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Vrána: Rozšířené vydání
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Vrána: Rozšířené vydání (The Crow (Kitchen Sink Press))

4.25 of 5 stars 4.25  ·  rating details  ·  7,788 ratings  ·  279 reviews
James O‘Barr vytvořil přetavením utrpení a bolesti osobní tragédie do kreseb Vránu. Silně očistný příběh Erika – který se navrátil ze záhrobí, aby se pomstil pouličnímu gangu za svoji smrt a smrt své snoubenky – zaujal čtenáře po celém světě. Věhlas získal díky filmové adaptaci, při jejímž natáčení nešťastnou náhodou zemřel herec Brandon Lee. Nyní tento román v obrazech vy ...more
Hardcover, 4., rozšířené vydání, 272 pages
Published April 16th 2012 by Comics Centrum (first published 1989)
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Troy David
I read a review within the very walls of this site that stated that this novel deserved no more that 2 stars. The reasoning, it seems, is that all of the characters, other than "the crow", are card board and underdeveloped.

I respect people's opinion. And, if I were to judge this book against the greats of literature, or even the greats of Graphic novels, I might have to agree. The story is violently stupid, and stupidly violent. The characters for the most part are underdeveloped stereotypes. Th
 Linda (Miss Greedybooks)
Loved it - hard for me to not see Brandon Lee while reading this - Great art, great love story!
Though I saw (and loved) the film the year it came out, I had never read the original graphic novel until a few days ago, after buying it at the Borders closeout sale.

I'm glad I did.

The book is a different experience than the movie. While both are dark and violent, the book is more passionate. It's a love letter of sorts, but filled with pain and loss. The author spends as much time coming to terms with the fact of having a loved one ripped from his life as he does imagining bloody revenge on th
Robert Beveridge
James O'Barr, The Crow (Pocket, 1995)

I always seem to be trying to turn sacred cows into shish kabob, and my latest target is The Crow, the James O'Barr graphic novel that, in 1994, became Alex Proyas' amazing debut feature film. I spent a few moments, after I finished this book, reflecting on the art of film adaptation. Sometimes you start with a brilliant book and end up with a mediocre (or outright horrible) movie. Sometimes you start with a mediocre (or outright horrible) book and end up wit
The legend of the Crow in this miniseries says that if a great injustice is done (The brutal murder of his girlfriend) sometimes someone comes back to right the wrong. Universal law/justice/balance. So Eric comes back and takes his revenge and the guilty are punished. It is a very brutal story, but redeeming as well.
My rating on this is more based on how it affected me when I first read it than how I'd necessarily react to it now. At 14, it was an absolute revelation - beyond all the dark, gloomy gothy trappings that aesthetically attracted me at that age, the emotion behind the creation of this is so raw and visceral as to be squirm inducing, which I'm sure also lined up with me at that age.

To be sure, there are some extremely problematic elements to the book, reading it with the benefit of age and experi
I received The Crow as a Christmas gift in 1994 after falling in love with the movie earlier that year. This is only the second time that I have read it and it has stood the test of time for it remains my favorite graphic novel.

The Crow is a powerful story, of love, loss, and revenge. It is dark, very dark, and almost painful to read at times because of the raw emotions that proliferate the pages.

One of the most powerful sections of this book is the introduction by John Bergin and it describes
Efrain Martinez
(Recommended Pandora station for this book: Wu-Tang Clan) If you're interested in reading this book don't pay attention to any review that compares it to the movie. The book should stand alone as a separate piece of work. Due to major plot changes and the creative motivation behind "The Crow". I read this when it first came out in 93'. I remember it blew my teenaged mind. My buddy and I couldn't wait for the next issue to come out! We were pulled in by the intensity of the story and the characte ...more
Christopher Ortiz
I stumbled onto this graphic novel because my roommate has a thing for the Crow as a movie, character, and since we found it at a Barnes and Noble, he bought it. He finished it and I liked the movie so I wanted to read the origin. I pushed away most thoughts of the movie away from my mind as I began to read. "The Crow" is a special kind of novel. It is different. It is not a normal superhero book. "The Crow" delves into the personality and angst of Eric. While not many other characters are too f ...more
Two graphic novels in one night. Both about someone returning from the dead to take revenge on a rape and murder. wtf?! I pick up three books randomly and i seem to have stumbled across the dark side of this graphic world.
This was just plan grim. Dark, dirty and just pure violence and tortured souls. THe author has a very very dark place he can call on to write this story, because there was nothing here at all to enjoy.
I could imagine wallowing in the depths of dispair and becoming depressed re
bloody, disturbing, graphic, and immensely sad. beautiful in its darkness and wonderful in its anger and sadness. this graphic novel does not let the reader escape - you are forced to feel, and the feelings it forces are so raw and naked that they leave you feeling drained. catharsis, yes. but getting there is a rough and beautiful ride.
Quentin Wallace
The first and probably the best of the Crow comics. The art is great, very moody and gritty in black and white. The storyline is good as well, but sometimes tends to meander and get a little existential. The movie did a good job of bringing the story to its core, which is a revenge story where The Crow comes back from the dead and avenges the death of his fiancee and himself. I love the mythology of the Crow bringing the spirit back from the dead to take care of unfinished business as well. The ...more
I read this a long time ago, after watching the movie several times, and was pretty disappointed. The book doesn't have the fleshed-out characters or fully-developed plot of the movie. It's a much simpler, much more brutal revenge story. At the time, I didn't really appreciate that.

