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4.04 of 5 stars 4.04  ·  rating details  ·  1,872 ratings  ·  173 reviews
Maya Anderson has faced more than her share of tragedy and heartbreak. For the past six years she’s constantly been on the move with her mom. When another disaster strikes, she finds herself back in her childhood hometown of Beaumont, living with her older sister for her senior year.

A chance meeting reacquaints her with Ben McCaffey, a long-forgotten classmate from her pas...more
Kindle Edition, 284 pages
Published May 22nd 2012
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Kristin (KC)

*4 Stars*

Twisted sucked me into its awesomeness immediately, creating all kinds of tension, suspense, and intrigue within the first chapter alone. I fell in love with its unique cast of characters and I was even grateful for the derranged ones who allowed the story to remain so true to its name!

The story begins with a bang. Literally-- Maya gets hit by a car. She's ok! Thanks to her sexy, mysterious savior, Ben, who pulls her out of harms way then runs for the hills when he learns her identity....more

3 Stars! Somewhat predictable, but engaging read !

Pretty good book about teens handling death and bullying. For the most part I enjoyed the book, but I had a few issues, one in particular involved Ben's parents and their feelings towards him. I had a hard time believing that they could just toss him and and his feelings to the side like they did. Ben however, I loved, and his circumstances really touched my heart. I liked Maya and the way she stood up to the other students and was Ben's champio...more
Alexis *RealityBites! Let's Get Lost!*
Spoiler Free Review
4 STARS out of 5
Genre: YA Romance

The whole town of Beaumont knows who Ben McCaffey is. And they all treat him as if he is the scum of the earth. He is a phantom in the school hallways going overlooked as if he is not even there. He has no qualms with this in fact he prefers it, even thinks he deserves it. To be treated like he is invisible has been his life for two years. Ever since he was arrested for murder. All because he dated a girl.

Twisted is a story filled with so muc...more
Tough Critic Book Reviews
Reviewed at http://toughcriticbookreviews.blogspo...

DON'T LET THE COVER FOOL YOU! This is a sneaky little gut-wrenching emotional YA-novel stuck in happily ever after zippity do da clothing. This review isn't going to be funny because there was nothing funny about Twisted.

The title comes from what the reader feels while watching Ben go through the tragedy known as his life. A social outcast, bullied. It gives these issues a real voice! Maya isn't a stranger to tragedy either; this is why she is...more
Shelly Crane
Whew.......Ok.....Let me process, here.

I read this on a whim. My friend told me about this book months ago. But I read the description and it sounded like a gut-wrencher (which it was) and I usually stay away from those. I read to escape, not be sad and have my heart ripped out. Just don't enjoy those kinds of books.

But THIS BOOK was so different.

It was sad and gut-wrenching and anger-inducing and I cried a good portion of the book. But the way it was written was amazing to me. And the main ch...more
Amy (BW)
A truly unique find all wrapped up in a truly uniquely Twisted title!

At first glance, this looks to be your typical tale of teenage love. I couldn't have been more wrong! Amity Hope couldn't have picked a more appropriate title for this little ditty. :o) It's heart-wrenching, raw and emotional. The characters have been beautifully crafted; each one extraordinary. Maya and Ben's friendship unfolds into a true relationship before our eyes. They have both suffered from severe tragedies in their liv...more
Jen O'grady
I found this quite a sad story of Maya and Ben who have both been through loss, but Bens is a constant nightmare because his brother murdered Bens girlfriend, and this has forced Ben to become ostracised by society.
Beautifully written,sad and poignant but it has hope.
Just thought the ending was a bit abrupt wanted some more of Maya and Ben.
Mandy Rosas
This guy! He reads! One book a day! Why are all the good guys fictional? Gah!
I really enjoyed this book for a few reasons. I liked how Maya has common sense and she understood why Ben acted the way he did even when he was trying to push her away. It was noce that she wasnt clueless like a lot of female leads are in the book. I even liked that she was pushy! finally a female lead that wasnt a delicate flower, and went after what she wanted, because she understood what was going on with Ben!!! I also liked how real Ben was! you really feel for him and want to hug him and n...more
I really enjoyed this book and I also think it would make a good movie
Hazel G. (I ♥ Mancandy) *Craves the Angst Reviews* .
Terrific read!!!

