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Black Ice
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Black Ice (Young Sherlock Holmes #3)

4.05 of 5 stars 4.05  ·  rating details  ·  1,239 ratings  ·  140 reviews
When teen Sherlock and American tutor Amyus Crowe visit Sherlock’s brother Mycroft in London, they expect polite lunch. Instead, Mycroft holds a knife over a dead body in a locked room. Threatened with the gallows, Mycroft needs Sherlock. The search for the truth goes from a London railway station for dead bodies to frozen Moscow.
Hardcover, 288 pages
Published January 22nd 2013 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) (first published 2011)
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I liked it. Not as much as the other two, but it was fine. As usual, something goes wrong, and suddenly Sherlock is dodging assassination attempts left and right. In fact, this book went a lot more into Sherlock’s resourcefulness in dodging assassination attempts. What I didn't care for so much was:

1. The bagillions of references to his last adventure in Red Leech (Rebel Fire to me). It's been a LONG time since I've read that, and I forgot a lot of what happened in it. Thus the gratuitous menti
Black Ice by Andrew Lane is a Young Sherlock Holmes book and it's about a boy named Sherlock Holmes. One day when he visits his brother Mycroft, he find a dead man who had been stabbed and his brother holding a knife. All the evidence points to Mycroft as the killer but Sherlock know that his brother was framed. Now can he find the real killer before Mycroft is to be killed?
I picked this book up because I read the first two books and they were really good so I wanted to see what would happend to
Ms. Yingling
When Sherlock's brother Mycroft is found coming out of a locked room at the Diogenes Club, wherein lies a dead man, he is arrested and imprisoned. Sherlock and his tutor, Amyus Crowe, can figure out that Mycroft has been drugged and the man has killed himself in a clever way, but the police refuse to believe them. Mycroft thinks that the man is somehow involved in a vast land purchase in the US, and once his club pays bail, he takes off to Russia to try to figure things out. He and Mycroft are t ...more
Cover Blurb: Yes or No? I do continue to like these covers (so much better than that horrible copy of Death Cloud,!), with the color schemes and the "symbols" that allude to something in the story itself. Though, in all honesty, the silhouette is beginning to irritate me. Don't really know why; it just is.

Characters: Young Sherlock is not improving. He continues to be too emotional, too dependent on others people's good opinion and approval, and his detective skills are laughable. Seriously - ca
Eugene Lau
This book was a little... short. I'm not saying it was rushed, but it was short, in terms of the "book-time".
Sherlock Holmes was kind of a novice, compared to Craig, since it was set in his youthhood. I always thought of Sherlock Holmes as a talented person, who clearly showed his extraordinary capabilities. This book changed my perspective on him; he was a talented person, but he surely didn't show it very clearly.
My favourite character was the main character, Sherlock Holmes, because of how h
Audrey Lee
This may be my favorite in the series so far. It starts off as a regular Sherlock Holmes mystery and turns into almost an action adventure spy thriller. I loved that he brought up stuff from the first two books and expanded on them (giving the books a broader arc rather than cases-of-the-week). I love the ongoing mystery of Mrs. Eglantine, a question that is going to be solved in the next book according to the author. Loved the expansion of Mycroft's character. After what he went through in Russ ...more
Russia, France, the London underworld -can it get any better? In his latest installment to the Young Sherlock Holmes series, Andrew Lane does not disappoint! Each of his characters are authentic, real, and relatable, and the mysteries just as intricate as ever. It is my hope Young Adult editors and publishers will take a lesson from Mr. Lane's wondrous example and provide a surge of similar stories on library and bookstore shelves everywhere -the Young Sherlock Holmes is truly a gem I am gratefu ...more
Taylor Brueckner
The legend of black Ice begins by Sherlock going to Russia to se his brother Mycroft. When Sherlock arrived to see Mycroft he is In a dark room holding a knife and there was a dead man in a chair. Sherlock and his mentor, Amyus Crane start an investigation. They don't know who set the trap or what they wanted or what there Intention was. Later in the investigation Sherlock is running from a villain and a group of feral children in under ground London then became to the Necropolis Railway which c ...more
About a young man named Sherlock homes. Although everyone knows sherlocks homes but this book is about when he was on 14. Sherlock as a kid was put threw many different mysterys and wonders threw his voyage around the world. The reason that I read this book because I love mystery to figure out who did what and this book looked very interesting.
This book was totally action packed full of mystery and wonder tons of exciting facts and secrets that constantly are being unfolded just like when Sherl
Glenn George
Andrew Lane started off the trilogy with a thrilling insight into what Sherlock Holmes's teenage life could have been like. 'Death Cloud' and 'Red Leech' are both highly exciting reads which keep you turning the page wondering what will happen next.
Unfortunately, although 'Black Ice' is entertaining, it does not live up to the expectations of avid fans. It seems that the unlikely plot lacks depth and is very easily guessed, and Sherlock spends more time travelling than actually solving problems.
Janika Puolitaival
Easy to read, action packed young adult mystery series. Sherlock is indeed young (with temper) in this series and since in my mind SH is like Jeremy Brett- Benedict Cumberbatch my reading suffered for it. "Sherlock is behaving oddly!" But it is not book's problem, it is mine. Good series if you can bury your view of older Sherlock. No wonder so many books already out for this series.
Yingson YU
This book was totally amazing and I LOVED it!!! One thing I really liked was the beginning because it just sets a really good scene for the book. It starts with a 13 year old boy named Sherlock Holmes in Farnham, England is in a boat with his tutor,Amnus Crowe. Sherlock's brother invited him to go to London to have lunch, but later on Sherlock and Amnus only find out that Mycroft,his brother had killed someone. Sherlock thinks that Mycroft is innocent, but nobody else believes him.
The beginnin
First, let me say this series is endorsed by the estate of Conan Doyle, so it's not going to be terrible. There are lots of things to like here - a solid mystery, excellent, atmosphere, and plenty of Mycroft. Really, my only objection is that I cannot connect the dots between this young Sherlock, who is optimistic yet lonely, follows orders, and indeed, waits for them, is jealous and emotional, and has none of the tactless directness of his adult self. If you really want a good Holmes spin off, ...more
Thalia Burden
I have read all of the young Sherlock Holmes stories and I thought they were just fantastic. when I first started reading the series I read snake bite first because that was the only young Sherlock Holmes book in my library. I started to read it and had no idea how Sherlock got kidnapped. I had no idea who Virginia was or Mr. Crowe was. I read it and found out that it was the second last book so I started from the beginning at Death Cloud and read from there and when I got to Snake Bite I unders ...more
Monique Wilson
I love Sherlock Holmes, so when a student told me about these books I was interested. I did enjoy the first two, and there were elements of this one I liked, but overall it wasn't as good.

