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Kartun Riwayat Peradaban Jilid I (Bab 1-7 : Dari Ledakan Besar Hingga Alexander Agung)
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Kartun Riwayat Peradaban Jilid I (Cartoon History of the Universe book I; vol. 1-7)

4.24 of 5 stars 4.24  ·  rating details  ·  1,876 ratings  ·  179 reviews
Indonesian version of The Cartoon History of the Universe.

Translator: Frans Kowa
Editor: Utti Setiawati, Andya Primanda

Sebelum Sang Waktu mulai berdetak, Semesta termampatkan dalam sebutir partikel yang panas. Dalam buku ini Larry Gonick memampatkan kira-kira tahun perjalanan Sang Waktu ke dalam Seri Kartun Riwayat Peradaban dengan kemahiran memadukan unsur p
Paperback, 361 pages
Published 2006 by Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia (first published 1980)
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Idle Hippo
jalan ceritanya kayaknya dah lupa deh *garuk garuk*
tapi yang inget buku ini bikin gw cekikikan

malah ingetnya kejadian beli bukunya di BBC palasari. gak niat beli, gw niat beli buku lain. pas iseng2 ngeliat, buku ini ada yang sampulnya dah dibuka. iseng baca, eh.. malah asik sendiri cekikikan. cuman repotnya toko bukunya sempit dan lorong2nya cuman muat buat satu orang. alhasil tiap 3-5 menit gw musti nempelin bodi ke tembok sambil nahan napas (ada orang lewat!) blom lagi pelayan tokonya yang kad
Abe Goolsby
This is a really fun—and actually quite comprehensive—historical overview. It's very handy as sort of a quick-reference guide and/or as a supplemental companion to the reading of primary source history texts. (I found it to be fabulously helpful along these lines with respect to Herodotus.)

A couple of disclaimers, primarily applicable to younger readers:

First off, the subject of sex is treated with direct frankness throughout. (This shouldn't be a problem, really. Gonick's emphasis on sex is ro
One of my all time favorite books.

A classmate once asked a teacher how I know so many things (this was in reference to prehistory, greek history, early hominids, early civilizations, egypt). The answer came back "because she reads a lot." The picture that came into my head was this book, and I started to smile. Not exactly the kind of reading I think she meant.
A fascinating journey from the big bang, to the dinosaurs and evolution, to the beginnings of man and civilization; culminating in discussions of Greece.

This makes for a nice introduction to some of the subjects, and a nice reminder of others (depending on how much you already know, of course). I was thinking, "this would have been nice to read when I was 12" many times throughout the book because it covers a lot of the material I drudged through in public school middle school (age 12-15).

This is such an *awesome* book. From the time I was about 7 to, oh, a few months ago, I have picked up this book and disappeared for an hour or so at a time just reliving this very wrily funny (re: British) "comic" on human history, from the Big Bang up to Alexander's conquest. It helped make me a well-rounded little 7-year-old, but more than that, I'm effing positive it shaped my sense of humor. Every child in the world should be given this on their 7th birthday so they can keep revisiting it t ...more
I don't know what it says about me that this book counts as one of my major comfort books. My wife reads Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books, I re-read the Cartoon History. I guess it's just been a stressful few weeks for me.

My one off-note of this book is a change in the style of the art for the last chapter (covering the Golden Age of Athens up to Alexander the Great). Gonick was going for a more Crumb, less cartoony style, but I like the earlier style better.

