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De fatale toewijding van verdachte X
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De fatale toewijding van verdachte X (Detective Galileo #3)

3.91 of 5 stars 3.91  ·  rating details  ·  7,614 ratings  ·  1,358 reviews
De ex-man van Yasuko staat plotseling voor de deur. Als hij haar dochter bedreigt, slaan bij Yasuko de stoppen door en vermoordt ze hem. Buurman Ishigami heeft al tijden een zwak voor haar en biedt aan om samen een waterdicht alibi te creëren. Geconfronteerd met tegenstrijdig bewijs van deze brute moord roept de politie de hulp in van een briljante natuurkundige met de bij ...more
ebook, 227 pages
Published July 2012 by De Geus (first published 2005)
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Not only is THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X a multi-faceted cultural reading experience, but it also acutely complements the familiar psychological suspense/thriller/mystery genre by infusing Japanese philosophy. Keigo Higashino shrewdly and subtly induces the reader to contemplate the immeasurable complexities of the human psyche by questioning what motivates one human being to judge who is worthy of life, and who is not.

Tetsuya Ishigami’s daily schedule is precisely what one would expect of a Japane
The Devotion of Suspect X is the third book of the 'Detective Galileo' series by the author Keigo Higashino. The reason why I believe it has managed to attain such popularity, is because the book has broken free from the shackles of the typical 'whodunnit' format. The author presents us with a greater challenge than wondering who the murderer is: he keeps us guessing about how the murder can be hidden, in order to make it a perfect crime.

The premise of the story, as oft-repeated, is simple.

Whoa! I finished reading the final 220 odd pages in less than 3 hours. That must be some kind of a personal best for me.

All of the crime thrillers I had read before this had the same template of the classical whodunit, with a few alterations here & there. But it was always on me to try & guess the identity of the culprit until the end when the book finally provides the revelation.

But what if you're already told 'who done it' in the first couple of chapters itself? Believe me, I thought t
When Yasuko Hanaoka’s ex-husband shows up to exhort money, she and her daughter kill him. Her neighbor Tetsuya Ishigami, a high school math teacher, volunteers to help dispose of the body and divert the police’s attention. What results is a scheme to deceive the police into solving the wrong crime.

Sumida River in Tokyo (Photograph by Ian Muttoo)

A dead body whose face is smashed to hide the identity shows up near the river and Detective Kusanagi must identify the murder and find the perpetrator.
Arun Divakar
The whodunit variant that begins with the audience knowing who the perpetrator is requires a higher precision and control from the author's part. You start with an outlandish occurrence and a sleuth takes you back in time and reconstructs the entire sequence. Precisely for the amount of careful plotting needed, a vast majority of the books in this line fail to meet the objective. That is, if your reader figures out your plot halfway through the story : the game's up ! Not many people read a whod ...more
I only finished this one as a punishment for my error in picking it up in the first place. I can forgive the flat prose and the non-existant characterization - I wasn't looking for literary greatness here - but the plot is so unbelievably silly I was muttering insults at the author while reading it. The ex-wife of the murder victim is the only suspect in the investigation. Really? The brilliant detective completely disregards any other possibilities and draws ridiculous - supposedly logical - co ...more
João Carlos

“La Devoción del Sospechoso X” é uma novela policial escrita em 2005 pelo ex-engenheiro, nascido em Osaka, Japão, Keigo Higashino e que vendeu mais de 2 milhões de exemplares.
Na história de “La Devoción del Sospechoso X” encontramos Yasuko Hanaoka, uma mãe solteira, divorciada, que trabalha no Restaurante Bententei e vive num pequeno apartamento com a sua filha Misato, nascida do seu primeiro casamento.
No apartamento vizinho vive Tetsuya Ishimagi, solteiro, professor, um génio da Matemática, in
38. THE DEVOTION OF SUSPECT X. (2008; Eng. trans. 2011). Keigo Higashino. ***1/2.
This was the first novel by this Japanese author to feature his series hero, Dr. Manabu Yukana, also known as Detective Galileo. Yukana is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Tokyo Imperial University, and seems to routinely help the Tokyo detectives with their more difficult cases. The author is a mega-seller in Japan, with both this series and others, plus a raft of films adapted from his novels and assorted TV
I love books that take everything you think you know and suddenly flip it on its head without any indication whatsoever.

