The Afrika Reich: A Novel
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The Afrika Reich: A Novel

3.35 of 5 stars 3.35  ·  rating details  ·  376 ratings  ·  90 reviews
From Guy Saville, the explosive new thriller of a world that so nearly existed

Africa, 1952. More than a decade has passed since Britain’s humiliation at Dunkirk brought an end to the war and the beginning of an uneasy peace with Hitler.

The swastika flies from the Sahara to the Indian Ocean. Britain and a victorious Nazi Germany have divided the continent. The SS has crushe...more
Hardcover, 383 pages
Published February 12th 2013 by Henry Holt and Co. (first published February 1st 2011)
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This book has an interesting premise, which unfortunately was not utilized in a good way by the author. I expected a thriller, but it read like the script of a straight-to-video action movie. Action scenes usually followed one after the other but it didn't make the novel a page-turner. I never managed to get into it and read it in many sittings. After two-thirds of the book I even started to skip passages. I just wanted to see if there would be something else than an action scene with a predicta...more
Full Review on my blog :-

I’ve always had a fascination for history, an interest my father instilled in me as a kid growing up, at a time when the only history taught in my school was that of the Norman’s and Saxons – I was more of a Great War and Second World War reader – I had no time for the Saxons and my exam results clearly showed that! I would have bitten someone’s hand off to read a book on the Anzacs or the history of The Battle of the Somme – alas...more
Guy Saville's The Afrika Reich was one of the books I simply had to have. First off, I am a fan of alternative history, and second, a book based on a different ending to WW2 must be interesting.

There's of course Robert Harris' masterpiece, Fatherland, but there have been less books based on this premise than one would expect. Maybe because the topic is so well known that a book based on such a premise would have to be exceptionally well written to pull off the stunt.

I am happy to report, Guy Sav...more
Mark Landmann
Jan 15, 2013 Mark Landmann marked it as did-not-finish  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: fiction
I listened to this audiobook and got a quarter of the way in but feel very liberated to have given up on it. I do worry a bit though that I just don't get the genre... do suspense/thriller books always have completely wooden dialogue in them? They don't have to, do they? I really cringed when the Nazi captures one of the Brits and literally exclaims "Fee! Fi! Fo! Fum! I smell the blood of an Englishman!" That's really when I gave up. But it's kind of a shame, since I love the idea of the imagine...more
Another book that surprised me. I did not actually expect to like this book. In fact, all I had to go off of was the back cover. I do not like to really read reviews of others before I have read a book as I don't like to be have preconceived thoughts about a book until I have made up my own. So thus the reason that I picked up this book many times and put it back down. I kind of wondered what I was thinking back than that made me want to read this book. I finally gave in to picking up this book...more
Pete Jones
OK, this is a guy’s beach read. It’s like a Lee Child novel involving a protagonist scarred by his past up against an antagonist scarred by his past. It’s obviously fiction, not only because Germany didn’t win WWII, but like Jack Reacher, Burton Cole seems impervious to the damage done to his body throughout the story. A quarter of the way into the book Superman would have been reduced to a bucket of quivering protoplasm after sustaining the same damage to his body as Cole does. Cole keeps getti...more
While this book is a very exciting thriller, I had several problems with it. For one thing, I went into the book excited by the premise of a book that imagines what would have happened had the Nazis achieved victory in Europe and then moved onto Africa. Unfortunately, Saville does not give a lot of detail about how any of this has happened and instead focusses more on using the Nazis as the ultimate villain to take on his protagonist, Burton. I'm not sure why the Nazis had to be in Africa during...more
J.F. Penn
This has some stand-out nasty bad guy moments that make it quite original. I love the alternative history thing where basically Europe caved in and let Hitler take a lot of Europe and most of Africa. The author's note shows that this wasn't too far from happening. Memorable parts are the millions of gruesome skulls that line the huge military square and also the white road across the dark heart of Africa paved with the bodies of true white Germans. I liked the Angolan girl Neliah, an honourable...more
Addison Public Library

