A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted
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A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted

3.94 of 5 stars 3.94  ·  rating details  ·  830 ratings  ·  195 reviews
A Complaint Free World is an engaging, enjoyable, easy-to-read reminder that the only permanent, constructive changes you can make in the world are the changes that you make in yourself.”
–Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soul and Soul to Soul


·What exactly is a complaint? (Chapter 1)
·Why is complaining destruc...more
Hardcover, 192 pages
Published October 16th 2007 by Doubleday Religion (first published January 1st 2007)
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Miss Kim
This book commences with a quote from Maya Angelou, where she states: ”If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain" (page 1). I find it so inspirational and uplifting for a woman who faced abused as a child, and literally lost her voice for years, to make such a powerful statement. Randy Pausch also lectured to not complain, as he brought up the example of how Jackie Robinson had it in his contract not to complain if people spit on him.

I loved this book -- thanks Suzanne! The premise of this book is that our thoughts determine the quality of our lives, our words reflect what we are thinking. By controlling our words and avoiding complaints, criticism, or gossip we improve the quality of our lives. The challenge is to go 21 consecutive days without complaining, criticizing, or gossiping. The book came with a purple plastic bracelet that you wear and change wrists every time you catch yourself saying something negative. It's an...more
I couldn't put this book down, read it straight through for an average of 3-4 hours. Put it down only to write a few quotes down etc.

Couldn't help but wonder out of curiosity how Mr. Bowen would write an entire book on the topic of 'stop complaining.' I was delightfully entertained with a few stories and the whole idea of wearing a wrist band as a reminder to stop complaining, intrigues me. I've ordered my own purple wrist band to give it a shot. I, too, need improvement in this area. We all co...more
Oct 14, 2008 Marie rated it 5 of 5 stars
Recommended to Marie by: Suzanne Swallow
We reviewed this at our book club in September. It is amazing to understand how many times we complain about things, and a wonderful opportunity to stop! Your life will be much sweeter when you learn to stop complaining about everything!! Try it!
Marian la Contrarian
Like many another book before it, this book falls into the self-help category. But while a lot of self-help books are narrowly focused on just that—the self—this is one of the inspiring few that derives its power from a vision of a better world that is created as one individual at a time chooses a better way.

Rather than focusing on neuroses, phobias, anxieties, etc., this book instead focuses on what life would look like if we made one simple (but not easy!) change: speak about the things we wi...more
Jenny Stringham
I love a good challenge and this book is proving to be just that! The whole idea is to go 21 days without complaining, criticizing, or gossiping and you wear a bracelet as a reminder that you switch back and forth between wrists when you slip and do one of the mentioned. Eek, can it really be that hard?! Let's just say I've yet to make it through a day, but I'm close :) (ave. results are 8-9 months for 21 days). Anyway, all of that aside the author is a minister in Missouri and draws upon a lot...more
This is an amazing book...on many levels. Its simple and repetitive but then again so is life; well at least the repetitive part. This was one of those 'I am not the sam person and don't look at life/things/people the same way after reading it. I experience things and "think" about them differently...in a good way! I recommend this to anyone who feels that they are ready to be aware........of....well, the title would suggest complaining but it does somehow bring to light so many other 'disorders...more

I picked up this book because I love the idea (and unfortunately I'm a complainer - but is that me complaining about being a complainer? I guess I should switch my wristband again!).

I thought the book was super-easy/quick to read and I am trying to follow it (1 week without a complaint free day so far - it looks like I'm on track for the average 4-8 months to go 21 days without complaining). I do think it's a great concept and I'm going to stick with it.

Outside of that, many of the ideas written...more
Rachel Kopel
I have just started reading this. I am still using a rubber band and not the snazzy purple bracelet, although I have ordered one. It is pretty amazing the number of times a day that I complain, criticize or gossip. I am wearing out rubber bands like crazy. But I am still a beginner. All will be well and all will be well and all will be well.
I don't think I'll ever go as far as wearing a purple bracelet on my wrist and attempting a full 21 days without complaining. But it does make you more aware of how much you complain, and starts your mind reframing things. It has already made me a more positive/aware person. Quick read, too.
This book is part of the A complaint Free World movement. The movement challenges people to complete 21 days of being complaint, gossip and sarcasm free. The idea is that people who manage this inspire others, like a ripple effect, and eventually the whole world will be doing it.

