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Lucky Ducklings
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Lucky Ducklings

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  491 ratings  ·  136 reviews
An engaging and charming true rescue story illustrated by a Christopher Award winner!

Early one morning, Mama Duck takes her babies for a walk. They follow safely behind her as they leave their pond, waddle through the park, and stop in the little sunlit town's parking lot for yummy breakfast.
But one by one, Mama's little ducklings get separated when they disappear into t
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published February 1st 2013 by Orchard Books
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When I was a kid sewer drains in the street were both intriguing and a little scary. I saw somewhere on tv once, probably Sesame Street, where a kid saw a silver dollar down below one of those grates, and they used chewing gum and...something get it out. Free money in the streets and a little Nancy Drew ingenuity thrown in. What's not to like? But then there was also the irrational fear than my foot could go sideways and slip down in there. {{shudder}}

So you can see why I c
This is a great book that reminds me of Make Way for Ducklings, which I love. It is a story of a mama duck and her five little ducklings. They are making their way across the city to a pond when all of the little ducklings get stuck in a storm drain. That could have been the end of the ducklings, but thankfully an observant bystander was able to see what happened and called for help. Some firemen and a man with a cable on the back of his truck were able to save the day. And with a bit of hard wo ...more
Preschoolers loved this "True Rescue Story" of the enchanting ducklings Pippen, Bippen, Tippin, Dippin, and Little Joe. They were captivated by the tale, impressed by the firemen heroes, and loved quacking along with Mother Duck and her ducklings.

I love the story (I have a soft spot for animals, especially baby ones), I love this retelling, and I LOVE Nancy Carpenters's illustrations!
Who doesn't love animal rescue stories, especially when they are based on true events featuring heroes? This one happened back in 2000 in Montauk, New York, when a a mother duck takes her ducklings for a walk. While she easily crosses over the grate in the street, her little ones fall through. Thanks to a lot of caring folks, the story has a happy ending. Young readers will love this well-written story, and older readers will be able to appreciate the author's use of repetitive language and the ...more
Michaela George
There is a mama duck and her ducklings, who all had rhyming names besides the last little one. They were walking along in town when all of the sudden the baby ducks fell down the storm drain. The firemen came but they couldn’t open the drain. They panicked and people started gathering. Someone needed to do something and do it quick. So then a man with a pick-up truck tied a cable onto the grate and pulled it off. The fireman crawled into the storm drain and rescued the little ducklings. They wer ...more
Momma duck and her five ducklings live on a lake. One day, momma duck decided to take her five ducklings on an adventure. Momma duck and her five ducklings went from the lake and into town. Momma bear and her five ducklings waddled all over town, exploring several places. As the ducks were exploring town, the momma duck waddled over a storm drain. The five little ducklings waddled right behind momma bear and fell into the storm drain. The five ducklings were stuck in the storm drain without momm ...more
James Moore
As my Caldecott Medal choice, I felt that the book Lucky Ducklings by Eva Moore was a book that should have won the medal. Action, suspense, adventure! These are words that possibly could be chosen for this children's book based a true story of a mother duck and her ducklings crossing a street trying to get a nearby park with a pond. As the story goes, the ducklings, following their mother fall into a storm drain and are then rescued by several people and a group of firemen. I chose this book on ...more
Heather Langendorff
Lucky Ducklings is a children’s books written by Eva Moore based on a true story about a mama duck and her five ducklings. The story starts out with the setting of where the ducks lived and the illustrations go along with the pictures. The ducks go on a walk, all the little ducklings follow their mama. They all went into the town and got some food. The pictures really emphasize the names of the little ducklings, because they are the main focus. The story goes on to say that the little ducklings ...more
Even little lives matter, and this is the value expressed by this book that showcases the efforts made my firefighters and everyday citizens to rescue a flock of ducklings trapped in a storm drain.