This is an alternate history Nazi scenario unique for its African perspective. After the “Casablanca Conference" in 1943, Germany controls most of Africa while Britain maintains sovereignty in some areas. Burton Cole, a retired major living quietly on his country farm, is visited by someone he perceives to be Rhodesian. This man offers Cole a fortune to go to Africa and assassinate a high ranking Nazi, familiar to and despised by Cole. Thus begins a perilous mission for Cole and his former comma...more
Suprisingly good alternate history book from a debut Novelist.
A good background knowledge of the machinery of the third reich coupled with a fast paced , action packed story results in a book very hard to put down.
Very interesting setting for the story , a well structured alternate history set in a world where Britain signed a peace deal with Hitler and set mainly in the African continent which resulted from this deal.
Took a risk on buying the book and don't regret it one bit .
Looking forward to...more
Some books desperately want to exist as other media. Generally that means they want to be movies or (rarely) TV shows. This is the odd book that desperately wants to be a video game.

The idea is lovely, a Nazi Africa astride the world stage menacing all that oppose it. The world building is weak though. To make it happen lots of pages have to be devoted to fictional treaties, and alternate history. Which is fine, it is after all alternate history, but the odd combination of a bunch of existing p...more
Good premise, pretty poor execution. Without spoiling the book, the ending was over the top and one long (all too long) cliche. I am sorry that I ordered this from the UK, and I question the Economist's glowing review for this book. Did the reviewer actually read the same book? Did the reviewer make it past the first 50 pages?
Kelly Koya
I'm not normally a thriller reader, but I thought the book was absolutely brilliant. By the end of it, I couldn't put it down. It was spine chilling and gripping with tension to the point where I felt quite exhausted by the end of it!
I surprisingly really liked this book. I thought it would be a cheap hardcover from the bargain bin, but it was actually really good. Reminded me of Clancy when he was in his prime.
Carlos Reyes
El Reich Africano, primer libro de Guy Saville y el inicio de un trilogía. Este libro fue una de esas lecturas que llegan fortuitamente a mis manos, he de decir que quede maravillado con la facilidad que tiene el escritor para mantenerte en suspenso. Me encantó la historia, que si bien es cierto es ficticia, está muy bien documentada, es una versión perfectamente plausible de lo que pudo llegar a pasar si la Alemania Nazi hubiese ganado la segunda guerra mundial, pero no me malentiendan, no es u...more
A potentially great premise - Britain, after heavy defeat at Dunkirk, agrees a peace treaty with Germany, and the two European powers carve up Africa to their mutual benefit.

But the plot of this novel, following a band of mercenaries attempting to kill a Nazi governor general, was too plodding and too far-fetched for my liking. The main protagonist, in the few days covered in The Afrika Reich, survives having his plane shot down, his train blown off the tracks and his boat sunk in the Atlantic....more
Jay Greco
Dark. Awesome. Extraordinary.
Guy Saville has created a thriller that is in the genre of alternate worlds. Here, Germany and Britain forged an alliance in 1942(the U.S. never entered the war) and ended up dividing the African continent. Germany exports all Jewish folk to one country and has set about exterminating blacks in their half.

The book is set ten years later in 1952.

Burton Cole is a retired mercenary living on a farm and planning a future with his lady. As soon as she's free of her husband. It took most of what he ha...more
Dominion by C J Sansom
Mantle Hardback Oct 2012
ISBN : 978-0-230-74416-5
The Afrika Reich - Guy Saville
Hodder (paperback) 2011
ISBN: 978-1-444-71066-3

I must state in advance here that I too have just written a counter factual novel that will come out in March 2013 so my interest in these two books is professional.

Both these novels make the presumption that appeasement triumphed after the disaster of Dunkirk 1940 and both books, rather oddly, are set in 1952, living in a world completely dominated b...more
The Nazi swastika is flying over much of Africa in this thriller set in 1952 – ten years after England settled WWII peacefully with Hitler. Written by first time novelist Guy Saville, the book runs the gamut of “ifs” including a reimagined Africa – where colonialism is once again the norm and the indigenous population is basically enslaved by the Nazi/SS hierarchy.

Throw in rebels trying to save their country, an Englishman trying to kill his nemesis who is now a Governor of the German-Afrikan te...more
Frances Plino
For an alternative history novel to succeed the author must not only convince readers that his version of what happened at Dunkirk and its aftermath could happen, he has to convince us that it did happen. Guy Saville managed this admirably.

