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Time Off for Good Behavior
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Time Off for Good Behavior

3.68  ·  Rating Details  ·  772 Ratings  ·  86 Reviews
Expressing anger is healthy.

Wanda’s gonna live forever.

For Wanda Lane, life has been one long string of screw-ups. Her abusive ex-husband keeps threatening to kill her, she just lost her crappy job, and a head injury (sustained while diving off the witness stand to attack an obnoxious attorney) has left her hearing phantom music no one else can hear. It isn’t until she hit
Kindle Edition, 260 pages
Published May 23rd 2012 by StoryWonk (first published October 1st 2004)
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There are two things you need to know about this book: 1) Lani Diane Rich can write snark and kick ass heroines with the best of them. Who knew?; and 2) I was predisposed to disliking this book because it is (more often than not) categorized as chick lit. But honestly, it had warm romantic undertones and an ending that left me feeling very emotional. (In other words, I cried.)

Ooey gooey brownie points to the author!

The book opens with said kick ass heroine, Wanda, hauling off and punching a sle
Jane Stewart
If you are thinking about this book, I urge you to get the audiobook - not the physical book.

I believe some of the 3 star reviews by others would have been higher if they listened to the audiobook instead of reading the paperback or ebook. The audiobook narrator Hillary Hawkins is a COMIC GENIUS!!!!! Hillary emphasized different words and interpreted things differently than I would. If I were reading the book I might say a line one way which would make the heroine unlikeable, but the narrator re
Ashley Lauren
Oct 27, 2013 Ashley Lauren rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: nano-novel, chick-lit
Wanda. What a protagonist. She’s spicy, saucy, and damn if she doesn’t keep hold of your interest. I feel so pleasantly rewarded with this book. This is Lani Diane Rich’s first novel and it sizzles. I picked it up for two reasons: one, I’m trying to get some more traditional “chick lit” under my belt, and two, it’s a NaNoWriMo novel, and I have a special place in my heart for those. I didn’t even need to keep that special place open, though, the character Wanda stole it all on her own.

Wanda’s lu
I didn't fall in love with this book right away; in fact I was typically bored early on and wanted to just chunk it mainly because I don't think I liked Wanda and her smart ass mouth and attitude but after taking a moment to step back and re-evaluate my way of thinking I saw her in a new light and my whole perspective of Wanda changed and I began to enjoy the book a bit better.

Initially I was thinking of her as crabby and foul mouthed but then I took into consideration some of the things she had
Olga Godim
Dec 28, 2013 Olga Godim rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: mainstream
Reinventing oneself is a slow and gut-wrenching endeavor. Wanda Lane, the heroine of this novel, only resorts to this painful method when she hit the rock-bottom of her life.
Since college, she has been hiding behind the mask of a rude, abrasive, non-caring broad with anger management issues. She has let the sensitive feminine side of her almost disappear. Constantly in terror of her abusive ex-husband, lest he finds her again, and the abuse resumes, she calls herself a ‘wiseass’, which is as goo
I took Jane Stewart's advice and purchased the audio version of this book. The narrator was great and I enjoyed her reading very much.

Quick Rundown: Chick is on a path to becoming a bitter shrew and she knows it so she tries many things to set her life straight and to get a better attitude.

I don't recall laughing out loud but I'm not prone to. But I did find the book very amusing and might listen to it again a couple years from now. I connected with the Chick on a certain level. I don't like to
I bought this book on a whim when browsing the clearance racks. I always am looking for a new twist on chick lit, and in reading the back of the book I thought "I never read a book about THAT before!"

The first thing that grabbed me was the author's acknowledgements. Discovering that she wrote the first draft of this book during NaNoWriMo inspired me to join in this year (I've always wanted to but make excuses every time). The part that really grabbed me and made me start reading the book though
May 02, 2015 Zarah rated it it was amazing
Shelves: kindle-lendable
I have to say I really enjoyed Wanda and all of her Idiosyncrasies. Honestly, the woman is just a little crazy for most of the book and the situations she finds herself in are patently absurd. So you do just kind of have to role with it to a certain extent. I think her terse relationship with Father Hard-Ass is my favourite. There is so much witty sarcasm, what someone else called snark, in this book that I couldn't help but be constantly amused.

