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Cameron: "Deep inside, you know that whoever gets up in your face gets there because he knows you′re nothing, and he knows that you know it too."

Carla: "What I′m trying to do is to get by -- not even get over, just get by."

Leonard: "I have bought a gaw-juss weapon. It lies beneath my bed like a secret lover, quiet, powerful, waiting to work my magic."

Statement of Fact: 17-...more
Paperback, 256 pages
Published March 29th 2005 by Amistad (first published May 1st 2004)
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I honestly don't know how Walter Dean Myers does it. How can he be such a genius? It's unfathomable.

This is the story of a teenager who is often bullied by classmates who eventually loses it and opens fire in his school, killing his arch-enemy and himself. The book opens after the fact.

I liked the format of using police reports and various interview transcripts for the main text; it's a realistic device that adds to the clinical, almost sterile accounts of "the incident." It also kind of makes t...more
This is another story of a what some would call "lucky" glance at a library shelf. When I saw this book, it looked like the author had literally made the book on his own. The cover was simple, all silver with icons of different colors cascading like a rainbow waterfall from the top. I don't remember any of the objects except the red skulls, but there might have been green lightening bolts, orange skateboards? A White sheet of printer paper was somehow attatched to the bottom (glued down?), in a...more
Hivan Escutia
Shooter written by Walter Dean Myers. Published in 2004. This book is non-fiction. The main character is Cameron Porter. Another important character is Len Evans. A third important character is Carla Evans, she's Len's sister. This book is about 3 kids who are in a school group. Len Evans is the brother of Carla. Cameron is Len's best friend. Len is accused of killing someone. So Cameron and Carla get interviewed to ask questions about Len's life. Sometimes the questions get too personal, some a...more
Hard To Forget About Someone Once Their Gone
“At first, right after the incident, I didn’t. And I don’t think I admire him now. But the more I think about him, the more I talk about him, the more I understand him. And when you understand somebody that changes your relationship with them. I don’t know if you can get next to that, but that’s the way it goes. At least for me. Sometimes I think I don’t want to understand Len, because I don’t want to like him, or admire him. But I think you...more
I feel guilty giving this three stars. I am judging this against WDM's other books and not the YA world as a whole. It would probably be 4 stars if I hadn't already read Monster and Autobiography of My Dead Brother.
The story is told mostly as a set of investigative interviews into a shooting perpetrated by Len.
I found it dry in parts but the ending redeemed it. The journal of Len was brilliant writing. The word play had me laughing despite how seriously disturbed it was. I just had a hard time g...more
Jordan A
Jun 05, 2013 Jordan A rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: Moksh
Recommended to Jordan by: Barbara Bradford
Walter Dean Myers
4 star review
The book Shooter by Walter Dean Myers was very interestingly written. It was written in dialogue as the book was about a boy who was interview about a shooting in a school. Throughout the book, the boy, Cameron had been interview about what happened the day many students lost their lives on one sad day because of a psychotic victim of bullying called Leo.
I enjoyed this book a lot because the author’s writing style was so unique as the book was written in an i...more
Chris Thompson
Walter Dean Myers' Shooter is a multigenre work that takes a look at a fictional school shooting and events leading up to it. We don't actually witness the shooting happen, but learn about it after the fact from interviews, police reports, and a diary. School shootings has been a topic of film and novels ever since the horrible Columbine shootings of 1999, and school violence has become an increasingly greater problem ever since. It's no surprise that people are drawn to these kinds of stories,...more
Brenda Melecio
I actually did like everything in this book because it was really interesting and a lot of unespected things happend in this story. one of the unique things that happend in this book is that they are telling the story in a report about there friendship with Leonard. some of the things that i like about these story are that it had a lot of interesting things and they didnt repeat the same things over again. also another thing why i like these atory is because it talk about someone that was alread...more
What can I say........I can't believe some books are published and they become popular. I think many kids today read these books because they don't like to read.
The book is written as an interview and diary entry-which hinders character-development. This story just re-tells the sterotypical school shooting story in three different contexts. Not good. It almost glorifys the nerd teaching the jock a lesson.
On the positive, it explores the cliques and social structure of the adolence.

