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Messages From Henry
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Messages From Henry

4.16  ·  Rating Details ·  83 Ratings  ·  48 Reviews
Henry is special.

Evelyn Bury becomes the unlikely victim in a random kidnapping. Henry, her loyal homing pigeon, flies to the rescue.

Tammy, Evelyn’s next-door neighbor,the lackadaisical authorities, and Evelyn's son assist in Evelyn’s rescue.

Henry hurdles many obstacles to the point of endangering his own life in order to save his dear master.

You will find yourself routing
ebook, 1, 30 pages
Published June 17th 2012
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Sep 15, 2015 Ethan rated it it was ok
It's no secret that the ways in which readers consume books has changed drastically in the last few years. The introduction of e-readers has allowed people to purchase, store, and read books in new and exciting ways. This technology has also changed the way in which authors publish and connect with their readers. More specifically e-books allow independent authors, those who are not affiliated with one of the main publishing houses, to produce and share stories that might otherwise never have ...more
Simon Okill
Jul 04, 2014 Simon Okill rated it it was amazing
Messages From Henry by Rebecca Scarberry is an enchanting tale for all ages to enjoy. This original and imaginative story captured my heart from page 1 and never let go even after finishing it.
The author has created a magical world where a woman's life depends on the love she has for Henry her homing pigeon. The pace is fast as each note Henry brings to the woman's neighbour creates a new scene of frantic action by the police to discover her kidnapper's location.
The star of this wonderful story
Patricia Paris
Jun 27, 2012 Patricia Paris rated it it was amazing
Messages From Henry, is a fast paced young adult mystery with an uncommon hero--Henry, a homing pigeon! I got hooked on this story when I read a couple sample chapters on the author's blog and had to find out what happened. When I discovered the completed novella had been published I bought it and read it in an hour!

When Evelyn, Henry's mistress, is kidnapped, the bird goes to great lengths to save her, including following the kidnapper and transporting notes from the victim to Tammy, Evelyn's n
Nov 09, 2012 Emma rated it liked it
Shelves: 2012
This was a sweet little story, over too quickly. If it is any indication of what she could do with a full length thriller, hope that Ms Scarberry develops these characters into a full novel.
Seumas Gallacher
Aug 08, 2012 Seumas Gallacher rated it it was amazing
Take an elderly neighbor in a quiet township, where the pace of life revolves around watching daily the birds in the garden and ensuring her cat doesn’t use the wildlife as lunch, throw in the sudden disappearance of her best friend, another widow, introduce an unlikely hero in the form of a beautiful white homing pigeon, and what do you get? A superb story, spun at a pace that keeps the reader anticipating chapter by chapter. The delicious spinning out the morsels of information, almost like ...more
Nancy Silk
Jun 30, 2012 Nancy Silk rated it it was amazing
I just downloaded this short story from I started reading it and could not put it down. An older neighbor lady, Evelyn,is suddenly kidnapped and the police have no clues. Evelyn keeps pigeons that her deceased husband had raised. She has two 'pet' ones, Henry and Cecilia. Henry hangs around Tammy's home and she discovers that Henry carries a message...written by Evelyn. She and the police seek out where Evelyn has been taken to. By the time they get to the place, she's been moved, ...more
Douglas Wickard
Jul 02, 2012 Douglas Wickard rated it it was amazing
A small homing pigeon just landed on my windowsill...wait, there seems to be something tied to its leg. Hold on... this is what the note says:

I have been privileged to read MESSAGES FROM HENRY early on it its development so I am slightly biased. Plus, how often do you get to actually be a character in a novella? Exactly! Rebecca Scarberry has created a magical world and cast as the hero -- a homing pigeon named Henry -- as the unlikely rescuer. This novella was written for young adults, but I wa
Donna Sadd
Jul 05, 2012 Donna Sadd rated it it was amazing
Shelves: short-stories
Devotion drives this fast-paced crime story about the bizarre kidnapping of Evelyn, an ordinary person just like you or me, and the depths this devotion goes to bring her home.

Homing pigeon Henry’s devotion to his ‘mom’ Evelyn will yank at your heart strings from beginning to end. This little guy’s love and determination to save her find him performing amazing feats of heroics time and time again.

Add the devotion of Tammy and Warren, Evelyn’s long-time friends, to the mix and the efforts of 3 un
Richard Louden
Nov 19, 2012 Richard Louden rated it it was amazing
'Messages from Henry' is a delightful and highly original short story about a homing pigeon who takes to the wing to help rescue his owner, Evelyn, when she is kidnapped. Henry follows the kidnapper and carries messages from Evelyn back to her deeply worried neighbour, Tammy,who is also the narrator. This warm and endearing short story (just 34 pages) by Rebecca Scarberry showcases her fluent writing style and vivid imagination to great effect.
Andrew Lennon
Dec 13, 2014 Andrew Lennon rated it did not like it

This was, boring, unbelievable and very disappointing...