No more information, just go fi
gw beli n baca komik ini rekomendasi nafi (eh..helo)

gw suka sejarah, gw suka gambar, gw suka humor, baca buku ini serasa di surga, bahagiaa banget hahaha.. tiap halaman bisa sampe guling2an ketawanya

content sejarahnya kaya & simpel
riset si ahli math Gonick super bgt (coba liat bagian pustakanya, yg kocak juga =D)
tetap ada beberapa fakta sejarah yang harus kita compare lagi sih.

kadang komik ini jadi referensi tercepat gw kalo mo ngecek kronologis dari suatu kejadian sejarah, hahaha

kalau ba
Great epic view of history, with lots of synthesis between events/movements occurring concurrent in different parts of the world. This volume covered many time periods I already knew a great deal about -- Greek & Roman empires; the Biblical era -- but there were still many nuggets of history that were completely new to me. The history of Mesopotamia, for example, when contrasted with what the Bible said had occurred, was fascinating. The strangeness of Egyptian history. The many humorous foo ...more
Overly obsessed with sex, focused on minutae, and at times offensive to my Christian viewpoint (I often felt that Gonick was accusing ANYINE with religious convictions of being dim-witted and gullible). I'm glad I read it, and there are a few parts if the Greek history that I'd like to use in teaching, but overall, I'm thoroughly unimpressed. Despite the fact that the next book contains through the fall of Rome (my favorite period to teach in World History), I'll not be picking up Gonick's next ...more
Context: I recently learnt that Scott recommended this book (, just after having decided to read more books and semi-randomly browse the internet less (the latter was my wont for the last few years).

What I think of the book:
1) The writing style is conversational yet rigorous - very readable.
2) The illustrations are quite evocative, yet still funny.
3) It is synoptic in its scope - as Scott said, it introduces *many* people and places not usually covered, a
Anita Williamson
Obviously there are not many cartoon history books so it was fun to read. A few beefs. First Larry Gonick doesn't hid the fact that he is not a believer in God. I though historians were supposed to be unbiased but that doesn't go for cartoon historians. This volume goes over the hebrews and the bible and Larry portrays most of the biblical leaders as bigger morons than normal. He also describes the Bible as a book of myth. I am not saying that he has to be believe everything written in the bible ...more
Refreshing, belajar sejarah jadi gak perlu serius banget.
Di buku I ini, Larry Gornick mencampur adukkan teori2 ilmu pengetahuan, sejarah, dan sedikit mitology2 dalam bentuk komik yang lucu.
Walaupun mungkin ada beberapa hal yang masih jadi perdebatan oleh para ahli di bidang ilmu pengetahuan, sejarah & kebudayaan.
WT Sharpe
Perhaps the most endearing thing about this factual but somewhat tongue-in-cheek history is Gonick's speculation that -- since no one really knows how the tetragrammaton was pronounced (the ancient Hebrew religion prohibited it from being spoken aloud except for once a year, and that in private by the High Priest) -- the correct pronunciation could be "YaHoo WaHoo."

This isn't the book from which to garner any in-depth knowledge of the early history of humankind, but it is interesting, fairly hum
Pada awalnya saya mengharapkan bacaan yang ringan, menenangkan dan menyenangkan, sehingga memilih untuk membaca komik ini. Yang saya dapatkan adalah bacaan padat berisi, runtut dan komprehensif, meski masih tetap menyenangkan, dari 350 juta tahun sejarah bumi dan sejarah dunia.

Berbeda dengan pelajaran IPA di sekolah yang hanya menyinggung sedikit tentang teori ilmiah terbentuknya bumi, bab 1 buku ini mengulas lumayan dalam dengan sajian grafis yang cukup jelas untuk menggambarkan makhluk-makhlu
Larry Gonick pastilah seorang ilustrator berbakat sekaligus maniak kutu buku! Bukunya yang seri "Kartun Riwayat Peradaban" ini benar-benar fantastis, kita diajak melihat dari awal kelahiran alam semesta, teori terciptanya kehidupan pertama, evolusi ikan menjadi amfibi, reptil, dinosaurus, dan menjadi mamalia. Lambat-laun daratan semakin dipenuhi beranekaragam kehidupan, hingga tiba-tiba terciptalah primata cerdas-setengah monyet, setengah manusia!

