Klinika śmierci
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Klinika śmierci

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Lata osiemdziesiąte w Stanach Zjednoczonych. W środowiskach gejów i narkomanów szerzy się epidemia AIDS. Rozchodzą się pogłoski, że w jednej z nowojorskich klinik dwaj lekarze, Harvey Riker i Bruce Grey, opracowali lek przeciwko tej chorobie. Nagle zaczyna się seria tajemniczych morderstw. Ofiarami stają się homoseksualiści leczeni w klinice. Czy zostali zabici dlatego, że...more
Paperback, 512 pages
Published November 2011 by Albatros (first published September 1st 1991)
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Mark Chisnell
So, I guess three stars is a little at odds with the title of the review, and it reflects my initial puzzlement with the book. Coben says in his intro that it's a very early book, and a bit rough in places... so why publish?

I didn't really finish it, I skipped through the last 20% to check what happened, and that's pretty serious. The book's characters aren't terribly real, the plot twist is a little hackneyed, the writing is average and some of the political stuff is self-indulgent...

But. And i...more
Bill Garrison
Coben is easily one of my favorite authors. The joy of discovery I felt while reading books like NO SECOND CHANCE and THE INNOCENT is something I hope for every time I read a book by a new author. Unfortunately, this early book by Coben is not really worth reading. Coben says as much in the intro when he urges readers to put the book away if they've never read his books before. Why? Because it is so bad, you probably won't finish it.

Knowing how good Coben was, and enjoying his other rereleased e...more
Jul 29, 2011 Brenda rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Thriller lovers
I loved this one! Thought it was a new release, and didn't realize it was a re-release until I read the letter from Harlan Coben at the very beginning of the book.

Sara and Michael were a celebrity couple..Sara a top reporter for NewsFlash and Michael a top basketball player for the New York Knicks. Their good friend, Dr Harvey Riker, was in charge of the clinic which was looking for a miracle cure to AIDS. But things were going wrong...the patients who were showing up as cured, were being murder...more
Katz Nancy from NJ
I beggan reading Harlan Coben with his breakout book Tell No One. Wow! I found a new author whom I followed with each successive stand alone book he wrote. Then one day, very out of character for me, I read Long Lost,the newest book in the Myron Bolitar series. I have since began the series from the first book and look forward to each title in the series. Recently I came across a Coben book, Miracle Cure, which was written over 20 years ago and had not read. While I enjoyed it, it lacked the sar...more
A doctor is working on finding a cure for Aids. His patients are getting better but are being killed by a serial killer. This book brought up some major problems the world has now and one of them is money and where it should be allocated. If you are working on a cancer cure and you lose millions of grant money to Aids research you might question the decisions that are made. This is the quote I liked from this book: "You see: focus can be a dangerous thing. your view of the world narrows. You gro...more
Very fast reading, but you can tell it was one of his first works.
I was so wrong in my guess of who the murderer was, WOW! Well played Harlan Coben, well played.

At least with Cassandra I went from wanting her dead to glad she got what she deserved. She never did see that coming...karma b*tch.

I was right about Michael's situation and what was REALLY happening to him. How terrible and evil to make him go through all that...so f*cked up. So thrilled there were some happy endings.

Even though he opens up with this being his first book, I can see his writing style....more
I can always count on Coben to deliver a story that will grab me and hold on tight until I finish it. This book, written in 1991, delivered for me. As a liberal reading the book for the first time in 2014, it might be hard to understand the apparent lunacy of the politicians, religious leaders and researchers in the book, but they all seemed real to me. Perhaps part of the reason is that I remember when the AIDS epidemic hit. I remember the struggle to get it recognized as a disease that could k...more
Ron Arden
This story revolves around the AIDS epidemic from the 1980s and unfortunately many of the themes are still very relevant today. Three doctors run a somewhat secretive clinic in NY that is working on a cure for AIDS. One is killed because he has found some evidence of something gone terribly wrong. He is one of many murders that are tied eventually to the clinic. This leads to a conspiracy of powerful men who want to prevent any such cure from coming to market. Each has a different agenda, but th...more
Miracle Cure is a book revolving around a Couple. The Man, Micheal Silverman, is a renown basketball player with the NY Nicks and his wife, Sara Lowell, is a popular TV Network news reporter. Their family, friends and acquaintances all seem to be connected to a conspiracy involving serial murders, lies, suicides and other such gruesome acts all apparently related to a top secret AIDS clinic.

