The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol
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The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol

4.06 of 5 stars 4.06  ·  rating details  ·  419 ratings  ·  73 reviews
ALL TOO OFTEN WOMEN ARE TOLD that feeling moody, asexual, tapped out, dried up, stressed out, and sleep deprived is just a part of being female. Or they’re led to believe that the answer can be found only at the bottom of a bottle of prescription pills. Dr. Sara Gottfried, a Harvard-educated physician and nationally recognized, board-certified gynecologist, refus...more
ebook, 432 pages
Published March 12th 2013 by Scribner (first published March 5th 2013)
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Update: So, I've had less luck with the recommendations in this book than I would have liked. I've had to give up the yoga, which I enjoyed, because it badly aggravated an old back injury to the point where I've had to get physical therapy on it. The chaste berry extract didn't seem to help my PMS much either - though I haven't been able to find the exact tincture Gottfried recommends, either. Overall, I would say that this book is a good introduction to hormone imbalances, but I think you reall...more
Jo Ilfeld
I'm a huge believer that a pill doesn't cure everything (and often not even that much) and Dr Gottfried backs up this intuition but with a huge wealth of actual data and recommendations. It's like the Getting Our Bodies Back for the new millenium. Women who aren't satisfied with the answers (or in most cases non-answers) they are getting from their doctors are looking for real ways to feel better, more energized, sexier, lose weight and even handle peri-menopause. And that's what Dr Gottfried gi...more
There is a lot of great information in this book, presented in an easy-going and empowering manner. I found it a helpful springing off point for conversations with my doctor, a naturopath.

I bought and read this on Kindle. While it was great for reading on the bus, I really wish I had purchased it in paper. It's really hard to flip around in the book, which I wanted to do, repeatedly. I had no ability to copy pages so that I could refer to advice for my condition or bring them to my doctor - they...more
Ashley Thompson
Mar 17, 2013 Ashley Thompson rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: women over 20, not pregnant or breastfeeding
Finally, a doctor who addresses more than just treating the symptoms! Dr. Gottfried does an excellent job explaining various hormonal imbalances, why they occur, how they affect women, and provides practical solutions to fix them. She includes a comprehensive questionnaire to help you learn if you have a hormonal imbalance and what type (thyroid, high and/or low cortisol, low progesterone or estrogen, high androgens).

Her advice is more than just "try this or that, but seek out a doctor". She la...more
If you're a woman, have a daughter, are married to a woman, plan to marry a woman, or have women friends, you should read this book. If you're a man with hormonal issues (adrenals, thyroid etc.) you would also benefit.

Written by a Harvard educated gynecologist who is also a yoga instructor, wife and mother, this book is the cutting edge of what is known about hormones. Everything is explained in terms that are easy to understand. I love that she utilizes lifestyle changes and herbal remedies (if...more
Judi Kling
It's an easy to understand book, with very practical solutions to balancing hormones. Dr. Gottfried recommends lifestyle changes and supplements before attempting pharmaceutical solutions. I really like that approach. That said, it's difficult to self-diagnose using just her questionnaires. As she explains, if your root cause is low progesterone, it can cause excess estrogen in parts of your cycle. You could be treating high estrogen, when the root cause is low progesterone. Without testing, you...more
To all my girlfriends:

If you are 35 or over, you need to read this book. I've read a lot about this sort of thing before, but she really nails it. She's a Harvard trained gynaecologist so she knows her stuff too (not that she learned any of this stuff at Harvard, which is the real problem as she readily discusses).

It contains valuable information for women who have to cope with changing hormone levels at the most stressful points of their lives.

The modern way of Western living is not doing us m...more
Nicole Daedone
Dr. Sara Gottfried has demystified my own body for me. At once scientific and intuitive, her work pushes the edges of traditional medicine to integrate what women have known throughout the ages. The Hormone Cure is both accessible and substantive, with surprisingly simple but profound advice on each page. It's a book every woman should read.
Anne Gruel
Excellent, thorough discussion of what hormones are, what they do, and what happens when they are out of balance in the body. I've been working through hormone treatments and adjustments for years, but even with the help of a great naturopath and a knowledgeable primary care physician my understanding was incomplete. No more!

The most useful information in the book for me were the details of how to test your hormone levels. Some you can do yourself. If you are working with a health care professi...more
A must-read for all women, Dr. Gottfried is brilliant, relatable and tells it like it is. Even women in their 20s can benefit from the wisdom here about how to listen to our bodies and address imbalances (stress, low sex drive, acne, etc) in a natural way without running straight to pills or prescriptions. What I love about this book is the way Gottfried absolves women of what many feel might be personal shortcomings or genetic life-sentences: Am I doomed to have low sex drive forever? Will I al...more
This is an important book for women of all ages!