True conversation:
My husband sauntered into the l
 Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Yosbe  Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
No se por donde empezar. Pero advierto, quizás mi review es demasiado subjetiva. Demasiado subjetiva porque he pasado por tantas cosas que ciertamente me sentí un poco identificada con Wanda.Y es que este libro no tiene nada de fantasía, cuento de hada ni heroes con superpoderes, pero si un príncipe azul quizás. Este libro es real. Y amo eso. Se lo recomendaría a unas cuantas que se que le haría tanto bien este libro.

Al principio pensé que iba a tratar de como una chica alocada iba y destruía s
Jul 26, 2012 Tom rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I don't know how I got this book. It was on my kindle and it must have been a promo or something because this is so far outside anything I would consider reading. I saw it on my list of books, wondered why I got it, opened it to find out and for the next two hours I read it cover to cover.

This is a fantastic personal redemption story. MIT doesn't matter that it's from a woman's point of view if your a guy reader. It's easily relatable and written in a great style that isn't super feminine but i
Amanda Smith
Mar 13, 2014 Amanda Smith rated it it was amazing
Shelves: free, love, kindle
My review from dated 10/23/2013

Title: I love Lani Diane Rich!

This is the second book that I have read by her and I have to say I love her books. She makes you cry but then makes you miss the characters once you are done with the book.

This book made me cry multiple times, call me sensitive, especially whenever she would shy away from the guy because she thought she wasn't worth him. I kept yelling "you are good enough for him!!" I thought I knew for sure what the ending would be and it
May 23, 2016 RomanceLover rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
So good!
C.M. Barrett
Oct 03, 2012 C.M. Barrett rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition

From the cover:

Expressing anger is healthy.

Wanda’s gonna live forever.

I can hardly improve on that as a summary of this book. Wanda Lane is someone I'd like for a friend, especially if it meant she wouldn't be an enemy.

When some people's lives get out of control, they sink into self-pity. Wanda fights back. After marrying a man who alienates her from her family and friends, tries to kill her once, and continues to threaten her, she manages to get him out of her life (somewhat), but she lurches a
Kate George
Nov 10, 2010 Kate George rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Another all nighter. I must remember not to start books in the evening thinking I’ll be able to put them down when I should go to sleep! Just to be fair I must say “Drat you, Lani Diane Rich, for keeping me up until the wee hours with your book!” (If you click Lani’s link you may discover that Lucy March appears instead of Lani. Lani is Lucy’s evil twin. Well okay, they are the same person, but still.

Time Off for Good Behavior is the story of Wanda Lane, a smart woman with a unfortunate and rebe
This novel is proof that the National Novel Writing Month method of writing 50k in 30 days can pay off. Lani Diane Rich's "Time Off for Good Behavior" came to be during NaNoWriMo 2002 and it is the first NaNo to be published. Kudos to you, Lani Diane Rich! You are definitely an inspiration to anyone who has suffered, er I mean enjoyed, NaNoWriMo and dreamed of it leading to publication.

The novel follows Wanda Lane, a wholly flawed and self depreciating woman who wakes up from a five day coma on
Jun 13, 2009 Jen rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: chick-lit
Wanda, the heroine of Time Off for Good Behavior, just can't seem to catch a break. She crashes through a witness box when she tries to take a swing at the defense attorney of the jerks who caused her office building to blow up (landing her in the hospital with severe burns), hits her head on the floor and ends up in the hospital again in a "light coma." She gets fired for missing too much work - because she was in a coma - and she falls in love with the attorney she hires to threaten her former ...more
Georgianna Price
This book was way outside of my comfort zone. If a novel doesn't have explosions, fire breathing dragons, somebody isn't getting dismembered, abducted by aliens or possessed or if vampires, werewolves or zombies aren't trying to eat everybody in sight, I'm usually not interested.

Why did I choose this book? I liked the cover art.

Turns out that sometimes you CAN judge a book by it's cover.

Wanda Lane his awesome, she just doesn't know it. She takes no prisoners, runs off to confessions and isn't ev
Aug 09, 2013 Laurie rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Again Lani Diane Rich weaves a story full of quirky characters, humor and at time heart wrenching scenes.
The story of Wanda Lane, a woman whose luck it seems goes from bad to worse. We are with her every step of the way as she tries to figure out why the choices she makes haven't lived up to the expectations that people had for her. Lani is sarcastic, hot-headed and has a hard time knowing when to keep her mouth closed but underneath all that we see that she is funny and quick-witted.
I loved th
Jun 01, 2014 Heidi rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
I almost didn't read this book because of some of the poor reviews. After having read it, I'm convinced the unhappy reviewers didn't finish the book, so they never completed the journey made by the main character.