Miracle Cure is an old book having first been published in 1991. It was brought back into print last year...more
Be aware that this is not a new book, but a re-release. While the book says "A Harlan Classic - Now Back in Print", I didn't notice that until after I had purchased the book. I focused on the description of the book which mentioned a beloved TV journalist and a basketball star facing a deadly disease and a serial-killer which sounded intriguing. I didn't realize the disease was AIDS and that the book was originally written in 1991 and was just re-released in 2011. Some of the characters opinions...more
Priyam Gopani
I have started reading all of Harlan Coben books...aiming to be like the biggest fan ever ! Because seriously, his books are simply amazing...they take me to a totally different world...a world of lies and deception...WITH JUSTIFICATION! Coben's characters never deceive without reason..they always have an excellent reason for lying...for deceiving..for disappearing...and even for murdering!

'Miracle Cure' is Coben's second book after 'Play Dead' but it is my 8th or something...and to be fair, I h...more
When an author is just starting out, rejected manuscripts are expected. When the day arrives when an author makes it big, and publishes one bestseller after another, publishers sometimes go back to earlier works that were initially rejected and publish them. Sometimes these earlier works are gems, and we are pleased that they can finally reach a mass audience.

But sometimes the reason that early works were not published is because they were awful. They were the necessary homework required of an a...more
Mussy Schold
Who is good and who is evil? , Who is the killer, who is not the killer but the perfect storm that feeds the killer? Doctors, a journalist, a pro basketball player, a US Senator, a father, a husband, a couple of ex's, a bimbo sister, a hired killer, and a baby face lieutenant all make this a fun murder mystery. I would recommend Harlan Coben stories for those who enjoy an entertaining drama and murder mystery without the worries of characters who might tug at your heart.
I should have followed the instructions of the preface and not read it. I love Harlan Coben, he's one of my favorite mystery authors. I don't know the story behind this book, other than surmising that he wrote it 20 years ago and they just republished it as a "new release".... why? Why would you let them republish something you didn't think was up to par? I lost a bit of respect for the author over this one. I seem to be in the minority here, so maybe it's just me. Generally I enjoy picking up h...more
What a waste of my time. I love Coben. However, if I had bothered to read the "disclaimer" in the front of the book at my local grocery store, I may not have purchased it. This is a new "release" of his second novel copyrighted in 1991. Here are parts of a review that I've copied from fantascticfiction.com (and that I wholeheartedly agree with) follow:
"His new effort is an uneasy stew of contemporary American types..."; "These types and others are stirred into a pretty unbelievable story that ra...more
Joel Margolese
An early Harlan Coban book which is, like his later books, fast paced. It's also populated with characters who were progenitors of Myron Bolitor and friends. But sadly, the plot wasn't nearly as believable as his later books. The twists not quite as unexpected and the characters not as deep or as interesting. It's a fun, quick read, but only worth reading if you've read a lot of Coben's books and want to experience his complete oeuvre.
And luckily, Mr. Coban agrees. In his forward, he says, go r...more
This book came with a disclaimer by Mr. Coben himself. It was his second published novel, so even he admits it's not his best, but it is special to him because it was written by a younger Coben. It was published in 1991, and some of the information was "dated".

I gave it three stars because the story was decent, and I could see the blueprint of the now more experienced and fine-tuned Coben we are used to. But we can see where he started, and the story is good. The pacing is good. The characters...more
Marijn Vanbelle
Alternatieve titel: Genezing


408 pagina's
Eerste druk: British American, New York (Verenigde Staten)

