Dead Things (Eric Carter #1)
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Dead Things (Eric Carter #1)

3.82 of 5 stars 3.82  ·  rating details  ·  816 ratings  ·  132 reviews
Necromancer is such an ugly word, but it's a title Eric Carter is stuck with.

He sees ghosts, talks to the dead. He’s turned it into a lucrative career putting troublesome spirits to rest, sometimes taking on even more dangerous things. For a fee, of course.

When he left L.A. fifteen years ago he thought he’d never go back. Too many bad memories. Too many people trying to ki...more
Mass Market Paperback, 295 pages
Published February 5th 2013 by Daw
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Kevin Hearne
When someone says "necromancer" to me I tend to think of Dark Lords in Dark Citadels with minions and shriveled plant life and, for some reason, large black beetles. The necromancer in DEAD THINGS was refreshing because he brought none of that tired stuff to the table, and to hell with large black beetles anyway.

This necromancer, Eric Carter, isn't trying to rule the world; he's just trying to get by in it and avenge the death of his sister. He's a messed-up dude and I would never want to meet h...more
Disclaimer: In reading this book I recommend lots of salty, buttery, popcorn, you are going to need it.
I loved this book for all its faults, I am not sure if it was what the author was going for, but for me it was a cheesy horror flick. The main character is that heroine you love to hate, the one who you scream at to not go down that dark alley, the basement are you crazy, and you stupid bitch why are you leaving the group to go it alone.
Eric Carter has been running from his past for fifteen yea...more
 Danielle The Book Huntress (Angels Weep For Goodreads)
Dead Things is serious magic noir. The name of this book tells it all. This book is about a man surrounded by dead and the consequences it has on his life and his relationships with the living. The narrative is very cynical, with a main character who has a foul mouth and a dark point of view. Of course, anyone who has his necromantic abilities might tend to lose his faith in humanity and everything else. Despite that fact, I did like this book for the most part. Blackmoore lost me some near the...more
Experiment BL626
What luck! Dead Things was pretty much everything I could ever want in an Urban Fantasy. The hero kicked ass, the pacing was fast, and the story was devoid of cliches (the ones that annoy me anyway).

+ the hero

Eric Carter was my ideal Urban Fantasy hero. He embraced his power, and even better, he didn't hesitate killing bad guys with it. With great power comes great responsibility to kick ass and make them stay down — permanently.

I loved how he owned up to his bad decisions and personality flaws....more
3.75 stars rounded up

For the first story in a series, I mostly loved it. But I did have niggles.

Okay, the good part first:
Just like my friend, Expy, I loved how Eric embraced his dark power. I was refreshing to see the hero who didn't hesitate to kill the bad guys (like what he did with the cab driver) and didn't went back and forth on questioning the 'morality' of it. Those people (dead or alive) that he killed was the bad guys and Eric got the job done. Period.

The villains were vicious and i...more
Kathy (Kindle-aholic)
I knew after reading the first chapter that it was time to strap myself in and enjoy the ride. Excellent world and magic system, tortured lead character, lots of danger and action - hells yes.

First off, the setting: Los Angeles. LA has always been hellish for me, so a story set there with a rampaging, ravenous ghost, the personification of Death, gangsters, a magical hitman, it all worked.

Eric is our hitman. His magical talent is control of the dead. He left LA after avenging the death of his pa...more
Kai Kiriyama
I grabbed his newest book, DEAD THINGS, about a week ago as of this writing, read it in 2 days on transit, and I have to say that it was some of the best money I have ever spent.

The story is about a necromancer named Eric Carter who is called back to his hometown of Los Angeles by the sudden death of his sister. And hey, who says you can’t go home again? It’s only been 15 years for Eric and now that he’s back some big bad juju is stirring in the City of Angels and he’s at the center of it all. H...more
I think one of my Goodreads friends gave this a good review. I pulled it off the shelf at the bookstore and gave the first couple chapters a whirl, and I just had to keep coming back to it. Which is a good sign, given how crowded my To-Read shelf is. The protagonist, Eric, has a lot of baggage, some weird necromantic powers, and a wry and profane sense of humor. This book isn't for the faint of heart or weak of stomach--I'd say it borders on horror rather than urban fantasy. And it's got a kille...more
Kaleb Russell
To sum up my enjoyment of this book I'd say meh. This book was an okay read, with a decent story, and a likeable character; the character being Eric. I can't say much for the others though. I found them to be two dimensional with no real personalities. But I can say this book was a thrill ride with great action scenes. Overall, I thought this book was alright, but nothing ground breaking.
4.5 Stars

I read this a while ago, but with the sequel coming out I thought I would show some love a write a quick review on this because I loved it.

