All You Could Ask For
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All You Could Ask For

3.65 of 5 stars 3.65  ·  rating details  ·  2,241 ratings  ·  412 reviews
A tender and wonderfully insightful story of friendship, love, heartbreak, and renewal, played out in the lives of three unforgettable women, from an extraordinary and unexpected debut novelist—the host of the #1 sports talk show in America, ESPN's Mike Greenberg

All You Could Ask For
Mike Greenberg

Three women are about to find their lives intertwined in ways none of them co...more
Hardcover, 264 pages
Published April 2nd 2013 by William Morrow (first published March 1st 2013)
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Melissa Lee-tammeus
Okay, I always feel guilty when I review a book I didn't finish. But, man, I gave it a good shot. I pulled in over 65% of this book before I just couldn't waste any more of my time. Too many awesome books to read. So, here's the deal. This book starts off with some women with totally separate and disjointed lives. And they are written that way. You read a snippet about one and then it cleverly moves to the next story line by using the same line or thought of the last story (granted, very confusi...more
When I heard that Mike "Greeny" Greenberg wrote a book, I figured it would be a sports book. Then I heard it was a novel, so I thought, 'oh, a novel about sports.' Then I read the description- a novel about three women dealing with breast cancer. Wait, what?

Greenberg had a friend who had breast cancer, and he was amazed that her three best friends, one of whom was his wife, surrounded this woman with constant love and never left her side. They went to her doctor appointments, her chemo treatment...more
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
A copy of All You Could Ask For was provided to me by William Morrow for review purposes.

Brooke, Samantha and Katherine all have established and successful lives, each with their own different definition of success. Brooke has been happily married to her college sweetheart for 15 years. Samantha is a competitive athlete who after a whirlwind marriage finds evidence of her husband's infidelity 2 days into their honeymoon but it's the best thing that could have happened to h...more
Mary Gramlich
Every life lived is a story worth telling

Brooke, Samantha, and Katherine are women that are leading successful albeit flawed lives. They move in different circles, which have never offered an opportunity for them to cross paths. They are successful in their own right at what they do and each day has a unique twist or turn that they resolve as it suits their personality. Brooke is a stay at home mother who still has sizzle in her marriage; Katherine is a powerful force in a company that keeps he...more
Jenny Abrahamson coughlin
While I appreciate the reason Mike Greenberg wrote the book and the cause to which book sale proceeds will go, I have to give the book 1 star. The use of ridiculous similes (her fingers were like tightly rolled dollar bills?!?!?!?!) and unrelatable characters made the book difficult to finish. The fact that all three women were wealthy enough to not worry about medical bills was a little tough to swallow, and when one of the characters (Brooke) even states that if she were reading her story in a...more
Cathy A.
Until I read the acknowledgements and Mike Greenberg's description I would have given this book a solid 4; after reading his summary of how this came to be and what it meant to him, I am giving it 5 stars. And, with its completion, I am officially crushing more on him than Mike Golic. The writing is very good, and he captured these women's voices well, no small feat from a sportswriter (admitting bias...). The feelings/emotions these characters experience leap from the page into your heart. One...more
Okay. So I, too, picked up an advance reader's copy of this book largely because of all the hype on the back cover about how it was written by a "man's man" who clearly understands the inner workings of women. As I read more and more, I started to think "wait, I'm a guy; how do I know what and how women think and act?" (Of course, that leaves aside the bigger question of whether a man actually thinketh at all. But let's put that aside for the moment.) Next, I started to think "so what? Male auth...more
Mary Nelson
Currently reading this book and having a lot of trouble getting into the unrealistic female characters (written by a man, with male fantasy-type descriptions at times, which I find quite off-putting). Some aspects of the characters' lives strain credibility. I sometimes wonder if reviewers try too hard to be kind and generous when writing book reviews; the reviews for this book steered me to it, and probably took me in the wrong direction. I am only going to give it a certain number of pages bef...more
This book wasn't what I expected. I finished it fairly quickly. I thought this would be chick lit, but it tackled a very heavy subject and well. I have experienced the same issue, and I've read many books about it, but this author, surprisingly a male author, managed to get inside the heads of these women far better than any female author I've read on the same topic. I don't want to give away the thing that ties all the women together. Some might find the author's habit of ending nearly each cha...more
Larry Hoffer
I've watched ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning, so I'm familiar with Mike Greenberg's on-air persona. I'm a fan of his, but I'll tell you, nothing could have prepared me for his utter mastery in writing a novel which has as its primary characters three women—Brooke, who was raised to be exactly what she is, the perfect suburban housewife, married to her college sweetheart and raising twins; Samantha, the emotionally fragile yet physically tough-as-nails athlete, whose whirlwind marriage ends s...more
Dee is Lee's girl (Black Lies)
*****5 BFF (Breast Friends Forever) Stars*****

