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Caccia alle fate
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Caccia alle fate (Paranormalcy #2)

3.93 of 5 stars 3.93  ·  rating details  ·  24,677 ratings  ·  1,984 reviews
È difficile avere una vita normale quando si ha il dono di riconoscere gli esseri sovrannaturali al primo sguardo. Ma Evie, dopo tante bizzarre avventure, vuole provare a vivere davvero come ogni ragazza della sua età. Questa nuova esperienza però si rivela da subito noiosissima e così, quando l’Agenzia Internazionale per il Contenimento del Paranormale le offre di tornare...more
Hardcover, 432 pages
Published July 25th 2012 by Giunti Y (first published June 1st 2011)
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Moves like Buffy
as sung to Lyndsey by Evie, set to Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5

Do you see these scars?
I can go all night
You know in your heart
That you aren't right
I'll take you away
To the IPCA
Yeah, you better behave

You're in my control
So don't fight me
Now let's take a stroll
Don't you bite me
You say I'm a sheep
Well, I think you're a creep
I don't give a BLEEP

And it goes like this...

Take me by the the hand
And I'll go with you
Through the faerie lands
And I'll show

I got them moves like Buffy
I got th...more

Oh, bleep! It was SO. GOOD.

Let me just say I was torn between reading at a crazy, feverish, I-am-consumed-by-this-book pace and slowing down to savor each delicious word and laugh-out-loud line.

As I ended up reading Supernaturally in 3.5 hours, I obviously opted to drink from the fire hose instead of sipping daintily from a tea cup.

Kiersten White, you are the word maestro. You really upped the hilarity quotient in this sequel with your clever turns of phrase and laugh-o...more
May 18, 2011 Flannery rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: People Who've Already Read Paranormalcy
Hello Goodreaders, and welcome to Irrelevant Book Cover Redo, Part Deux! (Part Un was my Paranormalcy review) In this second installment of the Paranormalcy series, Kiersten White picks back up with Evie and the gang after the gaggle of events that occurred at the end of book one. Look at the cover. Okay, now read this the following paragraph where I set up the plot for you…

Evie is living out in the real world after Lend’s father falsifies papers for her. She is living the dream—er, well her dre...more
You ever read a first book that you just loved and had everything you were looking for: a good MC, no love triangles, action, suspense, not a lot of vanilla characters, was fun, and had an ending that wraps everything neatly with just enough strings left unattached that leaves a smidgen of mystery to rope you into the next book?

Well, for me, that was Paranormalcy, the first book in this series. I just loved it. Evie was smart, badass, had a funny voice, and really good character depth. I total...more
Jillian -always aspiring-
With some trepidation do I start this review of Supernaturally, sequel to 2010's Paranormalcy. Now, I liked Paranormalcy well enough because of its heroine, Evie, and the story's tendency to poke fun at the paranormal craze. Whatever flaws the story had, the novel had charm in a world of YA books gone shallow and insipid, unrelatable and inane, and I was hopeful to read the next installment even if I thought that Evie's story could have stayed open-ended with readers imagining what her future mi...more
Fun, quirky, energetic, amusing and highly entertaining!

Supernaturally is just as great as the first book. And if you thought Evie was a hOOt then ya'll are gonna love Jack! Despite all things he's such a crazy-fun character who will have you laughing out loud the minute you meet him. And lets not forget about Lead, He's just as irresistible and adorable as ever. Love him!!
If your looking for a break from the more serious paranormal reads then look no further. This book is the perfect combinat...more
Okay, I know this is random, but best acknowledgements section ever.

I started off my year with Kiersten White's debut, Paranormalcy, and I said inmy reviewthat it was the perfect funk-breaker and way to start the year. I've been recommending it heartily ever since. And so, though I don't usually actively pursue review books, the sequel, Supernaturally, was one I was bound and determined to get my hands on. (As politely and professionally as possible, of course... ;p) So yes, Misty + ARC o...more
Hayden Casey
(Actual Rating: 3.5 stars)

Wow. I really should've reread Paranormalcy before I started this.
Kiersten White did very little review at the beginning of SUPERNATURALLY, which lead to a very confused Hayden.

This was me:
[image error]

I was trepid going into this book. Previous Goodreads reviews shattered all sense of hope I had of this being a good sequel. They said the characters fell flat (specifically Lend) and it suffered from being the middle book in a trilogy. I think those reviewers were wrong...more
I have lost some respect for myself.

Why, you may ask? It's because I now have the shameful task of eating my own words. It's very degrading.

Anyway, the point of this wallowing is this: I now prefer Reth to Lend.


If you're confused about why typing this makes me practically want to cry, see for yourself in my review of the first book. I mean, that's a lot of hatred to take back. I kinda wish the earth would swallow me up right now, my pride is so wounded.


