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Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow
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Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow (Idle Thoughts #1)

3.87 of 5 stars 3.87  ·  rating details  ·  1,132 ratings  ·  109 reviews
Now, this is a subject on which I flatter myself I really am au fait. The gentleman who, when I was young, bathed me at wisdom's font for nine guineas a term-no extras-used to say he never knew a boy who could do less work in more time; and I remember my
Published April 15th 2007 by 1st World Library (first published 1886)
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Monday afternoons are most favorable to practice the art of idling. The anxiety of a fresh work week prevails over the dormancy of deadlines and you are back on detoxification diet after a carb loaded Sunday. On one such afternoons amid my momentary sniffing of liquid black ink( the one that fills the belly of a fountain pen), I hear a deafening sound enough to crack the inner chords of my ears. As I look up from my sniffing activity, I observe a recognizable obnoxious face of a dear friend who ...more
Ho deciso che Jerome Klapka Jerome è un figo, e chi non è della mia stessa opinione non capisce niente.

Naturalmente stavo scherzando. Almeno, sulla seconda parte. Sulla prima ero serissima, ma in fondo come fa a non essere figo uno che si chiama Jerome di nome e di cognome, ed ha come intervallo un cognome (o nome?) come Klapka. E soprattutto, come fa a non essere figo uno che fa una premessa del genere:

"Poiché un paio di amici, ai quali ho mostrato il manoscritto di queste pagine, hanno osserva
Mohamed Osman
مقالات أكثر من رائعة تتميز بأسلوب هزلي ساخر ، الكتاب يعد وجبة خفيفة لفصل بين الكتب الثقيلة ، ستندهش عندما تعلم أن الكتاب من عام 1889 ومازال يلمس الكثير من المواضيع التي نعاني منها نحن الآن ، الكتاب يتكون من 14 مقال في مجالات مختلفة مثل الكأبة ، الإفلاس ، الوقوع في الحب ، الكسل وغيرها ، أكثر ما أعجبني الكأبة والوقوع في الحب ، الكتاب من ترجمة دكتور أحمد مستجير أي أنها ترجمة لا غبار عليها لكن إن كنت تستطيع قراءة النص الأصلي فأنصحك بذلك لأنه سيكون أكثر إضحاكا
بسام عبد العزيز
أو أي تعبير آخر ينم عن الإعجاب التام ولا اعرفه!

بداية هذا الكتاب مخصص للأشخاص أصحاب حس الدعابة المرتفع جدا.. الأشخاص الذين لديهم بديهة متوقدة تجعلهم يدركون السخرية الكامنة في الكلمات و رؤية الأفكار التهكمية التي تذخر بها عبارات جيروم..

الكتاب مشبع تماما بالسخرية من الانماط البشرية.. ممتلئ عن آخره بالنقد اللاذع لكل فئات المجتمع..
إذا كنت من المتحفظين دينيا فلا تقربه!
إذا كنت من مؤيدي حقوق المراة فلا تقربه!
إذا كنت من مقدسي الحياة الزوجية فلا تقربه!
إذا كنت من عابدي القيم العل
Shaz S
This is one of the wittiest, most hilarious books I have read in quite a while. I was quite uncertain about picking up this book because the only humour or sarcasm that I really enjoy is written by Oscar Wilde. Previous experiences have taught me not to expect much LOL-inducing wittiness from other authors because they generally pale in comparison. But with The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow, even before the book, the introduction caught me, hook, line and sinker.

"One or two friends to whom I
"I like idling when I ought not to be idling; not when it is the only thing I have to do."

I enjoyed this collection of essays on a variety of topics such as Being Hard Up, Being In Love, Being Shy, Dogs and Cats, and The Weather. Jerome's prose meanders; he's lyrical, sentimental and melancholy; but he is sometimes poignant and frequently hilarious.