D.a. Conn
Messages From Henry is a wonderful story about love and loyalty between two elderly neighbors and between people and their pets. Henry is a hero like no other!
Heroes come in all sizes and shapes. In Messages from Henry a teen/young adult mystery by Rebecca Scarberry, the hero is Henry, the homing pigeon. Henry’s mistress is kidnapped and his devotion to her may be her only chance for freedom, ferrying notes back and forth from the elderly Evelyn to Tammy, her neighbor, the authorities always seem to be one step behind the crafty villains, but at least they know Evelyn is still alive. Why would someone kidnap Evelyn? Is there ransom involved? Will Evel ...more
Reb MacRath
Aug 12, 2012 Reb MacRath rated it it was amazing
Imagine: you're in between headline acts at The Mystery Saloon--full-length novels by known names--when something astonishing happens. An unknown author takes the stage and belts out a very short, beautiful song: 8 bars, 8 bars, bridge, 8 bars. No wailing sax solo, no flights on the drums. A lovely but simple arrangement and a voice that you cannot forget. Then she's gone.

Rebecca Scarberry has pulled off something a little like that in Messages From Henry, a short but not slight tale that can be
David Caldwell
Apr 30, 2015 David Caldwell rated it really liked it
A homing pigeon helps to rescue his owner from a kidnapper.

This was a nice, fun little novella. It seems like it would be best for a younger reader though. The story is clean without much violence despite it being a kidnapping mystery. The editing is excellent which is a nice change from most ebooks from indie authors.

There were three things that did bother me about the story. The first is that I know homing pigeons are pretty amazing about finding there way home, but I am not sure how Henry was
Amanda Fanger
May 07, 2013 Amanda Fanger rated it really liked it
Overall, I really liked this one and I'm really not sure why I waited so long to read Messages From Henry. It was a very quick read (I think it took me maybe an hour to get through) and a book I enjoyed.

The author does a great job of telling a story without wasting words. I almost wish this were more of a full-length novel with more room to develope each character. But even so, there is suspense, there is mystery, and there is heart in this story.

Not sure what to expect, I was surprised to be
Traci Sanders
Jan 06, 2015 Traci Sanders rated it really liked it
Verified Purchase
This review is from: Messages From Henry (Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Messages from Henry is a fast-paced suspense novel. Though I am not an animal lover, I found the author's use of a pigeon to be a refreshing change from the usual characters in these types of books. The story was interesting and well told, especially for its length. (Personally, I enjoy a short novel that can be read in one sitting, since I rarely have time to delve into a 50,000 word document).

The characters were
Sep 10, 2012 Mary rated it it was ok
In reading the book description before ‘flying into’, Messages from Henry, it states the story is an “edge-of-your-seat suspense thriller.” I disagree.

It’s about a homing pigeon, named Henry, who tries to save his kidnapped owner, Evelyn. A neighbor, a cop, and Evelyn’s son, depend on Henry’s notes to locate Evelyn.
A very short book of ‘thirty something’ pages, a child would enjoy the short tale. In the book
description it declares, Messages from Henry, for the twelve and above age group, howeve
Gary Henry
Dec 07, 2012 Gary Henry rated it really liked it
The plot device of Henry the carrier pigeon was original and imaginative. Not sure how Henry could always find Evelyn, but since he did, I accepted it. Tammy and Warren seemed like comfortable old friends that I'd known for a long time.

I also liked the unhurried pace of the book. Rebecca lets events unfold in their own time, in between cleaning the chicken coop, weeding the garden and relaxing in the recliner. Life does go on, even when we're worried about friends.

So who writes a perfect book? R
Tina Britt
Jan 17, 2013 Tina Britt rated it it was amazing
I loved this book it was such an original idea which shows what a great imagination the writer possesses. I presume it is aimed at a teenage type audience but even then it has something for us adults too. The book starts with a kidnap of the main characters best friend. Henry her friends pigeon carries messages from her friend to her of her whereabouts. As the kidnapper moves her friend around from place to place. It finishes in a dramatic showdown. I fell in love with Henry he is such a lovable ...more
Carol Cassada
Nov 20, 2014 Carol Cassada rated it really liked it
This story has a good mixture of heartfelt moments and a little suspense. I loved the premise of Henry the pigeon helping Tammy and the police find his owner, Evelyn, who's been kidnapped. You'll be touched by Henry's loyalty to Evelyn throughout the story.

