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After the Fall (Clash of the Otherworlds, #1)
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After the Fall (Clash of the Otherworlds #1)

4.42 of 5 stars 4.42  ·  rating details  ·  938 ratings  ·  64 reviews
The Light and Dark Fae have come together, a tenuous peace formed at the urging of the Overworld. Potty-mouthed teen, Jayne Sparks, and her fellow changeling friends find themselves once again in the middle of a maelstrom of conflict, mystery, and magic that they must struggle to not only understand but to overcome. Jayne Sparks Blackthorn hereby cordially invites you to f ...more
Kindle Edition, 346 pages
Published September 30th 2012
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This is book 5 in the changeling series, but for some inexplicable reason, the author is calling it book 1 of a different series. The book is full of meetings. Elle Casey uses "meetings" so often as a plot device that I wonder if she's Quaker. All problems can be solved in meetings in this series. I think she uses it as a writing crutch. She definitely went overboard with it in this book.

Meetings, meetings, meetings. Bleh! I still like the characters, and I enjoyed Janie getting drunk with the d
I liked the book but looking at all the 5.0 ratings was rather surprised. I won't go into a description of the book since that's been done but rather why I gave it 3 stars. First, the book just ends. It is clear to me that this book and the two following books should all be one novel, as it just stops abruptly. Clearly a ploy to get paid for three books instead of 1 or 2.

Second, the plot will be moving along with lots of action when she stops to gather everyone together and talk about what happ
Morrighan Rose
Review from Elysian Fields Book Reviews.


The setting opens up almost exactly where the final book of the War of the Fae Series ends. Ben and Jayne have just been bonded, to save the entire Fae race from the inevitable invasion of demons from the Otherworld. They are both powerful elementals, and together, they control all four of the elements; earth, fire, water, and air. It is only with them together, the Mother and Father, that the demons can be stopped, saving both the Fae race and the

man, I don't think I've ever laughed so hard reading a book before. Jayne and Tim, love them to death. seriously, their dialogue could not get any better. and this book seem to suggest some sort of a deeper love connection between Spike and Jayne, which I must admit I much prefer that to she and Ben. No offense to fans of Ben, he just seems a tad shady to me. The only thing that was missing from this book, and I probably won't get of my soapbox about, is Chase. I miss him, and I miss his and Jay ...more
Nov 07, 2012 Jodi rated it 4 of 5 stars
Shelves: kindle
Elle Casey is like the Pied Piper in that she leads us down the path, we don't know where, but we are entranced and follow her regardless of the direction she leads us in. I know it sounds whacky, but seriously she has a way of writing this story with Jayne and her friends, as well as enemies, that will have me hooked until the end of the series!
I think the test of a truly good author is when you want to physically reach out and slap the character to knock some sense into them, and that's what I
Between the Bind
After obsessing over the War of the Fae series, the release of Clash of the Otherworlds was at the top of my to-read pile. As I've stated in my previous reviews of Elle Casey's work, Jayne is one of my all-time FAVORITE heroines, and when you have cast-mates like Tim the Pixie, his son Willie, and sexy-moody Ben, it makes for a great time!

*Some SPOILERS from the War of the Fae series*

After the Fall continues directly after the union between Dark and Light Fae. After losing Chase, Jayne is having
Tiffany Loves Books
I find myself having a tough time reviewing books that come from a series. I feel limited in the sense that it's harder to not provide spoilers. Like me being particularly emotional in Bella and Edwards wedding from Breaking Dawn and writing something to that effect. For someone who has read Eclipse they are already expecting this. However this will be a total spoiler for those who have only read Twilight or New Moon. Uhum... So I hope you understand my dilemma and my usual hope of not providing ...more
Terri Kinckner
I was eagerly awaiting this book and picked it up the second it was available on Amazon. It definitely did not disappoint! After I had finished her War Of The Fae series, I was left with a huge hole in my heart where Jayne and her friends should have been. I no longer have to suffer. This series continues right where War Of The Fae left off.