One must either forgive the sexism of a man born in 1859 or suspect that he's joking when he assumes that the reader is male, or sympathizes with wom
Ah the roots of Tom Hodgkinson! This is a British writer I know too little about - and that should change. Jerome K. Jerome wrote this work sometime in the early 20th Century -and in ways it reminds me of British Mark Twain, but also it is obvious that he's the spiritual father to Hodgkinson's thoughts on the life of an idle man. His essay on dogs and cats is hysterical.
Violetta Yudina
"All I can suggest is that when you get tired of reading "the best hundred books", you may take this up for half an hour" @Jerome K Jerome
The book's sarcastic tone is very entertaining and his insights are wonderful.
Jerome K. Jerome was a hilarious writer, and this is no exception.
Jerome K. Jerome always makes me laugh. But among the funny, rambling stories, there's also some unexpected insight and depth. While Three Men in a Boat was much better, Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow was still entertaining and I enjoyed reading it. It was filled with random thoughts about life and all of its troubles and pleasures. I found some of his comments about women mildly offensive, but many books written in that time period were sexist (you can't expect old books to have modern views!) ...more

“Irreverence for the dreams of youth soon creeps like a killing frost upon our hearts.”—page 15

I expected more from ‘Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow,’ than Jerome K. Jerome seemed able to deliver. What, at fist, I took to be pithy phrases, worthy of quoting, on reread took on a patina of melancholy and maudlin. I expected a more humorous read.

The first essay, ‘On Being Idle’ and the last, ‘On Memory’ were by far the best, but were also heavily steeped in melancholia.

Having had a considerable and undeserved pause from this amazing site, I decided that it's time to start my amazing trip through the most appreciated works of literature. To boost my enthusiasm, I started my summer reading this amusing, highly relaxing piece of writing, that, although, didn't change my life completely or my opinions, certainly helped me understand better some things ( for insitance shyness, or why everybody cotemplates the past with such a high enthusiasm).

I should start with th
شيماء فؤاد
أفكار تافهة لرجل كسول
شدنى العنوان كثيرا لقراءة الكتاب
و نجح جيروم ان يجعلنى ابتسم منذ الاهداء المميز و الغريب الذى يتصدر كتابه
و هو مجموعة مقالات ساخرة فى موضوعات قد تكون متداولة للغاية و لكنه يضع بصمته الخاصة فى تناولها و موضوعات اخرى قد لا تخطر على بالك
حتى الطقس له مكان

و برغم قدم الكتاب و لكن مازال معظم المذكور فيه يحدث حتى الان
فى بعض الاوقات ستجد سخرية جيروم مرحة و ستبتسم من قلبك
و فى بعض الاحيان سترى انه سخيف

و برغم من جودة وصفه لكل ما يتناوله و لكن الاسهاب فى الوصف يجعله مملا
هناك العدي
كتاب أقل ما يقال عنده انه تحفة ادبية، مجموعة مقالات تصلح لأن تدرس فى كلية الاعلام فى فن كتابة المقال الادبى الساخر الرفيع المستوى، العميق المعنى، الساحر الاسلوب..جيروم كيه جيروم مظلوم جدا فى عالمنا العربى لأن الاغلبية لم تسمع بإسمهمع كل آسف..و الفضل يعود لـد. احمد مستجير رحمه الله فى تعريفنا اياه بترجمته لنا لهذه التحفة الأدبية..كتاب ممتع..تلتهمه التهاما لا مجرد تكتفى بقرأته..اقترح على الجميع اقتنائه..
This is hard to find, but available on Project Gutenburg if you absolutely cant get it anywhere else. Oh how I adore Mr. Jerome!! I came across this book first of all of his by complete accident and how very grateful I am to have discovered him! A turn of the last century humorist with a light heart and wry smile, he is an excellent choice when you want something completely different!
Corvinus Maximilus
Oh my! How I have loved this absolutely brilliant witty well written book. I wish everyone would read just to feel the words move you, with you, in you and all around you. Bravo Bravo Mr. Jerome, you are masterful. Thank you!

