Doctor Who: The Feast of the Drowned
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Doctor Who: The Feast of the Drowned (Doctor Who: New Series Adventures #8)

3.67 of 5 stars 3.67  ·  rating details  ·  1,807 ratings  ·  146 reviews
When a naval cruiser sinks in mysterious circumstances in the North Sea, all aboard are lost. Rose is saddened to learn that the brother of her friend, Keisha, was among the dead. And yet he appears to them as a ghostly apparition, begging to be saved from the coming feast... the feast of the drowned. As the dead crew haunts loved ones all over London, the Doctor and Rose...more
Hardcover, 256 pages
Published April 13th 2006 by BBC Books (first published 2006)
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I downloaded this audiobook from to listen to on a road trip I never got to take, thanks to one of the aftershocks of Snowpocalypse '10. I was absolutely crushed over the cancelled trip -- mostly, I confess, because I had so many awesome audiobooks lined up -- so I started listening to this over my trip-less days off in an effort to cheer myself up.

It rather helped.

I love David Tennant, and his portrayal of the Doctor, rather unequivocally, and so getting to listen to the Doctor act...more
Obviously, I listened to this book because it was narrated by David Tennant, and, yes, it was completely worth it. I have not read any other Doctor Who books, but I do enjoy the show, especially the witty 10th Doctor with amazing hair ;-)

This story was typical of a Doctor Who episode: creepy alien invasion, somewhat campy dialog, inevitable victory. Tennant's narration was a pleasure to listen to, as he read in his native Scottish accent unless he was reading the Doctor's dialog and he suddenly...more
This was a good story but couldn’t help thinking of The Water of Mars. My favorite line in perfect Ten voice," Now that Mickey the untrained civilian has a hand grenade, oh yes, everything is going to be fine.” I could just picture The Doctor saying it and the look on Mickey’s face as he did!

I love that David Tennant reads the narrative in his Scottish accent and the Doctor bits as the voice Whovians know so well and his voicing of Mickey is fantastic!

Of course it makes me want to go back and wa...more
Callie Rose Tyler

This is one of my least favorite Doctor Who books beaten out for the title of worst by “The Deviant Strain”. It was really hard to get through this one mostly because I felt disconnected from the story and the new characters that were introduced.

Right off the bat we meet Rose’s friend Keisha, a character that to be honest I wouldn’t have cared if she lived or died. Aside from the alien chaos that is occurring throughout the book the author takes time to tell us about some high sch...more
J'ai mis un temps fou à rentrer dans l'histoire. Il m'a fallu un bon tiers de livre pour me sentir un minimum impliquée dans l'affaire. La suite se laisse lire pourtant; sans être révolutionnaire ce roman est tout à fait divertissant. Mais alors, il lui faut le temps de chauffer avant de démarrer.

Divertissant, c'est un mot qui va bien à Stephen Cole). Mais il fait ça bien, quand même: la prose n'est pas forcément très adroite, les dialogues ne creusent pas trop loin, mais on ne lui enlèvera pas...more
Nate Rawdon
Having previously read various other Doctor Who 'New Series Adventures', I had concluded long before starting this that it would be my final read in the ongoing series. The novel started fast paced, and introduced the (as always) likeable characters from the very start. Despite being compelling in the earlier chapters, the story began to feel dragged out as it progressed, and consequently the novel inevitably ended up taking longer to complete than originally expected. Regardless of this, the st...more
John Parungao
It's at times like these that I really miss David Tenant and Billie Piper. Stephen Cole manages to capture the feel of one of the televised episodes of Doctor Who, even giving us excellent versions of Mickey and Jackie. What Stephen Cole also gives us is an adventure and a mystery worth solving along with a supporting cast of characters to help the Doctor and Rose figure out the threat they are facing and help dealing with that threat. Jay and Keisha, friends with Rose and Mickey help get the re...more
Casia Courtier
I'm a huge Whovian. So much so that I really don't have a Doctor that I love above all else. That said, I do have a huge love for the Doctor and Rose as a couple. Yes, I was one of those fans crying at the end of Rose's time with the Doctor and cheered when we see Rose again in Donna's season (Donna is another favorite companion of mine). I had gotten the audio book purely for the pairing as well as the reader, David Tennant. And though his female voices are a bit comical, I did enjoy his voice....more
I know what you're thinking. "She's succumbed to the pandemic that is Doctor Who!" And you would be right.

