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Blood Oranges (Siobhan Quinn #1)

3.29 of 5 stars 3.29  ·  rating details  ·  677 ratings  ·  157 reviews
My name’s Quinn.

If you buy into my reputation, I’m the most notorious demon hunter in New England. But rumors of my badassery have been slightly exaggerated. Instead of having kung-fu skills and a closet full of medieval weapons, I’m an ex-junkie with a talent for being in the wrong place at the right time. Or the right place at the wrong time. Or…whatever.

Wanted for crim
Paperback, 253 pages
Published February 5th 2013 by Roc
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Sharon ✽ is an emotional book junkie ✽
3.5 's

Well, to be honest, the blurb is really what drew me to this book. Words like 'demon hunter', 'ex-junkie', 'midnight snack for a werewolf', 'the vamp took a pint out of me too' and "So now…now, well, you wouldn’t think it could get worse, but you’d be dead wrong." really popped for me as well as the sarcasm. I just had no idea how crazy it would be! (And you get a taste of it at the very beginning with The Author's preface...don't miss it, it's hilarious!)

Quinn has been a runaway since th
Tabitha (Pabkins)
Prepare yee oh urban fantasy fans for Blood Oranges and a junkie slash slayer of nasties, turned vampy werewolf. Did that make sense? No? – ok so Quinn is a drug addict but also hunts those nasty creatures that lurk in the world, aptly named nasties. Werewolves, vampires, etc. Just her bad luck she gets bitten by a lupe and then turned by a vampire. So she ends up some weird abomination of both.

She isn’t a reputable person, she is indulgent, somewhat self centered, and she only gave up the drugs
4.5 Stars

Blood Oranges is a rare Dark Urban Fantasy that centers on vampires that I actually really enjoyed. It just so happens to be written by Kathleen Tierney who is in fact Caitlin Kiernan, one of my very favorite authors. I really stay away from all things that fall into the vampire and werewolf categories, but there have been a few exceptions that I happen to love.

Like Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden Files, this is an Urban Fantasy that contains just about everything, including the kitchen sin

Implausibly well-read junkie street kid inadvertently becomes (in)famous monster killer.

Rhode Island apparently has quite a vampire/werewolf/demon problem; no wonder it seemed so underpopulated when I was there.

Sloppy but amusing (as is the fake author bio at the end).
Mogsy (MMOGC)
4-4.5 stars. This review originally posted at The BiblioSanctum

Now here's a book that comes with a ton of caveats.

First of all, it seems whenever a title about vampires or werewolves comes out nowadays, most of us tend to automatically think, "Oh geez, not yet another YA urban fantasy." Except I don't know if I'd let any tween of mine get within twenty feet near a book like this. No question about it, it is adult fiction containing a lot of mature themes and very naughty language, though interes
Fantasy Review Barn

Well it is no wonder I keep getting this series recommended to me. The first person narration is as haphazard, unreliable, and just plain crazy as one of my reviews. Did I in fact write Blood Oranges? I don’t remember doing so, and if so my writing quality has gone up by quite a bit, but damn that is a familiar writing style.

Siobahn Quinn is a hunter of the supernatural and a damn good one. But when a nasty werewolf leaves her infected and almost dead she is saved from the mos
Alisa Hedden
Like many successful authors before her, Caitlin R. Tiernan has taken on a different pen name to experiment with a different type of story. Having already made quite a mark in her current genre, this pen name gives her some flexibility to experiment with different styles. So, if you are absolutely in love with Caitlin’s previous work, let this be a fair warning that “Blood Oranges” is slightly different from her usual type of work.
This has Vampires (with piranha teeth and shark eyes) werewolve
Siobhan Quinn is a monster hunter, if you believe the hype--accidentally, incidentally, but at least it allows her to support her heroin habit. But when Quinn is bitten by a werewolf and a vampire in a single evening, she's cured of her addiction--and stranded neck-deep in a whole new world of trouble. Blood Oranges is an utterly successful parody-cum-commentary of the urban fantasy/paranormal romance genre, but not necessarily the book that I wanted to read. Quinn's voice leaps from the page, a ...more
Jeremy Preacher
Oh, man, totally delightful. Which is a peculiar thing to say about a book with some of the flat-out grossest scenes I've ever read. (What happens when a werewolf eats something that her human half can't really digest? You don't want to know. Really.) I've read kind of a lot of urban fantasy, and when it's good, I like it, but it's often... kind of bad, and Blood Oranges is a response to the particular flavor of badness that is far too common in the subgenre. It totally works - the protagonist i ...more
Neil McCrea
Great bloody gobbets of mean spirited fun.