This book, I will read it again and again.
Alex Sarll
For someone thought of as terribly bluff and British, it's strange how Jerome's almost stand-up thoughts on everyday life always tend to veer towards mystical, melancholy and lyrical conclusions on the bittersweet pleasures of a world where all things must pass.
Mike Nallo
A highly entertaining and insightful read. This book made me yearn for the days when people were able to use language in a beautiful way to communicate, with no fear of being thought of as prententious. I may take to wearing a billycock hat.
Ayat Al Bloushi
The book serves its purpose. Entertains and teaches at the same time.
Fantastico Jerome! Mi ha fatto perennemente sorridere, e riflettere, e ridere di gusto, e riconsiderare vari aspetti della vita. Con l'alternarsi di umorismo, attimi di poesia e razionalità, questo libro NON PUò essere dimenticato! Deve essere letto! Non fatelo finire nel dimenticatoio! E' troppo prezioso!
E poi ... che conclusione...

E qui egli sembra svanire, il bimbetto che è cresciuto al mio fianco mentre passeggiavamo se ne è andato. Io sono solo e la strada è molto
This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
You know how when you read 3 Men in a Boat for the umpteenth time, and you know which maudlin tedious bits to skip? Well if that's you, then give this whole book a miss, because that's pretty much all of it.
Marts  (Thinker)
Loads upon loads of generalized ramblings on random aspects of life and living by Jerome. Should you really characterize them as idle? I think not... Actually I was able to identify with many of his views...
Eric Kaye
Writing humor is extraordinarily difficult, and Jerome is one of the best humorist ever. His essays continue to to be dryly funny after over a century. A true classic.
Pavlina Radolavova
Няма по-приятно занимание в дълъг ден или в безсънна нощ от четенето, и то на подходяща книга. Когато не ти се прави нищо, когато няма с какво да запълниш времето, когато се въртиш в леглото и само сменяш позата, защото не можеш да заспиш, а още по-малко да станеш и да изпълняваш домакинските си задължения. Това изглежда е поредният празен ден, в който обаче не е задължително и размислите да са празни.

„Празни мисли на един празен човек” е книга именно за тези специални дни – лека и увлекателна,
Here's a current email that I wrote to a special someone as a reactionary piece in order to prove to everyone around here that I am pretty idle indeed:

From: [Removed]
Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 2:44 PM
To: [Removed]
Subject: RE: What does this even mean??

It means that she and [Removed] are going to expense a long lunch somewhere and then forcibly schedule several meetings with pre-determined resources, up to and including all pre-determined resources, in order to underhandedly control the fl
You will read many reviews which state that this book is hilarious. If it is, it is definitely not my type of humor and I tend to find the humor in pretty much everything, even things most people do not. I will admit that there were parts of this book that are amusing and there are parts that make stabs at light-heartedness but this book is not hilarious. You want hilarious, read Christoper Moore or Terry Pratchett or Tim Dorsey.

What this book is is a collection of essays on a variety of topics
Carlyn Brody
bought The Idle thoughts of an Idle Fellow from one of the closing down Angus and Robertson bookstores in Australia. The Angus and Robertson company had to close many stores due to not being able to keep up with online sales and huge debt. I think I bought the book for a dollar or maybe it was five dollars.
When I flicked through the book, I thought it was full of made up musings of a fictional character living in Victorian England. Actually, the book is a series of real essays that the author
By Jerome K Jerome is an amazing read. If you haven't read this one, be sure to give it a read.

This book is as random as you would want and yet so relevant to each one of us. He talks, rather rambles through so many thoughts that you get the feel of listening to a 'jam session'. It is absolutely hilarious. Mind you, what he says is not funny at all. It is as true as truth can possibly be, but you find it funny because every interaction with a 'normal' human is funny. As JKJerome puts it rightly
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Jerome Klapka Jerome (May 2, 1859 – June 14, 1927) was an English author, best known for the humorous travelogue Three Men in a Boat.


More about Jerome K. Jerome...
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