I decided to give The Crow another read while thinking about Lovecraft and re-reading his stories. Like Lovecraft, O'Barr isn't a great writer in the conventional sense, but he captures one particular raw emotion inc
Tohle je sakra těžké hodnotit.
Na jednu stranu je to umné propojení komixu s citáty z Bible, Rimbaudovými básněmi a texty písniček. Jenže je to také krvavá řežba toho nejtemnějšího kalibru, která vám zanechá pocit prázdnoty a zoufalství.
Po technické stránce je to výborné, kresba detailní, ale přesto strohá pasuje k příběhu. O tom, co chtěl autor říci vypovídá naprosto jasně a jen posledních pár stran je navíc, bez nich by byla Vrána ještě o chlup lepší a přímočařejší.
Problém je v mém vkusu. Sic
Paul Nelson
The movie, The Crow came out in 1994 and I remember being blown away by the performance of Brandon Lee who tragically died during filming and its a movie I will never tire of, watching it again and again every few years when the mood takes me.

A grief stricken tale of revenge this is as dark and brutal as it gets. Eric and the love of his life Shelley are murdered on a rural highway next to their broken down car. A year to the day, Eric is bought back, fuelled by rage and guided by the Crow he se
Melanie Michel

On the inner sleeve credits of the first four or five Queen albums, the band proudly proclaimed: 'No synthesizers were used in the recording of this LP.'

I'd like to borrow that statement: No computers were used in the making of this book. Everything in here is ink on paper. Even the lettering is hand done on the original art. The grey tones are the now obsolete techniques of duo-shade board and zip-a-tone. The new pages were completed in the same manner, using tw
Nov 26, 2009 Ivy rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Comic Book fans but most Crow Fans
Words can not do this graphic novel justice, but true to its genre it is a GRAPHIC novel. The sense of pure anger and vengence is so really you feel the weight of it as you turn each of the glossy pages that are soaked in James O'Barrs lose and pain. The images are stickingly vivid but the words cut your from mind to soul and you begin to see what the lose of true love can drive man to do. My words feel empty and bland as i try to tell you how deeply this work has effected me. To be sure it is l ...more
Dark, despairing, tragic morality tales once haunted small indie press sections of your local comic book store. Stark covers, with the look of a Goth girl's high school notebook, littered the rack. Black and white, as basic as they could be. There was Razor, Shi, and then of course; there was The Crow.

"...One day you are going to lose everything you have. Nothing will prepare you for that day. Not faith...not religion...nothing. When someone you love dies. You will know will know
Variaciones Enrojo
Reseña de Jordi T. Pardo para Zona Negativa:

“Vamos alrededor del Sol,
la Luna gira entorno a la Tierra,
no nos mata la muerte:
¡nos mata el vértigo!”

En el mundo del cómic, así como en cualquier otro medio de representación artística, la figura y personalidad del autor es un elemento determinante y decisivo para el devenir mismo de la obra. Este principio, totalmente de perogrullo, puede ser más difícil de percibir en el cómic mainstream moderno por los vastos co
Christy Stewart
Stop me if you've heard this before...

A man witnesses his beloved get brutally murdered and now he's tracking down the perpetrators for revenge!

Hackney, yes, but the good part is you don't have to go through much of him tracking down anyone. Each chapter consists of poetic dialog and gun shots to the head.