A great mystery book with some surprise twists that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Kali Srikanth
"He’s quite capable of committing an atrocity, provided that it’s the most logical course of action".
~Physicist Yukawa

Hanoaka lives with her daughter alone, but is haunted by her ex-husband Togashi. One evening, tired mother & daughter, badly provoked, kill him. Police cannot know this, and friends cannot know this. Genius, but introvert neighbor Ishigami finds out and helps them to cover up the whole thing, carefully.

But how far will you go to protect a troubled woman you loved?

Police run
Devotion of Suspect X
By: Keigo Higashino, Alexander O. Smith

I had really wanted to like this book more than I actually did. I have read other foreign authors' works that are translated, and although I feel that was part of my problem, it wasn't the only factor.

The translation here, for me, was somewhat stilted or more formal than what a normal dialogue would be like. Just basic responses to everyday things seemed off and it interfered with the flow of the story.
The other problem I had with t
First off: I am not generally a thriller/suspense reader. I love it in movies and TV, but I have yet to find an amazing suspense author capable of keeping me fully-immersed in a crime story and it's characters. Though, I do plan to read the books by "Richard Castle" whether they are any good or not, just because I love him so much. I'm not sure what that says about me.

I watch quite a bit of crime TV and perhaps I have become way to accustomed to the fast pace at which the episodes progress. This
I've read perhaps ten or so Japanese crime novels seen maybe fifteen Japanese crime films, have read some non-fiction about the Japanese underworld, and have been to the country. All of which is to say that while I'm not fluent in the culture, I didn't come to this story completely unversed in it either. Unfortunately, this particular book seems to be a case of a publisher trying to find the next big international crime thriller hit, and releasing a book with some major flaws.

The story revolves
Lou Robinson
I ummed and ahhed between 3 and 4 * for The Devotion of Suspect X. A nice mix between crime and romance and interesting to read a book set in a country and culture that I know very little about. Good story and twist. The only reason I knocked it down to 3 was the writing style which took time to get used to. I'd describe it as 'noddy' language, very simplistic, and probably down to translation method. In the end, it didn't really detract from what's an entertaining read.
This is a solid mystery out of Japan, nominated for the 2012 Edgar Awards for 'Best Novel'. This mystery has a bit of a twist in that you know the murder/murderer up front & the rest of the novel is a cat & mouse game between police & suspect(s). Even knowing the set-up from the beginning, Higashino throws some twists & turns in there, making it surprising even when it seems like you already know everything. I also appreciated & enjoyed the Japanese atmosphere (setting, chara ...more
If you are looking for a typical whodunnit kind of book, this is definitely not the one for you, as you know who did what right from the beginning. However, if you are looking for a crime fiction that borders brilliance in its execution and has a really surprising end, this is definitely the book for you.

After hearing so much about this book from several people, mixed reactions as usual, I decided to give it a try. I was hooked onto this page turner right from the beginning. The story was simple
Anirban Das

Although the book has been hyped as a thriller, I found the thriller part pretty simple. Frankly speaking there are far better thriller available in the market. So, as far as the THRILLER part of the book goes, I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5.
Now comes the twist. There also happens to be a tragic layer in the book apart from the thriller part. And, that is what makes this book such a captivating read. While reading the last few pages, you cant help but feel sad for Ishigami. Specially when he
Teresa Lukey
I keep wavering between 4 and 5 stars for The Devotion of Suspect X, so I'm going to call it at 4.5 STARS. My love of statistics and interest in the Japanese people made this a must read for me.

Having worked with many Japanese engineers, I can say this story definitely unfolds in a very Japanese style. Methodical, systematic, carefully, calmly, quietly...these are all words that come to mind, when I think of this book or any of the Japanese people I have been around.

The idea behind the story, an
Superbly crafted psychological suspense novel - simple, yet genius

This story was superbly crafted and a really wonderful, highly recommended read. The truth is I didn't actually like it very much at the beginning, however I quickly got pulled into the story and in the end could only admire the simple but genius quality of the plot.

There are essentially four main characters in this novel: Yasuko, the single-mother who commits the unplanned murder; Ishigami, a math teacher and her neighbor, who he
Anshuman Mishra
"Which is harder: devising an unsolvable problem, or solving that problem? "

The quote from the book (which is a mathematical problem indeed), pretty much sums up the backbone of the script.

The language flow is a bit scratchy at times (probably due to "not up to the mark" translation), but the book does manage to keep you curious and interested through most part of the plot.
It kicks off a bit slow, with the first 20 pages being merely a drag, but it gets into the real deal quickly after that.

First Sentence: At 7:35 A.M. Ishigami left his apartment as he did every weekday morning.