The general review atmosphe...more
ahhhhhhhhh yay another! i loved the first book it was so different from everything paranormal ive read it was amazing and a half! such a cute relationship between evie and lend please dont let anything happen to them! i love how evie got so excited over lockers in the first book hehe and how she carries around her taser (tasey)! loved!
Small Review
Originally posted at Small Review

"The Buffy mark"

There was a blurb on Supernaturally that said something along the lines of “Comes closer than most to hitting the Buffy mark.” Well, Buffy fanatic that I am, any sort of comparison to Buffy usually sets me off…and not in a good way. Because can anything really come close to the awesomeness of Buffy? I didn’t think so.

Now Kiersten White is no Joss Whedon. Her humor is completely different and it isn’t really fair to either of them to try to compar...more
Amy S

Dear book,

Maybe it's not you. Maybe it's me. I adored your first installation, I really did. But time has passed, we've both changed, and we're just not right for each other anymore. I think it's best if we move on. After all, from the beginning things did not look good. When I picked you up at the library and held you in my slender hands (here's hoping) I noticed that you were playing me with the whole Stephanie-Myers-pretend-big-book-thing. You know, the one where they make the b...more

Actually, I'm NOT going to write an in-depth review.

Mostly because I can't really remember what happens in this book. Mostly nothing. Mostly Evie abruptly going places to do nothing then ending up back right where she started.

White's teenage voice is alarmingly realistic. I'm going to read Mind Games but if it's the same voice, I'll probably stop reading White. It reads like a teenager wrote the book - not enough detail in some places, too much in others, a jarringly abrupt narrative and a...more
Oh my bleeeeep, this was so fanfreakingtastic!

When I read Paranormalcy last year I didn't expect to love it so much - but I did, I fell in love with Evie and her love of pink and with Lend. So of course I couldn't wait to start reading Supernaturally!

Normally, I'm always afraid of second books in a series, they can either life up to the hype generated in the first book, or they leave you disappointed. I'm glad I can tell Supernaturally most definitely delivered!

Evie's life has changed, she no...more
Hope Baxter
Me and my best friend Tyler ADORE this series. White has such a way of evolving the glamours into thick descriptions, telling us about paranormals we haven't, or have heard about. Jack is hilarious, and absolutely adorable. Lend is..... starting to get boring, as much as I love him. And Reth is.... still up in Evie's face all the time.
I'm more than halfway through it, and can't wait to finish it. I adore this book, no flaws detected!
okay, so first off I have to say I really loved Paranormalcy. You see, I attached my raving review for it, so it really pains me to have to do this.....

Dun Dun Dun.

This book sucked. No really, I mean it flat out sucked. I am shocked at how horrible Supernaturally was. I just started a new job, so my reading time is reducing, so I clearly don't want to waste my precious book time on crap.... anybody else feel me??!?!?!?

Book #1 was new, fresh, exciting and fast-paced. Book #2 was slow, dragging...more
Meh. The first book of this series was not so bad but not exceptional either; this second one is more of the same.
I still can't stand Evie. She's whiny and pouty. She has no will of her own and is constantly dragged along by others, both metaphorically and physically. Her tastes and her speech patterns are supposed to be cute and endearing, but all they ispired to me was annoyance.
While White's alternate world is interesting enough and the premises are good, there is a sense of incompleteness in...more
In a Sentence: While Supernaturally was a fun and worthwhile follow up to Paranormalcy, I found myself frustrated with a few aspects of the book.

My Thoughts

I was so excited to be one of those bloggers lucky enough to get his or her hands on an ARC of Supernaturally. If you remember my review of Paranormalcy last year, it ended up being one of my favorite YA reads of 2010. After finishing Supernaturally, I'm happy to say that Kiersten White is back with her sharp wit and quirky phrases that come...more
Say you love pink. You wear pink every day. Pink nail polish, lipstick, clothes, shoes, even your undies. Pink, pink, pink!

Then one day you see someone wearing blue, and you think wow, blue! I wanna wear blue! I want blue nail polish, blue shoes, blue eye shadow, blue everything!

So you chuck all your pink stuff, throw it out, and replace it all with blue, and you love it!!

Then after a couple months, you wake up one day and think - you know what I want to wear today? PINK!! Followed by oh shit,...more
This is such an awesome series! If you haven't read it... you need to do so NOW!

I love the brilliance of Kiersten White (she is BRILLIANT, people!!) and her witty one liners and hilarious antics.... Kiersten truly breathes life into Evie. If you enjoyed Evie's personality in Paranormalcy, have no fear, our girl is back and even better in Supernaturally. With the characters that we loved from book one: Lend, Raquel, Reth Arianna and a new addition: Jack.

We get to see a whole different side of Ev...more
Annabelle Marie Veronica
Supernaturally was even better than Paranormalcy. The plot is more defined, although personally I feel like some of the characters don't have enough substance. They're all lovely characters. The problem simply is that many of them have no backgrounds, no likes and dislikes, nothing that binds them to Earth.

Also, I'm not a huge fan of White's writing style. I like hearing Evie's voice, but the way it's written can come across as everything from obnoxious to clueless. I like Evie, but I suffered s...more
Fair warning, there will be a few minor spoilers in this review.