Very often in movies, books and in real life women are portrayed as insecure, selfish and petty; talking behind each others backs or criticizing one another, creating a bad rep for all of us, not in this novel though. All You Could Ask For celebrates women and shows how sympathetic and selfless we can be towards each other, how sensitive and empowering we are when someone around us is struggling. This story is about friendship and self discovery and...more
Donna Bridwell
3.5 stars. I appreciate that the author wrote about an important issue like the effect of breast cancer on the lives of three women who are diagnosed with it. However, he skims the surface of this serious issue with "cardboard-like" main characters, whom he does not develop well, and who seem more like a man's fantasy of women that actual, real women (especially Brooke, the housewife). The novel is an entertaining, light read, but is much more chick-lit than serious literature. I'd have greatly...more
Clearly a fictional what I would call "beach read" book. Pages turn quickly, but it s very hard to get close to the characters. The author seemed to do little research (you cannot just sign up for Ironman Kona a couple months prior and then get a near pro time). All the women are so wealthy none have to work and one of them begs the other two to be friends as they battle cancer. just not believable and it is hard to muster too much sympathy for the characters with the exception of the cancer. Do...more
Three women with seemingly nothing in common--happily married Brooke, unhappily married newlywed Samantha, and career woman Katherine. Then they have everything in common when they're diagnosed with breast cancer. ALL YOU COULD ASK FOR is the story of their friendship as they navigate illness and support each other. The first half of the book is set up for the friendship.
I'm a breast cancer survivor, and I'd have never chosen this novel if I knew the topic. I don't need to read fiction about ca...more
This book was startlingly terrible. Unlike like most people who've read this, I picked it up without realizing it was about breast cancer. So for about half the book, I was reading in suspense of what awful fate was going to befall the three main characters. And taking half the book to get to the main conflict is way way way too long! Brooke (the young, happily married mother) basically has no story for 150 pages. The other characters, Samantha (the newlywed who discovers her husband's affair a...more
Wendi Jo
All You Could Ask For is a beautifully written story that shows how the power of friendship, faith and love can help you get through even the hardest of times. I loved the way Greenberg gave glimpses into each of the main protagonists' lives, going back and forth from various viewpoints. There was also a neat way of interconnectedness that made the novel even more riveting. I am a big fan of Mike Greenberg in the sports arena and was pleasantly surprised to learn he can write in such a different...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Shari Henry
I knew Mike Greenberg knows sports, and he knows writing. What I didn't know is that he knows women as well as he does, and he knows cancer. Inspired by the death of a dear family friend, Heidi (after losing a battle with breast cancer), Greenberg wrote this book. In fact, all profits from the sales of the book are going to Heidi's Angels, a foundation created by Greenberg and his wife Stacy.

So, the book. . .Part I was interesting enough, as Greeny set the stage by sharing the lives of three wom...more
Nancy Rossman
Disclaimer: I am a huge sports nut. College sports are my favorite and I follow several teams, mostly big TEN and U. of Michigan. However, I am literate enough to have a short discussion about several sports (basketball, football, hockey, and a little baseball)... but the thing is that I feel sports mirrors many situations in life: drama, hardship, illness, injury, death, grit, perseverance, no one but you believes in you...I could go on but I'm sure already you are yawning. Anyhow, to start my...more
I loved this book from beginning to end. I’m still flabbergasted by the fact that this was written by a man, one that is fact a sports fanatic.
I believe that not many men out write chicklit books because of the difficulty they would have in developing genuine female characters. Well, Mike Greenberg has definitely proved us wrong. He not only beautifully managed to create just one, but three realistic and extremely relatable female characters. Mike clearly understands the women’s psyche.

