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The Last Israelis
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The Last Israelis

3.51 of 5 stars 3.51  ·  rating details  ·  213 ratings  ·  48 reviews
Apocalyptic military fiction with a powerful message. Iran has nukes. Israel’s leader is hospitalized. History is now up to 35 Israelis. Ethnically diverse. Ideologically divided. On a nuclear-armed submarine.

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In this gripping doomsday thrill
Kindle Edition, Second, 263 pages
Published April 29th 2013 by Noah Beck Books (first published July 2nd 2012)
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I'm not a big fan of techno-thrillers, so I wasn't sure I would like this book. However, it turned out to be quite different from what I expected. While there was a lot of technical information about the submarine and the weapons systems, it was mostly presented in describing situations the submarine crew encountered--not just to show off the technical attributes. Although the story is about an apocalyptic event, it's not strictly action-adventure. There is a lot of telling versus showing, but t ...more
Joyce Shaughnessy
A Timely Thriller by a Great Author!

The Last Israelis is a book I would never have picked up if not recommended by a fellow author. I'm glad that I read it. If you are interested in the military implications of Iranian nuclear capabilities in a politically unstable region, it is a must read.

Author Noah Beck stages his book in an unique way as told through the eyes of an Israelis nuclear submarine crew. It is a military thriller which is less concerned with dramatic twists and turns of a typical

Reminiscent of Tom Clancy in excitement and technical explanation, with a touch of Nevil Shute perhaps, and a thoroughly modern, Jewish worldview, Noah Beck invites his readers onto an Israeli attack submarine in a time of sickness and unrest. But first there’s the “picnic before doomsday” where family reunions provide a platform for endearing conversations and fascinating backstories, building relationships between reader and character that add depth and pathos to the novel.

The submarine feels
What's in this book is what Benjamin Netanyahu is thinking about. Right now.

This nuclear thriller couldn't be more timely, what with Iran getting closer to the bomb and escalating its smack talk against Israel, which meanwhile must try to remain in step with a United States tired of war, its leaders dreaming instead of making nice with the Muslim world.

The book follows the crew of a nuclear-armed Israeli submarine dispatched abruptly as Iran tensions dramatically escalate. A sister sub has been
Jennifer (JC-S)
‘You are the last Israelis. You are what is left. But you have no home. You must go somewhere else.’

In this novel, Iran has threatened to destroy Israel – and is on the brink of having the nuclear means to make this threat a reality. Israel’s Prime Minister, acutely aware of the threat and attempting to manage it, is suddenly hospitalized. Israel’s ‘Dolphin’ submarine is suddenly recalled from a drill, and advised that it will be resupplied to commence a mission immediately.

The Captain of the ‘D
This story takes place on an Israeli submarine. The Prime Minister is incapacitated and Iran just about to acquires nuclear weapons. Low and behold, the sub receives a scrambled message to attack Iran – but is it valid? Variations of this scenario have been around forever and Noah beck ain’t no Tom Clancy. Nevertheless, reading published quotes of the hatred in the Middle East is something. Very scary!

The crew is a contrived grouping of Israelis which provide the author a basis for discussions o
Agnes Hilario
On The Last Israelis by Noah Beck

Buried amid all the seemingly urgent hyperbole of current events over the antics of ISIS, Hamas, and a myriad other Islamic players and the reactions they illicit on the global stage; is the slow, persistent yet aggressive march of IRAN towards realizing FULL NUCLEAR WEAPONS CAPABILITY.

While the world’s media and general population are kept breathless and preoccupied by “always fresh” reports of bombings and beheadings; IRAN has gradually recovered most of its mo
The Last Israelis shows the threat of Iran to global security. Israel must fight against all odds for the sake of her very existence and "the last Israelis" of the novel indirectly raise the question: when has a country truly survived and when has it been destroyed? This is a fascinating read that uniquely combines geo-politics, war, psychology, and culture.
My favorite fiction book I have read in the last year. Imagine you are one of the last 30 israelis alive with a nuke in your possession after Iran destroys your country. Do you retaliate or move on?
Thomas Herd
Excellent read very life like and a possibility.
Wendy Hines
With the Prime Minister of Israel hospitalized, it's a perfect time for Iran to make good on their threat of taking care of Israel once and for all with their nuclear weapons that are almost complete. That's when the Dolphin, an Islraelis submarine, is called back to reassemble for a mission of their own.

