Walter Dean Myers
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Seventeen-year-old Greg "Slam" Harris can do it all on the basketball court. He's seen ballplayers come and go, and he knows he could be one of the lucky ones. Maybe he'll make it to the top. Or maybe he'll stumble along the way. Slam's grades aren't that hot. And when his teachers jam his troubles in his face, he blows up. Slam never doubted himself on the court until he...more
Published (first published 1996)
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In the book Slam! a young man that goes by the name of slam plays basketball for his high school. Slam is a good athlete but growing up in the mean streets of new york is hard.Most of his pears dont even make it out of high school, their either shot or end up going to jail.
I think this is a good book but i do not recommend this book to someone who is not real mature, because of the language and some of the scenes in the book.
My favorite part of this book is when slam is fighting his best frie...more
Andrew Johns
By: Walter Dean Myers
Review by- Andrew Johns

Slam! By Walter Dean Myers takes you into the life of Gregory Harris other wise known as Slam. It shows the struggles he has to face in his neighborhood in Harlem, New York. The book will take you into his life and you will experience the life choices that he has to make, the people who are there to help him are Matisha, Ice, Derek(his little brother), his mother and father and teachers.

Slam loves basketball, he wants to make it big and do what he...more
Mar 25, 2008 Keishi rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Teenagers
Shelves: 9th-grade
Slam! Scholastic,1998, 273pp., $5.99
Walter Dean Myers ISBN 0-59-048668-3

By looking at the cover picture from Slam! by Walter Dean Myers, I guessed that the protagonist was a basketball player who was in jail. However, the story and the main character were different than I thought and it caught my attention from the very first chapter. And I couldnt put the book down.

Greg Harris, or his nickname "Slam," an African American high school student, is a talented basketball player, but not so talented...more
Sujit Bajaj
This book takes place in many different inner city schools of New York such as Carver High School, Latimer High School, and Trinity High School in 1975. The high school student Greg Harris, also called Slam, transfers from Carver High School to Latimer High School. He struggled with family, culture, and talent. He thought his life was going to improve as basketball season approaches. He makes the basketball team for his school by playing one-on-one with the coach at the tryouts. He does not seem...more
Gregory "Slam" Harris is a talented basketball player with big dreams. Unfortunately , these big dreams came with obstacles he had to overcome. Throughout his life , Slam always dreamt of becoming a college ball player but his grades were slipping and holding him back from his dreams. Although his mom couldn't afford to change his school , with the help of Slam's girlfriend , Mitisha , his teachers and family , Slam became capable of proving to himself and others that he could make something ou...more
The book slam was an intriguing look into the life of a young man coming of age in a rough environment. it revolves around Gregory "slam" Harris. he is a very talented basketball player with dreams of playing ball in college. he has parents who support him but want him to also get a good education because they will not be able to afford to pay to send him to a college. he is surrounded by problems all around but basketball has always been the outlet in which he can escape all his problems and be...more
Grant Martignetti
Grant Martignetti
Mr. Ambrose

The book “Slam” by Walter Dean Myers is about a high school boy named Greg who has trouble succeeding both in school and out. He is a superstar high school basketball player who fights the challenge of keeping his grades up as well as cooping with the issue that his best friend Ice is a drug dealer. The result of the ciaos causes fights between best friends and ends their relationship, and at the same time Greg also is fighting to keep a relationship with his l...more
Oct 11, 2009 Erin rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: basketball enthusiasts
I have long been a fan of Walter Dean Myers, even before I had the pleasure of meeting both him and his son, Christopher Myers, at a book talk in Washington, DC. Bringing authenticity to his narratives, Myers draws on his own past experiences growing up in Harlem in order to realistically portray the struggles of his young inner-city characters.

The main character in this particular novel is a would-be basketball star who is struggling academically in a NYC magnet school; his friends call him Sla...more
I’ve had to ditch some things that are slowing down my life. Such as friends making bad choices, habits that effect my life, and overall decisions and lifestyles that simply aren’t needed. For example, I’m a very talkative person. Last year I wasn’t doing all that well in science, and I knew that I needed to pay more attention, and that meant zip the lip. But my table was all talkative, and the temptations were too strong; I continued to talk and do bad. But one day I decided that even though ta...more
Aaron J
I read Slam! because I had read a previous Walter Dean Myers book, Monster, and loved it. Being a high school basketball player and seeing that Walter Dean Myers was the author I picked it up immediately, and what a great decision it was.