This was a wonderful book! It was very intense and compelling, had an amazing story and I loved the drama/suspense. Maya and Ben were perfect lead characters and the emotional backdrop was felt in every paragraph! My only complaints are one, it was to short, coming in at about 180 pages and two, the ending was a bit abrupt. I wish there had been more! Maybe because I just wasn't read for the story to end, but either way, I wish it had of been longer. Great read! And definitely w...more
Kellie is a bookwhoreasaurus
Only .99 on Amazon... Hope its the bargain I want it to be!
Heather Adkins
This book was well-written and well-edited (the latter of which is becoming less and less common, unfortunately). Appropriate grammar, usage and mechanics are gifts a writer gives to his or her reader, and they are appreciated.

I certainly wasn't expecting the climax of the plot, but that unexpectedness was refreshing. The characters really make this book. Maya was compassionate and strong, but not perfect. Ben was precious, and I hurt for him and rejoiced in his growth. I would have liked just...more
This book wasn't great, but it was good. I didn't connect well with this book and I think that's because I seem to be growing out of YA completely and am venturing into Mature YA/ Adult books. However, this one still kept me entertained.

I enjoyed the story and the characters in it. I really liked Maya. I loved how she stood up to all the bullies for Ben in and outta school.I felt so bad for Ben and all he went through and is still going through. I thought Maya and Ben's relationship was sweet bu...more
Christina Rodriguez

4.5 Stars

"The only time I feel anything even close to normal is when I’m with you. You make me feel at peace.”

“I read because I like it. It passes the time and it sucks you in so you don’t have to think about anything else.”

“As long as you have one person you can trust, the rest of the world doesn’t seem so bad.”

"Just because someone is hurting…it doesn’t give them the right to hurt other people."


Twisted was filled with a community that took one tragic event and...more
Maya came to her hometown to live with her sister after the accident that took her father and brother away..along with it a part of her mother's love who is filled with grief and drunk even after years.

Coming back was difficult as it is but it becomes more difficult when she develops a soft corner for Ben,who is blamed to be a part of his girlfriends murder...but Maya never believes it.

Even though Ben avoids her ..Maya is attracted to him and wants to help him out of his shell and guilt..a littl...more
This book was absolutely amazing!

I would never have guessed that bullying and murder was involved in this book from reading the synopsis. The cover also had no help with that. Honestly. When seeing the cover and synopsis, I got a real 'sweet-romance' vibe. If I could, I would make the cover a little more intense (maybe darker) looking.

I thought the title, Twisted, was a very good name.

In this book it's about the 'twisted' story, rumors, and views people have of Ben and the murder. I won't say a...more
Maya and Ben, they are such a perfect fit.
Maya is back after being gone 6 years. Her mother couldn't stop running after the losing her husband and son. Such a devastation for any mother and wife, but for Maya it was a wake up call to adulthood and mourning her loved ones while taking care of her mothers heartache. Once Maya's mom is in rehab she goes and lives with her older sister Remy.

Remy is such a great sister, she's Maya's older sister and like all older sisters, cool in some ways and super...more
More than 5 stars first of all!!
I loved this book it showed how a tragedy can really ruin the lives of not only everyone involved and there family but the whole town!!! And it can turn someone who is inncoent but part of the tragedy his world upside down!!!
Ben is such a sweet, quiet person who at one point in his life used to be so outgoing and energetic but when his girlfriend is murdered its basically like a huge piece of himself died with her!! When everyone thought he was guilty they kept...more
Zoe and the Edge
This book deals with a really tough situation and I felt that the delivery was executed well. I really related to the characters and was angry, stressed and upset along with Maya at the injustice of the community's accusations.