God, this book was so disappointing. I loved the first one, I really did, and I was excited to read book number two. Then I started reading it, and it just... didn't work.

The author herself admits how hard it was to write a squeal in the acknowledgements, and that struggle was easy to see when reading the book. Nothing felt like it was happening for natural reasons - everything was there just to create some kind of story. I found m...more
İlk kitap bana daha hoş gelmişti. Bu kitapta ise tipik ergen problemlerine paranormal katkılar yapılmış. Evie'nin liseye başlamasıyla sürekli etrafta mızırdanıp dolaşması canımı sıktı. evet anladık lise bir cehennem , üniversite telaşı var , üniversiteli erkek arkadaşına yakın olmak istiyorsun,bencilsin vs vs. Yeni karakter jack'in arka plan hikayesinde olanları tahmin etmek zor değil, onun bir işler çevirdiğini ben çok önceden anlamıştım , evie sonunda anladığında gözlerimi devirmekten kör olac...more
... eh.

I have to say, upfront, that Supernaturally left me feeling very... underwhelmed. I know that I really enjoyed Paranormalcy, but something just didn't quite do it for me with this one.

While the book definitely had its little funny, butt-kicking and saddening moments, I just didn't find myself hooked while reading.

The 'climatic' ending felt anything but, I saw it coming very early on. I mean... it was incredibly obvious.

And I hate that.

Perhaps that's why I didn't enjoy it like I wanted...more
Evie finds out that being in school isn't all it's cracked up to be. When she gets contacted by Raquel about IPCA business, she can't help but accept small tasks to feel more accomplished since her grades aren't looking too good. Lend was really passive in this book and out of the loop on everything. Despite being a sweet and supportive boyfriend, he was missing his charm of unpredictability which he possessed in the first book.

The introduction of new character Jack was refreshing as he made the...more
Aug 30, 2011 Kereesa rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: If you liked Paranormalcy enough not to care if it goes downhill quite a bit.
It's been a few months since the events in Paranormalcy. Evie is now a regular attendee at the local high school (with her own locker!), and working diligently away at getting into Gagetown (I think anyway, something with a G), the university where Lend attends. Her life, while still tainted by the supernatural, is now pretty normal. That is until supernatural beings start to attack her, her old boss wants her back working for IPCA, and a lovely new character takes on the role of comic relief, J...more
I didn't have the highest expectations for this book, nor the first one. All I wanted was some light humor, cool paranormal creatures, and just an interesting YA urban fantasy. Is that really too difficult to accomplish?

So, with the help of Raquel, the International Paranormal Containment Agency (IPCA for short) has believed Evie to be dead for six months now. Lend has gone to Georgetown (and Evie would like to go there no), and Evie is stuck at his dad's house going to a normal high school and...more
Mundie Moms & Mundie Kids
What a bleeping fantastic sequel. Kiersten made me fall in love with her characters, her world and her writing in Paranormalcy, and she had me loving them even more in Supernaturally.

There are a lot of things I enjoyed about this sequel, and one of them is the character journey Evie goes on. Her quest to find herself and discover who she really is isn't easy, and Evie being the strong character she is makes some tough decisions. I really want to sit here and list all the things I enjoyed about E...more
Princess Kayla
Let me start off by saying I loved the first book in this series, Paranormalcy. It was laced with Evie’s awesome snarky attitude, and awesome action scenes. This book however fell a little short for me. This one begins with a bit of a slow start, basically explaining Evie’s boredom in the way her life has been without International Paranormal Containment Agency and her depression from being without Lend. It didn’t take long for me to ask myself “Where's the magic and spark of the first book?” Th...more
Mimi Valentine
I love, love, love the first book, Paranormalcy, so I just knew I had to get my hands on a copy of Supernaturally when it came out!

And it's awesome! Evie is back in all her witty glory, and so are the rest of the hilarious cast. I adore all of the old characters (like Lend!), but I also fall hard for the new characters too (like Jack, who — despite being annoying sometimes — is always funny).

Supernaturally is so, so different from Paranormalcy, but not at all in a bad way! We get to see a whol...more
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Hi! I'm the New York Times best-selling author of Paranormalcy and Supernaturally. I also give the most awkward hugs in the world. You should probably opt for one of my books over one of my hugs, but then again, maybe you like awkward hugs.

As for me, I like writing flirting scenes, and fighting scenes, and sometimes I write scenes that fall somewhere in between the two, but only if I can't avoid i...more
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“Marry me. Nay, marriage will cost us precious moments together. Let us make sweet, passionate love right here. Let me bear your children.”
A primal growl signaled Miss Lynn getting over her shock at being thus addressed. She lunged forward; Jack deftly rolled off the bench, jumping up out of her reach.
“Goodness, I didn’t expect you to be quite this enthusiastic about my advances. If I don’t play hard to get, how will I ever know whether or not you respect me?”
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