Queen Margot, or Marguerite de Valois (The Last Valois, #1)
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Queen Margot, or Marguerite de Valois (The Last Valois #1)

4.12 of 5 stars 4.12  ·  rating details  ·  5,629 ratings  ·  156 reviews
Released to coincide with the new Miramac film starring Isabelle Adjani, this is the classic novel unavailable for over 25 years. Massacres, conspiracies, clandestine trysts, secret alliances, daring escapes, sumptuous feasts, and duels of wit propel the action in this delightful story of French royalty during the 16th century. Advertising with movie.
Paperback, 542 pages
Published October 1st 1994 by Miramax Books (first published 1844)
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SO much better than I expected it to be. The book is long, but the story moves at such a fast pace and so much happens that you don't even notice. All the characters are fascinating, and my personal favorite was Catherine d'Medici, who wins the award for Worst Mother-in-Law Ever. I swear, she spends all her time trying to poison just about everybody in the book. She kills one person with poisoned gloves, then fills somebody's lamp with poisoned oil so the vapors smother them, and then she poison...more

If you're one of those people who lick their finger before turning over the page, I strongly recommend that you don't read this book. Particularly if you're on the paranoid side.
By turns highly unlikely and highly hilarious, Dumas' La Reine Margot is a wildly uneven, careening tale that knows perfectly well what it is and wants your gasps, sighs, and unbidden, unstoppable, "Oh no he didn't!"s. Or perhaps I should say "Oh no she didn't!" as the most shocking, ridiculously amazingly evil and awful moments are reserved for the truly unbelievable Satan of the piece, Catherine de Medici. She spends most of the book figuring out new ways to poison, arrest and assassinate anyo...more
It’s 1572 and in an effort to ease tensions between the Catholics and the Huguenots Henry III King of Navarre is married to Marguerite de Valois (Margot). Shortly after the marriage the Huguenots are slaughtered at the order of Charles IX and his mother Catherine de Medicis on Saint Bartholomew’s Day. Catherine is also bent on destroying Henry as her astrologer has foretold that her three sons will die and Henry of Navarre will rule France through the Bourbon line. Margot's dashing lover La Mole...more
Jul 30, 2012 Daniella rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: fans of historical fiction who aren't too nitpicky.
Apparently, Queen Margot was originally published serially in several newspapers and magazines of the day, and I imagine that it was basically the 19th century French equivalent of a soap opera. It certainly reads like one. But guess how many fucks I give? None! Not a single fuck.

Don't get me wrong--I'm really not the kind of girl who enjoys that sort of thing. Space operas, yes. Soap operas and generally similar things? Not so much. But come on, how can I not love this book? Courtly intrigues!...more
Natalie Rose
Hands-down, my favorite book of all time. Hot sex, political intrigue, beautiful language, battles surrounding religion- and all within the context of true history. It just doesn't get better! I just read it for the fourth time....sigh.
I LOVE the first 3/4 of this book. It's full of action, humor, wit, and a little romance. Also, Queen Margot herself: gorgeous, smart, and clear-headed yet passionate. I love Dumas' use of suspense through implication in this book - as when he describes the events leading up to a poisoning at great length but without ever explicitly saying what is happening until after it's over. Lots of very funny French irony (my favorite bits were dialogue in which the various royal folks were pretending they...more
Julia Boechat Machado
O Massacre de São Bartolomeu é talvez o mais interessante evento histórico que os brasileiros por algum motivo não aprendem na escola.
Felizmente, quem quer começar a aprender algo pode ler A Rainha Margot.
A época e os personagens sempre me fascinaram - e eu queria que o livro tivesse o triplo do tamanho, para passar mais tempo com eles. Eu passei muito tempo procurando livros sobre Marguerite de Valois, Catherine de Medici, Charles IX, Henri III, Henri IV, François d'Anjou (na época desse livro,...more
Dumas, the Rossini of literature, churned out an impressive amount of his time's pop-historical novels. He wrote about most, if not all, time periods this side of year 1000. But boy are they fun! (much like Rossini's silly but terribly convoluted yet always lighthearted operas, his books never let deep thoughts/issues get in the way of proper fun). I got into Dumas when I was very young (the books were all over the place at my parents', my aunt's and my grandparents') and THIS, a battered, cover...more
Aug 30, 2012 Brenda rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: history fans
Shelves: favourites
Out of all the Dumas books I've read (and I think I've read them all) I love this one the most. It is not for the squeamish though as it takes in the horrible night of the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Bart... and there is a lot of violence, cruelty, betrayals and intrigue.