After binding with her nemesis turned ally, Ben, Jayne and her friends are trying to adjust to life with the light and dark fae living and working together
This is the very first review I've ever taken the time to write for a book (and I read a LOT) so that should definitely tell you how much I loved this one. Every since reading Elle's WOTF (War of the Fae) series, I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this continuation series (and am also eagerly awaiting the final book in her Apocalypsis series).

Honestly, I didn't think it could get any better (though, I had no doubt coming from Elle it would be every bit as great as the rest of her books
Cassandra Mello
First up, big kudos to Elle Casey for writing the book numbers on this series, I love how easy it is going to be to go back to the books for re-reads, they are all numbered beautifully! :) I love how neat my kindle looks. This probably seems a bit mad, but it makes such a huge difference. I struggle to keep titles and sequences straight in my brain.

And then second, "awesome is as awesome does." haha a Tim quote and one that sums up my love for this author!!

Another fabulous one in this series, t
Oct 01, 2012 Lburt rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: fae
OMG Can I just start this review by saying how much I love Tim. He is one awesome little man. Now that Ive got that written I can move on with this review.
So this book starts off right where the last book ended with the light and dark fae moving into the same compound. With a common enemy the two side must join together if there going to survive. Of course this means a lot of big changes for our favorite girl Jayne. New room, new council members to meet, new challenges to stumble into and most i
Korie Cox
I absolutely loved the War of the Fae series and was so excited to see that Elle Casey had written a second series that picked up right where the other left off. I am a 29-year-old mother of three, but I've found that the rebellious teenager inside of me is still able to relate to the main character, Jayne. This book, along with the rest of the series, has just the right mix of laughter, sorrow, romance, and drama.

Something you should know before you buy this book is that Elle Casey loves her so
Tracey Murphy
I loved the War of the Fae series, but wanted more. So I have been waiting impatiently for this series to was worth the wait!! But now I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book. I tried to pace myself but ended up reading completely in about a 5 hour time span.

Jayne is back with just as much if not more attitude...She had to say good bye to Chase and I was sad about that, but just as I am ready to embrace Ben--Jayne is not. Jayne is still flying by the seat of her pants an
I don't know how Elle Casey does it but somehow each book just gets better and better! Clash of the Otherworlds picks up immediately right after New World Order (War of the Fae book 4) and doesn't let up until the very last page. I love how each book leaves off in a cliffhanger and not a normal to be continued cliffhanger either but a Lol OMG WTF, My brain will explode unless I get to read the next book cliffhanger. Jayne and all her friends are back but this time around they have to deal with p ...more
I did not enjoy this book until the last few chapters...there just wasn't that much happening til the end and I know I may be in the minority but I find Jayne incredibly obnoxious... She acted like a foul mouthed brat for most of this book and I don't find her continued use of profanity endearing. I'll probably finish the series because I find the secondary characters far more appealing! Decent overall but there are more appealing strong female protagonist out there!
Rita Torkelson
Elle Casey, one of my new favorite authors....

OMG - this book was awesome!! I couldn't put it down - read it in a few hours. I friggin' love Jayne! She is so realistic and awesome, and I swear one of these days the lines between her and Tim are going to make me pee my pants, they are so funny! The action in these books is always non-stop and I feel so bad for her all the time, thinking "Geez, can this girl ever get a break?" it's just one thing after another, but that's what makes them so great!
Alexandra Westfall
I really loved the first series that this one spins from a lot. There was some down time between the fourth book of the War of Fae series and this one, so I actually put off reading this one until I finished some other things first (lost excitement) But the second I started reading it again, I was pulled right back in and couldn't put it down. I had made a promise to myself not to buy another book for my Kindle until I read the other books I've already spent money on, but I broke that promise to ...more
Ashley Williams
Seriously.. I love Elle Casey's writing! After the Fall is a wonderful start to this series. It still has my favouite characters and I still laughed my ass off! Jayne is the most kick ass heroine I've ever read. She is impulsive to a fault and often has to learn the hard way but she tries! But one thing is for sure.. NO ONE will give her any shit! I just purchased the second book, and am rushing to write this review so I can see what's going on. I miss Chase, but can't wait to see how Jayne and ...more
Grace Touch
So many more questions to be answered in this book. It appears that the fun is about to start; and start hard!
I'm feeling strong confusion in regards to the Ben situation. I really can't tell her feelings on him and don't know what to think myself because of it. I feel like I wanted to be able to like him, but when it came down to her nearly killing him, I was honestly chanting "Kill him!!! Kiiillll hiiiimmm!!!!" He was such a freaking JERK in most of this book!!! I feel like those moments whe

