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The Laughing Corpse (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, #2)
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The Laughing Corpse (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #2)

4.09 of 5 stars 4.09  ·  rating details  ·  55,444 ratings  ·  1,376 reviews
Harold Gaynor offers Anita Blake a million dollars to raise a 300-year-old zombie. Knowing it means a human sacrifice will be necessary, Anita turns him down. But when dead bodies start turning up, she realizes that someone else has raised Harold's zombie--and that the zombie is a killer. Anita pits her power against the zombie and the voodoo priestess who controls it.

In T
Paperback, 301 pages
Published August 2nd 2005 by Berkley Trade (first published January 1st 1994)
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This was TERRIBLE. Terrible!!! Why are you here book??? Why do you exist?? Why do you suck SO MUCH??? Ugh!! I was listening to this while walking to work in the morning, and I’m pretty sure I was waking up whole neighborhoods with my loud, “UGGGGHHHHHHH”s because I could not refrain from reacting to what a bitch this book is. This book is such a little bitch. It is not SO bad to start out with, just your normal Anita Blake bitchiness, like, “girls shouldn’t wear pink; girls shouldn’t shop; girls ...more
There was something about Hamilton's first, then second book that irritated the hell out of me, but I couldn't quite figure it out. Then one day I saw a picture of her on the book and I understood what it was. It annoys me when authors make themselves the hero/ine of their books, and then just change the name and the environment to make it fantasy fiction. But even more so when you must keep reading about how powerful, and how unconsciously sexy, and how tough that character is (*why* is she try ...more
Tilly Slaton
This book took my by surprise!

I have read it twice now, and there are parts that are still heart-wrenching.

In the second book of the Anita Blake series, The Laughing Corpse rips you from reality and tosses you unexpectedly into a world of voodoo, betrayal and forced submission.

Following the first book, this begins centered around Anita Blake and her job as an animator as well as the consulting work she does for the paranormal police division that investigates homocides that are obviously perfor
I have read all of the Anita Blake series and The Laughing Corpse is the second book in the series. Again it is really great entertainment. I enjoy all the characters and the plot. Anita comes into more powers by being Jean Claude's human servant so you get to see that and also her zombie-raising skills come into play. The second book is definitely one of the good ones.
Note: this book is on my gruesome-horror shelf. Certain scene descriptions were disgusting and consequently depressing.

So far, this series is not what I expected. It is slightly grittier and not the least bit upbeat, but more along the lines of what I expect from quality dark urban-fantasy. I enjoyed this book more than the first, largely due to being more familiar with Hamilton's world and characters, something which is typical of long running series. The first books are usually the weakest. I
Crystal Starr Light
Anita Blake receives an offer to raise a 280 year old Zombie. But such a raising would require a human sacrifice, and Anita draws the line there. Dolph then summons her to the grisly scene of a crime--the remains of a family. Anita must now find the killer...before anyone else dies.

Even though I didn't care for either the novel or the graphic novel of Guilty Pleasures, I decided to give this series another chance. I am glad I did, because this book was a lot more enjoyable than the previous book
Ještě lepší než první díl! Hrozně jsem se u knihy nasmála, ale nechyběli ani okamžiky kdy mě pálily oči od slz. Naprosto geniální kniha! Ode mne dostává zasloužený plný počet hvězdiček! :)

Má pravdu. Co si sakra kdo myslí, že tu chci dělat? Ukrást tělo? Kdybych chtěla, celou tuhle budovu vyprázdním a se všemi mrtvolami si zahraju „všichni jdeme sborem“.
OK, I did not enjoy the image of one more blood soaked carpet, with a baby blanket or a little small hand left in the coagualting carpet! ACK! I do love the silly world Anita Blake inhabits, where vampires have legal rights and zombie-raising is an acceptable occupation. Will vampires get the vote? Will Anita survive to see the answer? Stay tuned, kids, same bat time, same bat channel! (I loved tv's Batman, too!) This book was so gory, which I mention because it is like the elephant in the room ...more
Kat Kennedy
The Laughing Corpse is a well written and action packed read.

Anita's character is fantastic, capable, practical and stubborn. The other major players in this story are intricate and colorful.

The mystery is better this time, though in retrospect a little unbelievable, even for this universe.

