Diary of a Mall Santa
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Diary of a Mall Santa

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Santa entertains us with his favorite "tales from the front." Each story recounts a real life moment with children or adults during the days leading up to Christmas. Some stories are tender and amusing; others are heartbreaking -- yet all are true.

These stories are for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other adults. However, by sharing them with children, you risk...more
Kindle Edition, 142 pages
Published July 30th 2012 by Stewart Scott
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I'm only 56% done with the book and I can't stand it anymore. I very rarely write negative reviews, especially not of free books, and ESPECIALLY not of memoirs. I feel like giving a negative review of a memoir is almost like putting someone down. However, this Santa doesn't seem to mind judging people and putting them down, so I'm sure he won't mind if I do the same. When I saw that this was free on Amazon I was excited - I love memoirs and it's perfect for Christmas. From the very beginning I c...more
I'm not quite sure how I feel about this one. The author says he's a stickler for grammar but there is clearly some issues that need to be resolved with his writing. Then there's his claim, "well I don't judge" but there are clear passages and entries where he is seriously judging, such as a pregnant teenager and her boyfriend, even though they're obviously over 18. The amount of judgment he hands out is unnecessary - and it really only bothers me because it's a hypocritical action (he says at t...more
I really need to stop downloading these free Kindle books based on a 4.5 star rating based on 7 reviews. Obviously, those reviews are from the author and family/friends. The book is made up of short little stories-none of which came as a surprise. Okay, some children are terrified of Santa Claus, other children come to Santa with big, big problems, grown-ups also sneak in to see Santa which makes his day. Got it. Maybe I was in a Grinch mood, but I'm thanking my lucky stars that this book was fr...more
This book is a series of too-short little observations from the author's weeks as a mall Santa. While some of them are touching, most just come across with an air of judgment and superiority -- something I see more than enough of on a daily basis and don't need from someone claiming to represent a symbol of love or hope. Mr. Scott seems a bit too sheltered and uptight to make a living interacting with the public.
This was a very cute memoir of one Christmas season as seen through the eyes of Santa. His brief quips on encounters with both children and adults are entertaining and sometime heart breaking. I wondered if child/Santa exchanges were always the child saying what they wanted for Christmas. As I learned this is not always the case. Very interesting read and appropriate for this time of year.
This Santa was amazingly judgemental. It makes me worry about what Santa would think of me. Santa should be magical.
A fluff book of little substance. Mildly interesting insight. Feels like a "faith journey" documented in a blog.
Kristen Noel
Dec 28, 2013 Kristen Noel rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: No one. Ever.
I don't even know where to start with this "book". It reads as sloppy journal entries instead of an actual memoir. While it promises true, heartwarming, and sometimes heartbreaking stories, you only get a paragraph or two highlighting Scott's superior attitude and judgments towards others. If you're wanting to get into the holiday spirit, this is not the book to look to.

Scott makes constant judgmental comments about the families he sees with no basis. It becomes repetitive. I was amazed to find...more
Little snippets of stories from life as a mall Santa. Mostly cute. Not incredibly deep. Slightly religious.
Quick read. I liked the stories, but didn't need "the moral of the story" throughout the book.
The first bit of this book, along with the plot idea, I loved. I loved hearing the heartwarming and the odd things that happened to Stew the mall Santa. And I love how much Stew loved being Santa. That said, after awhile I start getting annoyed with Stew. He comes across as very Judgmental and condenscending. For example, he always comments on the heavier women and children. He judges how people parent...and sometimes I agreed with his points of view and sometimes not so much. He had a black cou...more
Synopsis: "Santa entertains us with his favorite "tales from the front." Each story recounts a real life moment with children or adults during the days leading up to Christmas. Some stories are tender and amusing; others are heartbreaking -- yet all are true.

These stories are for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other adults. However, by sharing them with children, you risk tarnishing the luster of the Santa experience. (And remember, Santa IS watching you."

My Review: I really enjoyed t...more
Michelle (In Libris Veritas)
This turned out to be a lovely collection of very short stories about Stewart Scott's time working at as mall Santa. There are a wide variety of stories and musings; some are heartwarming, others are hilarious, some are sad, and then there are the ones that made me shake my head and wonder why people have children. It's odd but I've rarely ever thought of the mall Santa actually enjoying his job...which might have to do with the fact that I've seen some pretty miserable looking Santas. It's nice...more
Beth Cutwright
At 142 pages, this was a fast reading book and a pleasure to read. It definitely reminds us what the real reason for the season is and how one particular Santa perceives and receives his guests those precious and ever busy days prior to Christmas. It was definitely a reminder of many philosophies, like don't force your babies to sit on Santa's lap if they are frightened and not rewarding bad behavior with treats in exchange for behaving well, or smiling for the camera. I have a whole new perspec...more
This book was a free download to Minerva (My Kindle), and I downloaded it because:
a) I enjoy reading holiday stories this time of year, and
b) it was free

