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Lullaby (Watersong, #2)
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Lullaby (The Watersong Quartet #2)

3.89 of 5 stars 3.89  ·  rating details  ·  7,816 ratings  ·  674 reviews
Don't miss the next chapter of Watersong, a bold new series that will enchant you, entrance you, and hold you captive under its spell

Now that Gemma Fisher has inherited Penn, Lexi, and Thea's curse - and all the strange new powers that come along with it - she has no choice but to run away with them. Devastated that she has to leave everyone she loves behind, she's still d

Hardcover, 290 pages
Published November 27th 2012 by St. Martin's Griffin
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2 stars.
To all you aspiring authors out there, what's the number one rule of writing?
Show, don't tell.

I really don't think Amanda Hocking's grasped this concept yet. Instead of telling us how the sirens' commands work, show us by making Gemma accidentally command someone. Instead of telling us how Harper's coping without Gemma, show us by making her fret about laundry or something. I usually have a pretty high tolerance of telling-not-showing, but this was a case I couldn't gloss over.

Gemma ha
Since Gemma ran off with the sirens, Harper and Alex have teamed up to bring Gemma home no matter what it takes. They do some research on sirens but find no way to kill them or free Gemma. It seems almost impossible but Daniel also agrees to help. Alex puts up missing person ads all over the web and Daniel checks the newspapers.

Gemma is fighting against her siren nature as hard as she can but it is making her sick. She hates the sirens but suffers through to keep Harper and Alex safe. I'm not su
If you think the first book was uneventful, wait until you read this one. First half is full of angst, and Gemma whining about wanting to leave and not being able to. Second half is after Gemma decides to leave, despite all the logical reasons why she should not and she can not do so. Did I mention that in the first book she draws all sort of stupid conclusions so I kinda felt she was stupid? Well, be prepared, because this book does it's best to validate my point. Here, despite the fact that sh ...more
Bèbè ✦ the Ryski  ✦
Overall Rating: 3.5 stars

 photo tumblr_mczydfbuIn1qlsl4oo1_500_large_zps45286226.png

Short Summary. After inheriting the curse of a siren and leaving her home and everyone she loved, Gemma Fisher begins her new life. Having beauty, magical power, and immortality scares her and she decides to treat it as a curse and not as a gift. However, one kiss will push her over the edge which makes her lose control of herself and everything she believes in. Her sister, Harper, decides that she will do anything that's in her will to find Gemma even if it means to l
Fanoon Janahi
Amaaazing Book i don't know why but i never been into sirens stuff but in this book it just sounds real or i can imagine it ... this book really have many cute parts where you'll bee likee owww aaahh cuteee :') you can feel the character feeling there described perfectly ... not too detailed but over all its just a simple book ... i love the fact that Love is way stronger that the sirens stuff which basically shows that nothing can stop the way you feel towards that special person ... but seriou ...more
Penny Raspenny
Actually 1,5*

Again, nothing really happens in this book.

The first part of the book is all about Harper trying to find Gemma by calling people on the phone (like, seriously?) and trying desperately not to get involved with Daniel because he will somehow distract her from finding her sister, even though he is the only helpful one in this situation (again, seriously?).

As for Gemma, the first part is about her whining for being a mermaid and doing everything in her power to be miserable and weak, wh
2.5 Stars


Lullaby is more of a background filler than an actual plot progression.
The first half of the book is extremely slow, uneventful and boring as hell but the other half progressed mercifully quickly. I don't hate the book but I don't love it either. I'm not even sure I like it. The main reason why I picked up this book is because the sirens intrigued me and this is the first time I've come across such mythological creatures and I love Greek Mythology. Harper and Daniel were also one of the
Lindsay Mead
I have to say that this book is better than the first. There's much more going on and the story really takes a step forward in its overall progress. That being said, I do think that Wake and Lullaby could possibly been condensed into one book. Perhaps not, but some of the mundane activities that we watch the characters partake in really aren't needed. Then there was that whole scene with the Ouija Board-- was that filler, or was that groundwork for something to come? It was out of place to say t ...more
After reading Wake, I basically devoured Lullaby right away. It bugs me to leave a story unfinished let alone a series, so I finished Lullaby in no time. But it took me awhile to gather my thoughts about this book. In some ways, I became more invested in the series. But at the same time, Lullaby didn't shatter my world.

