Cinder (Cròniques Lunars, #1)
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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1)

4.11 of 5 stars 4.11  ·  rating details  ·  133,795 ratings  ·  16,458 reviews
A Nova Pequín hi ha una plaga mortal que està devastant la ciutat. Humans i androides es llancen als carrers mentre un equip de lunars implacable els observa des de lespai, esperant per moure fitxa. Ningú no sap que el futur de la Terra depèn duna noia, una de sola...La Cinder és una mecànica extraordinària i també una ciborg que carrega un passat misteriós. Com una modern...more
Published March 22nd 2012 by Estrella Polar (first published January 3rd 2012)
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Steph Sinclair


It was so AWESOME!


Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Let me go ahead and get this out of the way. I loved this book. Why in the world did I procrastinate with reading it? I've had Cinder sitting on my Kindle for a few months now and I continued to put it off over and over again. What a HUGE mistake! I even had the nerve to go into my local bookstore twice, pick Cinder up, and put it right back down. But all that doesn't really matter now because I've remedied the problem and...more
As seen on The Readventurer

Let me first give credit where credit is due. A cyborg Cinderella? Wow! It's a bold premise. I applaud Marissa Meyer for thinking this up.

In this re-envisioning of the fairy tale, Lihn Cinder is a cyborg, meaning, she is almost half mechanical - she has prosthetic hands and a foot, a big chunk of her internal organs are wired into her body. Cinder is a mechanic in New Beijing, the capital of the Eastern Commonwealth, a country ravaged by plague outbreaks. One day, the...more
Anzu The Great Destroyer
*mild spoilers*
Cyborgs!!!! *squeeaaaal*

Androids!!!! *squeeaaaal*

New Beijing!!!! *squeeaaaal*

Cinderella!!!!! *sque—uhm, I’m more of a Beauty and the Beast girl. But not bad.

Cinder was one helluva ride for me. Saying that it was a special one is an understatement. Why I call it special? Because of the ups and downs it had. If you read my Kindle notes for this review you’d thing I’m suffering of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder).

What do you think doctor House? Am I sick? Can it be treated??

positives and negatives from Cinder

*I know this sounds ridiculous. The whole point of the book is to create a futuristic cyborg Cinderella, right? Meyer is a wonderful writer. Her writing is engrossing and I was engaged throughout the entire book. But it really takes a certain amount of the fun out of a story when a reader already knows a lot of where the story is going. Cyborgs are relatively novel in the YA world. Books set in Asia are relatively novel in the YA world. I still really enjoyed the book the way it was but I think...more
◕ ◡ ◕  Arooj
Review after re-re-reading from Feb 27th to March 1st 2013:

Read it again for the third time! What can I say, I just love this book. So much that I want to marry it. Seriously. I love Cinder. And Iko. And Kai. And I really want to bitch slap Adri and Queen Levana. I swear, every time I read this book, they seem to get bitchier and bitchier.

I am now ready to start Scarlet! OHMAGERD I'M SO EFFIN' EXCITED XD.

Review after re-reading from Oct 3rd to 4th 2012:

Oh my stars. I didn't think it was possible...more
Litchick (is stuck in the 19th century)




Kat Kennedy
You know when peo­ple keep talk­ing about a book. Lah, this is fan­tas­tic! OMG, you have to read this! If you don’t read this I’ll shank you and play hack­ey­sack with your kidneys!

The usual…

This is one of those books. I was cru­elly declined on net­gal­ley so had mostly buried it in my TBR pile and for­got­ten about it until peo­ple started ter­ror­iz­ing me with demands to read it.

Oh am I so bloody happy I did! I loved this book! I stayed up most of the night to read it! It wasn’t per­fect, o...more
Super heavy sigh 1.5 stars is more of what I felt for this (actually as time passes I dislike this more and more).

There might be some spoiler-ish information through here, so don't read the tags if you don't want to know, but I will do my best to not spoil it outside of the tags.

I'm in the minority when it comes to the lack of adoration towards this book, and I just don't get it. There were so many things that annoyed me that I couldn't really focus on the story.

Cinder is a cyborg version of Ci...more

3.5 stars

I’d venture to say that the version of Cinderella most people of my generation (or thereabouts) were introduced to was Disney’s blonde, blue-dress-wearing wearing, rags-to-riches interpretation. I know that for most of my childhood I associated the name with animated mice, glass slippers and that ‘Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo’ song. (view spoiler)

But Cinderella’s roots lie centuries deeper, and forklore the world over is rich with var...more
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
The Holy Terror
I didn't really want to write a review for this one, because there are plenty of other reviews that are pretty much what I would say as well, BUT, I loved this book a lot.