All You...more
Julia Ripley-stoner
What a waste of time. Very cliche (reminded me of How Stella Got Her Groove Back, which i liked, mashed in with Waiting To Exhale, which I hated how pathetic those women were) back stories that make it very hard to connect with the characters. Characters were meant to be strong but had ridiculous relationship issues which contradicted everything they were suppose to be. Very convenient that they were all very wealthy (to the point of being unrealistic) and had only the best medical care at their...more
you know a book is good when you have to miss a day of work to finish. I have never been so impressed with a mans ability to tell a womans story. the characters are lovable, powerful and emotional. I felt like I was saying goodbye to a friend when I finished the book and wept. when this book was chosen for book club I had low expectations, but I have never looked so forward to having a discussion. all through the book I had it at 4 stars because I do not give 5 stars lightly...but the powerful e...more
Alisa Perry
I'm a fan and listener of Mike Greenberg's and admire the sentiment and efforts he's gone to in order to raise funds for cancer research, but in all honesty this book was just ok to me. Sure, it's admirable for any man to take on the narrative of three different women, but throughout the entire novel I felt as though it was a forced attempt by a man to describe these women.

"After a shower I in the dressing room, where I have laid out my wardrobe the night before. A double stretch wool anatomica...more
This is not the review I thought I'd be writing.

Let me start by saying that I am an ardent fan of Greeny. If Mike & Mike has a guest host, I'll only listen if the host is taking Golic's place. But to say that I was skeptical of Greeny's ability to write a book narrated by women? That would be understating it. I thought this would be a one-star review, an "I love you Greeny but your book sucks" kind of a thing.

Nope. I just plain liked this book. It was, of course, underlined with terrible sad...more
Mike Greenberg has penned an alluring tale of three women unconnected until they a similar event happens to all three in the same time period. Part One has a breezy yet self-assured feel as we learn about the characters individually each voice leading up to the moment that is the best day of their entire lives. At this point my anticipation is high on what crises will connect the women. I turn the page to start Part Two and my heart sinks as crisis is immediately apparent. But I will credit the...more
Laura Rebecca
Unexpected. I picked up the book from the library partially because the cover was nice and also because the quote on the cover recommending the book was from another author I deeply respect. Halfway through the book I knew something made this book different than your typical chick lit. I really appreciated the varied characters, and even if I couldn't relate to them personally, there are elements to each one you understand and can't help rooting for them.

I admire Greenberg's ability to write suc...more
It was a really sweet story and I kept forgetting it was written by a man. He was able to capture a woman's voice that was distinguishable between each character. I found myself able to relate to Brooke the most, which kind of scares me as I didn't always agree with her decision.

I liked the level of anticipation, as he would leave little cliffhangers between each section.

I felt like the beginning moved slowly and I wasn't really sure where things were going. However, it was well worth the read...more
Lindsey Orlando
I've seen a huge range of reviews for this book. I liked it. The characters were a little two-dimensional at times, and the storylines were a bit coincidental, but on the whole I enjoyed the book.

***spoiler alert***

I spent the first quarter of the book wondering if it was going to turn out they were all dealing with the same guy or something crazy like that. That would have disappointed me, so I was glad when it became apparent that that wasn't it. I spent the rest of the first half trying to fa...more
Kate Sherwood
I read it on my kindle so I didn't pick up that it was written by a man (didn't look at the cover every time I looked at the book)... maybe it was just the novelty approach that made the book seem like a good idea?

Honestly, to me, it felt like a RIDICULOUSLY overlong extension of a sob story article from a women's magazine. I mean, what was the idea behind this book? To point out that women with cancer have lives and families that get interrupted? I mean... no shit. I think we all knew that.

So t...more
Dorottya Bacsi
Uhm, if I wanna be honest, I just could not feel or get the characters at all. I found them either one-dimensional, or acting without thinking - and acting in a complete opposite way to what they tell about themselves... maybe the latter one annoyed me the most. The oh-so-independent, not too girly, presumably smart girl getting married to a guy in 3 months, without getting real opportunity to spend quality time with him... and getting into his personal mailbox, and later trying to say something...more
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