Perkembangan terus berjalan, dan akhirnya Homo sa
I think it was pretty obvious I would like this book. I love comics and I seem to be on a graphic novel streak, and I'm always trying to brush up on my history (since I have a certain resident historian to keep up with). This was a great primer/refresher/huh-I-didn't-know-that-er topped off with Gonick's excellent illustrations. I had to make myself slow down in order to catch the little jokes and details he put into each panel.

The first third helped to clarify some of what I learned about in Bi
P.J. Sullivan
Books of historical humor are of two types: those that are more funny than factual and those that are more factual than funny. This one is the latter type. You will find no laugh-out-loud hilarity here. No doubt it is clever, entertaining, and amusing, but you won't split your sides laughing. It is solidly fact-based, however, and you can really learn from it. You could even use it as a textbook. Bibliography included. The art work is outstanding!

Book 1 covers a lot of ground, from the Big Bang
(The following is taken from a review of the first three books in Gonick's Cartoon History. The entire review can be found at

If I were being honest, I wouldn’t be able to include the first omnibus edition of Larry Gonick’s Cartoon History in this Cannonball, as I’ve read it enough to have dog ended every other page. If I were being really honest, I’d have to admit that the book was the only reason I passed my Western Civ classes in high school and college. But upon readi
The Cartoon History of the Universe is a whirlwind pictorial tour of thousands of years of history that is as hilarious as it is comprehensive. Hilarious: Helen of Troy is drawn with a duck face, as a nod to her origin as the by product of Leda and the Swan. Comprehensive: Gonick doesn't act like Western history starts with the Greeks. He traces the emergent civilizations and empires of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Persians, and many others.

While it is rather disheartening to look at just how many
big bang...duar!!! sup, roti lapis, hingga cacing.
benarkah kehidupan berasal dari zat zat yang tidak hidup?? teori abiogenesis?? evolusi?? seleksi alam??

kalau benar ada evolusi. dan kalau benar manusia berasal dari kera. kenapa kera2 tdk berubah jadi manusia?? kenapa hingga detik ini blm pernah ditemukan adanya hewan peralihan?? burung tetap jadi burung, ikan tetaplah ikan, dan monyet tetap jadi monyet.

kalau teori evolusi benar adanya. bagaimana dgn adam dan hawa?? apakah mereka adalah homo sap
Yulianto Qin
Selasa yang lalu (4 tahun yg lalu) akhirnya sedikit bisa bernafas setelah hampir seminggu pas liburan Lebaran di habiskan dengan lembur kerjaan dan tiap pagi bangun dengan perasaan seperti habis di tabrak sapi, karena cuma bisa tidur 2-3 jam. Akhirnya nafsu untuk membaca buku timbul lagi, tapi otak tidak mau diajak membaca yang berat-berat (buku tentang besi dan baja misalnya…..halah jayus banget hehehe). Akhirnya setelah browsing selama hampir 3 jam di toko buku Diskon “Toga Mas”…dapatlah eng i ...more
This book is both highly informative and terribly hilarious. It's chock-full of gags, ranging from very clever to the worst sort of puns. So: totally hilarious. In particular, his treatment of sex and odd take on some biblical stories are totally hilarious.

I have few complaints. The cartooning in the 7th volume is not as good as the rest, although I have no idea why. Also: because of the format, there are some strange historical facts that I'm left curious about. For instance, Gonick says that t
The Cartoon History of the Universe, I: Vol.1-7, From the Big Bang to Alexander the Great by Larry Gonick is such fun! I had forgotten all about him, then discovered this book in one of my kids' rooms. Back when they were in school, I discovered Larry Gonick cartoon histories and bought some for my daughters because they looked like a pleasant way to get all that history that is taught in bits and pieces all through middle school and high school in order, with a better sense time – like decades ...more
Jan 16, 2008 Nings rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: students
Recommended to Nings by: -
Dalam buku ini, Larry berusaha memperkenalkan sejarah pada kita mulai dari proses terbentuknya tata surya (dia lebih memilih teori "Bintang Kembar") sampai zaman-zaman 8 peradaban tertua di dunia. Ada beberapa nabi juga muncul disana seperti Musa, Nuh, dll. Larry menggambarkannya dalam bentuk kartun disertai celetukan yang umum sering kita ucapkan, membuat gw banyak ketawa waktu membacanya (tentu sambil belajar juga). Yang gw kurang suka dalam buku ini adalah : sepertinya dia banyak memasukkan p ...more
Adih Respati
In this first volume, MIT's Mathematician Gonick tells the tale of Big Bang, evolution (from single-cell species to hominid), prehistoric civilization, modern civilization (without and then with religion --many of which were later on invented), beginning of wars among nations, and last, the emergence of philosophy (and again, the governmental conflict it caused).

