapolated how to name the family horse. I could put it down, but only just barely. Here's hoping that more of de Mari's work gets translated.
I like this book because I like dragons and fairytale books.This book was very interesting for me to read.I rate this book a 5 out of a 5 because I like fairytale books.I wish that they make more books with this much detail.I recommended this book for everybody over 10.
Mlle Cordelia
J’avais déjà parlé de cette petite perle rare au cours du long Questionnaire Livresque posté sur Youtube. C’est un livre relativement inconnu (je n’ai jamais rencontré qui que ce soit l’ayant lu pour tout vous dire), mais qui devrait être connu justement. C’est une histoire extrêmement touchante et bien écrite, avec un côté très mélancolique. Moi, ce livre me rappelle la fin du Seigneur des Anneaux, quand on change d’âge et qu’on sait que tout ce qui s’est passé finira par être oublié et devenir ...more
Liutauras Elkimavičius
Keista knyga. Jau ir dėl to, kad iš tikro tai dvi ganėtinai skirtingos ir savarankiškos knygos. Pirmoji - Paskutinis elfas, tai vaikiška knyga, kurią "mielas tėtis skaito savo vaikučiams prieš miegutį". Antroji - Paskutinis drakonas, tai knyga jau kiek paaugusiam vaikui. Tokiam, kuris jau imą knygą pats ir lėtai braukdamas eilutes pirštu, kartais balsu, o kartais jau ir tyliai, skaito pats. Yra dar ir Paskutinis orkas. Reiktų tikėtis, kad ji bus dar labiau suaugusi. Aš kaip ir neprieš skaityti v ...more
The Last Dragon/The Last Elf is an interesting fantasy novel. The dialogue's witty and the lore is simple but interesting. I enjoyed this book very much, but I have trouble rating it higher than a 3.5.

So why the rather average rating for a book that I had fun reading? Well let me explain . . .

Yorshrunsquarkljolnerstrink, AKA, Yorsh, the main character, gives me mixed feelings, but I enjoy him as a character. He starts off as this emotional little boy then grows up to be a brave and determined yo

Format: Audio CD
Age level: Middle school
Protagonist: Yorsh, an elf
Translated from Italian

Brief Summary: The story started out with potential. However, it pretty much ended at Part I. Part II took place 13 years later, and it was like re-starting the book all over again, instead of building on Part I.
It's possible that 9 hours of audio was just too much for me, but the story got a little boring. The author was fond of repeating things too much, in my opinon. I
The first half of this book enchanted me. We have Yorsh, the last elf alive, striving to make his way in the world and he is innocently ignorant of the cruel ways of men. Yorsh befriends two humans, and they have a number of adventures which include comedy, pain, and a touch of excitement and magic. This book really touched me, and I read the whole thing in one day.
The second half of the book rather disappointed me. Yorsh has grown somewhat older, and he goes to rescue a bunch of mistreated ch
This is a two and half star book. Though there were elements I liked about the book there was also other elements I didn't like. For a children's fantasy I found the book too dark and depressing. It spends a long time with people being mean to each other. The book also dwells on death. The ending was also disappointing because I was hoping and expecting more of a fairy tale. It wasn't the ending was awful but, I was hoping for more especially with the build up. It was akin to Victor Hugo's The M ...more
There are only like about three books that have ever made me cry at some point throughout the story. This is one of those books.

The author has the power to build the story so that it would make you laugh out loud and also cry, but that does not make the story less believable. It is set in the human world that seems to be something a lot like the medieval times where mystical creatures such as elves and dragons are said to be extinct, but turns out they`re not. The story consists of both some pr
This was the first book that ever made me cry, ever.
Though I was 10 at that time and I don't remember much details about the amazing story that this was about...but I remember talking about it and being in love with it...this was my favorite book at that time.
To begin with, this was not a fairy tale, it was dramatic as hell (starting for the suggestive title). It is one of those stories without mercy for us readers. it takes away your favorite characters and make the rest miserable for a while.
This story had a lot going for it. Good mythology, fun characters, interesting world. It fell short by trying to do too much in too short a space. The book is marketed to 10 and up. If the publisher didn't want a longer book, it should have been a trilogy. The current book was set it two parts. The first, about Yorsh, the last elf, and the two humans he encounters and the prophecy that signals that the elf and the as-yet-unmet dragon will break the circle and the sun will shine on a land that ha ...more
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Silvana De Mari, medico chirurgo, ha lavorato in Italia e, come volontaria, in Etiopia. Da quando le è venuto il dubbio che i mali dell’anima siano devastanti quanto quelli del corpo, si occupa di psicoterapia. Per Salani ha pubblicato negli Istrici L’ultima stella a destra della luna, La bestia e la bella e L’ultimo Elfo (Premio Andersen 2004), che l’ha consacrata star internazionale della fantas ...more
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