As a general rule, I try and avoid novelizations of TV series. The Buffy books are extremely hit and miss as are the Star Trek books. I very carefully weigh star ratings and every review. Then, while browsing audible, I found out that David Tennant narrates some of those books.

This adventure was close to one you'd see on the show. The story itself was engaging, but the voice acting was what...more
This past weekend, I epic roadtripped by myself to Indiana. Why? I asked myself that same question - no, seriously, it was to see some friends who had fled the Midwest but had returned to celebrate their one-year anniversary with family and they invited me, and so I made the 10 hour trek there and back in one weekend.

Anyway, this was the first audiobook up for the drive. It had been an audible daily deal recently and I picked it up, like any good Whovian who was offered cheap Doctor Who stuff. A...more
Adam Graham
This book finds Rose and the Doctor looking into an apparition of one Rose's friends who was presumed drowned at sea pleading help before the feast. Find out what the feast is and stopping it becomes the focus of the story as London and eventually the entire Earth will be at stake.

This story definitely has a creepy feel and is not for the weak of stomach and it made me queasy at a few points. Unfortunately, I found some of the author's decisions both in terms of plot and point of view to be susp...more
Polina ♆
I'm totally agree with Noria, so I've coped her review:

"I didn't like it as much as "The Stone Rose", I can't really say why. I still enjoyed it and it is great fun to listen to David Tennant."

That's all!
Doctor Who: The Feast of the Drowned by Stephen Cole is a light one off story set in the Who universe. This story takes the tenth doctor and rose through a haunting adventure. Water based aliens threaten London and only our trusty duo can solve this puzzle. The book is only 256 pages but reads very much like the show feels. Cole gets it! The action is fast paced and truly is a quick read. The story is satisfying. I quickly fell in love with the audiobook over the small paperback cause it's read...more
Syd Perry
How fun is this? I didn't even know there were Doctor Who books. I got an offer for this one for 99 cents from I was so excited because I LOVE Doctor Who. I laughed and applauded when the book began and it was being read by David Tennant,the 10th Doctor. Why would anyone want to read the book in print when you can listen to Doctor Who read it to you?

The story was a little confusing and if you weren't familiar with Doctor Who it might be even more so. Still a fun and quirky adventure...more
Scarlett Sims
The Doctor Who audiobooks are fun, but I feel like a little bit of something is lost when you can't see what's going on. I also feel like since the plots can be so convoluted wibbly-wobbly, it can get a bit hard to follow if you miss a bit because a loud bus drives by or something. That said, David Tennant's narration was amazing. He narrated in his Scottish accent, and did wonderful voices for all of the characters. His Mickey was probably my favorite.

This was an enjoyable way to pass my walks...more
I'm giving this 4 stars largely for the audiobook performance. As with many stories of its kind, this novella does not bother with much description of the characters, since it's assumed that the readers are already series fans and know as much (or more) about the main characters as the author of the novella.

However, the plot is sound, if a bit short for a novel, and the pacing is good. When you add in David Tennant's narration (as I did), it seems more like you're listening to a radio play or a...more
Creepy, creepy, creepy! That is my summary of this book!
No, but really, this book creeped me right the hell out. The show has done that plenty of times, but it's got dark shadows and suspenseful music and all that. Very different from me curled up on my bed in the middle of the day, getting goosebumps from words on a page!
Rose, oh Rose... I adore her so much, but my goodness, she can be a bit of an idiot... Still love her though.
And Ten... I stopped reading several times to stare into the middle...more

This is the first Doctor Who book I've read and I really liked it. The actual plot was alright but I really liked the way it was written. I'm going to assume this takes place somewhere between New Earth and School Reunion because The Doctor is still getting used to his new incarnation. The Doctor is very well done, very in character, cheeky and you can just picture David Tennant saying these words in an episode of the show. I love the interactions between Rose and Mickey and there were some very...more
Amanda K. Thompson
Original BookTube review HERE

