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When the local authorities ask Kyle Juenger to hunt a shape-shifting Glyrinny spy, he can't refuse. After all, he can use the reward to replace his paralyzed legs with cyberware, and maybe even to return to his home planet. Besides, he hates the morphs-those invasive, brain-eating monstrosities whose weapons cost him his legs.

Kyle's best lead is the Scorpion, a mercenary s...more
ebook, 85 pages
Published July 9th 2012 by Riptide Publishing (first published July 7th 2012)
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Blacky *Romance Addict*
This was fantastic Photobucket

Image Hosted by

I don't usually (ever) read Sci-Fi books, and after finishing Incursion I can honestly say I'm a freaking idiot and should mentally bitch-slap myself Photobucket

The story - Kyle is a retired hunter with a severe spinal injury done by a vicious enemy weapon. A military commander hires him to hunt down a fugitive enemy, in exchange for money and possibly a new prosthesis for his legs. He accepts and infiltrates Scorpion, a spaceship full of mercenaries, and the only lead he has on the ene...more
Monique ~ Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews
Mr Voinov wrote it, and I loved it...


I am always in awe of Aleksandr Voinov's writing... as a writer he is... Ohhh. So. Very. Clever. He has the ability to tempt us... a slow seduction of words alone, and Incurrsion, even though it is not in his "dark" category, which I love, It is still evidence of a master at work.

We join our main character Kyle, six weeks after he was injured by a Glyrinny disruptor that left the nerves in his spine damaged. Now, with an implant in his spine and prosthetics...more
I have a confession to make. The only reason I read this is because it's written by Aleksandr Voinov.
Yes, it's the man with the sexiest name in literary history ever. I am in love with him, I love what lies in his mind. I want to climb inside, roll around and purr forever.
Netgalley wouldn't give me any of Aleksandrrrr's other books to review..pft! Whatever Rachel!
So this was all I got, and it's Sci-fi!!! I DO NOT read sci-fi . I never have, but for Aleksandr... I will. For you Aleksandr I will...more
Aleksandr Voinov
Jul 09, 2012 Aleksandr Voinov added it  ·  (Review from the author)
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
I’m pretty sure I have made this clear, but I’ll say it again. Alexsandr Voinov can rip my heart and soul to shreds with one line. He has created characters and worlds that will remain with me, pulled emotion out of me when no other writer or work could, and can inspire me to read a story again and again to absorb the power and layers of emotion and meaning. And...

He has done it again, but with a blast of fun this time!

After being paralyzed from the waist down, Kyle Juenger lost his active mili...more


I am not tired to repeat it again and again:
ALEKSANDR VOINOV is something very special:

you read one of his book and you are "infected" with V.
It may have a mild character but most likely you’ll get it bad, be prepared even to have it chronically.

His writing- Grammy, I like your comparison with potato chips!- is like a revelation for me.
It is like a chocolate, heavenly sweet and delightfully bitter.
It is like the best wine, the best meal, the...more
First things first, I know the constraints that beset a novella or a short story and that the author has to cut corners to stay within the word limit. So, even the most ambitious ideas kind of fall short of the desired impact if not executed well, given those constraints. Incursion suffers from the same problem.

What I liked were the multitude of themes at play, acceptance, identity, xenophobia etc -Kyle's downward spiral into depression, self-pity and perceived imperfection because of his lost...more
LisaT - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog LisaT131
Jan 15, 2013 LisaT - AttentionIsArbitrary M/M Blog LisaT131 rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: everyone, humans, healing, self identity

A very clever book, with a very clever title.

Kyle is every human.

Grimm is potential.

Every human needs potential.

This is a profound and profoundly beautiful effort by a masterful writer, who has time and again caused me to look within and discover new truths about myself and humanity. Damn Voinov for his incursion of me.

I had a long, descriptive review typed out for this book, but it just isn’t necessary. My review is simply to tell anyone, who will listen, to read-this-book. For yourself.


Fun universe. Fun characters. Fun plot.


Over too soon.
Holy shit.
Strong, inspirational, full of hope. It made me sad that it ended. There just has to be more.

What is it with fiction that makes me rebel against set systems and want them to change/be destroyed? For almost every world built in the last 50 or something books. Again. And again. Even knowing a perfect world is not possible (and boring as heaven) doesn't stop me from thinking that the exact order is wrong and needs changing.

Whatever. My rambling stops here.

Highly recommended.