Too often, those of us who care about animals have to deal with apathy and cruelty when animals are in trouble, and we sincerely hope that through sharing humane books such as this, we can change the outlook of future generations.
I guess I'm the one person on here who thinks this is only meh. It's not that I didn't like the story, or that I didn't like the illustrations, it's more that, to me, it all feels done before. The pictures feel very nostalgic to me, but not necessarily in a way I'm able to appreciate, and the story is kind of cool, but I don't entirely like the way it's told. I don't know. Just none of it really did anything at all for me.
Five little ducklings and their mama went for a walk one day and suddenly found themselves in peril and some good Samaritan onlookers pitch in to help the little ducklings.

Great mentor text to use with kids when addressing writing craft, especially with regard to effective repetition and a resonating ending.
This is a wonderful book about the misadventures of Pippin, Bippin, Tippin, Dippin and Little Joe: five little ducklings who went for a walk behind their Mama one day. Unfortunately, the walk took them over a storm drain and one by one, all five of the ducklings fall through the grate. With beautiful illustrations we see how the townspeople of Montauk Long Island pull together to rescue the tiny ducklings and return the entire family to the safety of the pond in the park. There is a note about t ...more
Based on a true story from New York, Mother Duck looses her ducklings through a storm grate. Excellent choice for teaching children about possible alternate endings and sequencing, as well as vocabulary building and picture clues. This was important for my Title I/Renaissance/ELL students. The children were held rapt by the fact this story really happened and wondering what would happen to the ducklings. Compare/contrast and schema can be enhanced by showing youtube videos of other similar rescu ...more
Jim Erekson
This feel-good story is an obvious homage to Robert McCloskey, especially in Nancy Carpenter's take on the illustrations. But the story itself was different enough so that I didn't feel ripped off. Like The Mighty Lalouche I'm ready to call this book informational text, because it's drawn directly from current events. The peri-text even offers the dates and locations, like we would expect from informational books. Lu, did the publishers get this categorized in the LOC subject headers as fiction ...more
Moore’s story about a family of ducks losing their mama and then once again being reunited with her is a very sweet story, which would appeal to most kids. The story has a small problem, but is solved with a very happy ending. The pictures went along with the story very well and involved enough vibrancy and excitement to keep the reader entertained with the pictures. Adding a great story to these great pictures really made for a great book. Also, this book involved the element of rhymes in the d ...more
If this is not an updated version of "Make Way for Ducklings" I'll quack, quack, quack! However, based on a true event makes this even more intriguing for youngsters.
What a great book to do a compare/contrast activity with 'Make Way..'!!!
I do wish the author had identified if this was a Mallard duck or not, but that gives a perfect opportunity for a clever teachers to springboard into the non-fiction section to have students research it.
With the focus on it being true, I wonder why the author
Ashli Stroyan
This true rescue story is a remarkable picture book with astounding illustrations that caught my eye and warmed my heart. A mother duck and her five ducklings were waddling along when the five ducklings slipped through the cracks of a storm drain. In sum, the town came together to rescue the ducklings and reunite them with their mother. Without the collaboration of the townspeople, and the use of the resources available, the retrieval of the ducklings would not be possible. This book goes to sho ...more
A well written true story about a group of ducklings rescued from a storm drain after they fell between the big spaces on the grate while crossing the road. Charcoal/digital illustrations zoom in and out of the different scenes of the story and highlight the ways in which the small town banded together to help rescue the ducks. The text reads like a fairytale with its simple refrain that is echoed in the illustrations that display the ducklings in panels.

Besides being a fantastic true story, thi
Based on a true story, this book follows the walk of a mother duck and her small ducklings. They follow her out of the pond, through the grass of the park, and into town. They ate a bite from the overflowing garbage can and then headed off the curb and over a storm drain. But while Mama Duck made it over the grate with no problems, her ducklings fell through one by one. It could have been a sad ending to the story, but it wasn’t! The people who saw it happened called for help. It took firemen an ...more
Carol A.
Audience: Primary
Genre: Historical Fiction

Lucky Ducklings, written by Eva Moore, is a true story about a family of ducks. There was Mama Duck and her five baby ducklings, who were named Pippin, Bippin, Tippin, Dippin, and Little Joe. One day, Mama Duck decided to take her family to town. The ducklings were excited and formed a line right behind Mama Duck. As they marched to town, they passed a trash can full of food scraps that people had left behind. This was a real treat for the ducklings. Aft
Timothy Luken
What a wonderfully illustrated children's book! It tells the story of a family of ducks who run into some trouble, but are saved by the civilians and firefighters of the city. I give this book a 3 star review because as I look at the illustrations they are some of the finest I have seen in a children's book so far. I love the etching type of illustrations this book gives making it stand out from others. Being more creative than most illustrations it is my pick for the Caldecott award this year. ...more
Love the thick paper, muted palette, strong ink outlines of the illustrations, which are done using chalk and digital media.