Sherlock doesn't seem to be developing much as a character. He needs to start to stand on his own feet instead of relying on Mycroft or his teachers.

The other issue I have was with the book itself. Mr Lane needs to fire his editor, if my copy was anything to go by. Frequent typos and misspellings ("bought" wa
Mary Claire
Ich kann nur sagen: Holy cannelloni! Ausführliches Review folgt nach Umzug.
An Odd1
"They hang him by the neck until he is dead" p 61. I'd rather begin with threat to Mycroft, caught without memory, with corpse, in locked room at his London Diogenes Club. Sherlock and tutor Crowe expect lunch, face mystery. (view spoiler) Answers owe much to chance, serendipity, but so did Doyle, first Sherlock author.

"Something familiar about that bitte
Euisry Noor
Aku belum baca buku seri pertama & keduanya, langsung aja baca yg ke-3, yaitu Black Ice ini. Menceritakan kisah Sherlock Holmes semasih remaja, bagaimana ia dididik dalam mengasah kecerdasan "the art of deduction"-nya yang fenomenal itu, kemampuan survival, serta menemukan passion dalam nada-nada yang dinyanyikan dari gesekan senar biola. Dalam waktu bersamaan, Sherlock mempelajari kemampuan itu melalui praktek nyata, sebab kisah hidupnya memang dikelilingi oleh beragam misteri & bahaya. ...more
Luke Schwieterman
I would rate this book a four out of five. I would rate this book a four out of five because this book has a mystery around every corner. This book was very welly thought out so the setting and the plot were superb. This book is about a young Sherlock Holmes who goes to Russia after finding out his brother has been framed by them. But when he goes there he finds the unexpected. I would recommend this book to anybody that loves a good mystery. Also a good tip when reading this book is don't trust ...more
Have you ever wondered what Sherlock Holmes would have been like as a teenager?

Author Andrew Lane tackles that topic in his series, Sherlock Holmes: A New Beginning. In the latest installment in the series, BLACK ICE, young Sherlock has to come to the aid of his older brother, Mycroft.