ETA: (view...more
I love a good Sci - Fi story, even better, this is m/m and then icing on the cake its written by Mr Voinov so that makes it way past just good, it makes it exceptional!
Wow! What a trip this read was. The world building was so vivid that I felt I was watching a top quality space opera ...its broken hero on a mission, intrigue, espionage shape shifting double agents , bustling space ports and a renegade space ship filled with its interesting but motley crew.

Kyles character the tough ex soldier w...more
Emanuela ~plastic duck~
So good. This story takes place in the same universe of Dark Edge of Honor. There is less focus on the political aspects and more on the different races inhabiting it. I am not an expert of science fiction, but I really enjoyed it here.

This is Kyle's story. Kyle was injured and crippled by a Glyrinny weapon, which destroyed his nerves, and made him unable to walk without prosthetics, impotent and destitute. Stripped of his job and his pride, he is asked to perform a mission to access better surg...more
In an Amara word… fantabulous.

I have a confession to make. I’m not a big sci-fi lover. It’s a genre I rarely read. But… far be it for me to let a Voinov go by without getting my grabby little hands on it. Sci-fi or no Sci-fi.

I really loved this one. Voinov managed to pull me into his world, keep me intrigued, all without over sci-fi’ing me to death. Kudo’s on that.

One of the things I loved most about this one was the characters. Well written, fully fleshed out and intriguing. Damaged, rough aro...more
Anna  (Bananas!)
The last few pages tipped this from 3 to 4 stars for me. The hope and possibility of the ending, and most importantly the theme of becoming your true self, was very touching.
It started a bit slow, way too much world-building for a short work, but ultimately proved satisfying. And I love the idea of the Glyrinny species. I found them unique and truly beautiful.

I liked Grimm. I got him. And Winter/Spring. She had something.

Kyle? He was a challenge. It's not that I didn't like him. It's that I didn't get him right, I think. There was something about him I kept missing. He reminded me of Brooklyn from Counterpunch but he lacked that cynic lustre. And I had some issues with his disability. Why he was chosen to hunt down Kshar in the first place and how he planned to overpower Kshar after their encounter at that hotel.

But I liked the world-building. I thi...more

I'm a big fan of sci-fi, so needless to say Mr. Voinov's world totally intrigued me. The world parallels that of Dark Edge of Honor with the added bonus of shape-shifters and lots of space travel. Everything came alive, from the ship to the character's feelings and reactions. This was fun ride.

The story is told from Kyle's POV. Kyle was injured in the line of duty and left paralyzed. He cannot see beyond his "dead meat". He's stuck in a world of self-pity and where he has "become" his injury. W...more
Laura (Kyahgirl)
5/5; 5 stars; A+

Sci-fi, in particular, space opera is one of my favorite genres. I thought Incursion was a fantastic example of the genre. I enjoyed every aspect, from the science and technology to the romance, to the mystery. Aleksander Voinov creates characters that really touch me. The fact that he packed a complete story with fully developed characters into 68 pages is also a testament to his skill.

In the course of this fun adventure a lot of profound ideas were brought forth to the reader f...more
Kaje Harper
4.5 stars. This book has excellent world-building, interesting characters with a lot of issues and imperfections, and a well-designed plot. The only reason it wasn't five stars for me was that it felt a bit short. I guess like so many of this excellent writer's stories, I wasn't ready to let these guys go, which is more compliment than flaw.

I like Sci-fi. I love Aleksandr Voinov.
AV + Sci-fi= guaranteed winner, right?
So, why have I not read this yet? That is a very good question. I am ashamed to say, I forgot about it. Cursed electronics that allow me to stockpile books to such a degree is disgraceful. I take that back, I’m pretty attached to my Kindle.

Here we have classic Voinov: the characters are exceptionally solid, the world-building fabulous, and the emotions ran at full throttle.

Close your eyes, take a breath, and prepare...more
Feb 24, 2013 Kristalia rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: anyone who wishes to read cool sci fi story :D
Final rating: ★★★★/★★★★★

This book was just...WOW. I didn't expect to like this book soooo much. But i am sad because it was just way to short for my tastes. The story itself was interesting, and i loved the writing. It kept me reading until i finally read it whole. And it's rare to find a sci-fi m-m book which was properly executed. And the ending (around 75%)! I sooooooooooo didn't see that one coming! I thought i knew who the shapeshifter was, but damn, i was wrong.

Anyway, the characters were...more
"Just because a man lacks the use of his eyes doesn't mean he lacks vision.
Stevie Wonder

What you would do, to be (feel) whole again?
it's a trick question, but it's the essence of this story...

