Huntress Moon (Huntress/FBI Thrillers, #1)
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Huntress Moon (The Huntress/FBI Thrillers #1)

3.96 of 5 stars 3.96  ·  rating details  ·  363 ratings  ·  100 reviews
FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke is closing in on a bust of a major criminal organization in San Francisco when he witnesses an undercover member of his team killed right in front of him on a busy street, an accident Roarke can’t believe is coincidental. His suspicions put him on the trail of a mysterious young woman who appears to have been present at each scene of a year...more
Kindle Edition, 343 pages
Published June 28th 2012 by Amazon Digital Services (first published 2012)
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FBI Special Agent Matt Roarke has one of his agents undercover, closing in on a major criminal organization, when he witnesses his agent being killed before his eyes on a busy street in San Francisco. He questions whether it is accidental, especially after having seen a mysterious woman at the scene. After further investigation, he finds other supposed accidents and murders that included this woman being on scene. Roarke finds himself on a multi-state journey to track this woman and figure out w...more
I picked Huntress Moon up because it was rated so highly, and I saw nothing in the reviews to dissuade me from giving it a try. I'm not one to suffer through a book; if it doesn't keep my interest after 30 or 40 pages, I put it down, or in the case of a digital, remove it from my shelf. Huntress Moon wasn't an "absolutely must" read that had me scrambling to get to it every night, but I found that I looked forward to reading it, and that if it came to reading or doing something else, I opted to...more
Michael Sherer
Having read Alex Sokoloff before and knowing a little about her background I can tell you a) she’s a damn good writer; b) as a former screenwriter she knows the ins and outs of constructing and telling a story in an efficient and effective fashion; c) she creates tension like a piano tuner with perfect pitch, stretching the strings of her story taut until they thrum in minor sevenths.

If you like thrills and chills that come lickety-split in a story that will keep you turning the pages well past...more
Kameko Murakami
I write terrible book reviews. I don't know what it is--perhaps I'm missing the critic's gene in my DNA, maybe I just can't pull the right combination of words out of my hurricane brain to be able to get the groove down properly.

But listen:

Huntress Moon is the best book I have read in a long, long time. From the first page to the last, I couldn't stop reading, and that, my friends, is something very rare. I lived in those characters and in those words, lived in them and never wanted to come out,...more
It has been a long time since I've been drawn to a thriller that didn't involve some very explicit element of the paranormal; when the author stated on her blog that she was doing a giveaway for this title, I clicked through to see what it was about -- and I am so glad that I did. I have a soft spot for dark, handsome, emotionally repressed FBI agents (thank you, Fox Mulder), and the correlation of Roarke chasing a female serial killer -- I had to see what was going to happen.

The characters were...more
Sharon Kennedy
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Gina Basham
This is my first Alexandra Sokoloff book and I will read more. I review a lot of books but often have a hard time remembering particulars or expressing my thoughts well. But this book was quite the page turner.

I was intrigued by the description. A possible female serial killer? Woohoo! I think the characters were well developed and likable. The author's graying the line between good and evil - exceptional. She showed us enough of each character to decided for ourselves whether we wanted to be sy...more
Sharon Michael
A tense thriller/police procedural with excellent characters and page-turning plot line, intensely written. The male protagonist was well developed, thankfully free of major issues and focused on his job. Woven into the plot is an interesting relationship between him, as the FBI agent in charge of the case and the female protagonist he is pursuing.

The plot at times was a bit of a stretch for the imagination and the inconclusive ending was somewhat unsatisfying. Indications are this is the first...more
Great thriller. Story is told in a very compelling manor. In addition to it being a great plot, the characters are all ones that I grew to really appreciate ... whether that was the FBI agent or the killer he was hunting. She is probably the most likable serial killer ever! Can't wait for the next book in the series!
Andrea Strickland
This is the first of Sokoloff's books that I have read and it is certain to not be the last. It look me a little while to get into the novel, but once I did I was hooked. The story is intriguing and captivating. It ends with a cliff hanger, so I am sure I will be starting Book #2 in the series soon.
Carrie Hinkel-Gill
May 27, 2013 Carrie Hinkel-Gill rated it 5 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Anyone liking a good mystery, crime, thriller
This is the first book in the series. If you've taken advantage of the price and gotten Blood Moon (book 2 in the series) for free, I strongly suggest getting this one and reading it before you read Blood Moon.