This book has got it all, it's dark and sexy and retains your interest throughout. If you prefer visuals I would recommend you watch the movie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Reine... Whateve...more
I give up on this at sixty-something percent. The rating might have been different, had I read it some 15 years ago. But then again, I tried reading 'The Count of Monte Christo' and 'Vocomte de Bragelonne' back then and couldn't get through. So maybe Dumas is just not my cup of tea.
If I compare literature to visual or performing arts, some novels are theatre, some are movies and others are cartoons. This book was the latter - one dimensional; based solely on direct speech, adventure, gossip and...more
Dumas è sempre una conferma. Questo libro avevo già tentato di leggerlo anni fa, senza successo, forse un po' annoiata dalla parte storica. Ora invece l'ho ripreso e letto con piacere. Dumas è un asso nell'escogitare trame degne della miglior telenovela, lasciando il lettore in qualche modo in sospeso fino alla fine, anche quando non c'è più nulla da svelare.
Dumas is always a fun writer; his books contain sword fights, friends, enemies , Kings, Queens and Princes. Tis one ups the ante a bit by including historical characters, lots of poisenings and double-crossers. There is even double-crossings of the double crossers only to be double-crossed again. Very fun book
I looooooooved this book. Read it at least 3 times when I was a kid.
I never got bored of it.
Really touching story. I would read it again and again.
Everything I need to know about French history, I learned from Dumas :)
Okay - I have the same issues with this book that I have with all historical fiction: Where did you get your material ? Did you use first hand sources that liked or disliked the persons ? Did you rely on newspaper/gossip ? Where is your bibliography ? Prove to me that you know the feelings of each historical personage well enough to devise whole long-term motivations and personal conversations....

Having read a short history of French royalty of the time, I noted the gaping hole of HenryIV's incr...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Dumas is a master storyteller and his peculiar brand of breathless heroic narrative is ideally suited to the dark, capricious days of the Renaissance at the court of Charles IX. Catherine de Medici, the power behind the throne, orchestrates the St Bartholomew's Day massacre of Huguenot protestants, and their leader, Henry of Navarre, is forced to convert to Catholicism to save his skin. His beautiful wife Marguerite (the titular Margot) victim of their political marriage is in love with a protes...more
So this is book is basically about the two first years of the marriage between Marguerite de Valois (daughter of the king Henry II) and Henri de Navarre – she was catholic and he was protestant –, from 1672 to 1574. It starts with the wedding of the two characters and just after the massacre of St Bartholemy (which took place only six days after the wedding) of the 'huguenots' by the catholics.
It's a very entertaining book, the fact that is was "serialised" really shows because there's always s...more
Nobody can make a mess of life like these royals - deceptions, extreme loyalties, affairs, betrayals, poisonings and murders. No one is totally virtuous, but compared to the insanely evil Queen Catherine it is easy to want victory for Margot and Henry. The undercurrents and plotting for power and the throne move the storyline quickly and pull in a host of fascinating characters. Dumas has a unique way of getting characters out of seemingly impossible scrapes, only to later rip the rug right out...more
• Mlle Alice, pouvez-vous nous raconter votre rencontre avec La Reine Margot?

"L'année dernière, il m'a été fait le grand honneur de devenir la marraine d'une merveilleuse petite Margot. Gardant un souvenir époustouflant de ma découverte d'Alexandre Dumas, je me suis dit que c'était l'occasion de lire ce classique de la littérature française!"

• Dites-nous en un peu plus sur son histoire...

