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Destined to Play (Avalon Trilogy #1)
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Destined to Play (Avalon Trilogy #1)

3.15 of 5 stars 3.15  ·  rating details  ·  3,365 ratings  ·  426 reviews
It′s simple. No sight. No questions. 48 hours .

Dr. Alexandra Blake is about to give a series of prestigious lectures, but the butterflies in her stomach are for a far more exciting reason ...

After the lecture she is meeting up with Jeremy Quinn, esteemed doctor and dangerous ex-lover - the only person with whom she has ever let her guard down completely. After a few glasse
Paperback, 275 pages
Published July 3rd 2012 by HarperCollins Publishers Australia
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Full disclosure: I belong to a romance book club, and I went into Destined to Play fully expecting it to be a hilariously bad read. Had it merely been that, I would not have bothered to write this review. There’s no point in calling out a book clearly designed to cash in on the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon for being a trashy romance novel.

How I wish Destined to Play was just another cliche-ridden, badly-written, trashy rapemance. I mean, it is those things, but it also has its own special bra
This is not a book you read, it's a book you skim. Blah blah blah blah blah boring sex blah blah blah blah average sex blah blah blah blah I guess that was sex blah blah blah... and so it goes on. It would be a compliment if I said the characters were one dimensional, so I'm not going to bother. The plot is horrendously boring and pointless - in fact it is downright painful, I would liken the experience to stabbing myself in the eye with a teaspoon.

I am mortified that I paid around $10 for this
Lee Anne - OMG! It's TOOOOO Cold!

I DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. I am completely dumfounded by this book. It has to be one of the most bizarre books I have ever read and I really don’t know what to think.

First, if cheating spouses bother you, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!! If I had known there was adultery in this book, I would NOT have read it. This bothers me on so many levels. What makes it worse is that once, she started down that path, she barely thought of her hubby or children. That bothered me to such a deep level that I had a
I was majorly disappointed in this book and found it quite disturbing. It was a slow burner in the beginning and suddenly switched full throttle into a world we know about from reading other books but not a world we expected. I can't understand why Alex, the main women, would ever agree to being in that situation EVER with Jeremy. Ladies (and gents) if you've all read the same books as me, we all know about safe-words and this was missing! I felt that Alex had no choice or say in what was happen ...more
Karen Brooks
I have to admit something before I review this book: Indigo is a friend of mine and I have followed her exciting and short road to publication with great interest while shouting support from the sidelines and i am so happy for her. She is so lovely and has worked hard on this (written well before E.L. James became a sensation). OK... My conflict of interest is declared :) Now, I have another confession to make - I've not read Fifty Shades of Grey, the book to which Bloom's is compared. I also do ...more
I was dared to read this book despite my better judgement. With all the hype surrounding the Fifty Shades of Grey series, there were many talks that DESTINED TO PLAY - a book written by a fellow aussie author - was going the next big thing on the bestseller list. So like I told many people before, over and over again, I'll never ever EVER read Fifty Shades of Grey because from what I've read on amazon it was just enough to tell me it was beyond ridiculous and just . . . plain awful. Seriously. I ...more
Kelly 'Perusing Princesses blog'
This book is very different to other Erotica books I have read, simply because it wasn't all about a blossoming relationship. The heroine isn't an innocent 20 year old virgin, and the guy doesn't have a tortured past. However, this book is different in the fact that the sexual explicity was more 'experimental' with regards to science. I wasn't sure how I felt about this at first, but as I continued reading, I realised he did it because he does love her. This story is about your best friend setti ...more
.............What do I think? 0.5-1 STAR, it sucked.
i felt like chucky this book out the window and wishing i never opened it. i only kept reading it cause i wasn't going to waste my money for purchasing it, which oviously I already did. This book cover a few things i hate most,
This is me reading this book...

Reads first chapter

Gets bored

Reads some reviews

Steps to the very last pages and reads them

Closes pdf and laugh after staring for a while with a WTF face at the PC screen

The end

I'm not afraid to say this is one of the most horrible, senseless, silly book I had the chance to download. And I only downloaded it because it was a part of a pack of books I was kinda interested in.