Lullaby suffers from second book syndrome. The book was more of a filler than a plot progressor. It had a cliffhanger at the end and there weren't really any "twists" to make the
If you have not read book one, Wake, I would recommend not reading this review until you have read the first.

I lost myself to the watersong once again! Amanda Hocking created a sequel that was even better than its predecessor. LULLABY was filled with secrets, tons of actions, and more of the sirens! It's official: I am addicted to this series!

LULLABY had so much action in it! Especially the ending. As we travel with Gemma and the sirens, we are introduced to more characters and more betrayals.
Read this baby in a day and it was OK.

I enjoyed Watersong #1 ("Wake")-it's a new series about a girl who is turned into a Siren and I'm a sucker for modern-takes on mythology. I will admit, I also read "Siren" by Tricia Rayburn and found the same subject tackled but executed much better.

Anyway, "Lullaby" explores the idea of Sirens in more depth and we get more on Harper, Gemma's sister, who is on a quest to save her little sister from the beautiful and sinister sirens. Great plot all around.

I just read Wake a couple days ago, & was DYING to know what happened. I was lucky enough to find a signed hardcover edition of Lullaby last night, so of course I bought it, started it, & finished it today.

I LOVE these books. I love the modern YA mythology retellings; books like Meg Cabot's ABANDON and Tera Lynn Childs' SWEET VENOM and OH MY GODS books are high on my list of favorites, and I can now say that Amanda Hocking's WATERSONG books- delving into the myths of the Sirens in a comp
Sara Ahmed

Okay, so after reading Wake, I was looking forward to reading Lullaby. I enjoyed it, although not as much as I would have thought. The characters were great and you could see the grow. I love Daniel, I think he is my favorite character out of all of them. I really hope the next book has more of Daniel and his story. I'm very curious as to why he isnt affected by the Sirens song while Alex and Harper are. It was interesting watching Gemma fight instict with morality and the choices that sh
Addie R.

Review also on my blog

If you read my Wake review you’d know that I just thought it was okay, but fortunately I ended up liking Lullaby more! It didn't completely blow my mind and make me fall head over heels in love with it or anything, but I found myself growing onto the characters more, and there was more suspense and things actually happening! Now, that wasn't exactly true for the first half of the story since at the time, I was convinced this was just gonna be some filler book, but it e
I'm shocked. Speechless, in fact. Lullaby was better than I expected. I didn't bother reading Wake, just cause it didn't catch my attention as much as Lullaby did. But I fully understand everything even if I didn't read the first book!
Harper and Daniel make such a cute couple! And he is just soo sexy ;)
Gemma was never exactly my favorite, and I totally hate her now because of what happened at the end of Lullaby and what she did to Alex.
The Sirens stayed the same: hags. Penn is just beyond evil.
Jule Winchester
3,5 Sterne // Ich glaube die Reihe ist einfach nicht so meins ... Werde sie trotzdem beenden.
Hannah Segan
Gemma Fisher thought she had an almost perfect life. She had her sister Harper, her dad, and her next door neighbor, who happened to be her boyfriend, Alex. She had lived in Capri, Maryland her entire life. She was a swimmer, and loved Anthemusa Bay, where she would go swimming late at night.
But three girls disturbed her life. Penn, Thea, and Lexi. They were the most beautiful girls anyone had ever seen. And they turned her into a siren. Now, she either stays with them, or dies. And the only rea
Hope Molinelli
5 perfectly perfect stars

Ugh so disappointing. Like from the romance bad enough, barely any. To the non romance to Harper and Daniel. Ughhhhhhhh and the ending....... Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh
Lydia Naylor
I think lullaby was so much better then wake because it had much more action in it and tolds more about the sirens. I also enjoyed the relationship between thea and gemma in this book and I hope it continues. However, the main reason that I liked about this book then the first book was that there were more Daniel and harper scenes and I am so happy for them. And I am even more curious about daniel to why he cant go under the siren song,

anyway I thought lullaby was much better then wake and I am
Book one took me a while to get into and I had the same problem with this one, but once again I found thst I got sucked in and actually ended up enjoying the last half, I was also lost a bit since I read book one a while ago so that may be a factor. My favorite thing about this series is the mythology about the sirens, how they came to be and how they survive, I don't know much about sirens but I do know these ones are scarier and a lot different then I imagined.
Harper remains my favorite chara
Lullaby! What a great title, right? I pictured the sea shining under the moonlight and a beautiful song sounding from the pit of the world, like magic, calling people to its trap.

