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Save Yourself (Princeless, Vol. 1)
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Save Yourself (Princeless #1)

4.26 of 5 stars 4.26  ·  rating details  ·  828 ratings  ·  162 reviews
Princeless is the story of Princess Adrienne, one princess who's tired of waiting to be rescued. Join Adrienne, her guardian dragon, Sparky, and their plucky friend Bedelia as they begin their own quest in this one of a kind, action packed, all-ages adventure!

Graphic Novel. Collects issues 1-4 of Princeless.
Paperback, 140 pages
Published May 23rd 2012 by Action Lab
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So guess what? This tale begins with a soon-to-be Goodreader.

 photo SAM_5864_zpsf4mm0nd7.jpg
 photo SAM_5865_zps7l6ou2ar.jpg
As you can see, it even gives pointers on how to have a discussion, though it's kind of a snotty discussion, but not as bad as the whole "Ur stoopid!" "No, good madam, it is you who are stupid" stuff we all enjoy so well.

Ok, not really. Little Princess Adrienne is merely questioning the message in bedtime fairy tales. She didn't get the Grimm version, she got the Disney version and she didn't like it one bit. (I would have liked a wh
I had high hopes for this book. I mean, look at that cover! The art is good, and Adrienne looks like a protagonist I'd love to read about. And the synopsis, taking apart the idea of a princess trapped in a tower. It sounded like it was made for me. And I was not disappointed.

Whitley put a lot of thought into this world. He starts with the idea of a princess imprisoned in a tower, with dragon, and set up a culture around the concept. Obviously, the kingdom has to be ruled by a strong king (and ob
Oh man! What a fun adventure! Princeless was a refreshing read as she could be a cousin of Cimorene from Patricia Wrede's Dealing with Dragons. The girls are similar in their banter when the princes approach to rescue them. This book's main theme discusses all the familiar tropes that are presented in fairy-tale retelling: the laughable highlight being fighting in women's armor. Don't get me wrong---I love a good sexed up version of "HOW CAN THEY WEAR THAT AND KILL ALL THE THINGS?!" It's nice to ...more
Blodeuedd Finland
I really should read more comics! They are so fun, but of course I have no idea how to review them. And there might be a spoiler or two in here.

Adrienne was so cool! Already on the first page she showed of her snark when she told her mother that the Rapunzel story had plotholes. Not to mention asked why all the princesses are fair and blonde...

Anyway, sorry Adrienne, your parents still put you in a stupid tower with a dragon to guard you. But she is one cool woman and she breaks free. And she qu
I read this with my girls (7 & 4) and they called it "the best comic book ever." They absolutely adored it and are reading it again themselves. I loved the way it presented all the themes and problems with princess stories and comics books - and in a way that we could easily discuss. Book 2 on order!
Princeless follows the quest of Princess Adrienne to free herself and her sisters from their fate of waiting for a prince to save them from their towers. From the beginning Adrienne has rebelled against the idea of princesses being passively saved by princes, asking her mother, "Who has the kind of grudge against this beautiful princess that they would lock her in a tower?"

Adrienne decides, after finding a sword after another failed rescue attempt by a prince (one who didn't even know the defini
Sarah Wright
This is one princess book that I want to give out to everyone I know. Adrienne is locked in a tower guarded by a dragon when she turns 16. She has been protesting this her whole life and makes fun of the princes who attempt her rescue. Making friends with her dragon, she decides to be her own hero and sets off on a quest to take on the world and gender stereotypes (no, she doesn't say that specifically, this is editorial commentary). She is sassy, commenting on the skimpy costumes of other women ...more
So delightful! A really funny sendup of princess tropes that also has a lot of heart. I especially love moments like when a suitor calls up to Princess Adrienne in her tower, "Fair Princess!" She points out that "fair" means "white," which she isn't, and maybe he should read a book before attempting to rescue any more princesses. The scene where she attempts to buy some armor for herself cracked me up too--she's presented with Red Sonya, Wonder Woman, and Xena options and rejects all of them for ...more
So. Good. A princess who saves herself, goes to save her sisters, has a great relationship with her brother, has both parents living (seriously, losing one or both of your parents when you are young is not the only way to become strong, unlike what every other freaking scifi/fantasy/comic would have you believe), has a sidekick who is a female blacksmith, openly mocks "sexy" lady-hero costumes, AND IS OF COLOR?!?! Fuck. Yes.