Don't waste your time in this. Be smart, don't read it.
Guilty Pleasures
Kitty's review posted on Guilty Pleasures

I hope you will all bear with me through this review. I had a hard time with the subject matter and the manner in which some things were portrayed. Adultery, no matter the reason, is not something I condone. Neither is sensory deprivation to the point where a person cannot “safeword”. Both of these were predominant in the book and I really needed to put my personal feelings aside while reading it.

This is the story of Alexandra and Jeremy. Or, Alexa, AB, G
Aug 11, 2012 Oyeah rated it 1 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: No one
I read a lot. I usually go for mystery thriller story lines written by Harlen Coben, Lee Child, James Patterson and similar. I read fifty shades because of the hype and loved it for its pure escapism. Have read the trilogy twice. I devoured those books reading the first in a day. I love that experience when a book is so good you can't walk away from the characters. This book by indigo Bloom is so hard to read. I feel nothing for the characters and find them both ridiculous and rather annoying. I ...more
~ Becs ~
Nov 27, 2012 ~ Becs ~ marked it as unfinished-symphony
DNF - cheating spouses are a huge red flag for me. Can't read this one.
Giovanna Lubrano Lavadera
Avviso: La recensione potrebbe contenere termini non adatti ad un lettore/lettrice più sensibili.

Mai titolo è stato più indicato! Incontri Proibiti....SI tra me e questo libro, è un incontro proibito, altamente dannoso e che mi ha fatto passare ore di puro nervosismo e un senso di nausea assiduo!

Da dove cominciare?

Tralasciando le prime pagine che avrebbero potute essere l'incipit di un qualsiasi romanzo appartenente al genere, il resto del libro mi ha lasciato una costante e pesante sen
Mar 29, 2013 Erica added it
Destined to Play was one of the most bizarre books I've ever read. It was definitely a daring debut and while in some ways it paid off, I was left a little unsettled in others.

Destined to Play presents the perfect opportunity - 48 hours to just sit back and experience the things you have repressed in your life which is curious to say the least.

The whole role of medicine and research in Destined to Play was intriguing. I will say there were a few aspects where I definitely had to suspend disbeli
Destined to Play is not necessarily a romance novel. It is not necessarily an anti-romance novel. It is a book about a woman who is persuaded by her former lover to let go of her sexual inhibitions over the course of a weekend and start a journey of self-discovery. Dr Alexandra Drake is an intelligent, capable woman of thirty-six, who is married with two children. The sexual side of her relationship with her husband, Robert, has cooled since their children were born. Enter Jeremy, Alexandra's fo ...more
Enteresan bi kitaptı... 80 gün arzunun rengini okuma gafletinde bulunduktan sonra baya tereddütle başladım aslında ama beklediğim kadar kötü çıkmadı.. En azından içinde yeterince aşk, güven ve sevgi vardı... Ehh ihaneti de unutmamak gerekir aslında... Kitabın dilini hiç sevmedim gramer açısından bu tarz anlatımlar hoşuma gitmiyor o baya zorladı beni okurken.. Bir de çok argo bir dille yazılmış rahatsız olanlar olabilir uyarayım dedim ;) Jeremy, Alex'e seni uç noktala götüreceğim dedi ki dediğini ...more
this book had been compared to fifty shades. that couldnt be further from the truth.
i did not enjoy this book.
it just kept me asking questions. how could a mother of two just commit to something like this so easily. if they were so in to each other back in university why did they not get together.
and some of the things that happened in the book just made me think, this wouldnt happen to anyone, how are people supposed to relate to this.
the way that the book ended, there is obviously a second

I have been asked to read this series. It should be my thing. It's not. I love that it's set in Australia (so few steamy fictions are) but that's all I like.

Cheating isn't erotic. Forcing blindness isn't a turn on and there is nothing about either character that I find appealing. With two more books to go I'm wishing for a reprieve I know will not come.