I liked that Maya's friends are multi-dimensional and don't always get along. They're not carbon copied people, they feel real.
Maya surprised me. She's suffered her own losses but she's so...normal. When she meets Ben, she's much more interested in getting him out of his...more
Twisted is absolutely one of the most original books I have ever read. The story is about a teenage girl, Maya , who moves back to her small hometown to live with her sister. She soon learns about a murder that took place about 2 years before her return. A young girl named Kate was murdered by her boyfriend Ben's brother. At least the courts found him guilty, but Maya learns that many people do not feel the brother acted alone and that Ben is probably guilty as well. While getting to know Ben, s...more
I really liked this story.

What most drawn me into it was the fact that I kind of understood Maya and I kind of knew what Ben went through. People... people can be cruel. I am so happy none from my closed ones have to went through something like Ben, though some of them went through really bad things, but people don't ignore them and they see they are okay.

The false accusations are one of the worst thing that can happen to you.

All in all, I really like characters. I was so sad for Ben and I was s...more
Interesting book and a very quick read.

I liked it, and I liked the background story.
I liked the strong heroine who stood against the mistreatment of the guy even if it meant making enemies in what was a harsh high school world that the adults did not stop.
Cute story ... and if you have not read the book, stop reading my review now...

The one thing I did not really find very realistic is how the brother just snapped and actually decided he could take a life.
How he went to the place his sister...more
Alina Man
WOW!!!! That should sum it up. Just WOW!!! I was up all night reading this book; just couldn’t put it down. This is the story of Maya Anderson and Ben McCaffey; both are equally broken by past tragedies. The only difference is that Maya has the support of her sister and slowly learns to live again. Ben is wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit and has to live as an outsider, constantly being scrutinized and abused by schoolmates. In spite of being warned by her friends to stay away from...more
I liked this book. I think it dealt with the topics of gossip and guilt in a believable way. You couldn't help but feel bad for Ben and appreciate Maya's desire to befriend him. I would have liked more romance between them, but I guess I kinda view this as the beginning of their relationship. Ben had to get to a place where he could be loved again before turning into a heartthrob romantic lead. (view spoiler)...more
review is on

My wonderful friend on Twitter@JennNun recommended this book to me. I am so glad that she did!

Best Part: The whole book was amazing! I could not put it down. Maya and Ben are amazing characters and my heart really ached for them and their stories. I cannot tell you how much I wanted to actually "protect" Ben and Maya throughout the book. From the moment I started reading until the moment I finished the book I cried, laughed (at times) and wanted Ben and...more
Laura YA indie princess

I will admit I'm a cover lover if the cover doesn't pull me in am unlikely to read it BUT I read some reviews for Twisted and I thought I would download the Kindle sample and I really liked the story so I downloaded the full book and didn't stop reading. When I look at the cover I think cheese YA romance but this book is so much better than the cover makes it out to be. So much so I wish the author would have it re-designed to be a bit dark & sexy. Twisted is a amazing YA novel that covers...more
❃* Hache *❃
A very sweet romance between Maya and Ben. I loved how protective of him she was. I just wanted to reach into the book and give Ben a hug.

Maya was awesome! I loved how brave and supportive she was.
"I'm sitting with you whether you like it or not," I told him. "So don't you dare get up and leave me here by myself. Unlike you, I don't like eating alone."

Has a HEA. Might read phoebes story when it comes out, she was a good friend out of her other two idiot friends.

Ben -"I read beacause I like it. I...more
I liked this book more than I thought I would. it is a YA book that deals with bullying...serious bullying and a town that allows it to happen. Maya is returning to her home town after being away for a few years and is living with her sister. She meets Ben at the park. Ben acts weird and asks that she act like add h ed doesn't know him. She goes to school and realizes how horrible people treat Ben because of something his brother did. Maya sticks up for Ben and ends up in a bad situation. I love...more
One word "Outstanding" =)
Best Heroine of the month...
Maya stole my heart, her concern,love and understanding for Ben totally won me out........ and damn she was persistent ;)
Ben <3 cute,sweet,caring,boy next door who was brutally damaged, I adored the way he stayed calm to Maya's stubborness...... and esp loved the way he opened up to her.He had been through so much that it tore my heart.....
Loved Phoebe and want a friend like her.....
Alec, I feel pity for him.
All an all brilliant story, ex...more
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