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The Academy

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  1,062 ratings  ·  136 reviews
The Academy
Where things are not always as they seem…

My name is Kris Jameson and I’m a student at the Royal Academy. I’m at the top of all my classes, what they call a “model student.” There’s only one problem—the Academy is an all boys school and I’m a girl.

It started as a prank when I took my brother’s place. But things got complicated when I caught Broward, the school bu...more
Kindle Edition, 244 pages
Published August 2nd 2012 by Evangeline Anderson Books
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♥adinda ♥
this book is reminded me of HANA KIMI, very much :)
i love it.
its just that .. the bully actions thing was disturbed me so much.
how could broward done such things to kris even tho he already knew that kris is a GIRL? O.o
oh boy, u gotta re-arranged your priority. not just u but your other friends too. bleh!
sweet ending. couldnt expect better than that :D

*my picture of kris and north will be added soon*


my kris :)
[image error]

just imagine north with thick-blond hair *wink*
[image err...more
This book was awesome!! It reminded me of She's the Man. I had everything that I like in a book, romance, science fiction and fantasy. The characters were well written; in the beginning I didn't really like North because he was really mean to Kristina AKA Kris, but after knowing his background I started to like him. Kristina was a strong, loyal and brave character, which you don't really find in novels these days. I totally did not like the mean characters but what's to like about them, they are...more
Amber Center
This is a love story about a girl, whose love and devotion to her twin brother lead her to pose as a boy in all boys school in a futuristic world very similar to our own. Some previous unknown tragedy lead people from earth to abandoned their plant and seek out an existance in another solar system. Through this move women seemed to have lost their rights or standing in society and backslid into a more Victorian existence where women could be viewed more as property and corporal punishment seem t...more
Buen Libro,El Libro Me Recuerda MUCHISIMO A la Pelicula "She's The Man".

*solo si estas ABURRIDA y no tienes otro libro que leer!!! :D

To start, the author has decided to set the story in the future and in space. a bizarre choice to say the least. I actually thought it was really unnecessary, I mean she had a lot going with the idea of a girl going into an all boys school...oh well.
The other thing that you may notice is that there are many elements from Japanese anime and manga. The story itself is like (Hana kimi)in which a girl also moves into an all boys school. A lot of the insults are known ones from anime. The surprises,...more
✿ℎazℯℓ - thℯ ℛock Cℎick ℱairy✿
Damn, this book is made of pure awesome!

This is one of those days wherein I get to thank my goodreads friends again because I never would've found out about this book without them soooo.. thanks!


Reading THE ACADEMY has it's perks. Here are some of them:

✔A girl posing as a guy? Come on! Tell me you're not at least a bit interested in that!
✔There's sci fi parts
✔There's medieval times parts (historical or something)
✔You get to read about an all boys school (I don't see many books with this kind of...more
Kris Jameson has a family name to uphold. Admiral Jameson expects his child to graduate from the prestigious "Royal Academy" and enlist in the military as generations of Jameson's have always done. Things seem simple as Kris is a top notch student who consistently has high honors. Graduation should be a breeze if the school bully and 'Ice Prince' roommate don't have Kris leaving first.

This is a YA read that goes to the top of my list in terms of story line presentation and development with a kic...more
Welcome to a hard review for me. THE ACADEMY is basically a futuristic version of TWELFTH NIGHT (or for the non-Shakespearean fans, SHE'S THE MAN starring Amanda Bynes, which I love to pieces don't you say anything bad about it). The thing is that aside from some cool tech mentions and scifi trappings Andrews made Kris(tina), our main character, come from a province that adheres to Victorian principles. They're even referred to that way. Modesty, chastity, women can't do cool things like fly a s...more
Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

She's the Man... in space... with a truly delectably, blue-eyed boy? Yes please. Sign me up.

Oh man it was great. And the heartstrings were bleeding for poor North (Daniel... seriously, can he GET any hotter?) all the damned time. I just wanted to hug his big-ass, sexy, confused, self-doubting self. Ugh. His developing relationship with Kris (who was faboosh) was endearing, heartbreaking and angsty to the max all at once - just the way I like it.

Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

There I was, blissfully enjoying this relatively fun, light, genderbender, er, "sci-fi" romance book.... When all of a sudden, I was in the middle of a intergalactic Gothic romance novel. WTH.