I can not wait for the next editions to come out!
Peter Derk
Let's talk the positives that I'm not going to argue against.

Cool to have a likable, funny female protagonist. Who is also black. Points awarded. I think the character is heroic and also a screw-up. She doesn't have to be perfect, which is nice.

Okay. Let's talk about a couple other things.

There are ways in which the story is cool. A princess in a tower who escapes and heads off to rescue her similarly-trapped sisters. I'm into that.

Buuuut can we get to rescuing the sisters? Can we have some act
This is pretty fantastic. It's just what every little brown girl deserves: a totally usual fairy tale setting, just with a brown girl instead of a white girl. Clearly it's inspired by the Paper Bag Princess and similar heroines, and it also reminded me a lot of the absurdity of Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Every single cliche and trope is here--on purpose. It's totally sillypants and very obvious with its pointed critique of traditional hero/heroine tales and fairy tales, but it's done in the way ...more
I really enjoyed the subversion of fairytale princess tropes in this, as well as the flipping of gender expectations. (I loved that Adrienne's brother was terrible at fighting and had a soft heart for his sisters)

Initially I thought some of the message was as subtle as a 2x4 but my wife reminded me of the intended audience for this story, and that younger children would be better served by non-subtle messages.

I definitely liked the book and look forward to picking up and reading the rest and dis
I absolutely love the idea of this book but the execution is pretty clunky. I'm hoping it'll get better as it finds its groove but right now it's very obvious in its intentions as it distinctly spells it out for you at every convention it attempts to circumvent. This greatly stilts the dialogue which feels written and preachy. I'm not loving the artwork either which is fairly pedestrian. That being said, the idea of the princess saving herself and running off with the dragon to go on adventures ...more
Rating: 4 1/2

Adrienne Ashe is a far cry from your typical princess. For one, she doesn't want to be a princess or even carry out a princess's duties for that matter. She has a strong mind and will of her own that is not easy to break. For this reason, when her parents tell her that she is going to be locked in her very own tower at the age of sixteen because it is the princess tradition, she quickly tells them that this is never going to happen. They reluctantly agree with her, saying that she c
Abby Johnson
An African-American princess who decides that waiting around for a prince to come and rescue her is BS and sets off not only to rescue herself but her sisters, as well? Sign me up. Thank goodness for Renata who ordered this for our library.

Even as a young child, Princess Adrienne doesn't understand the tradition of keeping the king's daughters trapped in towers guarded by dragons until a brave and lucky knight can rescue them. That doesn't keep her from winding up in her own tower, but when she
GREAT!! Don't have time right now to write all the great things about this comic!
Excuse me while I shout at you about just how amazing this book is! If I could give it 10 stars I would! Alas! Goodreads only goes up to 5. I don't even need to sum this comic up, the quote on the front of it does it well enough "the story Disney should've been telling for the past twenty years" and how true that is.

Black princess/Royal family? Check. Satirical approach to the Princess story? Check. Princess who saves herself? Check. Cute dragon called Sparky? Check. Actual full body female armo
Shazza Maddog
I heard about this graphic novel from a friend, and it sounded like something I'd want to read. I had to request it from interlibrary loan, but I'm going to recommend my library purchase it (and the sequel!) for their readers.

Adrienne is a princess in an unnamed kingdom, and a little different from your average fairy tale princess - she's dark-skinned and has nappy hair. She's the eldest of many siblings, all but one girls. And she doesn't want to be trapped in a tower, waiting for a prince who
Excellent all-ages book. The eleven-year-old and I loved pretty much everything about it: the dragon* and tower setup, hair issues, diverse cast, kick-assery, and the extensive discussion of armor. I am ready to read the entire series and will probably give it as a Christmas gift to everyone I can think of. Probably just the thing for Zita fans who want to branch into fantasy.

* Looks like a luck dragon to me.

Library copy
Smart, funny comic book series about a princess of color who thinks it's dumb she's supposed to get rescued from her tower by a prince, and instead befriends the dragon guarding her and takes off on a quest to rescue the other princesses from their towers. I got it to read to Zoe, and she adores it -- but let's be honest, it was more fun for me than for her. Great feminist storytelling for the whole family.
Okay I promise to start reviewing comics that I didn’t like, or one’s that were just so-so at some point so you know what to avoid or so you have something to compare these reviews to but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY.