Drie aidsonderzoekers staan op het punt een baanbrekend middel op de markt te brengen. Dan overlijdt een van hen onverwacht. Het lijkt zelfmoord, maar televisiejournalist Sara Lowell en haar man, basketballer Michael Silverman, waren bevriend met hem en geloven er niets van. Hun vermoedens worden bevestigd wanneer er patiënten - onder wie de zoon van een senator - in de kliniek worden...more
Melissa McMullin
After reading other reviews, I discovered this is actually a book Harlan wrote 20 years ago. This explains SO much. I hated this book and it made me sad because Harlan is my favorite author. It just didn't have the "wow" factor that I'm used to. But it all makes sense now...I should have paid more attention that this was a re-release!
Harlan Coben is a new author for me. Got to admit, I was a bit nervous when I read the disclaimer at the beginning of the book warning the reader to put it down if they have not read his more recent work yet. This is his second book, which had not been published at the time.
I decided to ignore it and read the book anyhow. The topic of a cure for AIDS sounded interesting to me, and I wanted to read Harlan Coben finally as I had been seeing his books around for a while.
Need not have worried. Thi...more
Even though this was a really old Harlan Coben book I enjoyed it. I think this was his second book. He certainly evolved into one of my favorite authors.
Deborah Meabon
this is the first book I've read by this author, and I really liked it. The storyline was intriguing and the writing style easy to flow with. One thing is that it came across as a book trying to tackle lots of humanity issues at once (disability, AIDS, homosexuality, discrimination, corruptness of power, etc) - it felt like a lot of weight for one book to carry... that being said, I do realize this is a very early writing for this author, and from what I understand, later books improve in this a...more
Another face paced book with a great story line. Copyright 1991, and it's amazing how dated it is in terms of current technology and views. One of the main characters is a famous basketball star, no big surprise for Harlan! But the heart of the story is based on three doctors who have developed a cure for Aids and have kept it under wraps while doing more research. Then people begin to get murdered. We see politics and religion get involved, and not in a nice way. Luckily there is one really goo...more
Sian Wadey
I needed to read a book that I knew I would rip through in next to know time. My go to author for a quick read is Harlan Coben. I picked Miracle Cure as a book I known I hadn't read and settled down to be swept off into a world of mystery, suspense and conspiracy.
This novel features bright, beautiful Sara Lowell, an up and coming news reporter who is married to Michael Silverman a brilliant basketball player. As always with Coben's characters, if they're not childhood sweethearts they're almost...more
The "whodunnit" part of this book is what kept me going. I'm glad that I was wrong so that the twists and turns were unexpected, but holycrap, this book could've been half as long as it was. i found it really hard to read for a while, finding the characters irritating and one-dimensional with flimsy attempts at fleshing them out by giving them weird habits or quirks. They all had the same sense of humour - a sarcastic, snappy come-back sort, no doubt the author's own. I actually feel bad talking...more
Coben has recently re-published his first two novels from the early 90’s: “Play Dead” and this one, “Cure”. While he somewhat disavowed the quality of this early novel in a foreword, we found it an acceptable thriller, complete with an emphasis on the issue of AIDS and the discrimination that serious ailment has provoked. Moreover, we found in one of the main characters, the pro basketball player Michael Silverman, a precursor to the Myron Bolitar series – with Myron being a basketball star turn...more
Mike Tueros
Harlan Coben is a smart man...having a fan base, he has gone back to the "vault" and re-released some of his earlier work. Staring last year with "Play Dead" and this latest re-tread "Miracle Cure". Neither has the flair of Coben's more recent works, and reading these, I'm glad that he somewhere along the line found the magic touch he is so well known for now. "Miracle Cure" was written in the late 1990's and focuses on the AIDS epidemic and a clinic that has found a means of curing those afflic...more
3 ans et demi depuis ma dernière rencontre avec Harlan Coben (C'était avec Du sang sur le green, une enquête de Myron Bolitar). J'avais découvert cet auteur avec le sortie de son "premier" livre en poche : Ne le dis à personne. J'avais été totalement séduite par la plume de Coben. L'intrigue était prenante, angoissante. Bref, un bon thriller. J'ai continué avec un autre titre "isolé" et un autre de la série "Myron". A chaque fois, un bon moment de lecture.

Attention, ce titre n'est pas un nouveau...more
Not a bad effort for a second published novel and I did find it intriguing that Coben's soapbox (that he admitted was too evident in this novel) still is relevant today--there is only so much research grant money to go around and the popular diseases of the day are the ones that get it. He makes a pretty good argument, both pro and con, for funding AIDS research, but of course the arguments in the mouth of the good guys are the ones we are supposed to believe. Actually, maybe his soapbox had to...more
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With over 50 million books in print worldwide, Harlan Coben’s last six consecutive novels, SIX YEARS, STAY CLOSE, LIVE WIRE, CAUGHT, LONG LOST and HOLD TIGHT all debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and lists around the world. His first Young Adult novel SHELTER was just released in paperback, and the second in the Mickey Bolitar series, SECONDS AWAY, was released on September 18th....more
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