Daniel Zion, who is captain, and thirty-four other men, all from different walks of life, become the crew of the sub. All of the men have their own beliefs and thoughts of what is happening and
Nikole Hahn
The Last Israelis by Noah Beck was reviewed via audio book through Audible. This is my first review of an audio book and I found it difficult to follow with all the different characters. I don’t think this is an issue with the author, but with me as the reviewer.

Even now, I am having trouble following the story so forgive me if my details are off. I have no page numbers or anything to refer to in my review; nothing to bookmark. I spent all day Saturday and some of Sunday sitting and listening to
I enjoy a good high-tech thriller as much as the next person. In fact, I'm a rather ardent fan of Stephen Coonts. So, when I was offered the opportunity to review The Last Israelis, I was more than happy to accept.

This is the story of a 35-member Israeli submarine team, whom we initially meet during a company picnic of sorts. That picnic is disrupted by an emergency return to duty. We see some aspects of each crew member's character during the early parts of the book, including bits about their
Elaborating on the far side of the conflict between Israel and Iran

This book touches on the moral conflicts an Israeli Naval crew is undergoing in a submarine which was heading to nuke the most vital cities and critical installations developing the Iran nuclear program, the time to act has just arrived but with a certain degree of uncertainty about a prior massive attack that might have destroyed Israel, that is why is called "The last Israelis". It is divided into three parts the first two act
Zohar -
The Last Israelis by Noah Beck is a short novel taking place mostly on a submarine. The doomsday scenario, a threat to the State of Israel, is the “ripped from the headlines” type of novel.

The Captain of the Israeli Dolphin submarine carrying nuclear missiles, Daniel Zion, knows something is wrong when they are called ashore for a brief reunion with family and friends before their mission commences. Zion’s crew is diverse and represents much of the Israeli makeup.

During their mission, they find
Fran Wilkins
Israel exists due to the unarguably despicable behavior of Western Europeans. In Noah Beck’s debut thriller the continued existence of Israel is now threatened by the nuclear capability and contemptible rhetoric that emanates from Iran; a very real threat that is ripped from today’s headlines. The Last Israelis explores in depth the ethical and moral decisions involved in the engagement of war and Beck skillfully draws the reader into the characters backgrounds and their divergent ideologies. Pr ...more
"humanity is all we have and all that illuminates an otherwise dark world"

"The Last Israelis" is a different sort of post-apocalyptic novel. It is a too-real story, no, make that treatise, on Israeli/Iranian relations and the imminent threat of nuclear and chemical warfare between the two countries.

I could tell this is a subject very close to the author's heart. In some ways that's good as it shows in the passion he shows for the subject. In some ways that's not so great - this is a novel and no
Let me start off by saying that if you're a fan of Joel Rosenberg's books like me then you'll really enjoy this book! I literally had a hard time putting this book down even while reading it sick. Mr. Beck writes about a scenario that can soon become all too real if something is not done about Iran's nuclear program. I don't want to go into too much detail about the story because I don't want to give anything away! You can definitely tell that the author did his research. The characters weren't ...more
Chris Kruschke
I was privileged to receive an advance copy of "The Last Israelis" and it was every bit as engaging as promised. When the Israeli Prime Minister awakens to receive intelligence that a nuclear Iran is only days away, he is left with a choice - what to do to safeguard his small nation when a Muslim nation that has vowed to destroy Israel can carry out the threat with just a push of a button. As the world's powers are sidelined by bickering and backroom deals, it appears that Israel is, as usual, a ...more
It could easily happen.

What if your country was about to be attacked, possibly annihilated, what if you held your nation's last means of defense, its final means of retaliation, and what if you are isolated, cut off, with no way to confirm the orders that you are given, and even those orders are confusing and contradictory.