SOOO good (as always). This one has a lot of storyline building... I imagine the next book will have much more nail-biting suspense, excitement, peril and adventure. I can't wait!
Jayne is still rebellious, naive; a reckless risk-taker. I wonder what consequences and rewards we will see in the next installment?
Tim is "awesome," as always. I love him so much. He is SO metro. Abby is the bitch that all moms are forced to be, sometimes.... Willy... Ah, Willy. The child all moms fear. LOL.
Ben is
I just finished and I must say that it was definitely worth the wait this summer for this book. I love all the action and the twists and turns and the way that Elle makes you squirm trying to figure out what's next or squirm yelling at Jayne to figure it out or ask the right questions. I laughed so hard at the newest addition to the pixies Willy he is already a character just like Tim! I discovered the previous series after all the books were already out so I now will have to bide my time for th ...more
Brandy Fortune huff
This has got to be some of the funniest books I have read with war and everything going on. I love the characters can't wait to read the rest of them.

Way better ending than the other books. I'm still iffy about this book but I continue to read them so.
James Scouller
The book was good, well written as all the rest, and of course ridiculously funny and highly entertaining. I must say I don't really see why this book is part of a different series - its really just continuing the same story as the War of the Fae series and it picks up right where the last book left off. I enjoyed learning more about all my favourite characters from the earlier books and the story was really intriguing - although a bit less action than the other books so far. I'm going to keep r ...more
Loved continuing Jayne's adventures and laughing at Tim's antics!
Oct 04, 2012 Heidi rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: indie
Holy cliff hangers Batman! Elle is back with an awesome installment in her war of the fae/ war of the otherworlds series.

Our favorite foul mouthed changeling is back, and the epic screw ups just keep coming. Not to mention a few epic lines. Tim keeps you rolling, and his baby takes after him.

My all time favorite came near the end with Red telling Jayne she drank enough absinthe for an army.

Elle went above and beyond. All I can say is this book is a laugh a minute. I absolutely loved it!!!!

I finished the book in one day. I would have finished it in hours but, contrary to popular belief, I do have other things to do.

I LOVE the story and completely adore the characters created by Elle. Tim is a hoot and it provides much needed comedic relief. Especially when Jayne gets on my nerves and gets really annoying and overly selfish and a brat which is what she is for most of the book.

Here goes book 2, actually 5 of the whole series, which I have downloaded and started reading. Please, pl
Great read!
This was a great installment. I will be looking for a bit more growth in Jayne the next few books, but hope she never loses her inner voice.

My only caveat is that if you hate cliffhangers, wait for the rest. Go try Elle's other books!

Favorite Quotes:

Run for it! ... Rat turd alert! Rat turd alert!"
I glanced at her, praying her robes wouldn't open up to reveal anything, knowing it would scar me for life to see her two-thousand-year-old boobs hanging down to her knees.
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Elle Casey is a full-time writer of New Adult and Young Adult titles in several genres, including romance, urban fantasy, sci-fi dystopian, and action-adventure. She's an American girl who's been living in southern France with her husband and three children since 2010. She loves chatting with her readers, so feel free to drop her a line.

You can find her on Facebook:
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