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Somewhere in the Darkness
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Somewhere in the Darkness

3.79  ·  Rating Details ·  1,160 Ratings  ·  165 Reviews
An exciting, eye-catching repackage of acclaimed author Walter Dean Myers' bestselling paperbacks, to coincide with the publication of SUNRISE OVER FALLUJA in hardcover.

Jimmy hasn't seen his father in nine years. But one day he comes back -- on the run from the law. Together, the two of them travel across the country -- where Jimmy's dad will find the man who can exonerate
Paperback, 176 pages
Published October 1st 2003 by Scholastic Paperbacks (first published January 1st 1992)
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Rebecca McNutt
This was an amazing story about what it takes to be a family, and about forgiving the unforgivable. The characters were realistic and the story was very original.
Dec 16, 2008 BYRON rated it really liked it
Jimmy Little, a fourteen-year-old boy, and his estranged father are reunited after nine years. The father is dying of a kidney ailment and has escaped from prison to share the truth of his past and to re-establish a relationship with his son. Jimmy embarks on a physical and psychological journey as he and his father explore their pasts. Because his mother died when he was a baby and because his father has been in prison, Jimmy never had the opportunity to learn about his roots until being reunit ...more
Erik Sneckenburg
Sep 20, 2011 Erik Sneckenburg is currently reading it
1: After reading the first few chapters of Somewhere In The Darkness by Walter Dean Myers, I began to notice his typical style. The main character and the narrater, Jimmy Little, is an teenage black male without a parental figure. This book has described in the beginning chapters a boy faced with a unique issue. He does not know if he can trust his escaped convict father. The remaining chapters will hopefully develop a relationship between the father and son.

2:I am about half way into reading th
Feb 04, 2014 Jennifer rated it liked it
The main character, Jimmy, lives with a woman he calls Mama Jean. Out of nowhere Jimmy's dad comes to visit him and says they let him out of jail and he wants to take Jimmy with him to Chicago. Mama Jean hesitates but let's Crab, Jimmy's father, take him. Mama Jean gives him money in case he runs into problems. Along the way he finds out his dad escaped from jail rather than being let out. By the end of the book the police caught Crab and sent him to a hospital where he died.
This book left yo
Feb 11, 2009 Sarvenaz rated it really liked it
This book deserves a much better cover because the story is really interesting. Jimmy has been raised by his neighbor because his mom died and his father is in jail. Suddenly his dad shows up and says he's out of jail and wants his son back. This is a story about a father and son who get to know the truth about each other.

The best part is on page 167 when the son, Jimmy, finds out the truth about his father and considers what kind of father he will be in the future:
'...he would tell him all the
Travis O
Apr 04, 2011 Travis O rated it really liked it
*Some Where In The Darkness* is about a boy ( Jimmy ) who has not seen his father ( Crab ) for about ten years. Jimmy is now 14 and has to deal with life as it self without a father,But that is not the hardest thing that jimmy has to deal with. Crab is finnaly back and now wants to know his so called son jimmy. The Father and Son go off on a trip way across the county to meet crabs fears and secrets. One of the places that they went to on their trip was to eat breakfast. They talked about inmpor ...more
Sadie Kaminske
Apr 22, 2013 Sadie Kaminske rated it really liked it
Walter Dean Myers did a good job writing "Somewhere in the Darkness." It was about a black boy who lived with his grandma because, his mom died, and he had never heard from his dad. Levi didn't like going to school and he tried to skip. One day when he skipped school, a man came to his apartment and told him who he was. The man was Levi's dad, Crab. He was going to take him to New York with him to find a job. I would recommend this book to middle school kids and older because it can get violent ...more
Kelvin Perez
Jimmy is a kid who lives in Harlem. Jimmy hasn't seen his father in 9 years. One day, he comes back, and he wants to know his son more. Jimmy's father's name is Crab, he is actually on the run from the police. He was gone for 9 years because he was in jail for armed robbery. Now he's accused of killing a man. He takes Jimmy half way across the U.S to find a man who relieve him of his accusation. Along the way, Jimmy learns more about his and about himself as well.
this book is on the summer reading list for high school students in the school district of philadelphia. in my opinion, not as good as other books by walter dean myers. i'm curious to know what my students think of it...
James A.C. Morris
May 28, 2009 James A.C. Morris rated it it was amazing
This is my favorite book because it has a lot of drama in it and it contains a black family unlike most authors. I learned that just because you love someone you don't have to put your self in danger.
Oct 24, 2013 Lucas rated it it was ok
**Spoiler Alert**
Ever wondered what it would feel like if you dont know your father and all of a sudden he shows up on your front stoop? In this realistic fiction book it tells of a 14 year old boy who lives in a really rough neighborhood New York's Harlem AVE. I though this book was horrible!! Let me tell you why. Ok so Jimmy little the main character doesn't know his father and all of a sudden he shows up on his front stoop while Jimmy is walking home from a good friend of the family. Jimmy s
Charles Mournet
Dec 24, 2011 Charles Mournet rated it it was amazing
Shelves: 9th-grade
Life. Some people are born into wealth and have a path set out for them from the first month they are born, while others are born into a tough life and don’t even know what the day ahead of them will hold. Jimmy Little was born into a tough life, a life in which his mother died before he knew her and a life in which his father has been in jail long before he can remember. Although Jimmy lives with “Mama” Jean who he loves, and not to mention she cares about him as he cares about her, he is very ...more
Juan Lagunas
May 16, 2016 Juan Lagunas rated it really liked it
The story takes place in a neighborhood near McDonough street where a 14 year old boy lives with his grandmother known as Mama Jean. The 14 year old boy is known as Jimmy little he is a very intelligent student but he does not really try in school. During the first part of the story we find out that his mother died and his dad was imprisoned. On a rainy day Jimmy goes to school and when he returns he finds a strange man in front of his apartments which ends up being his father Cepheus "Crab" wh ...more
Milad Khalil
Jun 03, 2015 Milad Khalil rated it really liked it
One of the best books I read was Somewhere In The Darkness by Walter Dean Myers. I would love to read the book because its children literature and fiction. I would read a book over and over and over because i love it and it so good. If I read a book and I dont like it i wont read it but I like the book Somewhere In The Darkness. A little bit about the book is there was a father and son and they went on a trip to find a lawyer to help the father not go to the jail.
The book Somewhere in the Dar
Jun 05, 2012 Claudia rated it really liked it
I love Myers and the truth he brings to his stories and this is no exception. Jimmy Little lives with his grandmother and is just trying to figure out how to get through sophomore year. He really DOES mean to go to school, but most days he doesn't quite make it. He lacks motivation and he lacks a reason to work hard. Into this uncertainty, his father, Crab, returns, telling Jimmy he's just been released from jail, has a job waiting for him in Chicago, and he's come to pick Jimmy up.

