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Het Genootschap van de Nacht
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Het Genootschap van de Nacht (Night School #1)

4.01 of 5 stars 4.01  ·  rating details  ·  6,055 ratings  ·  859 reviews
Allie Sheridans wereld stort in. Ze haat school, haar broer is weggelopen van huis en ze is net gearresteerd. Alweer.
Deze keer hebben haar ouders er genoeg van. Ze sturen haar naar Cimmeria Acedemy, een kostschool voor probleemjongeren. Cimmeria houdt er nogal strikte regels op na. Telefoons, televisie, computers en internet zijn ten strengste verboden. En er is een gehei...more
Paperback, 414 pages
Published 2012 by Moon uitgeverij
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Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
I always enjoy boarding school books (unless they’re contemporary, in which case I tend to run away screaming), and I’d hoped Night School would be a fine addition to the group, or in the best case scenario, that it would stand out in some way. Sadly, it’s not special at all, and it’s not even paranormal like I’d expected. It has the structure and the tropes of a paranormal YA novel, but no paranormal elements whatsoever. Consider yourselves warned.

Allie is a very troubled teen. After her older...more
Yup, this is definitely a Tina book!!!

Since the Harry Potter days, I've always loved boarding school books. So as soon as I saw this book, I've wanted to read it, I'm not sure why but it sounded like something I'd enjoy and enjoy I did, in fact, it became an instant favorite! Also, the fact that it's set in London and it's British is an extra bonus. I love British books!

Night School has just about everything I love in a good escape. Mystery, intrigue, excitement, driven character and a heart po...more
I liked Night School. But I say that with a massive caveat. (More on that later.) So, Night School and upcoming Night School sequel: you and your ratings are on probation.

The synopsis is fairly ambiguous as to the genre of the novel. It drops hints about a strange boarding school and a mysterious loner guy, but is evasive on the specifics. Even the cover looks like it would be home among a shelf of paranormal romances. So while I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say this, I’ll put in spoiler tags...more
Man, this was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!

C.J. Daugherty managed to keep me in the dark about what was really going on in Night School until the very end. I had no freakin' clue and I loved that. Daugherty scattered a few hints here and there to make sure you never stayed on the right track. After a while I thought I had the whole thing figured out and was like "Ah well, this is just another one of those boarding school stories about vampires or whatever" but I was wrong. It really isn't. I think it's best t...more
Sixty four percent in four days does not a good sign make. I just couldn’t get into it; but, the Lord be thanked, for if not by the powers of skimming then I doubt I’d have managed to get through to the end.

Should I say that it’s the same old, same old?
Should I say that the boys are ridiculously controlling in this one?
Should I repeat the fact that, yet gain, there be two boys in this one; both of whom are into the same girl who thinks herself, yet again, as not that much to begin with?
Awh man. I really wanted to be able to give this book more. Instead I shall tell you why I didn't (and why I gave it what I did of course).

Right, so the blurb and the first chapter of the book give the impression that Allie is somewhat of a troublemaker, what with the arrests and all. Sounds fun, right? We all love a good troublemaker. However, as the book went on I found her character *quite* and by quite I mean really inconsistent. She changed the moment she went to the boarding school to gen...more
I need more!! That is the only thing going through my brain right now. I just want more of these words and sentences that Daughtry has strung together. The story flows like water and for 454 pages it has to flow to keep my attention and it not only did that but it left me wanting another 454 pages!
Allie has been sent to a school tucked in the middle of nowhere as a last resort to save her from herself. Ever since her brother left she has been on a downward spiral and her parents are at the end o...more
little machines
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I can't think of a rating for this. Either 3, 3.5, 3.75, I just don't know.

So I decided to get this book because the reviews I've seen gave it the impression that this is a book of pure epicness. I was intrigued and curious, so I was excited when I managed to get my hands on it.

Unfortunately, it kind of let me down.

So this book is about Allie Sheridan who became a rebellious girl after her older brother Christopher ran aw...more
Khanh (Kittens, Rainbows, and Sunshine)
Actual rating: 3.5

I honestly don't know how to rate this book. It's such an odd read, I came in with certain expectations as to the plot, the characters, and the writing, and none were reached. That isn't to say it's a bad thing, considering I had low expectations, but this book was so different from what I actually got. From the title, I expected a House of Night ripoff, and instead I got Gossip Girl meet cloak and daggers with a hint at the paranormal and a set of rules straight out of Fight C...more
Stacey (prettybooks)
If you, like me, saw the cover of Night School and assumed it was a paranormal romance novel then let me assure you – it’s nothing of the sort!