I don't read urban fantasy or paranormal romance. I've watched and enjoyed True Blood and Buffy, but I suspect their literary counterparts would irritate the crap out of me. I do however read, and honestly treasure, the work of Caitlin Kiernan. So when she wrote Blood Oranges under the pseudonym of Kathleen Tierney, I immediately scooped it up uncertain of what I would get.

Not being terribly familiar with the genre it parodies I can't comment on that asp
Jen (Red Hot Books)
This book begins with a fair warning to its readers:

If your ears, eyes, and sensibilities are easily offended, this book is not for you. If you want a romance novel, this book is not for you. And if it strikes you odd that vampires, werewolves, demons, ghouls, and the people who spend time in their company would be a foulmouthed, unpleasant, unhappy lot, this book is not for you... Also please note: Siobban Quinn is not a very good writer. Fair notice.

I'd say that all of this is a pretty fair
A warning to the weak: this book is a Trojan horse. Do not go in expecting to read a typical UrbanFantasy/ParaRom with a teenage protagonist. This is a copy of William S. Burroughs Junkie hidden under a Twilight cover. When I heard it was given to many ParaRom reviewers, I imagined them opening the book and a full bodied apparition of Henry Rollins would appear and bellow "My War" into their faces.

If you don't know who Henry Rollins is... you probably won't like this book.

Quinn is not a fear

I suppose Blood Oranges is intended to be a foul-mouthed antidote to typical vampire romance novels or Buffy pastiches, but since I don't read either of those I have to judge it in a vacuum.

tl; dr version - nice idea, so-so execution.

Our protagonist, Siobhan Quinn, is a runaway junkie who gets attacked by a werewolf and vampire in the same night, suffering from both curses. Sadly, the author doesn't really play with this idea very much. You'll find that story in the movie Underworld. Turns put s
Terry Weyna
Tired of vampires? Or werewolves? Or girls who can dispatch the critters with no effort, swinging a stake through the heart as if it were a knife through butter? Yeah, me too. But give me a vampire who is a werewolf who is also a young female human hunter of vampires and werewolves, and we’re in business. Make her the unreliable, foul-mouthed narrator of her own story, and you’ve got Kathleen Tierney’s Siobhan Quinn in her first adventure, Blood Oranges.

“Kathleen Tierney” is Caitlín R. Kiernan,
I was intrigued with this book after reading the disclaimer that the author had at the start of the book warning about bad language, drugs, and sex. It made me wonder just what I was about to read. As I started I quickly encountered all of the things that the author warned about. Quinn is not your typical heroine, but for some reason I liked her at the start. However as things went on I found the story to become too out there and Quinn started to grate on me. After 60% I ended up giving this one ...more
Gerri Leen
A book that starts with quotes from Zoe Washburne and Hattori Hanzo, with a heroine whose language would make Debra Morgan blush, and in which monsters are just that--is that book for me? Uh, yeah, totally. In some ways this reminded me of the Nightside series in the way nothing here sparkles and the heroine is one of the monsters--and things get progressively weirder and weirder. But mostly it's its own world, which is good, cuz I gave up the Nightside books and I'd like to keep on with this--i ...more

Trinitytwo's point of view:

Siobhan Quinn, or Quinn as she prefers, is a girl who has fallen through the cracks of society. A runaway at twelve, junkie at fifteen, she's just another lost soul struggling to survive in the underbelly of the Providence, Rhode Island streets. Quinn doesn't have many redeeming qualities; hey, her parents never even bothered to look for her when she ran away. She's a foul-mouthed, lying addict who will sell herself for a hit of heroin and has about as many friends as
J L's Bibliomania
There's been a tradition in urban fantasy, starting back with Vicki Nelson becoming a vampire if not before, of a protagonist who started out human becoming something supernatural. Blood Oranges goes over the top when our heroine (or at least viewpoint character, because Siobhan Quinn is NOT particularly heroic) become not just a werewolf but also a vampire. Blood Oranges is in many ways a parody of the stereotypes and well worn tropes of Urban Fantasy. I loved the snide digs and references to o ...more
Paranormal Haven
Blood Oranges is about a junky, named Siobhan Quinn. Quinn fell into hunting things that go bump in the night. One night a werewolf takes a chunk out of her. Before the wolf puts her lights out for good, she is saved by a vampire, who has a vendetta. That involves turning Quinn into a vampire, so she is duel natured, both a vampire and wolf. On the plus side this gets rid of her heroin issues, on the bad, things get strange.