I also think Stephen Blackmoore is an excellent and underrated talent in this genre.

Eric is a necromancer. That's right, our protagonist actually uses the "bad guy's magic". One of the things that intrigued me about this novel was the fact that Eric dabbled in the dark side.

The story is a bit of a mystery where Eric is returning home to L.A. after s...more
Lindsay Simms
I loved this book. LOVED it. Top-rate urban fantasy. I'm telling you now, though, if you don't have a demented sense of humor and hate swearing, you probably won't like this book.

What really drives this book is the main character, Eric. I don't like to leave reviews with spoilers, so I'll just give you the basics. He's a necromancer. A powerful necromancer at that. He pisses off a lot of people, and a lot of people, and not people, want him dead. I don't blame them. He's kind of a jerk. I'm gue...more
Kelli Lee
3.5 stars
If you have been jonesing for a fast-paced, darkish whodunit urban fantasy with an MC stricken with a checkered-past, then give this book a try, or I should say series. A series I'll definitely continue on reading. Especially with the twisty-esque ending!
Robert Brown

I wasn't sure what to expect from this one. Another YA death-is-my-hope-for-meaning-in-my-life book? Another hack-the-zombie book? The cover looked good, and the synopsis was promising: but, I've been fooled before.

I'm glad this wasn't one of the times I was fooled, and I'm looking forward to the next volume Broken Souls when it comes out. The protagonist is a bit of a narcissist (but what human being isn't?), leaps to a lot of untested conclusions, and let's his mouth get him into more trouble

Yolanda Sfetsos
Wow. I was in the mood for a gritty UF book, and that's exactly what I got. Awesome!

Eric Carter is a necromancer. A shitty title, but hey, that's how he makes a living. And we get to see him in action right from the beginning. However, once the job's done, he gets a call from someone that manages to drag him back into his past. And that's how he finds out his sister is dead.

So he heads back to LA after fifteen years away determined to find her killer. Except he finds a whole lot more, because th...more
I’m writing this review shortly after reading a blogpost about how the line between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance is blurring more and more. I had to agree with said poster when she stated that it’s not for the good of the series – but it might be when it comes to the sales aspect – when the main focus of Urban Fantasy, being a tight plot filled with action and the supernatural, is being replaced by flimsy romance and way less plot than the amount of pages seems to suggest. If there are o...more
Anne Odom
So, I picked up this book because I follow Blackmoore and Chuck Wendig on twitter. They seem to like each other, and I liked Wendig's Blackbirds, so I grabbed a sample of Dead Things. At the end of the sample, I bought the full book on the spot -- didn't even check the price first.

* Protagonist - A damn fine anti-hero. Seriously flawed yet somehow seriously likable.

* Pacing - Nice and fast, plenty of action, great cliffhangers to keep you turning pages. I read it in two days.

* Necrom...more
Daniel Swensen
I'll admit, when I read Stephen Blackmoore's first book, CITY OF THE LOST, I was entertained but not blown away. I liked the hard-boiled feel of the prose, the cynical and tough-talking character, and the fun paranormal twists on what was basically a pulp noir tale. But it felt like Blackmoore was yet to really hit his stride.

Well, I just read DEAD THINGS, and I'm here to tell you, he hit it.

DEAD THINGS is a two-fisted paranormal noir that starts swinging from the first pages and never really l...more
Necromancy isn't pretty. That's why we don't see many characters who practice it. Most of them are villains who are expected to do terrible things. The occasional good guy who uses necromancy usually just talks to the dead with the occasional raising of an individual. In Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore, the main character shows that necromancy isn't necessarily evil but it's not for the squeamish.

Eric Carter was born with a knack for the dead that set him apart even in his magical family and c...more
Eric Carter talks to the dead. Then he kills them. He also talks to gods, the Loa and Santa Muerete, the patron saint of Narcos. He is a necromancer although he doesn't like to use that word. Fifteen years ago, he fled Los Angeles in order to save his sister. Now, Lucy has been murdered and Eric returns to avenge her. He thinks a ghost is responsible but soon it becomes apparent more is going on than a common haunting. This was an interesting concept, but not fully realized.
Great book. Well-written with an engaging story and great world-building. If Mr Blackmoore keeps this up in his future books he may take first place for me in this genre. The main character is a necromancer... and he is a good guy. This is a must read for all of you Harry Dresden fans out there!
4.5 stars.