For newbies, this masterpiece is of introductory. Those familiar with the subjects will find Gonick's sense of humor is deeply symbolli
A very funny approach to the universe and evolution of the Earth! If you're even remotely interested in history, you're like to get sucked in and have a chuckle.

My father got me this book when I was fourteen and starting to show what would become a great love of history. I read it while I was ill and in bed, and I just gave it another read. Gonick provides a fun read, with a wee bit of a focus on Bible stories in some parts.

I'd recommend it for mature tweens and young teens. There's a little bi
Aug 08, 2008 Julia rated it 4 of 5 stars  ·  review of another edition
Recommends it for: Anyone who's even slightly interested in the world around them
Great bathroom book.

Covers everything you'd want to know about the history it covers, with quirky (awesome!) humor and cute drawings. (The art doesn't necessarily add much to what one learns, but it certainly adds to how well one learns it, I think. Helps it stick in the mind. And he has a talent for the personalities.) I gather it's even pretty good even if you already know the material, just for the laughs, but if your knowledge of World History According to The West is spotty, as mine is, it
Pandu K. Utomo
Nov 02, 2007 Pandu K. Utomo rated it 4 of 5 stars
Recommends it for: everyone
Shelves: histories
Buku ini bener-berner SEJARAH. Luar biasa dalam menceritakan asal mula peradaban yang kita kenal. Bercerita melalui gambar, Larry Gonick sangat tahu caranya menyajikan sejarah dengan sangat menyenangkan!

Kisah awalnya dimulai dari miliaran tahun yang lalu (ya, 10 digit angka dalam satuan 'tahun'! Lalu berlanjut ke masa terbentuknya bumi dan kehidupan!(wow, manusia purba nan primitif sangatlah modern dibanding masa ini). Dan akhirnya cerita berlanjut pada kemunculan manusia dan peradabannya hingga
Chase Parsley
A magical book for all ages. I used to teach ancient world history in 8th grade, and this book would have been a wonderful resource. Easy to understand, great comic art, and a lot of history is packed into this book! Fantastic for overall reference and for an overview of history.
I first came across this book in 1995, which is now over half my life ago (god, getting so old! When did that happen?). Suffice to say that I fell in love with the combination of varieties of history and varities of humour, and I've reread it quite a few times since. My view of stories from the old testament of the bible and of the ancient greeks is almost certainly permanently skewed in very odd ways as a result, but I doubt it's done me permanent damage. Probably. It is (in some places more th ...more
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Larry Gonick (born 1946) is a cartoonist best known for The Cartoon History of the Universe, a history of the world in comic book form, which he has been publishing in installments since 1977. He has also written The Cartoon History of the United States, and he has adapted the format for a series of co-written guidebooks on other subjects, beginning with The Cartoon Guide to Genetics in 1983. The ...more
More about Larry Gonick...
Cartoon History of the Universe II, Vol. 8-13: From the Springtime of China to the Fall of Rome The Cartoon History of the Universe III: From the Rise of Arabia to the Renaissance The Cartoon History of the Modern World Part 1: From Columbus to the U.S. Constitution The Cartoon Guide to Statistics Cartoon History of the United States

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