I enjoyed the character growth and the plot progression.

Over all a great read!
One of the best things about Anita is her give no fucks attitude. She's all "You think you can take me zombie? Do you?! I think not." And bam, down goes the zombie and off goes Anita. It's all very fascinating.

4 stars cause it ran a bit long in the middle.

Bark's Book Nonsense
As I reread this series I am aware of just how much it has changed and mutated into something completely different from the original books. The Laughing Corpse is book #2 and focuses almost completely on Anita's zombie raising duties and her job helping the police on Spook Squad. This book is horribly gory and disturbing. I originally read it back before I had children and am relieved that I didn't attempt to read it when they were toddlers. That's all I'm sayin'.

In this book, Anita is called in
Jo ★The Book Sloth★
The Laughing Corpse is one of my least favorite AB books and I really don't know why. It's interesting, doesn't have all the sex craziness, no relationship drama but still... It doesn't have Edward either.

There is this one moment in the book that ruins it for me. Anita is, if nothing else, supposed to be the good guy(she says so herself many times) but in order to get what she wants from Wanda she lets JC terrify the poor woman. That's just wrong in my book.

Then we have the "Manny thing". I mean
i have tried and tried to like the anita blake series. i just don't see where are the raves are coming from. anita is annoying. hamilton's writing is pathetically repetitive. i gave up on the series at the beggining of lunatic cafe. i can tolerate unimaginative writing, i'm not a book snob by any means. but, this series, is just painfull.
Merve  Özcan

Aslında uzun zamandır aklımda Anita'nın tüm kitaplarına yorum yazmak vardı ama niyeyse kısmet olmadı. Finallerin yarın olması bende her zaman ki gibi blogla uğraşma içgüdülerini tetikledi ve işte ben, kendimi Anita'nın 2. kitabını yorumlarken buldum.

Gülen ceset aslında Anita'dan okuduğum ilk kitaptır. Rastlantı sonucu bir sahafta elime geçmişti ve bende okumuştum. Kaç yıl öncesinden bahsediyorum inanın bilmiyorum. Düşünün o zamanlar daha ingilizcem iyi de
Caution: here be potty words! ;)

Anita Blake books are always fun reads for me. I don't have to do any heavy thinking. I can just sit back and enjoy the ride. These books were written in the early 90's and I really enjoy reading about Anita's pager and how every time it goes off she has to race to find a pay phone! If that isn't enough, she actually wears a fanny pack in this book. How can you not love that?

I love Anita because she is so fucking kick ass! She knows her weapons, can kill things th
So, I Read This Book Today
Anita Blake is, or wants to be, deeply human. And as such, she is obsessively concerned with the protection of humans from the things that go bump in the night. To protect others, she is willing to put her very life on the line, but not her very soul, not unless that is the only way to protect others. As such, she can be irritating, infuriating, and a just plain pain-in-the-ass to the people (or creatures) who want to protect her.

The question of humanity in the first three books that I have read
Jul 23, 2014 chucklesthescot rated it 3 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: UF/PNR,vampire and horror fans
Shelves: fiction, uf-pnr
Anita is having another bad week. A rich man wants her to raise a zombie using human sacrifice but she refuses and this response does not go down well. She upsets a voodoo Queen who decides to have her killed by zombies. A fellow animator is murdered and what he raised is murdering innocent people all over town. Plus Jean-Claude is still trying to make her his human servant. Just another typical week for Anita...

What I like about Anita is that she isn't perfect. She kills vampires but she is sca
I really wanted to get into this series, because the idea of a supernatural society set in St. Louis appealed to me so much. But I'm so annoyed by Anita's character, and by the horrible prose, that throughout Guilty Pleasures and this one I found myself cringing more than enjoying.

Aside from being smug and prude, Anita is for some reason always feeling the need to prove herself by being overtly stubborn and mouthy. I wanted so badly for her to just get over herself.