What could be better?
4.5 stars

Amazing art style with interchanging media gives a lovely insight to the world of the Crow, the story of a man who is brought back to life to avenge the deaths of himself and his wife, Shelly.



Read this when you get the chance. Like the art style, the story is gritty, uncaring, and sculpted into a fine piece that I'm proud to have read. Shelly is based off O'Barr's own wife who he tragically lost, hence got him to create The Crow.

Fabulous story, and unlike Black Hole, the high cont
The Crow is one of those graphic novels that is so renowned (The Dark Knight Returns, The Watchmen, etc.) that one often wonders if it's actually as good as its hype. In the case of The Crow, I think it certainly is.

It seems more people know the story of Erik Draven and even the life of James O'Barr than have actually read the original comic. Most of this comes from the wide popularity of the movie starring the late Brandon Lee, but it also has to do with two decades of word of mouth.

Despite wor
Two Saturdays ago, Jyg decided we should watch The Crow, starring the late Brandon Lee. Because she rarely has the urge to watch "superhero" flicks, I wasn't going to argue. Besides, I love The Crowseries. I'm probably the only person in my circle who can honestly admit to loving City of Angels and Salvation, as well, as the original. (Note: I'd like to believe Wicked Prayer doesn't exist.)

While watching the film, I started pointing out the differences from the graphic novel. And it hit me. Back
It's not often a film adaption of a book surpasses the original material, but this is an exception.

On its surface, this is a tale of simple revenge; a bunch of crackheads happen upon a nice young couple, raping the woman and killing the both. Unfortunately for the demented, two-dimensional burnouts, the male half of this massacre returns and wreaks some major havoc.

The reason for the tragedy is senseless, and the perpetrators shallow and without identity. Even Shelly, the true love of our prot
Angie Mckool
Seriously, I read all of the reviews for this and it got me so worried about the graphic novel because I already thought so highly of the movie. So let me just start by saying that now that I've finished it, I think all of you are plain ridiculous. The Crow is one of the best book/graphic novel's I've ever read. The fact that he doesn't read further into other characters is deliberate, because the only story that matters is Eric's. It's so sad and deeply filled with emotion that it literally tea ...more
Graphic novel. My favorite one.
Eric and Shelly are brutally murdered the night before their wedding.
Eric rises from the grave with the help of The Crow, a supernatural bird that serves as his link between the living world and the realm of death. The mystical crow is capable of resurrecting people who have been unjustly murdered, so that that person may be able to seek vengeance on the
person(s) responsible for their death.
Dark and thrilling, you find yourself tense, urging Eric on, to exact his
Jan 19, 2012 Martyn rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone with a heart and a brain
This is fabulously perfect; it's almost as complete a world as in a Shakespearian play. This was always my favorite graphic novel and it has stood up very well over the years. I love the new additions that James O'Barr was able to make, pages that were left out of the original because of the printing methods of the time according to the author!

The best thing about this special edition, for me, was the moving forward in which James O’Barr described the real story behind his inspiration for The Cr
I have no real point of reference on which to rate this book. It's the first graphic novel I've ever read (except for the Complete Persepolis, which really doesn't count). I thought it was a work of art. A tribute to love and loss and revenge. "In the city where angels fear to hover and devils come to croon, the sex of the night lets down her black narcotic hair under a yellow opium moon. Here a shadow of a shadow, an earth bound ghost shivers, not from october chill, but in erotic pain..." And ...more
Carmilla Voiez
A masterpiece of the graphic novel genre. It's a poignant and beautiful maelstrom of pain and frustration. Breathtaking!
Jan 22, 2009 Randy rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone with a pulse, maybe not little kids though
I've seen the movie a million times. I was a die hard Brandon Lee fan before he got the starring role and went the way of Heath Ledger. But I had never read this. I had seen snippets, but it was never clear to me just how much of the book was Joy Division inspired. I've loved Joy Division (one of my top five all-time favorite bands) ever since my old roommate Carl force-fed me his JD cassettes until they wouldn't play anymore. This book is poetry in motion. At once a tribute to existentialism an ...more
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James O'Barr is an accomplished artist and writer, best known for creating The Crow.

In 1978, O'Barr's fiancée, Beverly, was killed by a drunk driver, and he joined the Marines in an effort to cope with the loss. He was stationed in Germany and illustrated combat manuals for the military. While living in Berlin in 1981, O'Barr began work on The Crow as a means of dealing with his personal tragedy.
More about James O'Barr...

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“People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes, something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can't rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.” 44 likes
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