Narrator James Langton does an excellent job bringing the various characters to life. His vocalization of the diverse accents adds to the story, as does his interruption of the varied ages of the characters. His ca
Hazel West
Thoughts on the Overall Book: This is a series that has really started to grow on me and despite several problems I have as a diehard Sherlockian, the books are still very enjoyable, and they are endorsed by the Conon Doyle Estate, so whenever you see the 'stamp of approval' you can be sure that the books are at least going to be true to Sherlock's character and mix well with the cannon. That said, I didn't think this book was the best in the series so far, but I'll talk about my problems in a m ...more
In occasione della Fiera dei Libri per Bambini edizione 2013, la casa editrice DeAgostini ha deciso di regalare ai suoi giovani lettori il terzo volume della bellissima e appassionante serie Young Sherlock Holmes.
Inoltre, per alcuni fortunati – e sì, noi di Sognando Leggendo siamo fra questi! -, l’autore e giornalista britannico Andrew Lane, conosciuto come Andy Lane, è stato invitato a Bologna proprio per presentare a noi lettori italiani questo terzo volume della serie che vede come protagonis
Pat (Get Kids to Read) Tierney
Sherlock Holmes, the character who can look at you and instantly analyze and deduce every aspect of your life. The honed skills of looking and noticing the details in a situation that allow him to deduce and solve the crime.
But somewhere along the way, he had to be taught this skill. Andrew Lane’s Sherlock Holmes series is about the teenage Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is growing in his ability to notice and make deductions. In this thriving series, we see the genesis of the great Holmes. Sherlock
Sherlock is back and going to visit his brother in London regarding Sherlock's education. When Amyus and Sherlock arrive however, they see Mycroft holding a knife with a dead man behind him. The police are convinced that Mycroft is a murderer, but Sherlock doesn't believe it for a second. He and Amyus want to prove his innocence, but it's Myscroft and Sherlock who travel to Moscow. Of course, there are bound to be many bumps in the path but hopefully they can still find Mycroft innocent.

This was
Mz. Diana Gagliardi
YES! I am loving this series more and more!!! THIS IS WHAT I EXPECTED FROM TONY HOROWITZ AND HIS AWFUL BOOK!!

There are so many details that look like mere flavour but take on an entirely different meaning to a dedicated Holmesian. As fourteen year old Holmes continues to create his philosophy or simply be the brilliant boy that he is you can see his future trajectory lining up directly with the Holmes we know. That we get to see a young Mycroft watch over his brother and move towards his future
Third in the series (Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins), “Black Ice” follows the adventures of teenaged Sherlock Holmes as he tracks down clues to solve a locked-room murder/mystery with diplomatic impact as faraway from London as Moscow and which frames his brother, Mycroft. With the help of his tutor, Amyus Crowe, Sherlock is able to clear Mycroft’s name, cleverly determining that Mycroft was drugged and the murder is a set-up. But Mycroft buys into a conspiracy theory involving a vast Americ ...more
James Loken
Sherlock Holmes The Legend Begins: Black Ice
Andrew Lane
3 Stars

I liked this book for the most part, but have a few complaints with the overall structure of the plot- which is: lack of action, as I am one to highly expect the quality of action in a book; which lead me to mostly enjoy the overall story, but left me a bit uninterested while reading certain parts of the book. Some examples of parts I found uninteresting are: Sherlock in the tunnel- this scene mostly describes the tunnel setting i
Jennifer Rayment
The Good Stuff

Enjoyed the fleshing out of the character of Mycroft
More fast paced than the first story in series -- which I think will interest the intended audience a little more
Nice light humour
You can really see how this Sherlock could develop into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock
Love how the author throws in some history, science etc so subtlety that kids won't pick up the fact that they are learning stuff
The historical notes at the end are a fabulous addition
Lots of twists and turns
Kathy Martin
In this third adventure in the Sherlock Holmes: The Legend Begins series, Sherlock accompanies his brother Mycroft to Russia. The story begins with a locked room mystery. Mycroft is found in a room with a knife in his hand and a dead man in a chair. Sherlock and his mentor Amyus Crane investigate in what will be Sherlock's style as an adult and discover the plot but don't know who set the trap or what their goal was.

Further investigation has Sherlock fleeing from a villain and a group of feral
Yang-Ha Kim
It was a little rushed this time . . . but still pretty awesome!
When Sherlock Holmes was invited to eat lunch with his brother with his tutor, he did not expect that he would find an room with only a corpse and Mycroft with a knife. At that moment, Sherlock has fallen into a web of unclear truths and lies. Sherlock is seriously believing that Mycroft is innocent and tries to find who is behind this. This mystery leads to another, more serious and deadly mystery and Mycroft and Sherlock are keen
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