A woman separated from her brutal husband. A neighbor devoted to helping her. A policeman tasked with trying to solve a murder. A physicist asked to help his friend the policeman, and who knows the neighbor. These four elements combine into a game of cat and mouse.

My first thought was how much I wish they had included a map. My second thought was a wish for a cast of characters as I am not as familiar with J
Osvaldo Reyes
Excelente libro. Un enfoque diferente y un gran misterio. No es sobre quién es el culpable (eso se conoce desde el principio). Es sobre como escapar de la justicia con la coartada perfecta. Un combate de ingenio entre dos genios. Como dicen en el libro: "¿Qué es más difìcil? ¿Crear un problema sin solución o resolver dicho problema?". Para una reseña completa visiten: http://elsenderoentrelassombras.blogs...
Another Japanese murder mystery/thriller (though there's no mystery about it as we come to know of the victim, murderer and accomplice in the first few pages itself. ) The book has a couple of highly intelligent learned people, their sidekicks, police as well as ordinary citizens, all jousting with each other. An ex - Husband gets killed by his wife, her neighbour , a brilliant mathematician helps her to hide the fact. Police (naturally) suspect her and 1-2 red herrings are successfully thrown i ...more
OMG!!! I am on the list of winners for this book! woo woo!! :) so looking forward to reading it. Was reviewd on NPR last winter and it sounded great! Wasn't available at my library, and my backlog of to-read books was too large to justify buying it.... so this works out perfectly!
did I have an interim review that disappeared? No?
I thought I had made comments about doubts I was having about the book - in the begining there was stilted and simplistic dialogue and I wasn't sure if it was the
Ashland Mystery Oregon
It's hard to write about The Devotion of Suspect X without giving away too much of the story. The central crime is a woman's murder of her abusive ex-husband and the unspoken love of a neighbor who helps her conceal the crime. It's the neighbor, Ishigami who is Suspect X. He's the unknown accomplice the Tokyo police are seeking as it's clear that Yasuko Hanaoka has an alibi, and is physically unlikely to have committed the crime.

Ishigami is essentially alone, suicidal until he meets Yasuko. The
I have wanted to read this ever since I heard about it months ago won it from Good Reads, so thanks!

Again, I really wish I could give 1/2 stars because I would give this a 3.5. I appreciated the skill of the writer in intricately plotting this book along with the twists and turns that kept me guessing, but decided it just wasn't my kind of mystery. From the start you know that the math professor helps his neighbor woman and her teen daughter cover up the murder of the woman’s brutal ex-husband,
This is an elegant book, deceptively simple. The characters are well developed and believable. I wanted the single mother, the lonely mathematician and the detective physicist to all triumph, though I knew that was impossible. Each character is faced with a crucial and painful choice, the timing of which makes all the difference. This was a quick 2-day read for me as I was thouroughly engrossed in the plot and the pace as the writer revealed the clues and ultimately the truth.

In the past few ye
I am not a great fan of crime-mysteries, my favourite genre being general fiction, but I have always had a huge respect for the crime-mystery writers. A general fiction is about life and death and a mystery is about crime and death. A general fiction can be good or average, but a crime and mystery fiction can be very good or very bad. A good one can peak you career and take you to the top but a bad one can crash you career even before it takes off. Why! Because the basic premise of a crime ficti ...more
Four stars because it was a delicious read for me. I simply loved the writing style; kind of old fashioned and cozy (except ending). Rating this book was very hard for me because as a true mystery I felt it failed.

Yasuko Hanaoka is a divorced, single mother who thought she had finally escaped her abusive ex-husband Togashi. When he shows up one day to extort money from her, threatening both her and her teenaged daughter Misato, the situation quickly escalates into violence and Togashi ends up d
Wow! This was an amazing book. The primary story line surrounds Yasuko Hanaoka, a divorced mother and Ishigami her next door neighbor and math teacher. Yasuko's abusive ex-husband tracks her and her daughter down and tries to extort them for money. Tragically, the evening ends in violence. Suddenly, Ishigami, Yasuko's quiet next door neighbor, whom she has rarely spoken with, shows up offering salvation and a way out for Yasuko and her daughter, Misato. If you just follow the obvious plot line o ...more
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Keigo Higashino is one of the most popular and biggest selling fiction authors in Japan—as well known as James Patterson, Dean Koontz or Tom Clancy are in the USA.

Born in Osaka, he started writing novels while still working as an engineer at Nippon Denso Co.(presently DENSO). He won the Edogawa Rampo Prize, which is awarded annually to the finest mystery work, in 1985 for the novel Hōkago (After S
More about Keigo Higashino...

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