As I read the story I kept wondering what was going to happen to Evelyn and if they'd ever find her. The author has plenty of plot twists throughout the novelette that'll keep you guessing right up until the end. One thing I would've liked is
Dean Schechinger
Aug 14, 2013 Dean Schechinger rated it really liked it
I'm not a pigeon lover, but I sure loved this story. Growing up on a farm in Iowa, the pigeons I encountered were pests. But this wonderful story, which employed a rock pigeon carrying messages from a kidnap victim, hooks the reader into a magical mystery. The writing is dazzling. Characters were carefully drawn out and plot lines were turned and twisted like delicious, red licorice Twizzlers. Don't think it's just for youngsters, either. This author sketches out identifiable and realistic ...more
John Dolan
Mar 27, 2013 John Dolan rated it really liked it
A Fluttering Little Tale (or 'Tail'?)

'Letters From Henry' flies along at a cracking pace (pun intended). This short novella can easily be read in a single sitting: that's how I read it. Rebecca Scarberry's style is sparse but compelling, and has real charm. The author gives just enough description to set the scene or to convey a mood, but then moves the action along quickly. Definitely worth your time as a good introduction to Scarberry's work. My only quibble is that I would have preferred the
Jeannie Walker
Aug 18, 2012 Jeannie Walker rated it it was amazing
A short 34 page novella and very captivating story.
Henry is a homing pigeon who proves his loyalty and saves a woman who has been kidnapped. I won't say how this very special bird does the seemingly impossible, but I will say that Henry and his actions will keep you rooting and cheering for his safety in this dangerous mission.
I especially love tales that are written in first person and I believe you will enjoy reading Messages from Henry as much as I did, even though it is for Young Adults.

Athena Brady
Mar 22, 2013 Athena Brady rated it it was amazing
I loved this book it was such an original idea which shows what a great imagination the writer possesses. I presume it is aimed at a teenage type audience but even then it has something for us adults too. The book starts with a kidnap of the main characters best friend. Henry her friends pigeon carries messages from her friend to her of her whereabouts. As the kidnapper moves her friend around from place to place. It finishes in a dramatic showdown. I fell in love with Henry he is such a lovable ...more
M.G. Wells
A Heartwarming, Thrilling Adventure!

Henry is one amazing, loyal homing pidgeon!

When his keeper, Evelyn is kidnapped, Henry dashes to her rescue. This amazing dove overcomes many obstacles to save Evelyn from a horrible fate.

Henry seeks the aid of Evelyn's neighbor, Tammy, to help save Evelyn, despite risking his own life in the process.

MESSAGES FROM HENRY by Rebecca Scarberry is a unique, fast-paced thriller and can be enjoyed by all ages.

I highly recommend MESSAGES FROM HENRY and Look forward t
Lawrence BoarerPitchford
Oct 07, 2012 Lawrence BoarerPitchford rated it really liked it
Ms. Scarberry's novella Messages From Henry is a charming and emotionally packed tale in first person pros. I was enchanted by the journal like format of the text and the excellent and innovative plot motifs. I feel this is a story that would appeal to most age ranges. Children I believe would enjoy this book read to them; a good family oriented tale. My hat is off to Ms. Scarberry for touching my heart with this story of love, friendship, and devotion. Hurrah!
Peggy Holloway
May 13, 2013 Peggy Holloway rated it it was amazing
Okay, I have a bird phobia and when I started reading about this bird, Henry I almost didn't continue. But the characters are so real and the story is so human that I really enjoyed it. I have been seeing this author on twitter and had been meaning to read her and now I'm glad I did. I would like to see a full novel by this author. She is excellent
Ann Mullen
Apr 03, 2013 Ann Mullen rated it it was amazing
Evelyn has been kidnapped and her homing pigeon Henry is out to save her. His devotion, loyalty, and determination are heart-warming. Messages from Henry is a terrific, fast-paced read that will leave you wanting more from Rebecca Scarberry. Filled with twists and turns around every corner, this short story was a joy to read. Excellent!
Stephanie- The Boyfriend Bookmark
This is a sweet feel good kind of book about a Pigeon named Henry and his unconditional love for his owner. It's a sweet story of saving a life. As with most short books, I could have used more of it. The basics were there and it was easy to understand, I just wanted to know more about Henry and Evelyn, but over all I thought it was well written and I am glad I had the opportunity to read it.
Francis Potts
Aug 26, 2012 Francis Potts rated it it was amazing
A lovely story. I picked this up because it was free, but I was very pleased I had. I loved it, even though it isn't at all the kind of thing I'd normally read. Maybe I should get out more. Five stars, and a medal for Henry.
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Rebecca Scarberry was born and raised on the coast of California. She now lives on a secluded farm in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas.

She self-published Messages from Henry in June 2012. It was written for young adults, but adults are finding it very entertaining. She released the sequel, Where Love Takes You on August 9, 2013 (previously published under a different title). Henry and Cecilia, now
More about Rebecca Scarberry...

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