Women=hormones. If your hormones are fried (and likely they are if you don't get enough sleep on a regular basis, have basic life stress, eat too much sugar/gluten/dairy, and have ever taken the pill) - then you are fried. Our bodies function based on the delicate interplay of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, thyroid, etc. and understanding how they all work, interact, and can so easily get out of whack is critical to feeling great....more
Mikala Hill
I'm reading this book not just for myself, but for others I love. It's so sad to me that we have been trained to believe that a pill is the answer for things, when these pills do nothing to repair the root problem: they simply turn off the body's "warning light." I should've gone to medical school. I should become a yoga instructor. I want the world to be a healthier and happier, more mindful place. ((Sigh)) I will share what I've learned with everyone who wants to hear it or doesn't read it for...more
Currently on the path of great health after a total physical crash at the end of December. Through lifestyle changes, nutritional overhaul, supplements, and an attitude change I am starting to feel alive again. Still have a ways to go, but with the help of this empowering book and being told I look great, as if ii was reversing the aging process, I will continue to heal myself and regain balance. A must read for all women!
Wow! Great book with tons of very important information on Women's Hormone Health and how that is affecting our body, mind and every day life, especially those near, in the midst of, or post menopausal. She gives very specific directions on how to balance your progesterone and estrogen levels, in order to help you heal and thrive from many ailments: Depression, Anxiety, Obesity, Dry Skin, thinning hair...and more.
Jean Thompson Williams
There is a lot of good information here. Gives you, in detail, things to do. The best is that it doesn't start with medication. I hope that other doctor's read this so they can help others, instead of the old way which doesn't help at all. It also confirms that fact that what you eat as the biggest impact on your health. This is a manual more than just a book. It is something to use over and over, or to pass it on.
Anjanette Barr
This will probably get 5 stars from me, but I'll wait until I see how her protocol works for certain.

Dr. Gottfried does an excellent job breaking down the function of each hormone in lots of detail that is easy to read and understand without a medical background. She also gives LOTS of practical tips for balancing each hormone. She has a section of lifestyle changes, supplements, and pharmaceuticals for each hormone problem.

I am young (30) but my hormones have been crazy since the birth of my t...more
Great info, so needed! Enjoyed Gottfried's writing style, fun and easy to understand. I like her approach with fixing the cause (usually stress related), looking to herbals and nutrients first and then, if and when needed, bio-identical hormones. Good layout so you can bop around to what you need or get more and read the deeper details. On target with hormone health and a great reference for all women!
This book is great! Thank-you Dr. Gottfried for validating that I'm not CRAZY! The book is structured so you can go straight to the part you need, or you can read all the scientific details (or not!). I love her practical, science-based approach. This is a must-read for any woman living in today's modern world.
Kirsti Call
This book is informative, well written and extremely useful. I've felt like my hormones were out of whack for the last several years and reading this book was not only illuminating, but also reaffirming of several insights into my health. This is a must read for any woman pre, peri or postmenopausal.
citizen kerry
Thanks to this book, I now see that I've had elevated levels of cortisol for the past 15 years and it's to blame for everything I've ever done wrong. Also, I am right in believing that yoga is the cure for everything, and I can't stop telling people they might have a hormonal imbalance.
Maranda Carvell
Excellent book with lots of useful information, yet easy to understand and somehow fun to read. This is a MUST READ for every woman, especially if you're not feeling super hot, healthy and happy.
Jennifer Louden
If you need a truly well written totally on target about your hormones - this is it! I truly love this book. Truly life changing and so funny to boot.
Connie Weiss
Great information about hormones and how to bring things back to where they should be. I'm excited to try some of the ideas myself.
Really great information. Wish every woman had a doctor like this. Plan to implement a few adjustments and see what comes of it
Vmichelle Skinner
There is some great material and takeaways in this book. Unfortunately no "silver bullet" for my complex cocktail of female problems, but I suspect a lot of other women are in the same shoes. There aren't easy answers, one-size-fits-all solutions, or pills we can pop to solve everything.

The title "The Hormone Cure" is probably a weeeeee bit hyperbolic. But this book offers a lot of clues and things to try - so many things to try, it can be overwhelming. The perspective is that you have to take...more
Stefanie Smith
Amazing, answered so many unanswered questions!
Margarita Ri
Having been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, I was promptly captured by this book.
That said, the scientific explanations given coupled with robust evidence made me look at stress and thyroid issues from a completely different perspective.
Wow..I am amazed how bad stress can be for our organisms... if anything, this book provides scientific underpinning for ditching stress from our lives now and forever!!

I firmly believe that this book needs to be read from everybody, both women and men.
Sarah Gottfried is awesome. She is this rare combination of a doctor and friend. I listened to her interview on the Balanced Bites podcast and enjoyed her down-to-earth and holistic approach to health, grounded in conventional medical training. Her book was user-friendly and practical. (I can't begin to say how appreciative I am of that!) You start with a set of questionnaires and based on your results, directed to the chapter that corresponds to your needs. Each chapter focuses on a single horm...more
I really liked this book & this doctor/author. Wish she were in my town, I'd go see her. I just like her philosophy. Everything she wrote about how the different hormones being out of balance effect so many other things. And all the 'home' cures she lists which could help... I just totally 'get' all of that. This is how I understand health & well-being too. But it doesn't seem to be the way most 'modern, Western' doctors I've encountered think about things. I liked the way this author/do...more
This Book is amazing! Dr. Sarah has done all the research and answers all your questions that we us women need to deal with on a day to day basis. She explains each hormone by function and gives you step by step recommendations to follow.
I am excited to implement all that I have learned from the book.
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Your Body Cure Your Body Cure HORMONE CURE Audiobook:The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive, and Vitality Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol [Audiobook, CD, Unabridged] by Sara Gottfried (hormonecure)

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“Science has proven that while your genes control your biology, a rather simple, nondrug formula of nutrient-rich food, targeted supplements to address missing precursors, and lifestyle changes can keep your genes in perpetual “repair” mode.” 4 likes
“Weight gain, mood swings, fatigue, and low libido aren’t diseases that can be “cured” with a quick injection or a pharmaceutical. Most of these problems can’t be permanently solved by eating less or exercising more. They are hormonal problems. They mean our bodies are trying to tell us that something is wrong.” 2 likes
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