From the moment Burton Cole, a mercenary with a strong moral sense, sets foot in German Afrika we get a sense of how the continent has been divided, with Britain turning a blind eye to what the Nazis are doing in order to maintain peace and keep what remained...more
Anthony Malaschak
I won The Afrika Reich, by Guy Saville, in a Goodreads giveaway. It is an historical novel as the world would have been had Nazi Germany won world war 2. The events of the book take place in Africa in 1952. It is a well written, researched book.
It is a work of fiction, so a certain license was taken with historical facts and plans, which the author tells you about in the author's notes. I found the novel fascinating and the concept quite engaging. The main characters are well developed and you f...more
Mike Emett
I won this Advanced Reader's Edition through the giveaway. I am a fan of alternate history so I was piqued with interest over this book and the idea of a Nazi-controlled (most of it) Africa. The alternate-history portion of the plot was my favorite for this book; though some of it.... a bit too fantasy to be considered (to me, but I may be wrong). I was entertained by the assassination plot... at first. I am a fan of literary fiction heroes of modern literature such as ones found i...more
The Afrika Reich by Guy Saville is an action-filled alternative history thriller. The premise of a world where Hitler defeated the British at Dunkirk and divided up Africa between the Nazi’s and the British is very intriguing and not terribly difficult to imagine.

This book is filled with a lot of action. Fast-paced, bloody, gory, no-holds-barred action. Sort of like Indiana Jones meets Rambo and it’s all directed by Quentin Tarantino. The descriptions of violence are uncompromising. There is an...more
The year is 1952 and Germany has won the Second World War some years earlier, and with its direct influence stretching over much of Africa through its victory on the battlefield and a post-war treaty signed by a number of countries, including Britain, the story of of how the world might have looked commences.

I liked the premise and the nod towards the plans or aspirations the Nazis had or drew up between 1933-45 that leads us to the story's start in 1952.

Where it fell down for me was the action...more
Robin Carter
This review is from: The Afrika Reich (Hardcover)
Afrika Reich: Set in an alternative 1952, The British rather than achieving one of their finest hours with the Dunkirk evacuation were captured, forcing Britain into a peace agreement.
New borders were drawn up and as such the Swastika flies like a brooding menace over Africa from the Sahara all the way to the Indian Ocean.

This story centres around one man Burton Cole, the mission he has been given and how it brings him crashing into his troubled p...more
The Afrika Reich was something of an interesting experience all things considered. I picked it up because I'm a huge fan of World War II history and, though it would pain my history professor to hear it, I enjoy a good alternate history story that stems from a "What if Germany won or did this" scenario.

Overall, Saville did a bang up job creating an alternate history world for The Third Reich. While it assumes a few political changes in World War II and that Germany had nearly unlimited resources...more
Outstanding alternate history. This booked is action-packed, a quick page-turner for any reader. It reminded me of a grimmer take on Indiana Jones. Let's get down to business.

Saville's writing style goes well with the flow of the story. The way he dissects the story into events by character, each with their own knowledge of events, is a refreshingly different way to go through a story. The way the characters are at times successful and unsuccessful at others allows the reader to be much more ten...more
It's 1952. More than a decade has passed since the Dunkirk debacle brought an end to Great Britain's war against Nazi Germany, and the beginning of an uneasy truce with Hitler.

In Africa, the swastika flies from the Sahara to the Indian Ocean. State-of-the-art autobahns cross Africa's rain forests and jungles, and the Reich's jet fighters patrol the skies, The horrific presence of the Schutzstaffel -- the dreaded SS -- is evident everywhere.But now the diabolical plans of Walter Hochburg, the arc...more
The book blurb describes this as an alternative history story, and while there are elements of that, this reads mostly,like an action story with the alternate history more of a side note. Interesting premises offered, but not delved into deep enough to keep the main focus off the chase story line. Well written. Good pacing. Gritty, and sometimes cringe worthy, action. So, as an alternate history, 2 1/2 stars; as an action/thriller, 3 1/2 stars, making 3 stars overall.
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