Jimmy goes f
Jan 12, 2012 Izze rated it liked it
Shelves: irp-bookshelf
The book I read was Somewhere In The Darkness by Walter Dean Myers. It was about a young boy named Jimmy Little who lived with a woman he called Mama Jean. His mom had died and his dad was in jail. One day his dad showed up at his doorstep and told him that if Jimmy wanted, he could leave with him. He decided that he would go with his father. He found out that his dad who he called Crab had broken out of jail. They ended up in Crab's hometown in West Memphis. Later Jimmy found out that they were ...more
Jul 05, 2014 Talia rated it it was amazing
When I was younger I remember my mom telling me that "Somewhere in the Darkness", by Walter Dean Myers, was a good book. I read the first couple of pages and didn't like it. I was looking on my book shelf and thought I might give it a try, and it was so amazingly great, I regret not reading it sooner.

The two main characters being Jimmy being the son on Crab his father, has learned along the way that " while things can't always be forgotten they can be understood as well as forgiven". He starts
Thomas Bell
I didn't like it.

The book is about a boy whose father gets out of jail and comes and surprises the boy to take him to live with him. Only he doesn't have a place to live, he lies to his son like he does to everyone else, he steals everything he wants, and he actually escaped from jail while at the hospital. Total loser. Then he takes his son because that's the only thing he's got going for him, and it's his opinion that since he's sick and dying (why he was in the hospital) that as long as he ge
Colton Clark
Oct 11, 2013 Colton Clark rated it liked it
Jimmy Little,a fourteen-year-old boy,and his estranged father are reunited after nine years.The father is dying of a kidney ailment and has escaped from prison to share the truth of his past and to re-establish a relationship with his son.Jimmy embarks on a physical and a mental journey as he and his father explore their pasts.Because his mother died when he was a baby and because his father has been in prison,Jimmy never had the opportunity to learn about his roots until being reunited with his ...more
Feb 25, 2015 Ashantiw rated it really liked it
Somewhere Into The Darkness is a very good book.The main character is a young
boy who his mother died.So he is taken care of by a nice family friend who he calls mama Jean.All his life he has known lived with mama Jean.She is the only familly he knows his mom’s dead and he doesn’t know his father.His father was in his life the first year ,but he slowly stareted to slip in his old ways.He started hanging out with the wrong crowd.Mama Jean didn’t want jimmy to think anything bad of his father.So s
Jun 21, 2011 Kalonji rated it really liked it
Fourteen-year old Jimmy Little lives with his maternal grandmother, Mama Jean, in Harlem, NY. Even though, for the most part, he’s happy, there is a void in his life. His mother is deceased and his father is in prison for his alleged involvement in an armed robbery during which a man is killed. Out of the blue, his estranged father, Crab, shows up wanting to take him to Chicago. He claims to be on parole and has a job lined up for him. Even though he is a stranger to Jimmy, he goes with him on a ...more
Laken Bowling
Nov 08, 2012 Laken Bowling rated it liked it
Shelves: 13-25
The book is very interesting.. It is about a boy and his father. The boy- Jimmy never really knew his parents very well and has lived with mama Jean for most his life. Jimmy is in high school and one day after school a figure approaches him. It is his father who has been in prison most his life. Most call him Crab. Crab takes Jimmy on a road trip and throughout the road trip is very mysterious. He lies here and there but sometimes he is trying to protect his son from things he knows. Where does ...more
Linda Lipko
Nov 22, 2011 Linda Lipko rated it liked it
Somewhere in the darkness Jimmy is trying to find light. Living in Harlem with a mother figure who loves him and takes care of him, he is quite content until his long lost father shows up at the door.