Slam is about an up and coming basketball player named Greg but is referred to as Slam. Coming from a black part of the Bronx he then transfers from his black school to a white school. He has to go through the culture change and the consequences for his poor g...more
Steven Buruato
3,2,1 and the buzzer goes off. The book Slam! by Walter Dean Myers is an excellent written book.This book is about a high school basketball player, soon known as Slam because of his skill in basketball. This book isn't just about a student being on the basketball team, but also about his life in his neighborhood. It is also about all the people he calls friends, like his best friend Ice who he soon believes to become a drug dealer. As he tries to find the truth of his friend he is also stressed...more
Kelley Ross
This is another teen basketball book, since I told myself I had to read a few in order to be a well-rounded teacher. This book was just a complete mess from beginning to end, and hard to read.

Let me explain. The story sets up quite a few issues that the main character has to overcome. His team includes white and black players- he has to overcome prejudice. His coach is mean to him- he has to hold his temper. He doesn't do his schoolwork... he never learns to do his schoolwork. There is no signi...more
Christopher Bates
Walter Dean Myers does not disappoint in this story of a high school kid trapped in the ghetto where only his game can get him out. Greg Harris is a boy with god gifted athleticism and the work ethic to be great. But will his attitude and grades hold him back. These are the obstacles that Slam (his nickname) is forced to overcome. On top of all this he has suspicions of his best friend Benny Reece (who he calls Ice) is dealing crack on the street. Walter Dean Myers does it again as he brings out...more
The dialogue is dated, but the story is timeless. It’s a great wake-up call for any pro-sport wannabe.

In many ways 17-year-old Slam is a typical arrogant athletic teen. He can’t figure out why his basketball coach limits his playing time, and he’s not much better at understanding his girlfriend. He’s flunking classes, but refuses to put in the effort to learn. When adults try to give him advice, he snaps back. He’s content with a 740 PSAT, knowing that a 700 is all he needs for college, as long...more
Kurtis Mckeon
Slam, was a great book. It's about a kid named Slam who is great at basketball. Unfortunately for Slam he can't keep his grades up. Slam has to switch schools and the school he goes to is harder. He switched from Carver. The coach at his new school doesn't like him because he dunks on the coach and his teammates. He makes all the big shots when they need them and the coach finally starts playing him.
This book is fantastic. I love this book because it describes how hard his life is coming into a new school. Also it includes playing basketball, where as I love to play basketball. The way he works so hard to show the basketball coach what he is made of, but the coach doesn't pay any mind to him. This book is great if you can relate or if you want to just feel the rush of the way he talks about basketball and his moves.
Tommy Buteau
Good book for basketball players. I felt like he was setting it up for a threesome since there are a lot of unanswered questions left from this book. Did he ever pick up his school work and try as he does on the basketball court? Does his friend stop dealing? Do they win the next game against Carver? Also, there was no resolution with the movie he made. It was like the author didn't complete a single thought. If that is the whole story, I'm not sure it is worth reading unless you are into gritty...more
Erin Salvado
What I legitimately enjoyed about "Slam!" is that I felt that Myers had managed to capture the lives and personalities of so many of my "Basketball is life" students. "Slam!" is a novel about a boy named Greg, Slam as a nickname, who lives for basketball; basketball is really his life. In the novel, he decides to join the school team, a decision that is, surprisingly, not an easy one to make because he would have to play under the authority of his coach, neither of whom think much of each other,...more
Why I choose the book because I like sport I play sport I play basketball & football sometime I play baseball. Why it was good book to me because I play basketball too and we both in high school and me Greg boy that in the book we play hard on the basketball count. Me & Greg got some problem cause don't know if we going to go to college after high school. I can relate to his book Greg the Person in the book. He got a girlfriend he having for a long time still is one girl come in kiss Gre...more
I think the authors purpose in writing this book was to show people what it feels like to move schools in high school and have to play for a different basketball team that your coach doesn't think that you have any potential.