Based on a true story. Striking illustrations and accessible, appealing text make it a strong choice for storytime sharing, "The Duck family lived in a pretty pond in a green, green park, in a sunlit little town at the end of a long, long island." Children will love the rhyming names given to the ducklings "Pippin, Bippin, Tippin, Dippin . . . and last of all . . . Little J
This classic rescue story, based on a true story, is a great candidate for the Caldecott medal. Eva Moore's book is very well written and keeps the reader engaged. We follow a group of ducklings and their mother on a walk through the city. Waddling over a drain, the ducklings fall in. When when you think the story is over, the bystanders come to the rescue. The illustrations are absolutely wonderful, fun, and depict what is going on in the story very well. Every page is covered edge to edge with ...more
Emily Rath
"Lucky Ducklings" is a beautiful book about a mama duck and her babies. One morning they are strolling through the park, but soon the little ducklings were being separated from their mother. One by one, the baby ducklings began falling into the storm drain. The book ended on a wonderful note of the firefighters saving these ducklings! The genre of this book is children's literature. I rated this book a five because I loved how protective Mama duck was when her baby ducklings fell into the drain. ...more
Luanne Hatcher
As a mother duck walked through town followed by her five ducklings, everyone stopped to watch. As they crossed the storm drain, each of the ducklings fell into it. Someone called the fire department. When the firemen arrived, they couldn't open the grate. A man with a roll of cable in his truck tied the cable to his truck and pulled the grate off. A fireman climbed down into the drain and rescued all the ducklings.
Eva Moore charms the reader with a simple, sweetly told true story of how a handful of kind folks rescued a brood of ducklings that had fallen down a storm drain. She saves the story from dullness with a repeated phrase, "That could have been the end of the story. But it wasn't because..."

The mood and style of the illustrations are reminiscent of McCloskey's classic Make Way For Ducklings.
Aubrey Thorne
Genre: picture storybook

Annotation: Early one morning, Mama Duck takes her babies for a walk. They follow safely behind her as they leave their pond, waddle through the park, and stop in the little sunlit town's parking lot for yummy breakfast.
But one by one, Mama's little ducklings get separated when they disappear into the slats of the town's storm drain. How three firemen and a pickup truck rush to their rescue makes for a vivid and exciting drama that children will return to over and over a
This book is a definite homage to Make Way for Ducklings, from the similar illustrations (although these are in color) to the rhyming names of the ducklings. It doesn't quite measure up to that classic, but was still a cute read that is apparently based on a true story. My two-year-old likes ducks and is mesmerized by the storm drains in our neighborhood, so he found this appealing.
Emily Kroness
This book, by Eva Moore, was about a family of geese that ventured into a small town for the day. They were passing over a grate when suddenly all five ducklings fell into the slots. The town banded together to help the ducklings and eventually rescued them and allowed them to go on their way back to the pond. This book was wonderfully illustrated and the illustrations went well with the story line. This book was appropriate for elementary aged school children. It is a book that they can read th ...more
Jessica Harrison
Review via Cracking the Cover
The Duck family lives in a pretty pond at the end of a long, long island. One day, Mama Duck takes her little ones out for a walk — out of the park and into town. Along the way Mama’s ducklings fall down a storm drain and end up trapped, but with the help of brave firefighters, the ducklings and their Mama are reunited and return home.

Based on a true story, “Lucky Ducklings” has a timeless quality to it. It’s reminiscent of Robert McCloskey’s “Make Way for Ducklings.
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