Allie Sheridan is having a tough time coping with her brother’s disappearance. He was her best friend until one day he just wrote a note and left. When Allie gets arrested, her parents decide that they are unable to deal with her self-destructive behaviour anymore and send her to boarding school – Cimmeria Academy.

Cimmeria Academy is no ordinary school. I...more
Feb 09, 2013 Nic rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommended to Nic by: Tina
Night School was recommended to me by my good friend Tina. She told me not read any spoilers, to go in knowing as little as possible and I am so glad I listened to her. Becaused it was so different from what I was expecting but I mean that in a good way. Now I don't want to say anything about what this book was actually about because it is nice to have a book that takes you by surprise. Let just say it was intriguing plot. I loved the mystery too it and how it leaves me with questions that I des...more
Circus Princess
I feel obligated to read this book. Not because the whole "Night Class"/"Day Class" thing reminds me of Vampire Knight, but because I scrolled down the page and was assaulted by tons of 5 and 4 star ratings. I don't know whether to be saying "Whoa, just calm the hell down!" or "OMG THIS MUST BE AMAZING I NEEED IT NOOOW!"

The pessimist and the optimist in me are fighting again.
Jessie  (Ageless Pages Reviews)
Read This Review & More Like It On My Blog!

C.J. Daugherty has several things going for her in her debut novel and the first in her Night School series: a chilling, thoroughly Gothic vibe, an interesting and just-convoluted-enough conspiracy theory, and a somewhat rounded main character. Unfortunately for both Night School and its readers, Daugherty loses sight of what she should write about and focuses on mean girls, petty high school drama, "mysterious" boys, and an obnoxious love trianle w...more
This was like an awesome mix of Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy, #1) by Richelle Mead, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart, Haven (Winterhaven, #1) by Kristi Cook and Blue Bloods (Blue Bloods, #1) by Melissa de la Cruz. So, obviously if you liked any of these I would suggest you pick up this one.

While I am saying this was a mix of those it also was original in it's own ways. I was thinking I was sort of over the whole boarding school thing, but this one sucked me in. It was a really different school, so I didn't get bored with the setting.

Allie is trouble with a capital T since her brother, Christopher went missing. She has pulled her last stunt and her parents dec...more
1.5 stars

Sixteen year old Allie is sent away to boarding school after getting arrested for the third time. Hoping Allie will start to behave, Allie's parents drop her off at her new school - Cimmeria Academy, which much to Allie's dismay is in the middle of nowhere. This conveniantly gets rid of the heroine's parents pretty much straight away - everyone that reads YA knows that parents can't heaven forbid actually be there to parent our young heroes and heroines!
It was a bit unbelievable that Al...more
Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
Όταν είχα ακούσει πως πρόκειται να κυκλοφορήσει από τις εκδόσεις Μεταίχμιο ένα βιβλίο με τίτλο, "Νυχτερινό Σχολείο", είχε υποθέσει πως θα αποτελούσε ακόμα ένα βιβλίο μιας fantasy, εφηβικής σειράς. Φυσικά, αυτό δεν θα με εμπόδιζε από το να το διαβάσω, εξού και μόλις έμαθα ότι είναι διαθέσιμο, έσπευσα να το προμηθευτώ και ευθύς αμέσως, ξεκίνησα την ανάγνωση και δεν σταμάτησα παρά μονάχα όταν είχα φτάσει στην τελευταία σελίδα, απομένοντας με ένα κενό βλέμμα και μια έκφραση που υποθέτω πως θύμιζε πο...more
Allie's screwed up for the last time. Her parents are tired of her being expelled from school or arrested by the police. Ever since her brother went missing, she's fallen into a downward spiral. So when her parents ship her off to Cimmeria Academy, a boarding school where only legacy or the best of the best attend, Allie isn't expecting to life to get better. To her surprise, she quickly settles in and makes a few friends. But she soon learns that a darkness lurks in the heart of Cimmeria as sec...more
Allie is a troublesome teenager.
She has problems to get along with her family and big problems with the police after a formative event.
Afer another incident her parents decide to send Allie to the mysterious Cimmeria Academy. Most of the teens who study and live in the Academy are children of rich people with a big influence in the world so Allie thinks she does not quite fit in.
Although many students treat her with suspicion Allie soon finds friends and falls for the hottest guy of the Academ...more
Novels On The Run


“Never be afraid to be honest.”

New series alert!! *flashing red light*

This is the series to look out for. I received this book from Atom and I knew I was going to like it. I love a good Academy book. Cimmeria Academy ( I need me somebody to tell me how to pronounce it!) has mystery , murder and some mayhem and boys, boys, boys!!( so very important, hee..hee) and of course the bitchy have to have a bitchy girl, they can be so much fun...more
Obsessed with Cameron
My Review:
Okay, so this book has definitely pushed itself on my favorite bookshelf. It just you know hypnotizes you because it is the best book so far. When you read the title "Night School", it strikes you as something that has to do with the Night creatures. So I can't help myself but tell you that it is way more creative. Throughout the entire book, you scream "It must be vampires, it must be vampires!" But it is not, it is way better.