This premise was made into a movie, Crimson Tide, with Gene Hackman and Denzel Washington. There is just one major difference: Your country is too small to survive a concerted
The timing of this suspenseful book is perfect - with all the controversy around Iran's nuclear ambitions dominating the headlines. I might disagree with the author on some geopolitical issues but the idea of the book is excellent. The horrific scenario in the novel shows what could happen IF the issue is not handled properly.

What I really liked is the way the author combined reality with fantasy, modern with ancient... The Biblical stories and the dreams are absolutely fascinating. I also liked
Kevin Joseph
The Last Israelis is unlike any thriller I've read before, and I mean that in a (mostly) good way. Its basic setting and concept call to mind military thrillers like The Hunt for Red October, but Noah Beck approaches the storytelling craft in a unique way. Beck is less interested in penning intricate plot twists and pulse-pounding action scenes than he is in creating a plausible doomsday scenario that highlights the contemporary threat that Iran's nuclear ambitions pose to the State of Israel. T ...more
Anne Monteith

**Does not contain any significant spoilers.**

"And it's not that the world didn't know this might happen, "Michael added. "I mean, Iran has been threatening to destroy Israel for over a decade."

Iran is working very hard to develop nuclear weapons. What will we do as they bring their plans to realization? Will we try the talks and sanctions that have failed in Iraq, North Korea and elsewhere while the Iranians complete their work and there is no chance that we can
Carolina 28
The Last Israelis is one of those provocative and haunting books that stays with you long after you're done reading it. There was something really powerful about the way it all came together. I loved the role of dreams in the story -- they were incredibly vivid and disturbingly surreal.

I'm not really into military fiction -- I tend to read psychological thrillers books. But there was so much psychological complexity -- from the way the characters interact with each other and with their own past/
Andrew Pessin
The book begins with what seems to be a slower pace -- you get to know the crew members through a brief shore-leave picnic, and at first there isn't a lot of action. But then you realize that this is deliberately done, so that when the action and the tension begin, about a third of the way through, you are experiencing them through the lenses of the different characters, whom you know well by this point. Amongst the novel's strengths is its great ability to give you different perspectives on the ...more
This book was an interesting look into what could happen to the nation of Israel if Iran is left to continue building its nuclear capacities.
At the beginning of each of the three sections, Beck begins with a scripture from the book of Daniel in the Old Testament. The first is a prophetic scripture of a ram that is moving in all directions and cannot be stopped. The 2nd scripture is from the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego--where they refuse to worship the idols of Nebuchadnezzar. The th
This thriller is most timely because it reminds us of a scenario that unfortunately is all too realistic. What if Iran develops a nuclear weapon and then uses it against Israel? That's the premise of this shocking book. The "last Israelis" are the captain and crew of a submarine that has put to sea and avoided the catastrophe. They must now decide whether to retaliate in kind against the Iranian regime.

The crew are a cross-section of Israeli society and the author manages to paint their varied b
Kathy Golden
Overview of The Last Israelis:

Jeffrey Buckner Ford's narration is one of the best I have ever heard. He is most assuredly the right choice for this audio performance.

Moreover, the author has done a good job in creating a story that brings readers face-to-face with the Iranians' nuclear threat against Israel. He does so in a way that involves characters with human interests that on some level we can relate to, so that their plight is mentally and emotionally our plight.

In addition, there is ps
one event causes the destruction of Isrealites

It describes a future that the powerful states and the USA could have possibly ended a war with a devastating consequence.
Other countries will also suffer because they stuck their heads in the sand.
Good interactions between the crew in making a difficult decision.
Thought Provoking read.
This was a very interesting treatment of what would happen if Israel was attacked and destroyed with only 35 submariners left who were away when the attacks happened. The part I was most interested in was the discussion they had as survivors with the capability to retaliate against Iran. Some were all for attacking Iran, but others were not because of the innocent loss of life. It had a timely message.
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