Reading homework can be pleasurable. This is not. Pity.
I don't even know. I have no words. I wish there was a way to rate it less than 1 star. I really hate giving bad reviews, because the author took the time to write this thing.. but I just can't. I have to review it, because that's what I do, I read then review, and I read this for a challenge, I needed a I letter (authors name) and I can't take back the hour it took me to read this. I wish I could take it back, I honestly do.

Most. Boring. Book. Ever. and weird, very weird, experiments? or someth
William Bentrim
Destined To Play by Indigo Bloome

It is inevitable that this book will be compared to Fifty Shades of Grey. It abounds with salacious behavior and submission of will. It is a novel designed to titillate and is successful in it’s design. There will be a wealth of “heaving bosoms” that will devour this book.

I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey and I don’t plan on reading it. No particular reason but it falls into a genre I don’t normally read. This book was an interesting read and if this is what
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Sarah Ashley
Purchased from W H Smith after seeing a large poster in their window, along the lines of if you liked FSOG you'll love this, trouble is the poster showed an image of book two of the trilogy and it was only when I went into the store and found "Destined to Feel" I established that "Destined to Play" is the first in the series, so as they had an offer on I purchased this and the second book at half price.

Like other reviewers have already identified the book is slow compared to FSOG trilogy and Bar
I got bought this book for Christmas and finally got round to reading it on the train to university. At first I really didn't like the first person style of writing but managed to get over it as the book got going.

There is adultery in this book which was a big negative and the main character seemed to forget about her husband and kids very quickly when the 'action' started which was a bit worrying.

The overall plot for this book started off really believable and despite the infidelity I was start

Spoiler a go-go

Abbiamo capito - con sommo dispiacere - che alle donne mature (ma anche no) del pianeta terra piace leggere di sesso, piuttosto che farlo. Abbiamo capito che piace loro distendersi sovrastate dal marito, aspettare che lui abbia finito, accendere l'abat jour e leggere in qualsiasi formato racconti definiti porno soft, che in realtà sono un concentrato di idiozie fulminanti e tecniche narrative degne di mio fratello (il quale, per chi non lo sapesse, ha dieci anni,
Nicole Campbell
What a load of rubbish this book was. I can't actually believe that it was published. I must give credit to the marketing deparmetnt though, they were very clever cashing in on the success of the Fifty Shades series. This book doesn't even come close to Fifty Shades.

I have never read anything more boring or ridiculous in all my life. In fact I ended up skipping most of the last 100 pages because the story was so unbelievable.

I don't know what the author was thinking when she created the characte
Well the only decent thing i have to say about this book is the flash back scenes.

I wanted to stab the male lead at a few points, the female lead say she trust but no where in the book does he ever do anything that is trust worthy not even in the flash backs. He comes off as a complete slimy bastard.

The female lead comes off as a naive idiot for placing absolute trust in said slimy bastard. The Writer fails to make them feel real, totally one denominational.

I read 50 shades of Grey and while
Sarah  Book Obsessed Kinnard
Well i really enjoyed this book, it was fascinating, invigorating. The trust that comes with loving someone who is your best friend and lover....I was thorougly enthralled and intrigued the whole way through. I can understand how it wouldn't be everyones cup of tea, and wasn't sure if it would be mine either.....but it just goes to show when you open up your mind, you enjoy things you wouldn't think you would!!

Totally loved it and am about to start the second one!! :)
Loved this book. I'm actually reading it again before I read the second one.

I think this was actually just as good if not better then the first time I read it. Wow I still had the hold the breath feeling at the end when Alex got in the limo and all she could see was Jeremy running after her. I can't wait to go and read the next book to see what happens.
Silvia Jumbofoto
Penso che non mi è molto piaciuto, anche se la protagonista non ha detto no, è stata troppo usata sessualmente, e saperlo scritto da una donna mi ha un po' schifata. Non vorrei sapere che altro mi aspetta negli altri 2 libri....
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Indigo Bloome is married with two children. She has lived and worked in Sydney and the United Kingdom, with a successful career in the finance industry. Indigo recently traded city life with a move to regional Australia, which provided her with an opportunity to explore her previously undiscovered creative side. Her love of reading, deciphering dreams, stimulating conversation and the intrigue of ...more
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