This book is so smashing that I don't think I have the...more
Donna {Book Passion for Life}
As soon as I seen the Night School book cover on Goodreads I knew I wanted to read it, I mean just look at it, it’s gorgeous. Not only that but it has a very intriguing blub and so I knew I had to get it. Now let me tell you, after reading it Night School is a mysterious, thrilling and dangerous ride, one that will leave readers guessing to the very end and I loved it!

Allie Sheridan’s life was perfect, well that was until her older brother Christopher disappeared one day leaving only a note to s...more
Eirini Nikolaou
This book was awesome! Kept me on edge the whole time, was fun and unpredictable and it was just what I needed!!! Thank you C.J.Daugherty's husband for daring her into writing this!
Review originally posted in:

The cover is gorgeous but before I read the book, I had no idea how it's related to the story. What I expected from the title was a book with a school building somewhere in the cover but when I learned that Allie's hair is Henna coloured, now I see that the girl in the cover represents Allie!


It's more than just your average school...

Allie is arrested, again. Her life is miserable and her parents are finally giving u...more
Love, love, love it!!! it was awasome and i couldnt put it down! many hilarious, romantic and exciting scenes that made the reader gasping for more. i mean what more do you need? it definitely has everything a reader wants.

My favorite characters are Allie and Carter. Infact i liked ALL the characters. They were well described and developed and you get to know them more in the middle of the book.

What can i say about the love triangles? i will describe them in 3 different words. unique, loving and...more
Υπέροχη ατμόσφαιρα που με απορρόφησε από τις πρώτες γραμμές, καλοδουλεμένοι χαρακτήρες και ενδιαφέρουσα υπόθεση, η οποία ξεφεύγει λίγο από τα συνηθισμένα. Είχα μόνο ένα μικρό θεματάκι με τη ροή, που θα προτιμούσα να κυλάει λίγο πιο γρήγορα. Πολύ καλό βιβλίο. Το προτείνω!
Dec 09, 2011 Scarlet marked it as to-read  ·  review of another edition
At first glance I thought it said this book was written by Chris Daughtry...

Initially, I added this book because of the cover. I mean, look at it. Gorgeous isn’t it? But it was my sister who noticed that the book’s premise resembled ヴァンパイア騎士 (Vampire Knight). Just in case you’re not familiar with VK, like this one, the setting is also in a boarding school, with uniforms (needless to say, I’m completely in love with VK’s uniforms) with vampires? with prefects and night class, plus a whole lot of mysteries you want to unravel. Oh, wait! I think Night School has tha...more
Yvonne (The Shadow Realm)
OK so there is very little I can say about this book without giving away huge spoilers so I'll just keep it short. This book was really intriguing. Not at all what I thought it was going to be. It kept be guessing throughout nearly the entire book as to what exactly was going on. And boy was it not what I thought it was. Normally I am able to guess pretty much straight away what the whole big secret is that everyone is hiding. It's usually pretty obvious. But not with Night School. This book thr...more
Michelle (Fluttering Butterflies)
This review was originally posted at Fluttering Butterflies

I really loved Night School by CJ Daugherty! It kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through and will brilliantly addictive. I was lucky enough to attend an event in which CJ Daugherty spoke about some of her real-life inspiration for this creepy boarding school, and I had that in the back of my head as I was reading it.

Because this book is contemporary and not at all paranormal, I found Night School to be that touch more frighteni...more
This is yet another book I put off reading, because well...let's just say there's something seriously wrong with me :S I absolutely ADORED this book! It was dark, secretive and plain EPIC!

Both the main and secondary characters managed to leave a lasting impression on me- I was surprised at how much I loved each and every character in the book! You'll be swooning over the two main male leads; Sylvain (who's FRENCH by the way) and the famous lady-killer bad boy, Carter West. While these two were p...more
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In a former life, CJ worked as a crime and investigative newspaper reporter.

These days she writes thrillers. Night School was her first novel. The Night School series has been translated into 21 languages.

You can hang out with her at, on and on Twitter, where she is @CJ_Daugherty

NOTE: Please don't message me on Goodreads as I rarely check it. Faceboo...more
More about C.J. Daugherty...
Legacy (Night School, #2) Fracture (Night School, #3) Resistance (Night School, #4) Endgame (Night School, #5) Il segreto del bosco. Night School: il prequel

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