And yes, there was a song, and the gorgeous sirens and a beautiful night sky but once again, I felt like there was a wall between me and the story. I couldn't connect with the characters even if they were good characters. Harper too despite that she is a control freak. But there is this space between me and the story t
Melissa Graff
I have read Amanda's books over the last few years and really feel like I've seen her develop as a writer. The Trylle trilogy is one of my favorites! But since becoming backed by a publisher something seems different... I felt like this with the first Watersong book too but I still REALLY like the premise and characters. The best analogy I can think of is chocolate chip cookies... Like she used to make them from scratch at home and now she has switched to Nestlé break and bake.... Sure if I want ...more
Man this has got to be a record I finished the first book and this in 24 hours. Presenting Watersong #2 Lullaby by Amanda Hocking.

Here is the summary of the book:

Harper only wanted a safe, normal life. But when her younger sister Gemma runs off with a dangerous clique of beautiful girls, Penn, Thea, and Lexi, everything changes. Vowing to get her sister back no matter what the cost, Harper must face dangers unlike any she's ever experienced. Fortunately, she has Daniel by her side, a gorgeous
Tee loves Kyle Jacobson

Amanda has done it again! I just adored Wake and what Harper and Gemma go through. In the second book Lullaby Harper will have to fight to get her sister back from evil trio. Gemma has embraced what she is and the more she uses her magic and visits the magical world the more she changes. She knows she has change but she never realized it would be that fast and she never thought she would crave the things she is craving.

Harper is determined to get her sister back and with the he
Lyndsey O'Halloran
I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Wake, and luckily I had the second book all ready and waiting to be read.

Lullaby begins right where Wake left off, with Gemma gone, having run away with the crazy sirens while sister Harper is left to pick up the pieces. It isn’t only Harper though because Gemma’s boyfriend Alex is worried sick and has no idea what to do. Together, along with Daniel (Harper’s love interest) they have to figure out what the hell is going on and what can be done abo
Khanh (Clowns, Nightmares, and Bunnies)
I have one sister, and growing up, we fought frequently. As much fighting as we did, we never went so far as to actually try to murder one another like the sirens in Lullaby did. If I had to spend a couple of thousands of years in close proximity with a couple of sisters, completely with insanity and jealousy and rivalry, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't make it either.

I have a theory as to why there aren't any more mermaids and sirens in the world these days. It's not because they're mythical creatur
Tiffany (About to Read)
While I didn’t love Wake, I certainly liked it enough to continue the series and after reading Lullaby I am glad I did. My problem with Wake was that there were no surprises since everything was revealed in the jacket description—which I suppose isn’t really a problem with Wake, so much as the synopsis. Lullaby, however, was less predictable and I find myself being sucked into Hocking’s world and getting attached to her characters.

Harper will always be the character I relate to most because she
This second book was like the first one that it took too long to get to the story. I got bored almost the entire first half. I kept waiting for Daniel to make a scene but Harper decided to avoid him because she thought she didn't have time to date him. But the thing is she liked him! Thank goodness Daniel never gave up. He came to meet her while she avoiding his call and wouldn't give up even when she told him she didn't want to date him even she 'liked' him. That was the key word that made him ...more
I had read the ARC of Wake, the first book in the Watersong Series and although I didn’t really love it that much, I still want to know what happens next to Gemma and Harper, and LULLABY provided a very nice second book.

The story is more on transition, there are not many action scenes, but we discover some mystery and are left with more. We’re given knowledge about the mythology in this book, the siren ways and the curse. The writing is quick though; the conversations and scenes are lively and d
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Amanda Hocking is a lifelong Minnesotan obsessed with Batman and Jim Henson. In between watching cooking shows, taking care of her menagerie of pets, and drinking too much Red Bull Zero, she writes young adult urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Her New York Times best-selling series the Trylle Trilogy has been optioned for films. She has published fifteen novels, including the Hollows and the Wa
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“Las sirenas habían matado a gente, estuvieron a punto de matar a Álex y a Harper, y ella misma también era ahora una sirena. Era un ser tan malvado como ellas, y no podía permitirse encontrar placer en esa vida. Ése era su castigo por vivir y permitirse ser una de ellas.” 1 likes
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