I believe the theme of this book was no matter how hard times are, you will always make it through a stronger and better person in the end. there will always be that one person there for you and that was his mom. his grandma was in the hospital and wasn't doing very good. h...more
Sachin John
Slam! By Walter Dean Myers was a great book that described the troubles of coming up in the ghetto, and of being a student athlete. This book keeps you wanting more as it describes the struggles and solutions of this young African american boy. It describes how you can stay out of the streets in a place where it's the norm. Slam! Is an inspirational book.

Slam came up in a very ghetto area of the Bronx. He was always worried about getting shot or getting into the drug game. He had a best friend I...more
Roger Byykkonen
I felt this was another nice novel from Walter Dean Myers. It has many issues present that youth in New York City have to deal with everyday. The main character knows all about surviving and winning on the basketball court, but he is really struggling to make it in all other areas of his life. The book was an easy read and Slam has to make many life decisions students face all the time. Anyone living in a big city would have to feel like this could be talking about kids in their one neighborhood...more
Fernando Coss
In Slam! by Walter Dean Myers is about Greg "Slam" Harris who is in high school and is struggling to juggle basketball and schoolwork. He had gone from a black school to a white school. Slam has some issues with his grades and is trying to achieve his dream of making it in the NBA. He does some things that can hinder him to not be anything in life. Greg always found a way to get it back on track and keep going. His conflicts are that he is not good at math and the other is whether his best frien...more
by: Walter Dean Myers
This book is about a teenager/almost there man who wants to make to the top in basketball. Although it is hard he really believes that he can make it to the highest where almost every kid has dreamed of in playing a sport. But with his grades slipping and all there is still doubt and what about his mom and his family what if he doesn't make it and he turns out to be homeless and cant feed his family. I cant tell you if he made it or not you will just have to read the...more
Shane Allen
This book is about a young boy whose a basketball player at his high school. The only thing is that he isn't playing with other African Americans. He thinks he is better than everyone but yet he realizes he needs to learn more to the game and acquire more skills. In his old school, he thought he could be the best since he was seen as a really good player. But there is only one thing stopping him: his grades. He has to pass his classes in order to be apart of the basketball games. This was a detr...more
Alice J
Greg Harris (a.k.a Slam) is great at basketball. He thinks he could play for the NBA someday. However, away from basketball, his life is falling apart. He struggles with school and his friends, and his attitude and grades might even begin to affect him being allowed to play basketball! I would recommend this book to someone who is interested in basketball and enjoys books that show the difficulties of teenage life.
Walter Dean Myers, the author of Slam, did a great job in writing this book. The problems are so realistic, and it tells about the life of a high schooler facing problems in his hood. The book is not only about basketball, so you wouldn't be bored to read it. Slam has to let go of his friends, be brave, and do what he does best, play basketball. Overall it was a great book and I'm hoping there is a sequel.
Slam! By Walter Dean Myers is a book about a boy trying to reach the top and become a professional basketball player playing in the NBA. If he wants to reach the top he has to go pass high school and go through college, but he is having trouble keeping up his grade and also having a tough time with his coach. On top of that he is having trouble with his girl call Misha. His life is not going the way he planned it to be. His best friend Ice was with him since his early child hood, but now they ar...more
Brandon Glidden
In 1996 the book Slam by Walter Dean Myers was published this book takes place Harlem, New York .It is about a young African American teenager named George Harris for short people call him slam. He wants to becoming a college basketball player. He feels like people are trying to keep him back for refiling his dreams . Therefor he has a lot obstacles he needs to overcome. The Power of making good Decisions and not giving up.
Slam is a crazy basketball player who want's to be known for his skills a...more
do you like basketball? well I do an you will see this in the story. the genre of this book is realistic fiction because it can happen in real life. my opinion for this book is that this is a good book for people who play basketball. also another opinion for this book is that you Learn a lot from this book.

this book is about a young boy that goes by the name slam. slam is a good basketball player, but growing up in new York is hard. slam grades aren't that good, slam was playing to much attentio...more
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Walter Dean Myers was born on August 12, 1937 in Martinsburg, West Virginia but moved to Harlem with his foster parents at age three. He was brought up and went to public school there. He attended Stuyvesant High School until the age of seventeen when he joined the army.

After serving four years in the army, he worked at various jobs and earned a BA from Empi...more
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