Jimmy's father Crab booked on out nine years ago and now, after breaking out of jail, decides to be a dad and take his son away from the only love and stability he has known.

Driving from Harlem to the deep south via stolen cars, living in flea bag rooms, drinking soda pop for meals, Jimmy discovers
Nhi Nguyen
Sep 26, 2009 Nhi Nguyen rated it liked it
Question 10 and 14 (the whole book)
The first day i read this book, i think it was so boring and also made me feel asleep when i was reading because it just told us about the life of main character and no happen in there. But after a few days reading, i was surprised when Jimmy's father suddenly comes to him. At that time, he is just at 14 years old, so i think how he could go traveling with his father who was in jail that he has not seen him before in 9 years.
Moreover, in traveling with his da
Apr 11, 2012 Jewell rated it it was amazing

Recently, I’ve been reading and re-reading the work of our National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. Myers is truly a national treasure. Somewhere in the Darkness is one of his brightest gems. His command of craft will enchant you! The story revolves around Jimmy, a little boy growing up in Harlem, who is kidnapped by his estranged father. On a bizarrely beautiful road-trip, his father, an ex-con, tries to convince Jimmy that he is a good man despite it all. Myers opens windows into thi
May 26, 2016 Krisprice rated it liked it
Shelves: shelf-1-10
Jimmy a young 14 year lives with Mama Jean because his dad is in prison and his mother has passed away. He is a confused character but is secure and happy with Mama Jean. His father escapes from prison shows up to get Jimmy terminally ill. Jimmy feels obliged to go, much to his and Mama Jeans dismay. On this trip he realizes who is dad is, and that he can't really change. He also realizes who he is and what kind of father he wants to be when he grows up. He is able to connect with his father in ...more
Sarah Silverman
Jan 22, 2011 Sarah Silverman rated it it was ok
Shelves: ya-lit
I read this book for my Guided Reading group. I picked it because I loved WDM's other books and I think they're great examples of YA Lit that can get students excited about reading. I wasn't a huge fan of this one, however. I think the main character, Jimmy, is too undeveloped for me or even my students to really get pulled in to the story. The story is about Jimmy and his father, Crab, who's been incarcerated for nearly his whole life. Crab shows up one day and they go on a road trip, which is ...more
Sharif Fennell
I liked this story but it can confuse the reader if you really don't pay attention to where the setting is located at because the locations varies. I like the story because it relates to how a young teenage boy can turn his whole life around if he has guidance or support.At first Jimmy was very disobedient because his parents were not around but he meet Mama Jean, who let him go with her close friend Crab. Crab was in jail for a lot of years, and was redirecting his life too so it was a perfect ...more
Jan 04, 2012 Laura rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: younger-readers
The reader finds fourteen-year-old Jimmy Little living with his adoptive mother in Harlem. He is starting to struggle in school, mostly because his attendance has started to drop off, when he meets his father, just out of prison. Crab and Mama Jean convince Jimmy to go with Crab initially to Chicago but eventually to his hometown in Arkansas. He wants to prove to his son that he is not as bad a person as his criminal record might imply and hopes to forge a relationship with the son he hardly kno ...more
Devin Logan
"Somewhere in the Darkness" tells the journey of Jimmy and his father, Crab who is freshly out of jail, and is taking his son to visit some of his old demons with him. Now meeting his father for the first time since he was born, Jimmy has to learn to forgive and forget his father's past, all the while juggling with whether to believe his father's innocence or not. The book helps the reader to see the true meaning of forgiveness and acceptance of different things in life. Walter Dean Myers entert ...more
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Walter Dean Myers was born on August 12, 1937 in Martinsburg, West Virginia but moved to Harlem with his foster parents at age three. He was brought up and went to public school there. He attended Stuyvesant High School until the age of seventeen when he joined the army.

After serving four years in the army, he worked at various jobs and earned a BA from Empi
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