Kyle can't walk... can't be himself (or what he consider his old-self) any longer. After an attack with an alien weapon he lost the ability to walk. But as himself will say, it's more than that... he is frustrated because he desire, but can't have an active sex life anymore... he's alternative is have impl...more
This Was A Uniquely Clever All Nighter...Ugh...I Need Coffee

But it was oooh so worth it....♥

Damn book sucked me right in...I started this book close to midnight thinking I would just read a few pages and go to bed...LOL... I forgot this is a Voinov book~A New Favorite Author of Mine Yes, come morning it was OMG, WTF time is it!

Ah GAWD...I have to work...My Bad, but jeez, this book sucked me right in.

It is toooo short but, omg..the world building is spectacular~

The Clever stuff...hummm(view...more
I hate it when people give 1 star ratings and have never read the book - I prefer to be optimistic ;)

Review to come - when I have actually READ the book :D

Finally read this book :)

I really enjoyed it but it feels kind of unfinished to me. I believe that there should be a sequel because I am still left with a bundle of questions. I want to know how the 'relationship' develops and how it does in such a species that sees with vibrations.

I actually think the sex would be spectacular and totally diff...more
Barb Gilmour
4.5.... Oh what the heck - why deal in halves?? Full 5 Stars for Aleks!!

Kyle Juenger is Tamenean by birth, he left his home planet, to join the military - which included a stint as a Hunter Five some 15 years earlier. Six weeks ago he was badly injured and forced to retire. He's broke - financially and physically - his legs, and his sex drive, paralysed by a Glyrinny weapon. It's his past as a Hunter Five that gets him this gig from the Sector Commissar; to find his target - a Glyrinny double ag...more

Another awesome story from the master of the pen. I must confess that I'm not really keen on reading SciFi, but the story and the blurb gripped me right away, so I gave it a try. The world building was well-elaborated and after a few pages I was hooked. :)

The story delivered a deep message that pulled me in and kept me on my toes. I was completely caught up in Kyle’s mission to find the Glyrinny spy and hoped so much it wasn’t who he thought it might be. *sigh*

The plot was intriguing but left me...more
Aleksandr Voinov’s Incursion is a gripping sci-fi psychological game of cat and mouse mostly set on the starship Scorpion where not everything is as it seems.

Kyle is searching for a way to run and feel again but ultimately he is looking for redemption from his bitterness and self-loathing and from a life gone dry of feeling.

Grimm sees beyond Kyle’s physical limitations to his stunning potential. He wants to give him healing, spiritual and physical.

Kyle’s hunt for the dangerous shapeshifter tak...more
♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣
Kyle lives in a very dense, confusing, dark and yet very ordinary universe. People still need to eat, need money, favors and suffer injury and many other ordinary trappings of life. That's how Kyle treats the world and himself within it, but he eventually experiences something he never expected.
I have to say, I wasn't really sure until nearly the end how everything was going to turn out. Or rather, be the ending to a new beginning. My only inkling came from how well Grimm (love that name, not gr...more
great read!! read it in one sitting today . . . couldn't put it down, not a shock given the author!

well written. great character development. easily sucked into their 'world'. fast paced story arc.

interesting premise, very intriguing and ORIGINAL idea!

the concept of self is explored . . .self as apart from one's physical being. this is certainly brain food i will be digesting for days to come.

update . . . this story stayed with me for DAYS . . . DAYS . . . as does most of the author's writin...more
I'm so sad this had to end, it was fantastic! I tend to stay away from Sci-Fi, but the synopsis intrigued me so I had to read it... and I'm so glad I did! I loved everything about it, the world building, the characters, the plot and especially the chemistry between Grimm and Kyle. Highly recommended to everyone, and if you're like me and don't normally like Sci-Fi, don't let that stop you from reading this because you'll be missing out on a great story.
in·cur·sion (n-kûrzhn, -shn)
1. An aggressive entrance into foreign territory; a raid or invasion.
2. The act of entering another's territory or domain.
3. The act of entering or running into:

Perfect title for this book--Voinov has given us another great story

Re-read-- holy shit--I get it--the whisper that I couldn't grasp

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“He understood it then. The potential, the utter, unbelievable freedom to be whoever existed underneath his skin.” 16 likes
“He could sense Kshar underneath, and he knew he'd be able to sense him in whatever body. Unchanged, genuinely him.” 4 likes
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