If I didn’t know this was a kind of spoof, and you asked what I thought,
Michelle Leah Olson
Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Pack Alpha - Michelle L. Olson:
*ARC Received from the Publisher in exchange for an honest Review

When I opened the package from the Publisher containing this book I was immediately intrigued, but wasn't sure that I'd get to it any time soon and simply added it to the pile of 'read when/if time allows'. After looking the book up on GoodReads and finding that I had other titles by the author and her pseudonym in my TBR list, I decided to bump it up a bit in the qu
Blood Oranges, by Kathleen Tierney is, to put it bluntly, not your typical teenaged-protagnist vampire or werewolf story.

In the wrong spot at the right time – or vice versa – Quinn gets mistaken for a demon-hunter, and finds herself catapulted into the supernatural world. Eventually, her lack of skills and her drug habit catch up with her, and she finds herself bitten by a werewolf. Before the wolf can devour her like Little Red's grandma, he's killed by a vampire. This vampire tells Quinn that
First things first: Kathleen Tierney is the nom de urban fantasy of author Caitlin Kiernan. Ms Kiernan is an extremely well regarded stylist, who primarily writes in the vein of “the weird”. She has been nominated for the Bram Stoker Award, the World Fantasy Award, & the Locus Award, among many others.

The plot is bog standard urban fantasy. Monster hunter Siobhan Quinn is bitten by a werewolf, then saved and bitten by a vampire, the Bride of Quiet, who intends to use Quinn for her own nefari
Fantasy Literature
Tired of vampires? Or werewolves? Or girls who can dispatch the critters with no effort, swinging a stake through the heart as if it were a knife through butter? Yeah, me too. But give me a vampire who is a werewolf who is also a young female human hunter of vampires and werewolves, and we’re in business. Make her the unreliable, foul-mouthed narrator of her own story, and you’ve got Kathleen Tierney’s Siobhan Quinn in her first adventure, Blood Oranges.

“Kathleen Tierney” is Caitlín R. Kiernan,
Carolyn F.
The author's warnings are little pretentious. "If your ears, eyes, and sensibilities are easily offended, this book is not for you. If you want a romance novel, this book is not for you. ... In fact, if you're the sort who believes books should come with warning labels, this book's not for you." Then she states, "Also, please note: Siobham Quinn is not a very good writer. Fair notice." Um, Siobhan Quinn is a fictional character who is the "heroine" of the book. This paragraph left a bad taste in ...more
Robin Edman
This book is exactly what I had hoped it would be.
Amusing and fast-paced, but I get the feeling the author thinks her parody is more innovative than it is.
Delightfully, darkly different.

Siobhan ("don't fucking call me that") Quinn, through mostly the fault of her own doing, finds herself as both a vampire and a werewolf. Quinn is also a monster hunter, which you would think makes her an instant badass. Not so much; you see, Quinn is/was also a junkie, which you can be sure impaired her judgment a time or two. She isn't so much a badass as she is a fighter and subsequent survivor of the entanglements she sometimes gets entangled in. She screws up p
Siobhan Quinn is a runaway, a junkie, and a tough chick, living by her wits in the streets of Providence, R.I. Things start to get really dark for her when she sees her girlfriend being eaten by a ghoul. She kills it, of course. Under the patronage of a flamboyant character whom she calls "Mean Mr. B," she soon sets out on a career as a slayer of nasties. Then one inadvertent slaying lands her in the middle of... well, I don't want to spoil it. Before Quinn figures out what's going on, she gets ...more
Art Lueder
Siobhan Quinn ran away from an abusive home at twelve to live on the streets where, at seventeen or so, she was a junky turning tricks for fixes and stumbles into the world of the ghouls, vampires, etc. Completely by accident she offs a ghoul like creature who was snacking on her girlfriend as they huddle in a warehouse against the cold and suddenly she has a rep as a vampire hunter. To revenge her dead friend she tries actually hunting the nasties and when she really kills a vampire she gets th ...more
Initially I really liked the refreshing uber-snark of our not-exactly heroine but by the end of the book it was starting to get on my nerves. Our protagonist definitely started off on the wrong tracks and I appreciated the rawness that the writing style was trying to evoke - and it was good that that same voice was firmly held throughout the plot - but I admit I got a bit tired of it. Which is unfortunate because in some ways this is a breath of fresh air in the urban fantasy/paranormal written- ...more
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