Princeless is witty, clever and tons of fun. It’s suitable for all ages but there’s plenty in it were grown-up comic fans to laugh over including the women warriors armour scene which had me in stitches for ten minutes.

Not only is a female led comic, with tons of characters of colour and
UPDATE: Like a half hour after I wrote my review, the book was sitting on my desk and a girl saw it and was like "wait is that a girl? WHOA!" So I ran to check it in so she could check it out! YESSSSSS LIBRARY WIN!!!


Princeless is the story of princess Adrienne, who does not want to end up in a dragon-defended tower to be rescued by a prince. Of course, that's how she ends up, except instead of waiting around for a prince she breaks out and decides to rescue her similarly tower-bound si
McKenzie Richardson
I had pretty high expectations for this book based on how much I loved the sampler I read. But... wow! This volume took my breathe away. Amazing! I'm actually stunned by how perfect it is. It's almost like a Saga #1 for kids.I love the artwork, loved the characters, and loved the story. Everyone should read this graphic novel. Hilarious and appropriate for all ages. I wish I had read this when I first got into comics (it could have saved me some time from despairing over stereotypical, two-dime ...more
Do you want a comic that:

--smashes traditional fairy tale tropes
--features POC that is Princesses of Color
--is feminist and deals with not only how traditional gender roles stifle women but men
--is kid friendly but has some jokes for the older geek generation

Then get Princeless.

Princess Adrienne after getting tricked by her parents is locked in a tower waiting for her prince to come...except she has absolutely no interest in what life outside the tower will be like when he does. Not hard to und
Yeah, I loved this.

I love any deconstruction and subversion of the classic fairy tale, specifically a breakdown and examination of gender roles. And at first glance, 'Princeless' doesn't seem like anything new among the "strong female-led fairy tales" in the media in recent years: such as 'Enchanted', 'Frozen' and Pixar's 'Brave', or even Disney's other film from the 1990s, 'Mulan'. Fractured fairy tales have been done to death, with the 'Shrek' films having given rise to their popularity.

In a
Very funny, clever, and awesome for the reasons that this subversive title is getting so much attention. (Let's think about how weird it is that the archetypical princess is "fair", kids. Let's talk about these stories you've been fed in some form or another, for ages, and how they're kind of super-messed up.) I would recommend this to any kid.

As far as personal taste goes, though, there's a limited amount of enjoyment I can get out parody-styled fractured fairy tales for me. (This might just c
I've read this book many times and it was just released in a new shinier edition, so when I saw it at Denver Comic Con, I didn't really stop to think before buying it again. The author and artist were there and kindly drew little Sparky dragons on my book.

Princeless has a lot of things going for it.
1) Balanced images of male and female charters.
2) Lead characters of color, including royalty
3) Beautifully explosive color
4) A sense of humor both kids and adults can appreciate.

Aside from the obvio
Practically perfect in every way. I LOVE this series. Awesome female POC as the main character (who you want to be best friends with), the story has great all age appeal with complex secondary characters and villains, the art is gorgeous, and there is a dragon.
This was EXACTLY what I needed right now. I loved everything about it, from the art to the dragon to the AMAZING PRINCESS. Oh man. If you like fantasy and humor and dragons and girls being awesome then you should read this immediately. Yes.
Phyllis Laatsch
I got this on a recommendation from ... a Mighty Girl? to read to my daughter, who is 6. Some of the subject matter went straight over her head (she never thought about chain mail bikinis before). I bowdlerized some of the language when reading it out loud, but it wasn't too too bad in that respect.

Overall, I really liked it, even though it felt like they working too hard to make their point, sometimes.

We read the first collection (#1-4) and the second (#5-8?), but I can't seem to to find any mo
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Jeremy Whitley is the son of two teachers and the husband of a third.

Born in La Mesa, CA, Jeremy went to high school in Lenoir, NC and college at The University of North Carolina. He graduated with a Bachelors in English, a minor in Creative Writing, and a girlfriend who would soon become a wife.

He and his wife Alicia live in Raleigh with their elemental daughter, Zuri. Jeremy writes part-time an
More about Jeremy Whitley...

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