I suggest you read the free prequel, which is actually really good! I think it's best to read it after you've read maybe a chapter or two of Cinder first, so you can get an idea of who's who - that's what I did, although I hadn't planned it that way.

This book is a retelling of Cinderella, which is easy to see, and there is a tw...more
Dec 04, 2013 Liz rated it 5 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: dystopian, fairy tale and sci-fi Fans...
I read so many reviews and recommendations and I finally decided to read this book...


Cinder is a cyborg. It says everything, right?! Can a female protagonist be even better? No!
She is a strong-willed, relieable and independant character. But there is even more about her that made me love her so much. She knows how to fix androids and other technical things. She is a very gifted mechanic. A girl? Mechanic?

I love Cinder!
Finally something new and interesting!
Jillian -always aspiring-
(Actual Rating: 3.5 stars)

There has been much buzz surrounding Marissa Meyer's debut novel, Cinder, over the months leading up to its publication. How could there not be? The main hook is Cinderella as a cyborg. Even without reading the synopsis, many people would likely snap to attention at the mention of such an idea, and I was no exception to to the allure of what this book might entail.

In the end, my curiosity felt only half-rewarded. Cinder was an enjoyable read with good (and some really u...more
Okay, so, Cinder is full of so many awesome ideas. I say, cyborg Cinderella, you say, hell yea?

The geographic landscape in the indeterminate future is thus: conglomerated continents are the new countries, with the "other" as the strangely mystical humanoid society called the Lunars inhabiting the moon. On earth, Linh Cinder lives in New Beijing, works as a mechanic in a marketplace stall, and deals with her stepmother's daily crap. However, aside from the stepmother and the presence of a ball,...more
Cyborg Cinderella is such an awesome concept that unfortunately never made it as an awesome story. At least, not in this book. The reviews for Cinder are all over the place, so even though I didn't enjoy this from the first chapter, I stuck with it hoping for a satisfying ending. Blegh, big mistake.

Where to begin? The fact that this is inspired by Cinderella takes a lot of intensity out of the novel. Will Cinder go to the ball? Does the prince really like her? Will her step-mother guardian thwa...more
When I see retellings of childhood classics I'm automatically a little wary. Can they really live up to a classic? Can they really bring something to the table that hasn't been tried by dozens before? Somehow, someway, Marissa Meyer thought up of a genuinely creative re-imagining of one of the most popular classics--Cinderella. Set in the future, Cinder is now a cyborg--how's that for unique? She's made up of wires and metal--a common way to "fix" humans in this engaging future world. Although s...more
Colleen Houck
Love love loved this book. It's like 7 of 9 meets Cinderella. Only problem is that I wanted to keep reading after it was over. Love Cinder and Kai reminds me of Ren. Technology so creative! Can't wait to get my hands on the next book!
“I’m sure I’ll feel much more grateful when I find a guy who thinks complex wiring in a girl is a turn-on.”

Initial Final Page Thoughts.

Oooh… sequel should be promising.

High Points.
The idea. Seriously, this is possibly the most interesting and original idea of any YA series I’ve read. Cinder (except when she stomped her foot… come on, has that ever got anyone anywhere?). Iko. Peony. Scrap heaps. Flirty princes. Fairy Goddoctors. Plagues and lab testing (Mira Grant would be proud). Androids. Luna...more
Tamora Pierce
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
Erica Ravenclaw
 photo anigif_enhanced-31161-1391113162-15_zpsda9cbc78.gif

Buddy read with Ange and Cory

No spoilers, I'll let the author do that for you in the first 10%, colorful language abound!

Expectations are a hell of a thing, aren't they? They take something that would have been mediocre at best and instead it is revealed as the worst offense of all, the failure to live up to it's own potential. You know what I was thinking of when hearing about a retelling of Cinderella who happens to be a fucking cyborg living in China? Malevolent characters, political moti...more
Lisa Kay
Hyperlink to the YouTube [image error]Italian book trailer for Cinder.


★★★★½ I just loved this one! So clever, to take a well-known fairy tale and add a fabulous storyline twist: Cinder is a cyborg – for her that means she’s 36.28% not human. For me, she was 100% all human!

I LOVED that she took her foot off at the beginning of the book and is searching for a new one that is just the right fit. Too clever and too funny! The evil step-mother, the two step-sisters who are indulged while she is d...more
Cinder is the first book in the Lunar Chronicles quartet (the quartet will star Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Snow White).