There are individual benefits as well - according to the book, being less nagative makes you happier, improves your health, and wealth, is very de-stressing, and helps you get rid of insecurities - after all, you are gi...more
While I was hiking Mt. Leconte in TN 6 years ago, I noticed that my friend had on a purple bracelet. I asked her about the bracelet and that is when I became familiar with this book. It may have taken me 6 years to get a copy, but I have been painfully aware of times when I am complaining since that hike! Author Will Bowen challenges the reader to go 21 consecutive days without complaining, gossiping or criticizing. He talks of the negative energy transferred to others from such talk. Such commo...more
I saw the author, WIll Bowen, on the Today show being interviewed. I was fascinated by his concept of trying to maintain a habit of NOT COMPLAINING. A few points in the book I found inspirational were:

"IS the complaining competition something you want to win? Then fine, go ahead and gripe 'til everyone else gives in declaring you the greatest complainer in the world. This victory comes with prizes such as unhappy relationshipslrife with melodrama, health challenges,money worries, and an abundanc...more
Julie Reade
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
This was a very quick read. And it was well worth my time.

The author came up with a simplistic yet powerful idea to challenge people to stop complaining, gossiping and criticising for 21 days straight. As a monitoring tool he suggests a bracelet or coin in your pocket that you have to move from one side to the other when you slip up. The reasoning behind trying to make it to the 21 day mark is that when you finally make it to that point you will have changed your habit of complaining constantly....more
Very inspiring!

The author of this book starts from the assumption that the less you complain, the better you live! Well, it's kind of obvious for the majority of us that the think-positive-attitude can help our lives and achievements. Still, what's interesting is the method he suggests in order to cut off complaints from our lives: every time we do complain we shall move from a position to another a self-monitoring tool (such as the purple rubber band of the cover or a coin in our pocket or...)...more
So, I started this book today 8/4/07.

The book challenges each reader to stop complaining, criticizing and gossiping for 21 days- the amount of time it takes to break a habit. Most readers find that it takes them 4-8 months to complete the challenge. The author suggests that you wear a bracelet or carry a token in your pocket at all times, when you catch yourself in a complaint, you simply move the bracelet or token to the other side. Apparently, the physical act of making yourself aware of your...more
Jun 18, 2008 Lauren rated it 2 of 5 stars
Recommended to Lauren by: Melissa
Shelves: educational, 2008
I gave it two stars because the actual book itself is not that interesting and I was actually looking forward to reading it and I was disappointed.

But the message from the book is great and one that I am struggling to change my attitude and health by: Quit Complaining!

If I tell someone about something that irritates me or made me mad and they have no way of helping me, then I have hurt them and myself. I have wasted both of our times and produced negative energy. The book explains that of cours...more
I give the message of this book 5 stars, but the actually book only about 2 stars. Basically, this book could have been summarized in a pamphlet, it was essentially explained to the reader in the introduction. The rest of the book contained stories from the author and others who had tried and failed, and tried and tried and tried... and succeeded at the 21 day challenge.

Even since beginning this book, I've been catching myself when I complain, and now that I am finished with this book, I'm going...more
Jul 13, 2014 Julie rated it 5 of 5 stars
Shelves: audio
Can I go 21 days without complaining? I listened to this book in one day (~4 hours) while cleaning house and decluttering, and it has me intrigued. I'm going to try it out. Currently using a rubberband, but will upgrade to a real bracelet if I can go for more than one day. Who's with me?
In A Complaint Free World Kansas City Pastor Will Bowen describes how his parishioners have changed their lives through the simple act of not complaining. They use bracelets that they slip from wrist to wrist when they catch themselves voicing negative thoughts to remind themselves of the impact of their words.