Which was a shame because I was enjoying the shenanigans of our main characters. I have always, always been a sucker for these girl-pretending-to-be-a-boy-in-an-all-boys-school tropes (blame my high school addiction to Fictionpress' "False Facades"). I've always had an unholy enjoyment watching these manly...more
Curse of the Bibliophile
This is a unique slightly gender bender story that will leave you wanting more.

I loved the storyline and the problems presented while pretending to be a boy in an all boys academy. The setting was also very interesting in that it was a futuristic setting with a few old fashioned ideas.

The twists and turns in the story really kept me on the edge of my seat. I also had a great time laughing at the hilarious incidents she got herself into.

The romance in this story was sweet and not too overdone. I...more
Loved, loved, loved!!

Okay, where do I start? I was quite happy to have decided on this one for my next read, and half way through I knew there was no "putting it down". I read this one straight through and didnt look back! The story line is constantly changing and the further you read into the book the more you get emotionally invested in the story. Well, just fall in love with the characters! There are interesting character backgrounds, lots of action, twists and turns, secrets, turm...more
This is straight up, brain-candy. Sugary, saturated fluffy yummy stuff. It's basically 'She's the Man' taking place in a misogynistic future. Seriously, One tomboyish heroine, check, one musically inclined twin brother, check, one sexy hot male roommate, check, and one forbidden, but not, love story, double check.

I'm not writing a summary for's too blatantly obvious what's it's about. But, despite my high rating (which is coming purely from the fact that I'm a sucker about stories like...more
Reviewed on Blog

Kris(tina) – Growing up in a society where girls are no more than delicate creatures is tough, it’s even tougher when you know how things could’ve been and had been in the past on the Earth-that-was. Kristina hates how she is unable to learn and go to school like her brother. She wants to become a navigator on a ship but being a girl means she’s stuck at home. Kristina says what she thinks and doesn’t back down, which gets her in a hot spot or two.

Kris(topher) – Navigating is re...more
At First Sight: For many years, Kristina Jameson has enjoyed her life in the company of her sickly twin brother Kristopher, helping him with his studies and encouraging him to practice his violin, happy to remain off their father's radar.

But now that Kristopher is healthy again, their father Admiral Jameson wants him to go to the Royal Academy, excel in all his classes and promptly join the Space Corps upon graduation. To Kristopher this is like a death sentence, but for Kristina there is nothi...more

El libro se desarrolla en un futuro donde las personas ya no viven en la tierra sino en otros planetas, ellos mencionan que el tiempo donde vivían en la tierra es nombrado "la antigua tierra"

El libro trata de Kristina Jameson que ingresa a la Royal Academy, ahí todo bien, pero ¡la Royal Academy es solamente para hombres! La persona que tenía que ir originalmente a la Royal Academy es Kristopher Jameson, el cual quiere ser músico pero su padre nunca lo dejara. El padre de ellos dos es...more
Jill Heather
Kristina pretends to be her brother and goes to the boys-only academy, where she and her roommate north (who thinks she is a boy) fall in love. Kristina is the most awesome at everything. North keeps protecting her. They keep getting into weirdly semi-sexual situations, including at North's family's manor where they are forced to share a bed.

They become blood brothers at this point.

"But you'll have to put it in for me -- at least the first time."
"Do you really want me to do it -- to pierce
I... wow.

I didn't want to even finish this book, that's how it amazed me. I kept staring at the page numbers but I really just wanted them to keep increasing. I loved loved loved it. A lot.

I already enjoy books about girls who dress up as boys to get into schools, especially with a little humour, because it makes the whole idea hilarious and enjoyable. It really worked in this novel, too, and I wish there were more that I could be recommended with, but sadly I can't find any other novels publish...more
This book tackled some sensitive issues like sexuality/homosexuality, masochism...And I guess it's because of this that the book was able to achieve some depth in the storyline. I've never read a book that ventures at describing the homosexual perspective in the first person and I must say that reading some of this in this book was enlightening. For a YA novel, I guess the fluffy, romantic stuff was just about right, but I would have appreciated a bit more chapters with North's point of view. It...more
I'll put this simple, this is a new twist of a classic plot. If you have read Manga (Japanese comics), particularly Shoujo Manga (Japanese comics for girls), this plot is a classic. Boy and girl are twins (or at least near enough in age to be confused for twins taking advantage of the girls smaller size if she is older), boy is being sent to a boarding school but {choose one option <1a - boy refuses and runs away> <1b - boy is too sick to go><1c - somehow boy says no and parents a...more
Karen Scott
The Academy is a book that was recommended to me by somebody (I forget who now) absolutely ages ago. It's been on my TBR file on my Kindle forever, and one day while I was waiting for something (probably the doctor's) I decided to give it a go.