"L'histoire, c'est l'Histoire de France. L'histoire du Roi et de la Reine de Navarre, l'histoire du massacr...more
A lovely story! I just love the works of Dumas. However, I will admit that I do prefer his better-known works, such as "The Count of Monte Cristo". As a matter of interest, for fans of "The Count", I strongly recommend having a look at these two amazing new sequels to the Dumas original, by the mysterious "Holy Ghost Writer". They are written in the same style, and are equally as gripping. Titled "The Sultan of Monte Cristo" (Book II) http://www.amazon.com/The-Sultan-Mont... and "That Girl Start...more
Read this in about a week one summer. This began a summer of Dumas' take of this 'cursed' family. Marguerite, Charles, Henri (all three of them), Catherine, the powerful iron hand behind the throne who after the death of her philandering husband, Henri II, took over and mostly ran France all during her sons' reigns. (François, Charles and Henri).

This is a tale of love, hate, betrayal, war, power and how it corrupts absolutely. What I remember the most are the three Henris. Henri de Guise, doome...more
Gláucia Renata
Adoro esse tipo de literatura que mistura história e ficção e considero esse um dos melhores no estilo. Alexandre Dumas é mestre na criação de um enredo apaixonante, cheio de suspense, intrigas, vingança, romance, perfídia e até magia negra.
Catarina de Médicis era o que poderíamos chamar de jararaca, caninana. E ainda com ajuda de um bruxo... pobre La Mole.
Romances também podem instruir, foi aqui que aprendi para nunca mais esquecer sobre a noite das garrafadas, ou de São Bartolomeu.
Lo ame, cada palabra, cada página y cada personaje fueron perfectos. Y llore con *spoiler alert* la muerte de Orestes y Pílades (para quienes entiendan). Sólo una pequeña falla me hizo dudar sobre darle finalmente las 5 estrellas y fue la horrible costumbre del autor de recordar continuamente al lector su situación de lector, si bien es cierto que lo sé, prefiero ser yo misma quien decida cuando salir de la vida de los personajes y entrar a la mía, decisión que me fue robada en más de una ocasió...more
Anna Zukowska
Queen Margot is one of the best novels unparalleled Alexandra Dumas. Courtly intrigues, conspiracies, manslaughters, affairs, love affairs, friendships, headstrong duels and betrayals that's all it is possible to find in the novel. I read the book of couples of years for it but I remember that she made a huge impression on me and became a reason for reaching for other novels of the authorship of Mr Dumas.
Today whereas for me reflection is arising: trashy and shallow tales have a 90% of evaluatio...more
I think i liked this just as much if not more than Count of Monte Cristo , it might just be that a bit of time has passed since reading that other wonderful Dumas book. I watched the film of this and have also read a biograhpy of Catherine de Medici so this may have helped having a background to the characters allready. Theres a lot of names to remember at first, and whos related to who and which faction do they belong to. But once your past that its a gloriously plot rich, colourful and gothic...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Brilliant historical fiction!

Set during the religious civil wars that wracked France, Dumas has woven an intricate plot of intrigue, love, politics and religious tension around actual historical characters and events. Catherine de Medici, dowager Queen of France, is portrayed as the consummate villain, plotting to kill Henry of Navarre to ensure that he does not take the throne from her sons. Despite this, you still manage to feel sympathy for her as her sole motive is to ensure that her sons ke...more
For all those people who find the classics wordy or tedious, then this is the perfect book. Although long, this book is fast paced and filled with betrayal, love affairs and secret passages - I just loved it. The story is based on the marriage between Marguerite de Valois, sister of King Charles of France and Henri de Navarre, the leader of the Huguenots. The marriage is arranged by Marguerite's mother, Catherine of Medici, an evil scheming woman whose weapon of choice is poison, and stops at no...more
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This note regards Alexandre Dumas, père, the father of Alexandre Dumas, fils (son). For the son, see Alexandre Dumas.

Alexandre Dumas, père (French for "father", akin to Senior in English), born Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie, was a French writer, best known for his numerous historical novels of high adventure which have made him one of the most widely read French authors in the world. Many of his no...more
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