New Yorkers: Short Stories (Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 2)
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New Yorkers: Short Stories (Oxford Bookworms Library: Stage 2)

3.47 of 5 stars 3.47  ·  rating details  ·  73 ratings  ·  23 reviews
The books are graded at six vocabulary levels, ranging from 400 words (Beginning) to 2,500 words (Advanced.)
Paperback, 64 pages
Published August 17th 2000 by Oxford University Press, USA
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Naohiro Hotta

2. 7/13= 70 minutes

3. present, love, tramp, prison, amnesia,moment, happy

4. My favorite passage is '"Don't look at me like that. I sold my hair because I wanted to give you a present. It will soon be long again. I had to do it, Jim. "Say Happy Christmas", please. I have a wonderful present for you!"' I really favored her action because she strongly wanted to give something for a Christmas present because she is always taken care of by husband, Jim. Tha...more
Che bella sorpresa, questi racconti! Mi hanno ricordato quelle storie che leggevo da bambina sul sussidiario: semplici, pulite, a volte malinconiche e con un finale ad effetto. "A walk in amnesia", ha lo stesso tema di fondo del Mattia Pascal di Pirandello, ma è meno doloroso: "if you want to be happy, you must be free".
hima saki
this book consists of five stories that I like the second one.
Noriho Motokawa
2 5/5=60 5/6=30
3 New York people live money love hope happy
4 a)“It doesn't matter if your hair is short or long.”
b) Della had her hair cut but she was worried whether her husband who like her long hair got angry. However, he didn't care about it and said to her that words. I was imprresed.
5 This book is collection of short stories. They are ordinary people's stories live in New York at the beginning of 20 century. The characters are completely different from me but I could sympatize w...more
Este escritor cuenta con mi simpatía incluso sin leerlo, pues el nombre con el que firmaba sus obras lo tomó de la exclamación "Oh, Henry!" con la que llamaban a su gato los propietarios de una de las casas donde vivió William Sydney Porter. Pero sería un olvido imperdonable no leer sus cuentos. El más aclamado es "El regalo de los Reyes Magos", tan incisivo como un golpe en la mandíbula; pero "Pasajeros en Arcadia", "La lámpara dispuesta", "Primavera à la carte", "El cuarto amueblado", "El perf...more
Sayaka Moriyama
@Time of reading
1/14 80 min

@7 word summary
Christmas present couple exchange most precious one

@Discussion question
Have you ever given a present what was the most precious for you.

@My answer
No, I haven't. however, if i could have my husband, i would like to try exchanging Christmas present with him, though i don't know if he like it or not.

@What I think about the book.
this book has 5 stories. every stories were enjoyable for me. I have never been to New York, but i get to want to go there becaus...more
1 Oxford level
2 7/2=55minutes
3 poor, hair, gold chain, watch, combs, love
4 a) "I hope he thinks that I'm still beautiful!"
b) I like this scene because it tells me how she loves him. Many girls feel like her after they cut their hair.
5 I love this story!! If we have true love, we can live without much money. I would like to love someone like her and him.
Momoka Yamaguchi
1. Oxford level2
2. 5/26=50minutes
3. New York-city-people-life-love-change-feeling
4."I want to go to prison"
I was interested on his feeling. He is very strange.
5. This book include some short stories. Every story was interesting. I was interested in the second story. A man wanted to go to prison. His behavior was very strange for me.
Takuma Kusagawa


4.Della said " I love you, it doesn't matter if your hair is short or long."
I thought he loved his wife from the bottom of his heart.

5. This book has many short stories and they are interesting, so I didn't get tired.
Yuto Yuasa
1. O. Henry, OXFORD, level2

2. 7/5 20minutes
7/8 23minutes
7/9 18minutes
7/10 25minutes
Total 86minutes

3. waiter,train,woman,remember,actor,lawyer,amnesia

4. Have you ever been to other countiries?
- Yes. I have been to Singapore in this year. If I have a chance to go, I want to go there again!