This book is a great, dark urban fantasy. It features gods, ghosts, and mystery, with an antihero narrator in Eric Carter. It's fast-paced and gritty, with tons of action. I couldn't put it down! Highly recommended!
Alice Liu
Urban fantasy takes a walk on the dark side with necromancer Eric Carter. There are some really dirty jobs in life, but someone has to do them. Unfortunately, Eric is one of the few who can make dead things deader...and it is a thankless job. What was interesting to me is how judgmental everyone can be towards him. His friends are that way out of love and concern for him, but they are also trying to hold on to their concepts of normalcy and safety. Eric has no such luxuries, though he berates hi...more
D.R. Sylvester
I casually read the sample. No big deal. Do that a lot. Usually don't buy the book.
This was different. The world completely sucked me in, with evil guns and creepy tattoos and a terrifying... pocket watch?! And bad guys. Oh the bad guys: Awesome, amazing, fear-factor-and-hate-factor-ten-thousand bad guys.

Our lead? Necromancer. Eric. Doesn't mean he's a cloak wearing weirdo with pet bats and zombie minions, nope. He's hopping parallel dimensions back-and-forth between gritty L.A. and the land of...more
Been sitting on this review a while, but as the sequel to this is due out soon, I figured I ought to get around to writing it. I've been sitting on it because while I liked the book a lot, overall, especially the world-building that goes on in the first book of any series, and the novel approach to the mythology the author is utilizing (both of which I will address in a minute), I had a problem with the ending ... and I'm not sure exactly why.

But I'll get to that.

First, the world-building. This...more
I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

Stephen Blackmoore's Dead Things was while an intriguing read, one that I just couldn't get into 100%. Don't get me wrong, it was still entertaining, but I wasn't fully invested in the storyline. I'm not sure why I wasn't fully invested in the story, it sounded interesting enough and while I did enjoy bits and pieces, it just wasn't a fave for me.

Eric Carter is a necromancer and...more
Warning: 1. I will use saucy language 2. punctuation is unimportant to me.

When i picked this book up it was because i read kevin hearnes review of book two "broken souls" and said to myself "self you need to read this". and then i did. and my life has been forever changed.

eric carter is a nasty, rough, sarcastic asshole. like me. he is a me. and a i wish i was. from start to finish this book kicked my ass and i was left begging for more.

do i sound like a fanbo...more
Michael Loring
Dead Things by Author Stephen Blackmoore is the first in the Eric Carter series, following the exploits and bad luck of a necromancer who has been running for fifteen years away from his troubled past.

Eric Carter is a necromancer, not the average magic user. His whole family were magi users before he left. After his parents were murdered he ran away, never looking back. Fifteen years later his younger sister is brutally murdered, bringing him back to his old home. Waiting for him is a whole lot...more
Recommended by Kevin Hearn on his website. Tried it and found a writer with real skills and a twisted, dark imagination. Loved every minute of it. I absolutely live for reading well written words. I'm too lazy to write well but I appreciate someone who writes with purpose. The author describes a world so succinctly that it doesn't seem paranormal, just normal. His characters are flawed beings floundering through as we all are and his Gods rival the Greek pantheon for their humanity. The author a...more
I first heard about Dead Things through one of Kevin Hearne's blog post, suggesting books to check out and Stephen Blackmoore's Dead Things popped up and the description peaked my curiosity. I made a trip to my local Barnes and Noble and purchased it not knowing what to expect, this book is one hell of a ride. From beginning to end following Eric Carter who wields necromancy as a force of good, it's such a different point of view seeing someone use dark magic for something good. What I really lo...more
Beth Cato
This dark fantasy reads like a thriller. It's intense. It's brutal. It's good. It's probably inescapable to compare it with Richard Kadrey's Sandman Slim books, since they are both set in Los Angeles with a dark, snarky tone, but the worlds and magic are very different. Each good in their own way.

Blackmoore makes Eric Carter--not the nicest guy around--into a sympathetic character. That takes skill. The magic system is fascinating, as is the way that Eric can pop between the realms of the livin...more
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Stephen Blackmoore is a pulp writer of little to no renown who once thought lighting things on fire was one of the best things a kid could do with his time. Until he discovered that eyebrows don't grow back very quickly.

His first novel, a dark urban fantasy titled CITY OF THE LOST is out through DAW Books and is available at all the fashionable bookstores. Hopefully some of the seedier ones, too....more
More about Stephen Blackmoore...
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