After describing how the movement began, Bowen’s parishioners provide testimonial of how becoming complaint free has affected their lives. Fans of Byrne’s The Secret will find practical a...more
If I had to choose one non-fiction book that I thought everyone in the world should read, I would be very likely to choose this book. Not because it is the greatest book I have ever read, but because it is inspiring, practical, accessible, and deceptively profound. Not complaining does not mean you don't speak up for yourself or express yourself; in fact, I have found that the attempt to stop complaining has increased my self-awareness and my ability to express myself and speak up for myself whe...more
This is a very easy to read book with many truths. I enjoyed it alot. The book challanges you to go 21 days complaint free. They have a website where you can order a purple bracelet(s) that you move back and forth whenever you complain,criticize, or gossip to help keep you focused on being complaint free. It's amazing to me how many words that come out of my mouth that are negative. It has caused me to have more awareness, and I plan to continue to work on being complaint free (not there yet- I'...more
This is the book that goes along with the complaint-free world challenge(Purple bracelets). The idea is to stop complaining, criticizing, and gossiping. You move your bracelet to another wrist every time you complain and you try to go 21 days without moving it. Then you have formed a habit. The book is really helpful if you do want to attempt this challenge. But warning- it is hard!! I think it is such a worthwhile exercise to realize how our thoughts and words affect us. This book has some grea...more
Kara Lane
Will Bowen has written a great book on how to stop complaining and start enjoying life. He makes the observation that, "Our thoughts create our world, our words indicate our thoughts. When we control our words by eradicating complaining, we create our lives with intention and attract what we desire."

He explains that we go through 4 phases in trying to stop complaining:
-Unconscious Incompetence (not aware we're complaining)
-Conscious Incompetence (aware but still complaining)
-Conscious Competence...more
This was an entertaining read and offered decent guidance to shift thinking into being more positive. You wear a bracelet (or in my case an extra hair elastic) and every time you complain you move it to the other wrist. It is a good way to draw attention to complaining where it might otherwise go unnoticed. Not complaining and living a happier life is a transition worth making, so I'm glad to have read this.

There were a few parts where I had to raise an eyebrow, like the slight implication that...more
Bella Ouyang
May 27, 2009 Bella Ouyang is currently reading it
i think the book is talking about a very simple theory,that is you can get what u want!when u begin to complain,the things u want will be away from u.Since i bought this book in China,it's in Chinese edition.I don't think the translation is good.Maybe after i finish it,i will read the English edition.
Actually,i think that as a student in this modern world,we have known many of the theories,the differences between human beings are whether you will apply them to your daily life~~~
Okay, the writing isn't the strongest, nor the organization the best. And maybe it is more "feel good" than thoughtful, BUT the author brings out his dream for a world where people don't emote negativity all the time. But where our communication is thoughtful, honest, and, most of the time, positive. It is a heart-felt vision. And he shares it as such. This book does serve to raise awarenes of the power of speech, both to lift and to push down. The awareness is worth the read.
I like the idea - trying to go 30 days without complaining, gossiping, or criticizing. But, I think the entire premise begins and ends there. Building a book around how and why we complain/gossip/criticize...seems redundant. But then, I guess I'm complaining and criticizing all at once here, so perhaps I should just stop.

It's a well-intentioned effort - and I hope to adhere to the principles of it. The book itself just didn't inspire me as much as I'd hoped.
I was optimistic, thinking it would lighten my mood and help me be a part of making the world a nicer place, but that's not really what I got from the book. About half way through my interest was no longer peaked and I realized, I don't mind a complaint every once in a while. It shows what we love and don't love and I think the world still needs a complaint or two. So, sorry folks. You'll still hear complaints from me from time to time.
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Will Bowen is an author and speaker who has been featured on/in "Oprah," NBC's "Today Show," ABC's "World News Tonight," CBS "Sunday Morning," "Fox News," "The Wall Street Journal," "Newsweek," "People," "O," "Self," "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and in hundreds of media stories around the world.

His first two books, "A Complaint Free World" (now expanded and updated) and "Complaint Free Relationship...more
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