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Avengers vs. X-Men
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Avengers vs. X-Men (A vs. X en tomos #1-6)

3.68  ·  Rating Details  ·  3,314 Ratings  ·  356 Reviews
The Avengers and the X-Men - the two most popular super-hero teams in history - go to war! This landmark pop-culture event brings together Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Magneto and more in the story that changes them forever! And in AVX: Vs., experience the larger-than-life battles too big for any other comic to ...more
Hardcover, 568 pages
Published November 21st 2012 by Marvel Comics (first published January 1st 2012)
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Apr 12, 2015 Anne rated it did not like it
Blech. I can't believe I read the whole thing.

The underlying plot was a good idea, but it turned into a really goofy slug-fest.
Hope is the first mutant born since Wanda's 'No More Mutants' thing, and the Phoenix is on the way to use her for something. Is that a good thing, or is it an End-Of-The-World thing?
600 pages later...and I don't care.

This could have perhaps been a better read if the VS stuff hadn't been displayed so prominently. It's a comic, so of course I wanna see some fighting, but
Sam Quixote
Jul 01, 2014 Sam Quixote rated it did not like it
Phoenix - the fiery and all-powerful being that possessed Jean Grey in the “Dark Phoenix Saga” - is returning to Earth because the “creative” directors at Marvel have run out of ideas and are desperately ransacking past, greater storylines for their new books. The vessel Phoenix is going to choose, everyone thinks, will be Hope, the first and only mutant born after Scarlet Witch’s “No More Mutants” curse. Captain America and co. remember the devastation brought about by Phoenix the last time it ...more
Aug 26, 2013 Kemper rated it it was ok
Shelves: comics, superhero, 2013
Like many comic book fans, I’m suffering from acute crossover fatigue, and this one didn’t do anything to cure me of it.

I was moderately interested because it seemed like it would address the fact that it’s starting to feel like the mutants and the other Marvel characters inhabit completely separate universes. (Except for when crossover time rolled around.) It’s got a decent set-up for a conflict between the two teams. The Phoenix force is on its way to Earth to bond with Hope, the only mutant b
Dec 27, 2015 Terence rated it it was ok
The Phoenix is coming again. It has burnt a fiery path of destruction on its way to Earth. The Avengers and X-Men know where it's heading or rather who it's heading to, Hope Summers. Cyclops believes the Phoenix through Hope will bring back mutant kind from the brink of extinction, but the Avengers fear for the Earth. Cyclops along with the X-Men are adamant that Hope stays with them even if it means war against the Avengers.

These are mutants



These are mutants on Phoenix.



I know it looks cool, but
Feb 19, 2013 Sesana rated it it was ok
Shelves: superhumans, comics
Another year, another disappointing Marvel crossover event. The premise is right there in the title. Unfortunately, building the crossover meant jettisoning a much better plot. Before I begin, full disclosure: I'm not entirely up to date on what's going on with Marvel. I haven't really read much since House of M (I know, I know). So when (say) Illyana shows up, I don't say, "hey, Magik, cool," I say, "wait, when did she come back?" Also, I came through comics (not just Marvel, all comics) throug ...more
Nicolo Yu
May 13, 2013 Nicolo Yu rated it liked it
Shelves: digital-comics
Marvel's big event for 2012 was Avengers Versus X-Men (AvX) and I must say they pretty much accomplished what it set to do. It gave the fans a battle royale of its top two properties, it was able to move a lot of books during the duration of the event, and it gave the new readers who came in AvX a chance to stay and buy more comics after the story with its new Marvel NOW! initiative.

The title says it all, the Avengers lead by Captain America up against the X-Men of Cyclops. Marvel's top two supe
Jan 12, 2013 Mike rated it it was ok
My review will be spotty as I'm reading this interleaved with the rest of the Avengers vs. X-Men event books.

Nice setup - finally we see Hope's Phoenix power really threaten, and we get some genuine-seeming interactions between the key characters.

However, once the fighting begins, the ridiculous narration as each pair of fighters punch each other is brutal. It's like an amateur boxing announcer, trying to generate gravitas and meaning from what are generally meaningless events. "Wow, looks like
Aug 30, 2015 Damon rated it liked it
Shelves: comics
As advertised, a very exciting story. Although exciting, this was not at all memorable, a lot of 'phoenix' crap and superhero fights. Glad that the story is self contained so that we won't have to see it referenced endlessly in future comics.
At first it seemed this was an excuse to have the two groups go at each other similar to opposed groups in the Civil War series.

But, very good to higher character motivations fused with the long going legend of the Phoenix amped up the quality for me.

The vibrant artwork helped, too.

Dec 09, 2015 Alistair rated it liked it
This is far removed from how shit I thought this was going to be. Marvel events are normally something I avoid like the plague, but this was on sale offer online so I needed something easy to read on holiday with a lot of pages.