The narration, which tries v
I know a lot of people love the Anita Blake series, but I don't think I'll be one of them. I really dislike the main character. Why must I read over and over again that she's just so tiny and petite and yet tougher than she looks? Once per book would be way too much and it's in at least every other chapter. And why do I care what she's wearing? Anita is not likable. I understand that later on in the series she turns rather slutty, and I'm thinking I might just skip ahead to those books, if I rea ...more
Ahrcadia the Duck Tamer
Whoever said that the Anita Blake books just get better as you go was wrong. This was far worse than the first mediocre book in this series, and the only redeeming factor was the last third. The beginning was so boring, in fact, that it couldn't hold my interest long enough for me to read more than a few pages at a time.

I only hope that this series starts looking up, because my brother bought the first eight or so books, and it feels like such a terrible waste not to read them, since he never di
Yet another terrible book! I must hate myself more than previously suspected, because I am totally going to keep subjecting myself to this drivel, and you good people to my "reviews." The very best part about this one were the descriptions of the sexy outfits everyone wears -- and this is the early 90s. The hot fanny pack / pegged jeans / leather jacket combo was particularly memorable. Also the audiobooks are amazing because the vampire guy apparently has the world's worst French accent and yet ...more
Basically? Good story ruined by an unlikable heroine and over-the-top brutality. I don't like Anita Blake and when you don't like the main hero it's hard to like their story. I mean, Anita is tough as nails, sure, but to play with the bloody, torn-apart remains of a three-year-old just to one-up her male colleague and win a bet... That turned my stomach. The story itself was interesting but it seemed like the author loved to make Anita wade through brain tissue, bits of human meat and bones and ...more
Ugh, the most agitating thing about this series is that it started out so good, but then just fell apart. The Laughing Corpse is a really good paranormal fiction book. The mystery, while a little unbelievable, is dark and gritty, forcing Anita to admit her own weaknesses. The villainess was actually intimidating and powerful It was a good read.

Anita herself is obnoxious, she reeks of being the type of woman who hates hanging out with other girls because they are "too much drama" and places male
Norma Mills
Ok.. Keeping this simple, since I disliked book one. This book was better, I adore Dolph, Jean Claude is cute, though there was not enough of him, and I like the whole VooDoo idea... But Anita still grates on me. It is like she is trying to get killed. When you are that small... You don't chase something that just tore someone throat out... or can tear limbs off. That said... Anita is the ONLY character I don't like! And their her books! Blech... Onto book 3, because I am a glutton.
Ak by som vám povedala že som knihu nehltala len preto aby som sa čo najskôr dostala k Jean Claudovi, tak by som vám klamala. Ale okrem toho som si knihu nesmierne užila, aj keď mi pri niektorých scénach neprišlo práve najlepšie a myslela som si že skončím na záchode tak ako Anita.
Celá tato knižka s naháňaním po nejakom zombiekovi ma až tak nepozdávala že táto kniha bude stáť zato ale nakoniec ma presvedčila. Hoc toto nie je moja téma, a naozaj nemusím ani zombiekov, ani upírov a už vôbec nie n
Fun but oh so improbable. And I'm not just talking about the zombies and the vampires, either. I liked this in spite of myself and will actually read the third book in the series. It's been entertaining to read at lunch. Definitely not the Great American Novel but sometimes I just want fluff.

Big question - Why can no one actually kill this woman? Everyone tries, no one succeeds. Really??
εlﻨբ ツ
vahsice işlenen cinayetler.. kan,kan ve kan. kansız bi sahne geçmedi nerdeyse.. anita'nın agzi da amma bozukmuss.. :} gerçi işi de zor kızın.. jean claude çok az yer almıştı. onun olaylara daha fazla karışmasını tercih ederdim.
I've never seen a better example of a Mary Sue character in my life. Terrible book.
Nika *YA Guru*
Just as good the second time. Probably better!!!!
Apr 14, 2014 Kimi rated it 2 of 5 stars
Shelves: shhh
The reason why I may give up after book 3.

1. Walk into unknown territory without a gun.
2. Let ridiculous people belittle you.
3. Be connected to a "bad ass master vampire of the city" yet is he ever useful? Has he ever actually saved your ass? No.
4. After getting your ass kicked and almost dying, go back home alone while injured and on pain killers while 2 different sources of evil are out to kill you.

Those are the reason why I can't stand Anita, or her vampire who hasn't shown that he's bad ass
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Laurell K. Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series. She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics. Hamilton is a full-time writer and lives in the suburbs of St. Louis ...more
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