Matt Strout
I thought Shooter by Walter Dean Myers was a really good book. I think I read it at the right time too because I have been seeing all over the news about school shootings but I have never learned about what happens after the shooting. This book covered that. I liked how it started out with Cameron in the psych office and he was talking about his struggles with life and the struggles that Len. The book had some adult talk that at sometimes I didn't understand at first like when they were talking...more
Brennan Coffey
I rated this book 3 stars because I didn't expect it to be a interview throughout the book but I still liked it. The plot line is good because its about school tragedy that have been happening for years in high schools. It reveals the process of how someone would get to the state of wanting to take action such as this against others.

I liked the book very much but i would only change the fact that it was all interviews not a more story like plot. The good part was that the book was very suspensef...more
Felipe Munoz
I am on page 49. Main character is Cameron Porter 17, african-american. He is going to Madison high. he is a lonly child. He is being inter viewed by Richard Ewings a cop. he is trying ti find info about him like his relation ship with his parents. They think he was a shooter in school. His family is kind of rich. so far its all an interview.

I am on page 93. Its still all an interview by Cameron and Richard but know they moved on from the personal questions to questions on the shooting at the sc...more
Jake Russell
Oct 16, 2009 Jake Russell added it
Shelves: 2009q1
Have you ever been in a school shooting? Or do you know anyone who has been in a school shooting? Well in the book Shooter by Walter Dean Myers, Cameron Porter and Victoria Lash, are two students that had to go threw that.
Cameron was interviewed at the beginning of the book and through all the interigating they come to find out that Cameron was friends with Len, the man behind the trigger, and before the shooting they were in a group that was classified as a cult which they think is what caused...more
Kaitlin B.
This book for teens is not like your normal book. It seems more like a whole bunch of reports or articles that was bunched together in one place. It’s about three high school seniors who are involved in a school shooting. At the very beginning, you know something serious has happened in one of the schools in Harrison County, but you are left clueless not really knowing what events took place. The events that occur are slowly revealed through interviews with two students, Cameron and Carla, and...more
Shooter (Paperback)
by Walter Dean Myers
256 pages
isbn 0064472906

"Shooter" by Walter Dean Myers is another amazing book written by an amzing author. I don't know how Walter Dean Myers can take on such a variety of genres and still excel at it. Shooter is a modern day teen novel that deals with the growing problem of school shootings and bullying. Myers puts you inside the head of the shooter and makes you feel the things he feels. You get so absorbed in the book that you begin to feel...more
by Walter Dean Meyers total pages:223

The book Shooter by Walter Dean Meyers is about a boy named Leonard who does something that no one would expect. Leonard is a high school student and he has 2 friends Cameron, Carla who don't really have any friends but Leonard. People didn't really like Leonard they more thought of him as someone who was weird and disturbed. But after this event happens it has everyone including Leonard's only friends speechless. One day Leonard comes to school with a gun...more
At this moment, I am reading many books about Walter Dean Myers, for example: "Sunrise Over Fallujah". I really like the way this author writes his books. Usually, when I read his books, I get into them, I don't know why, but I just keep going and going until I finish them. I think he is a great author, the genre he uses to write about, war, really catches me. Now, I really like reading books about war, I think I like it because it is very interesting to me, getting the idea of how is it about....more
Charles Mournet
The book shooter was a good book, although slightly depressing I enjoyed the style in which the book was written and I also liked how although the event had already happened throughout the whole beginning of the story was built up to the event that finally led to Len's outrageous decision.

After reading many Walter Dean Myers books in the last few days I enjoyed the different style it was written in. I believe that for the way this story was formatted the style It was written in worked really we...more
Imani P
BREAKING NEWS: Three high school students are accused for death of a teacher and a student, after the shooting at the school! I bet that got your attention. Shooter by Walter Dean Myers was the best mystery story I’ve read. Even though it’s told through interviews by Carla and Cameron and finally Len’s journal it’s still amazing. It’s truly had to put down. I finished it within two weeks.

Shooter takes place weeks after the incident. Supposedly Leonard (Len) and his friends Cameron and Carla kill...more
Steven Deschene
I would not recommend my book "Shooter" by Walter Dean Myers. I thought it was boring in several ways but mostly because it was written in the form of an interview with only two characters in the story at a time. These lines from page 11 in my book show how its written as an interview. "Richard Ewings-Good morning. Cameron Porter-Good morning. RE-Do you mind if I call you Cameron? CP-Fine. RE-Cameron, can we begin by telling me something about yourself? Where do you live? Who do you live with?...more
Jaylah Howell
For this unit I chose to do a dude lit instead of a chick lit. I am happy with my decision because I really enjoyed reading this book. The things that I liked about this book were the characters, how it used different writings to form the book and how the book was exciting.