Well...Huntress Moon not only introduces you to the main characters of the series, it shows you what drives them, brings you, the reader, into this world that Sokoloff created and shows how situations in the story change the characters thoughts and actions - in some cases irrevocably...more
4-1/2 stars – Sokoloff is a wonderful writer. Her word choices are excellent and she creates an eerie, spell-binding, and goosebump-inducing atmosphere in this book. She shifts POVs from scene to scene, which almost always annoys me and jolts me from the narrative, but Sokoloff is a competent enough author to make it work seamlessly. Also, I liked all of her characters. No one was annoying in any way (to me, anyway); none of the main characters was selfish, immoral, or dumb. There were no tireso...more
FBI agent Matthew Roarke sets off on a hunt to find the beautiful and mysterious blonde woman who was present at--and, Roarke thinks, responsible for--the death of one of his undercover agents. As he investigates, he begins to discover other grisly murders the mystery woman may have had a hand in, and finds that all of the victims were seriously bad apples of one kind or another. Meanwhile, the quarry herself has come to rest in the California coastal town of Pismo Beach, where she's drawn to a...more
Eustacia Tan
What can I say about this book? It was addictive and I loved it! (And no, I'm not saying this just because I got a free copy).

If you remember, I took part in the Merely Mystery reading challenge last year, which shows that I really do like mysteries. Well, this isn't really a mystery (we know who the killer is from the start), but it's a fantastic police (ok FBI) procedural.

Huntress Moon follows FBI Agent Roarke as he tries to find the woman who killed one of this undercover operatives - by just...more
J.M. Cornwell
There's nothing new about FBI staking out organized crime in San Francisco, but Alexandra Sokoloff adds a twist. The head of the organized crimes division, Special Agent Roarke, is on his way to meet Greer, an undercover operative. Greer has used the signal that means he has either been made or there is something of dire importance he needs to communicate to Roarke. On his way to meet Greer, Roarke is across the street from the undercover operative and he spots a slim, striking woman all in blac...more
I wasn't expecting too much from the book, I admit it just the way it is: "bestseller", "book of the month" etc, that never does it for me. Most bestsellers I've read lately were pure crap. So I was expecting a decent novel at best.

Boy, was I wrong. This turned out to be amazing stuff, and I loved it deeply, starting page one.

I should add that I read it in English, which is not (obviously) my everyday language, and though I didn't have a problem comprehending it. Mrs. Sokoloff's pure story-tell...more
Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone
When I read the title for Alexandra Sokoloff's novel Huntress Moon, my first thought was werewolf. Many thriller novels of late seem determined to thrust a supernatural bent into the story, even when it could do without it. Sokoloff's story instead takes us on a journey of evil criminality. Avoiding the "monster/ demon/ ghoul" did it, she weaves a disturbing tale of murder in all its humanity.

One of Sokoloff's strengths as a writer is her ability to describe. Set in San Francisco (a city of whic...more
Suspense Magazine
FBI Special Agent Matthew Rourke lives to work. He’s aware of his shortcomings, but he’s equally aware of his strengths and as the stage is set, he’s planning to close out an important case. Rourke and team are ready to shut down a drug ring and they’re bringing in the inside man to nail down the details. But, you can’t always predict how quickly your direction can change and Rourke is about to veer completely off track.
He watches impotently as his undercover agent steps off the sidewalk and int...more
Joylene Butler
This is the first novel I've read by Alexandra Sokoloff, and what a thrill. No wonder she teaches an online 3-Acts course. Huntress Moon is a study in storytelling at its best. A compelling, riveting story, Huntress Moon took me gently by the hand on a path of profound consequences. Every action forced a reaction. A little girl witnesses the horrific murders of her entire family and does not come away unscathed, but instead becomes the huntress. A former BAU profiler, forever changed by a childh...more
I'll be up front and say this isn't the sort of novel I'd normally pick up, as I tend to look for more non-contemporary fare in my reading. However, the author posted on Goodreads that it was being offered up free for a limited time and I figured what the hell.