5. "A Walk in Ameneisa" is the most interesting story in this book. I could understand the story easily and I thought about my future(after 50 years). The man is lawyer and his doctor said that he needs rest...more
1. OXFORD, level2

2. 1/4 20min 1/5 60min 80min

3. amnesia train remember lawyer waiter woman actor

4. What is your favorite movie actor?
- It is Jason Michael Statham. He is a famous action movie star. I like his movie.

5. The man is lawyer and his doctor said that he needs rest, but he was very busy, so he can not take a rest. Some day, he did not know who he is. Finally, he was cured by his wife and a doctor. If I have amnesia, I am scared.
Miyuki Koga
- O. Henry; Oxford university;level2
- Time: 10/11 = 15minutes; 10/12 = 15minutes; 10/13 = 15 minutes.
- 7 word summary: poor - hungry - prison- plan - unhappy - church - policeman
- Discussion question
1. The main character choose to go to the prison not to die. Which do you choose to go to the prison or to die?
I don't want to do bad things and go to a prison. So I will choose to die.
2. The man run away without paying money for dinner. Have you ever done like that?
No, I haven't. I don't want to do...more
Kentaro Iijima
- oxford Readers, level 2.
- Time 11/28 = 80 minutes.
= 7-word summary: stories - town - woman - Christmas - present - life - end.
- Discussion questions:

1,You didn't have money. What do you do for your boy/girl friend at Christmas?
I don't get presents, so I talk with my girl friend more and more. I am sure that my talking make her fun. lol

2, Have you ever been to Ney York?
I haven't yet. In the future I want to walk Times Square. That experience will change my mind.

This book is constructed by some...more
Satomi Ito
1 OXFORD, Level2
2 100min.
3 housewife-lawyer-writter-city-famnus-live-poor-funny
4 What do you want to be?
--- I want to be a lawyer and help people.
5 A housewife, a tramp, a lawyer, a waitress, an actress - ordinary people living ordinary lives in New York at the beginning of this century. The city has changed greatly since that time, but its people are much the same. Some are rich, some are poor, some are happy, some are sad, some have found love, some are looking for love. O. Henry's famous sho...more
Takaya Kawai
-Oxford Bookworms Library, level 2.
-Time: 9/24=10 minutes; 11/30=60 minutes.
-7 words summary: winter - cold - policeman - unhappy - empty - change - prison.
-Discussion questions:
1. Have you ever witnessed something accident like robber, murder or stuff?
No, I haven't. I don't want to do such a experience from now on if possible.
2. How would you change your life if you want to do?
I write down what I want to do on a paper and put on the wall.

This book consists from five short stories, so it's read...more
Mai Hayashi
Oxford Bookworms Library, level 2

Time : 1/13 = 80 minutes
7 words summary : New York, people, change, happy, town, live, life
Discussion questions:
1. Have you ever got money by selling when you don't have much money?

Yes, I have. I had sold my comic books, because I don't need that comic books.

2, Have you ever been to New York?

Yes, I have. I visit times square, the statue of libaty. I enjoyed to watch browdway musical.
Oxford Bookworms Library, level 2.

there are five stories. my favorite is first one.
it makes my hart warm!

Q:waht do you want for christmas present?
A:I want a lot of cosmetics, but santa didn't come my house until i was a high school student.
oxford level2
Time5/3= 85minutes
7 words sammary=housewife, trump, lawyer, actress,New York, rich, poor
Have you been to New York?
= No, I haven't been there, but I want to go there someday.

This book has many short storie. Especially I like The Chiristmas Presents story, This story is very impressed and fun.
Five stories
Theses are :
The Christmas presents
Soapy's choice
A walk in Amnesia
Tildy's Moment
The Memento
Good and easy stories I loved them !
Daichi Yokoyama
I enjoyed this short stories so much. I took 75minutes in total.

Seven Words-unhappy prison policeman umbrella restaurant woman church-

Q If you would like to go to a warm prison, what kind of crime do you do for going to prison??

A Umm, I would have meals with no money.
Rie Matsuda
OXFORD level2
New York, old, people, changed, nice, warm, short
Have you ever got the money with selling?
yes, i have. I often go to Bookoff to sell my old books.
Have you ever out into the street?
No, I haven't. I try not to go to strange shops.
Kaoru Kawaguchi
oxford level 2
10/03=60 min
Soapy, New York, restaurant, prison, policeman, church, sweet song
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