Even though Len was a psychopath killer and did a lot of crazy things he was my favorite character. He made the book more interesting for sure and I didn't think he was a bad guy, people just made him that way. I thought he wa...more
Madeline Ellis
Shooter is loosely written about the Columbine shootings that occurred in Littleton, Colorado. Cameron is involved and Carla in involved, and as we learn more about them, we understand that they were close friends with the shooter himself, named Leonard. Their interviews with various individuals set the scene for the story. We hear both Cameron's and Carla's side of the story, and they both give insight into their behaviors as well as the behavior of Leonard. We also read about Leonard, from his...more
Megan Nebeker
This book is based of a fictional story similar to the Columbine shootings. In this school, Len becomes the ring leader of outsider kids. He becomes particularly close to Cam and Carla, and they spend their time at the shooting range, and hanging out together. All three have dark, angry, and rebellious personalities, but Len is by far the worst of the group. One day, Len shows up at school with various weapons and home made bombs, and tries to get Carla and Cam in on the action, but they run fro...more
This story, a fictional story based on the Columbine High School shooting, follows the events of Cameron, Leonerd (Len), and Carla that lead up to a shooting at Madison High School. Various individuals (FBI agents, Police officers, psychiatrists, etc) interview Cameron and Carla about the shooting. It explores the "clubs" these students were a part of, and how Len gained access to weapons and ammunition. The final part of the book are pages from Len's journal, from the day his mother gave it to...more
Abigail Aamodt
Shooter is kind of a piggy back book to the story of Columbine. It takes interviews that investigators took from Cameron, and Carla. Cameron is the best friend of Lenard who is a boy that gets picked on in high school.This book is written from Cameron's point of view and then Carla's side and then the journal of Len. The story unravels to what happened on the day that Len came up with a great idea and involved Cameron and Carla. Which ended up in the worst situation that could happen. The interv...more
Shooter is a young adult novel written by Walter Dean Myers.

this is what had to say about this book.

"Cameron, Carla, and Len were fascinated (for different reasons) with guns and target shooting at the Patriots' club range until the day Len brought his Kalashnikov rifle, his AR-18, and his Ruger pistol to school, and shot and killed football jock Brad Williams, and then himself. Here is yet another school shooting story that begins with bullying and ends with disaster--a type that is...more
Hillary Muller
Shooter is written in the form of a police report, including interviews with various characters, a diary, and a medical report. The whole premise of the story is that there has been a shooting at the school and they are trying to see if it could have been prevented in any way. They interrogate Cameron Porter and Carla Evans, who were both friends of the shooter. They try to see if his friends could have seen anything in his behavior to predict his eventual actions. Both testify that they did not...more
The book I read was Shooter by Walter Dean Myers. I rateed this book a 4 out of 5 stars because at some points in the book it got really hard to understand and got boring as well. The book is mainly about a shooting at a school in Madison, Wisconsin and the whole book is basically interviews with Cameron Porter(one of the main characters) and he is just getting asked questions about the incident. The genre of the book is a realistic fiction. I think the intended audience is for people who like...more
Chante Pabst
This is a sad story about a three youth who are trying to find their places in the world. Most of the time it seems like they don't want to fit it, but then they have their moments of bullying, depression, or anger and you can tell they want to be normal... just like everybody else. Cameron, Len (Leonard), and Carla struggle with different things: Cameron's parents are there but not loving, and obsessed with money; Len's home life wasn't talked about very often, but it is obvious that he doesn'...more
Alex S
The book Shooter by Walter Dean Myers is a book that is different from most novels. The reason I say it is different from most novels is because it doesn’t follow the pattern that most novels follow. There is no rising action that leads into the big conflict. It is about three friends in highschool that are 17 years old and are getting interviewed on an event that happened in their high school. There names are Cameron, Len, and Carla. Though it isn’t like most books, it is still one of the bette...more
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Stacie Williams
Stacie Johnson

Walter Dean Myers was born on August 12, 1937 in Martinsburg, West Virginia but moved to Harlem with his foster parents at age three. He was brought up and went to public school there. He attended Stuyvesant High School until the age of seventeen when he joined the army.

After serving four years in the army, he worked at various jobs and earned a BA from Empi...more
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