It was a little difficult for me to get into at first, as initially there didn't seem to be very much happening. We weren't really getting to know the main characters very well as the focus was heavily on going around and asking side char...more
In this the first book in her new series, Sokoloff introduces FBI agent Rourke as he is on the search for the woman who in the first chapter is responsible for killing his partner. As the investigation evolves, it soon becomes clear that the woman is none other than a serial killer capable of extreme violence. But as is often the case in this author's novels, murder is never black and white. The victims have one thing in common: they're not nice people. Could this mean that Rourke's partner was...more
Sara Walker
Reviewed at: Kaleidoscope Reviews

FBI Agent Roarke is waiting to meet with undercover agent Greer. Just when Greer arrives, he's hit by a truck-- an accident that doesn't feel like an accident to Roarke. Not when there was a woman across the street watching the whole scene. Roarke sets on the trail of finding this woman, knowing she is key to Greer's death, and instead finds a trail of more deaths. More "accidents" that point to the same woman. But as any seasoned FBI investigator knows, there's...more
Jim Crigler
May 10, 2013 Jim Crigler rated it 4 of 5 stars Recommends it for: Thriller lovers
Finishing Huntress Moon the week its successor, Blood Moon, is released shows how far behind I am. This is the third Sokoloff novel I have read, and it is my favorite so far.

Huntress Moon follows the the search by FBI agent Matthew Roarke for the Huntress — a woman who is connected to the killing of bad people. Alternating points of view between them, and flashing back to the events in their lives that brought them to the events depicted here, we discover that there may be (in this book’s mythol...more
Direkt vor Matthew Roarkes Augen wird der Agent vor einen Lkw geschubst, mit dem er sich gerade auf dessen Wunsch persönlich treffen wollte. Ein Zufall? Ein Auftragsmord der Bande, der dieser Mann auf der Spur war? Alexandra Sokoloffs FBI-Ermittler jagt nun die Frau, die ihm am Tatort wegen ihres im Pazifik-Klima ungewöhnlichen Rollkragen-Shirts aufgefallen war. Lange ist ihm unklar, ob diese Jägerin eine Auftragsmörderin oder eine Serientäterin ist und dass eine der Taten auf ihrer Route sich k...more
Mark Henwick
I freaking love it when a writer breaks the rules (my arbitrary rules) and makes it work. I do not like 2 MC POV. I get irritated with the present tense. Don't ever think of mixing tenses. Sokoloff does all that and more, and it really worked for me.

It's difficult to review this one without giving away spoilers, so I apologize for the vagueness. It's an FBI procedural. An undercover agent dies and the MC believes there's a link to other unsolved and seemingly random killings. His colleagues know...more
Lynda Kelly
I enjoyed this although I did get a bit bogged down around the middle and was a little disenchanted with it and in no great rush to resume reading. It was a sudden ending at 85% and the remaining 15% were trailers of the author's other books.
It's about a female serial killer and that's quite rare so it was always going to pique my interest. I also have the sequel downloaded which I'm pleased about as I want to know what happens next. I liked her character and also the character of the lead detec...more
Teresa Smith
After FBI Agent Roarke sees one of his team run over by a truck right in front of him, just after a woman speaks to him, he begins a hunt that leads to a 25 year old cold case of immense proportions. This woman is part of that cold case which was the murder of her entire family in front of her 5 year old eyes. You know from the beginning that this woman has done some really bad things in her life. However, the hunt by Roarke, which consists of police legwork as well as hunches and listening to t...more
Another great read. This one is Girl with the Dragon Tatoo meets Criminal Minds. An FBI agent watches the contact he is supposed to meet in minutes be lured to his death by a strange blond all in black, a sleeveless turtle neck and sunglasses. She says something to distract the victim minutes before he steps into the street and is hit by a semi. Is it a hit, is it random? The search is on. What I liked most about this novel was the organization and style. We follow FBI agent O'Roarke and the str...more
Venetia Green
This is a fantastic thriller! I loved the obvious depth of psychological knowledge this author has, combined with the wonderfully (but effortlessly) detailed background on everything from meth production, the sensual geography of American cites, what a man smells like when he's dead, and the typology of various serial killers. The characters of the anti-heroine and of Epps, the hero's side-kick, are convincing and very engaging. The only reservation I had about this story was that we really didn...more
My disclaimer is always.....I am a "reader", not a "writer", so my reviews may be very basic. Also, please remember that each of us has a different view of what we like and don't like for a novel.

This is the first Alexandra Sokoloff book I have read. I received the free Kindle version from Amazon (thank you).

This is a very good story. It had parts where, for me, it sort of dragged by basically extending the "hunt" to long. But, then it picked up and I hated to put it down. I didn't know it was...more
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I'm the Thriller Award-winning and Bram Stoker and Anthony Award-nominated author of the Amazon bestselling crime and supernatural thrillers The Harrowing, The Price, Book of Shadows, The Unseen, The Space Between, and the new FBI thriller series Huntress Moon. The New York Times Book Review has called me "a daughter of Mary Shelley" and my novels "some of the most original and freshly unnerving w...more
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