I have read a few fairytale retellings, but none so bold and dynamic as this futuristic retelling of Cinderella. There were so many elements to love:

humans and cyborgs and androids haviging out in a techno-gadget-y future (Cinder is a cyborg)
a plague (I am a sucker for plague/virus stories)
intergalactic political intrigue (with an evil queen living on the moon
WHAT. That can't have been the end!

Marissa, Meg, Jojo, Tamara: WE NEED TO TALK. I fully expect to be comforted and held.

You can find this review and many more at Mermaid Vision Books!

Release Date:January 3, 2012
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends (Macmillan)
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 387
Format: Hardcover
Source: ARC received from Macmillan Children's Publishing Group

Discovery: I've been friends with Marissa for the last few years, thanks to the Sailormoon fandom. When she first started talking abou...more
Jessica (Rabid Reads)
Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

4.5 stars

Let’s talk about fairy tales.

I was fortunate enough to stay with my grandmother, rather than going to daycare, when I was a little girl, and I was even more fortunate that my grandmother loved to read. She read to me constantly, and what did she read?

Fairy tales.

Anytime there was an occasion to give a gift, what did she give me?

Fairy tale books.

And I LOVED them.

My favorite was a hardback with Arthur Rackham illustrations, and it was not-your-ordinary book of fai...more
curious little beastie
This review also appears over at my blog.


This book. Was. A. Fucking. Blast.

I have to praise the book for its originality. I mean, a cyborg Cinderella in a dystopian world? You gotta give Marissa Meyer props for coming up with that. I personally loved the world she built, and I don't usually critique world building because I'm not really pro at it.

This is a Cinderella retelling, a.k.a. a fairy tale retelling, so I expected insta-love, since all the fairy tale ret...more
Christine Riccio
Really enjoyed Cinder! It's more of a 4.35 stars in my book! Not 5 because I DIDN'T HEAD OVER HEELS LOVE IT, but i'm super excited as to where this series is going, I have a full booktallk/discussion here:
Jeann (Happy Indulgence)
I started reading Cinder with the expectation that it was going to be pretty much a straight retelling of Cinderella but with the whole Cyborg twist to it. I was surprised to find however, that it is basically a story on it's own with the fairytale inspirations sprinkled throughout it. Fair enough, there's an Asian Prince, a ball, an evil stepmother, but there's also the New Beijing setting! An evil Lunar Queen! Prince Kai! And there's also Cinder, who is just so charming, witty, kind, and head-...more
9 3/4
I had heard great things about this book. Everyone was keep saying to me that I had to read it. And it sounded exactly like the book that I would enjoy. A dystopian, sci-fi retelling of Cinderella, in which Cinderella is a cyborg, with a few fantasy and romance elements thrown in the mix? If this doesn't sound amazing, I don't know what does. So, I had very high expectations, although I was trying not to have. But even then, I didn't expected to love this book so much!

Marissa Meyer has written o...more
Mimi Valentine
Anyone can write a re-telling of Cinderella, but only Marissa Meyer can write a fantastic, original, and completely enchanting Cinderella re-telling as amazing as this one!

To say that I loved this book would be an understatement! Cinder dodged every bullet I worried about when I picked it up. Rather than being a simple Cinderella knock-off, Meyer created a story with lovable characters, a captivating world, and a story line that was a blast to follow from beginning to end.

For a cyborg and the...more
Natalie Garside
I got my hands on a fabulous ARC of this title and read my heart out. I'll keep this spoiler free since it releases in January 2012 :)

Cinder is Book 1 in the Lunar Chronicles Series (4 books total) that combine classic fairytales with futuristic sci-fi, plus generous dollops of adventure, romance and some totally delicious snarky dialogue!

Cinder features Cinderella as a cyborg, a gift mechanic with the requisite wicked stepmother living in the distant future, dreaming of real freedom and finding...more
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I live in Tacoma, Washington, with my fiancé and our two cats. In addition to my slight obsession with books and writing, I'm big on road-tripping, wine-tasting, and hunting for antiques. I'm represented by Jill Grinberg.

CINDER, my debut novel, is a futuristic re-envisioning of Cinderella in which Cinder is a cyborg mechanic. Release date: 3 Jan 2012.
More about Marissa Meyer...
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“I don't know. I don't actually remember anything from before the surgery."

His eyebrows rose, his blue eyes sucking in all the light of the room. "The cybernetic opetation?"

"No, the sex change."

The doctor's smile faltered.

"I'm joking.”
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