It's a terrible name for a comic for starters, but if you're a marvel geek like me it's not so bad. You get to see loads of different characters and they all get time to shine and seeing them pair up like Dr. Strange and the punisher was pretty cool.

It's about the Phoen
The Phoenix Force is coming back to Earth to inhabit the mutant Hope, born just prior to Messiah Complex (but now a teenager due to time travel). Cyclops wants Hope to have the power of the Phoenix so that she might usher in a new era of peace for Earth. Captain America and the Avengers, fearing a reign of destruction as in The Dark Phoenix Saga, arrive in order to take Hope into protective custody. A battle between the two teams ensues, and then things get worse once Iron Man attacks the Phoeni ...more
Nov 28, 2014 Gavin rated it it was ok  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: comics

I am glad I didn't hold off reading all the stuff that comes after this (pretty much all of AvsX leads into the Marvel NOW! Relaunch-y-ish-type thing. Makes a bit more sense now, but I had already pieced it together based on HOW GODDAMN OFTEN THEY TELL US THAT THE PHOENIX FORCE WENT INTO THE X-MEN IT DID!


You know what? The story served it's purpose. I can see how some think it's a bit lazy to bring Scarlet Witch out of nowhere to be part of this, but I enjoyed it. Even the char
Elin the Lightship
Oh boy oh boy where do I even begin?
This was a mess.
Reading everything I actually liked it and how the big crossover tied some loose ends together. Mostly satisfied about Hope and Wanda's part in this and how they developed and things made more sense.
But the first half... I seriously considered to put it down and not finish it at several points.
Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was acting like stupid, immature, trigger-happy douchebags.
When things were actually quite simple to solve, just through
May 20, 2015 Brad rated it liked it
So, I had to jump on the crossover madness, and even though I've often been a fan of Bendis, there was just too much going on for me to care.

I was slightly interested in the phoenix storyline because I've never read any of the previous incarnations, but it was such a mess that I wondered what I was doing in this little sidequest of a comic. I could have been reading Hulk or more Wolverine-Prof-X, both of which I was really getting into. Call this a learning experience. Move on.
Apr 22, 2014 Charles rated it did not like it
What a mess.

Save yourself some time and just play Marvel vs. Capcom instead. It's more fun, and the plot you generate will be equally as meaningful.
Xavier Guillaume
Nov 24, 2013 Xavier Guillaume rated it it was amazing
Recommends it for: X-men fans, Avengers fans, Comic book fans, Marvel fans
Why the heck would two superhero teams that fight for good and justice pit themselves head to head in an ultimate showdown of epic proportions? Why Hope and the Phoenix of course!

What I love about this book is how they take all your favorite superheroes and you get a taste of them all. You get Spider-man's antics, Cyclops's angst, Iceman's shirtless body. ;) You get the picture. There is something for everyone here!

The second thing I enjoy is the story creates an interesting dilemma in which I'm
A promising start, but after a couple of chapters it's clear where this is heading, it's not really the Avengers vs. X-Men, but Avengers vs. Phoenix Force. So all the typical hype that goes with these Marvel events, and we don't even get what is says on the title. Grrrr, HULK SMASH. By the midpoint, the story get's confusing, that's some kind of achievement considering how thin the plot is. There is no meat to the story beyond the WWE style smash up, and disappointing when you look at the guys w ...more
Peter Derk
Jul 02, 2013 Peter Derk rated it did not like it
That kind of sucked.

Marvel, it's time to slow down with the big crossover events. They can be fun. They can be REALLY fun. But part of the fun is that you don't go from one huge crossover to another. You have to give us some time.

However, it seems like you insist. So maybe we could lay some ground rules that I think would be mutually beneficial?

1. Let's try to have the maximum number of characters in their default state when it comes to these huge crossovers.

What I mean is that we have these bi
Wulfran David
Aug 03, 2015 Wulfran David rated it liked it
Este cómic me ha tenido de aquí para allá, de aquí para allá, sin saber qué pensar de él. A mucha gente no le ha gustado para nada, y la mayoría de críticas acerca, es debido a que este relato saca de contexto en su gran mayoría a héroes que han tenido un recorrido único y diferenciado en lo que respecta a sus propios universos. Es decir, verás a grandes personajes muy queridos por el público, hacer cosas que simplemente no harían. O por el contrario, verás cosas que no tienen sentido ni lógica ...more
Jason Stalides
It was an ambitious story that was done pretty well. Just not well enough. There are some really good parts I liked a lot. But a complete cohesive story...not so much. These stories are practically destined to be OK or just plain bad. They rely on a shallow concept and then try to shoehorn a story in somehow. But I'm enough of an old school X-Man fan to care :)
Aug 22, 2015 Aaron rated it really liked it
I am surprised and thrilled to report that I actually really enjoyed a Marvel crossover! The first one in years! Now, I don't think this comes anywhere close to the narrative force of something like House of M or the scope and plotting of something like Infinity Gauntlet, but I was very happy with this.