I consider myself well-read, and while this isn't Anna Karenina (thank goodness!) it is a very well written, light hearted journey of self-discovery. It's a quick read (I read it in one sitting) that has laugh-out-loud moments, as well as a few fairly poignant moments.

Yes, the main char
This book started off with a bang for me. Made me laugh out loud at Wanda's antics but somewhere in the middle I almost lost interest. I forced myself to continue reading and I am so glad I did. Her conversations with others as well as her inner dialog is sarcastic, biting, and brutally honest. I am curious as to what my own emotional response would be to this book say, 6 months from now. I think any woman who has any sort of emotional baggage where a man is concerned will have a pretty strong r ...more
Steven G. Zaks
Dec 10, 2015 Steven G. Zaks rated it it was amazing
Thoroughly entertaining story with all the trimmings

From start to finish this story holds the reader's interest. I found it very hard to put down until I finished the whole story. I didn't know if it had a happy ending or not but I couldn't wait to find out. Very enjoyable story. I've already bought the next in the series.
Dec 31, 2009 Marci rated it liked it  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: romance, funny
This debut novel was a funny and sometimes sad book. We meet Wanda Lane as she's testifying in court when she testifying in a court case about getting blown up because someone @ the gas company forgot to close the gas main and the building she was working in blew up. Wanda is funny, sarcastic and has somewhat of a potty mouth. The witness stand collapses on her and she ends up in the hospital. From there her life ravels even further. She loses her job. Her abusive ex-husband is on his way from A ...more
Feb 17, 2014 Brenda rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I was reading books by this author, then I read a really bad one. I read this anyway because I had already bought it and I'm glad I did - I think it was the best one so far. Still, like her other books, this one has continuity and either editing or formatting (or both) errors, but the story somewhat made up for it.
Jun 11, 2012 Marti rated it it was amazing
Shelves: romance
This book was a complete delight! It's a quick, easy read but still carries a great message about learning to like yourself. While Wanda'd had a good childhood including a loving set of parents who enjoyed a good marraige and comfortable lifestyle, she really didn't like herself and had very little self-confidence. She tried to cover up her feelings of inadequacy by making such outrageous choices as marrying a dead-beat wife abuser and otherwwise setting herself up to fail in a variety of ways. ...more
Feb 07, 2016 Sue rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
I enjoyed this Kindle free book. The main character is a hoot and someone I could relate to. She has no social filter and life knocks her around. Interesting how she pulls herself together. Fun, easy, read.
Connie  Bredernitz
Jun 02, 2015 Connie Bredernitz rated it it was amazing
Good story

I really enjoyed this book. It was not the usual boy or girl chases girl or boy. Great story and very believable!
Michelle Forbes
Jan 03, 2015 Michelle Forbes rated it really liked it
Loved it

I enjoyed this quick read. Was slow at first, but picked up quickly. Thanks, Lani, for a nice little romance!
Desiree Boils
First off I want to say I really wanted to like this book more, but to me it's just so-so. There was a lot of errors in the book that I would assume would have been found before being published. Now onto the book. This is a good book about discovering who you truly are and I can understand why Wanda would push everyone away and not let anyone close after what's she's been through but it seems that once her life is in total ruins she completely turns around within two months and from personal pro ...more
Charlotte Johnson
Jan 29, 2013 Charlotte Johnson rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition
Shelves: chicklit
Started this last night. It's pretty short, since it was a NaNoWriMo book . . . and the first one to be published. So far, I love it! The main character, Wanda, is saucy with a capital F-U! I usually like sauce but not profanity. This time I don't give a fig because so far the story is hilarious, touching, and just my style. Can't wait to finish it and read more by Lani Diane Rich. If the first few chapters are any indication, Janet Evanovich should prepare for a run for her money. Update: enjoy ...more
Jun 22, 2014 Jeri rated it really liked it  ·  review of another edition
Fantastic, i really related to the main character, would re-read this one again.
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