I was actually impressed with this story. It manages to capture the feel of a true Doctor Who episode –nice and creepy– and I was hooked from the very beginning. This one, at least, also handled some nice emotional turmoil for Rose with her friends in London that felt rich enough to be canon. (As for canonicity with the series, I understand this is open to interpretation. So take it as official, take it as hyped up fanfiction, take it however you will.) Most of the c...more
Nicholas Whyte[return][return]I've enjoyed two other New Series novels by Stephen Cole (here and here), so I'm glad to report now that I like Feast of the Drowned even more, which makes it the best Ninth or Tenth Doctor book I've read. It's not that it has the literary depth that the best of the New / Missing / Past Doctor ranges have, but it's very faithful to the spirit of Season Two (ie 2006, not 1964-5), and in particular it would fit awfully well into con...more
Tiffany Williams
Well, this was fun! Certainly brightened up my evening of data entry. I thought the storyline was fun, really well-paced, too. The characters were kind of typical of Doctor Who - the attractive scientist, the mysterious grumpy old man, the loving dysfunctional family, but, that's what makes it such a nice experience for us fans. Also, considering he didn't have visuals to fall back on, Stephen Cole has done a great job on pure imagination.
When the doctor lands back in London with rose, they find out that a military vessel has been wrecked and the brother of one of Rose's friends was on the ship when it went down. Now that the vessel has been brought back to London in pieces, people are beginning to see ghosts of those that died on the ship. Even worst, the ghosts are beckoning them to join them for the feast. The Doctor, Rose, and Mickie must solve the mystery of the ghost and the feast.

I love Doctor Who adventures but I'm not th...more
Maera Fey
The premise of the story was interesting, a bit creepy and ghoulish but, despite all that, I had difficulty getting into the story until about just past midpoint and even then, by that time I just wanted to finish it and move on to another novel.

It is not that it is a bad story, far from it since it is, after all, a Doctor Who novel, just that I found it sort of dragged a bit and just disconnected me with the plot. Not one of the best but not the worst either.
Traci Haley
Here's the problem I have with these Doctor Who novels: in all of them, Rose and the Doctor spend more than half the book apart. Something ALWAYS happens to separate them. I miss their interaction. I get that it is terribly exciting and romantic for the Doctor to need to save Rose (or vice versa, for that matter), but Rose (or whomever his companion is at the time) and the Doctor together is what makes the television series so good. My least favorite episodes of Doctor Who are always the ones wh...more
I just finished listening to the audio book read by David Tennant. He did a great job of course, but I can't say I was all that enamored with the story. Kinda boring really. People are disappearing and then we find out they're being taken over by the alien of the week... Ho hum... But, it kept me calm for a couple hours of driving, so there is that...
On a visit to her friend Keisha, Rose sees a ghost: Keisha's brother Jay, a sailor supposedly lost at sea three months before. Rose and the Doctor jump in to investigate when weird things begin happening.

I listed to the audiobook version of this story, which is narrated by David Tennant. I absolutely love Tennant and I could listen to his voice recite the phone book and still be entranced. That fact that he was in character and this is a decent story was just icing on the cake. The title charact...more
Jess Schira
I picked this up when it was an Audible Daily Deal, and am thrilled I did so. It has a good storyline and Tennant's knack for dialogue and enthusiasm makes for a fun listen.

My only complaint is that whoever handled the abridging seems to have made some odd choices, resulting in a little choppiness.
Claire Gilligan
This was fun! I got it on a deal, narrated by David Tennant (in his natural Scottish brogue), and it reminded me of many minute reasons why I did enjoy the tenth doctor. A strong enough story, I thought. Tennant does an excellent Mickey, even if his Rose Tyler is a bit off. :)
Ambs ♥♥

If you are like me, you'll enjoy this. All the classic DW aspects we've come to love, and the storyline with the "tenth" Doctor makes you want to rush home and have a marathon. Allonsy!
Nathan Marchand
I would rate this as on par with an average David Tenant and Rose episode. Nothing memorable or ground breaking. Didn't take advantage of the possible extra length or unlimited budget (imagination) a book has over a TV show.
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Stephen Cole (born 1971) is an English author of children's books and science fiction. He was also in charge of BBC Worldwide's merchandising of the BBC Television series Doctor Who between 1997 and 1999: this was a role which found him deciding on which stories should be released on video, commissioning and editing a range of fiction and non-fiction titles, producing audioboo...more
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