It was a very quick read, sweet and touching at times while being honest about everything from being wet on to stories of heartbreak. Written in a sort of journal/diary format, some of the "tales" seemed entirely too brief and left me wanting just a bit more description of sights, sounds, smells, etc. In other words, the stories are charming but...more
100+ short entries of his stint as a mall Santa. Heart-warming and heart-wrenching stories. Apparently Scott worked as a Director of a Homeless Shelter. This book is devoid of modern-day political correctness as Scott refused to say Happy Holidays. It's MERRY CHRISTMAS! Kudo's to him. He even shares about the true Christmas story. Not what I expected and a pleasure to read. Nothing deep. No writing awards here. Every meal doesn't have to a be culinary masterpiece. This was a simple and satisfyin...more
Short, sweet and fun!
The author described well what his experiences were when he was the Santa children visited in a shopping mall. He had to love children to go back to the job day after day, and those of us who have never played the roll of Santa now know how it would feel; we learned about the joy and the sadness that accompany the job.
Diane Lybbert
Very entertaining (and enlightening) series of stories from an actual mall Santa's diaries. He tells of the wonder, the joy, the beauty of children at Christmas, as well as the sadness, fear, and worry some of the little children bring to his lap. Told from a Christian Santa perspective, he often offers to pray for his visitors (amazing how many adults talk to Santa!), and encourages them all. I gained a new insight into the behind-the-scenes life of mall Santa, as well as the varied visitors wh...more
This was a very cool account of what mall Santas go through and witness everyday. Many of the entries were heartwarming and made your eyes kind of misty. Its awesome to see this man embrace everyone, not just children. I will admit that some of the parents in here shouldn't be parents at all with how they treated their children. This book definitely makes you appreciate what you have for the holidays. I totally give this guy major kudos for being an a outstanding Santa for everyone he met, belie...more
Vanessa Perez
This book is all over the place. Santa goes from demanding respect for homeless people to denouncing fat people. Plus, his Spanish is horrible. It's "me llamo papa Noel" not "me llama es Santa." Anyway, I tried to like this ~memoir but all the judgement and his constant "I want to punch so and so in the face" made me question why he was harping on the movie "bad Santa." You can definitely tell this book was written by an old white man.
I really wanted to enjoy it believe me I did. I am no Scrooge. But the way that the stories were being told where just very nerve-racking. they were less than short stories it's almost like each one was a blurb, maybe even a paragraph. It's just too bad. like I said wanted to enjoy it, and instead of a book filled with cheer, I found one filled with coal that did not give me the warm Cozy feeling inside. Sorry Santa!
This is a delightful book that you can read in spurts. It's divided into small antidotes of a Mall Santa. Most of the stories are humorous, but some are pretty sad. It's too bad one of the elves working with Santa isn't with Child Protective Services. I often thought it would be fun to be a Santa, but the ugly side would break my heart. This book helps you appreciate the "good" Santas out there.
Santa Stew
If I don't say so myself, this is a pretty good book. Santa might not replace Hemingway or John Grisham, but neither of those guys could have written this book. If you're over 18 years of age, this is a must read. It will have you laughing and crying, but maybe not at the same time. After reading "Diary of a Mall Santa," you will always be a believer.
Sarah Wright
Such a great book to read.

Although, I read this during the Christmas season, I would read it again any time of the year!

The Mall Santa/author of this book recalls different instances that he encounters as he does his job.

Some stories were funny and made me giggle, chuckle, and even laugh out loud, while others tugged at my heart strings.
I loved this book! The Diary of a Mall Santa is filled with stories that made me chuckle, some that brought a tear to my eyes, and others that made me want to be a better parent. I can only imagine what this man had to witness and even though some people thought his writing was incredibly judgemental I found it refreshing.
This was a sweet, quick read that helps put you in the Christmas mood! There are tender tales and funny moments. Santa does get a little judgemental at times, but most of what he writes is what many would be thinking. Overall, Santa comes across as a kind man having the true Christmas spirit.
Lisa A.
It was very interesting to see people and events through Santa's eyes. The author clearly loves his job as Santa and takes the time to listen to his visitors. The story's diary format made it easy to pick a place to stop and it helped move the story along quickly.
What a wonderful book. I am not much of a Santa Clause fan but this book changed my mind. I enjoyed all the stories as some made me laugh out load and others brought tears to my eyes. I really hope Stewart (AKA Santa) writes more in years to come.
Cute. Easy read that flows from one anecdote to the other. Made me glad (for the most part) that I'm not a Mall Santa. Some of the kids were so giving and loving and some of the others were...well, the complete opposite but Santa loves them all.
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