Set in the future, The Academy is told from the heroine, Kristina Jameson's point of view. Kristina has a twin Kristopher, who's father expects to enroll in an academy for boys, in order for him to get a commission to the space corps. The problem is, Krist...more
Apr 21, 2014 Xzellaz rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: ya
It was incredibly sweet, although I do think that read by a male reader it would rather seem weird. I always wonder at this type of books how it would sound written by a male author or at least one that has male pov. I might be a girl but it still seems quite weird to me that it's this simple and then the process of developing feelings and all it seems confusing.

After a few pages I had one thought: Set in the medial age! Gonna be fun, wait how come they study calculus and space navigation?

This was quite different to anything I've ever read before but good none the less- This was about a strong heroine named Kristina whom had a twin brother named kristopher- Their mother died while giving birth to them and their father was An Admiral of a ship(A very cold,withdrawn man)- This is a futuristic type of read as it describes life on other planets and such - Most of their upbringing was spent with tutors and maids and mostly parentless as their father didn't burden himself by bothering...more
Guauuuu!!! Es brillante y súper adictivo! No he podido dejar de leerlo.... Me encantó la evolución de North. Desde su afán de protección de sí mismo, a la protección de Kristina, a abrir su corazón del modo que lo hizo y... Ese final!!, no tengo palabras, sólo el sentimiento de pérdida porque, realmente desearía que hubiera un libro 2....
Felita Hardigaloeh
kepengen baca tema "cewek yg menyamar jd cowok", ketemu cerita ini

dibesarkan jauh dari ortu, menjadikan kristina sangat dekat dg saudara kembarnya kristoper....kristina bakal ngelakuian apa aja demi kebahagiaan kristoper, bahkan menyamar di asrama cowok....

krisitna dan kristoper ibarat tertukar tubuh....kristina ingin jd pilot pesawat sdgkn kristoper pengen jd musisi......

di saat ayahnya yg tiran menyuruh kristoper masuk asrama khusus penerbang, kristina sadar mereka harus bertukar peran....kala...more
Read it in 1 sitting.
A very YA story, no sex involved, but it didn't matter.
Very well paced, interesting.
That the story is set in the future with several planets,etc is not a disturbance.
Emmaline doesn't go into that too much.
Liked the read very much, nice and light.
I wanted to really like this book. The universe the author created was amazing. There was so much potential to explore how this universe came about, why humans were in the new Solar System, how they choose which moons to populate, etc. Instead this unique and special universe was white-walled over with the cliched and tired girl pretends to be a boy in an all-male environment and the stale plotlines that go with it. The book did keep me intrigued, and I enjoyed reading it; however, I gave it two...more
I know I am not the only one who says this, but this one really reminded me of Hana Kimi combined with The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince and You're beautiful set in a somewhat si-fi setting.

The story is about about Kristina Jameson. Her twin brother Kristopher Jameson had poor health, because of which he was tutored at home his whole life. Until he was 17 that is. His father decided that he was now healthy enough to enter The Academy to become a starship captain or something similar. But Kristopher...more
Si me pongo densa y realmente amorosa, podríamos decir de que esta novela demuestra el amor en su estado más puro. Como alguien se va enamorando del otro sin saber siquiera el nombre y el género del otro. Se enamora de todo él/ella sin notarlo, solo observándolo, oliendo, sintiéndolo. Sin embargo se presenta en un futuro muy extraño, y, después de más de ciento cincuenta páginas llevaderas un conflicto no se presenta. Y cuando lo hace, en unas treinta páginas se da el conflicto, se resuelve, y f...more
This book completely hooked me, it kept me up all night!!
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Emmaline Andrews is the pseudonym of a well known author of adult romance. She has thoroughly enjoyed her first foray into the world of YA and hopes to write many more YA books in the future for younger readers and readers who are young at heart. Emmaline lives in Florida with her son, husband, and cat all of whom are male, making her feel completely outnumbered. Fortunately she ca...more
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