The opening is a little concerning. The Avengers learn that the Phoenix Force is returning to earth, likely to inhabit Hope, who's been built up as the mutant messiah for a couple of years now. So
Richard Guion
Nov 20, 2012 Richard Guion rated it it was ok
I liked the first third of this story the best. Unlike earlier stories where they fought, in the opening chapters the Avengers and X-Men really have at it. Seeing Cyclops blast Captain America is great fun, as if Michael Bay had wandered into the Marvel Universe. The fact that there are multiple artists doesn't matter, they are working together in a jam and for the most part, producing great work. It falls apart after the Phoenix power comes to Earth--or rather the Earth's moon--and an unexpecte ...more
Nov 13, 2013 Keith rated it really liked it
It looks like the reviews of this are pretty mixed, but I thought it was actually really fun. It felt sprawling and epic, the characters had interesting things to do, the stakes were high, and the art was excellent. Jason Aaron's chapter 4 was written extremely poorly, and there was a giant timejump in the middle that felt like something was missing, but those gripes didn't complicate the rest of the story. It did feel a bit choppy at times, and I could definitely see where pieces that probably ...more
Stephen Leach
Mar 31, 2015 Stephen Leach rated it liked it
This is the big one. The REALLY big one.

I'm sure fanboys all over the net have been wishing for this for years, and it's finally here. The two biggest super-teams in the Marvel Universe, finally going head-to-head.

With the mutant race on the verge of extinction, and the team divided in two, things look bleak for the X-Men. But when the cosmic Phoenix Force returns to Earth in search of a new host, Cyclops believes that Hope Summers, the so-called 'mutant messiah', can use its power to spark the
Tarique Ejaz
Aug 13, 2015 Tarique Ejaz rated it liked it
"The Phoenix force is a chance for mutant kind to sustain on its own again."

The main driving factor behind this entire saga where two major sets of super-powered good guys are pitted against each other.

I must say before I state as to how the story fared in the eyes of I as a reader that the intention was right, sadly the interpretation was messed up. Instead of making it an awe-inspiring event, it ended up being a full on brawl between the Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the Mutant Champions. Phoe
Dec 11, 2014 Ernest rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
The X-Men and the Avengers are two of Marvel’s most recognisable superhero teams. This time, they are brought to blows by the Phoenix Force (I’m reminded by a quote or similar by another Marvel character in a previous storyline ‘does everything have to be about that bloody bird?’). Both believe that the Phoenix Force is coming for Hope, the Avengers wanting to take her for safekeeping given the destructive power of the Phoenix Force, the X-Men (or more precisely Cyclops) want to use her to kicks ...more
Albert  Gubler
Unlike many reviewers here on Goodreads, I actually liked AvX quite a bit. I do agree that the writers, all of them among the most talented in the business, place too much of an emphasis on having the groups just mindlessly fight each other. But the setup issues are pretty cool and it was great to see some of the characters I really like, in action.

I loved how Charles Xavier and Hope Summers are portrayed in the book. Professor X is one of the characters I'm interested in most, and after reading
Oct 27, 2014 Kevin rated it liked it
The Phoenix Force is heading towards the Earth, destroying all life in its path like some sort of ol' Star Trek IV plot device... unlike said device, it's not looking for whales... it seeks a host so it can... burn things? I don't know, it's motivations has to deal with the archetype of death and life creating each other through destruction and regeneration, but its ultimate endgame is always to burn the Earth to cinders.

Knowing this, the Avengers assemble to intercept the intended host before
Oct 09, 2012 Anthony rated it really liked it
One of the better Marvel events.

It being as big and pact as it is, there's some really awesome shit in this story, but there's also some stuff that's not so good.

Some high points include: Spider-man taking on two members of the Phoenix Five and winning, Pax Utopia, every page Olivier Coipel draws, it flowing pretty well considering several different writers worked on it. The Mark Waid 'Infinite' issues are also good, but I don't know how well they'll translate to print.

Some low points include: S
Feb 04, 2013 Rattoni rated it did not like it
Really bad, a realy boring writing with a great idea for the marvel fans. It has some shiny moments, but really scarce. Cyclops and Captain America are so one dimensional, that everything great writers such as Brubaker, and Bendis gets thrown out of the window.


So this isnt really avengers vs, Xmen, the avengers are scattered all over earth, and its just five X men they face off. Those five mutants are these: Cyclops, a great choice, his intentions may even seem interesting at a p
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Review 5 6 Oct 19, 2015 04:06PM  
did anyone feel that when the phionex five came in it lost the whole avengers vs.X-men theme? 1 20 Dec 23, 2012 01:07PM  
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A comic book writer and erstwhile artist. He has won critical acclaim (including five Eisner Awards) and is one of the most successful writers working in mainstream comics. For over eight years Bendis’s books have consistently sat in the top five best sellers on the nationwide comic and graphic novel sales charts.

Though he started as a writer and artist of independent noir fiction series, he shot
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