Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation 2 (Assimilation 2, #1)
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Star Trek: The Next Generation / Doctor Who: Assimilation 2 (Assimilation 2)

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The two greatest science-fiction properties of all time cross over for the first time in history When the Federation's most terrifying enemy strikes an unholy alliance with one of the Doctor's most hated antagonists, the result is devastation on a cosmic scale Spanning the ends of space and time itself, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise find themse...more
Paperback, 32 pages
Published June 1st 2012 by IDW Publishing (first published January 1st 2012)
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Two of my favorite sci-fi shows combines into one was something I merely fantasized about. Having read Assimilation 2 and seeing both worlds collide perfectly was just fantastic. All the character's personalities were captured spot on, from the Doctor being mildly intrigued by Data, to Worf being agitated by the Doctor's confusing explanations.

The story line was great, two similar enemies, the cybermen and the borgs, join forces to dominate the world. Just then, when matters start to get serio...more
I have been incredibly excited about this since I first heard about it, and was surprised to find the very concept of it was getting a lot of flak and scorn on social media. Had a hard time finding it through legit means (I'm a fan of the TV franchises and a comics newbie unaccustomed to comic publishing standards), but finally managed to purchase a digital version via my DW Comics app. The first installment is mostly focused on Eleven, Amy and Rory--they are characterized well and I love the ar...more
I am not a big comic book reader, but I do love Doctor Who and Star Trek. So I had to read this crossover series. I just breezed through the first four, and I thought the story was pretty cool and I think it even made pretty logical sense. The Doctor and the Ponds meet the Enterprise crew and as the Borg join forces with Cybermen. There's even a cool scene that visits both series' pasts. I'm not sure if different artists worked on these - but the fourth one just didn't look as nice. I'm not sure...more
One would think this would be my thing; I love Star Trek and Doctor Who and graphic novels.
But the weird blurry photo collagey- style art of this graphic novel, the fact that it’s number two and I didn’t know there was a one, and that I don’t feel like I missed anything.
So the Borg and the Cybermen are fighting it out. Picard wants them to kill each other off and I’m still not sure he’s wrong. Neither of them are villains I care about. The Doctor thinks that together they will be a super vill...more
Jay Eckard
Interesting... but a bit blah. The volume brings together issues one to four of the series. The quality of the artwork varies from quite good (issues one and two) to rather poor (issue four, where the resemblances between the various characters and their real-life counterparts is almost non-existent). Issue three contains a significant flashback to a 4th Doctor/TOS encounter.

The characterization, to me, seems stilted towards the TNG crew. They seem recognizable, and almost believable. The Doctor...more
An eight part comicbook series that will inevitably become a single volume graphic novel. The concept tickled me. The merging of the two biggest Sci-Fi franchises seemed like a lot of fun, and it is. The dialogue is dead on for all the characters the plot is feasible with a few twists and turns. Past episodes of both series are referenced and even re-experienced. My only disappointment for the series is the artwork. I was hoping for a dynamic comic book style and instead was presented with what...more
Again, I'm judging this two-parter by what it sets out to achieve. The review is for both parts. When I read the review in VOYA, I was determined to get this graphic novel; I have a group of young whovians in the library, and I've been a fan of both shows since the age of twelve. The volumes finally came in, and I raced through both of them today. I was not disappointed.

There's so much to love here. The joint authors/artists get the characterizations down just about perfectly. There's a lot of d...more
Holly Letson
This book left me feeling confused. That's probably because I am NOT a Doctor Who fan. (I can feel all the people on tumblr. glaring at me about that statement as I post this on my book blog there!). But, seriously, I went after this for the "Star Trek: TNG" aspect, since I loved that series when I was younger.
And, when it turned out the Doctor was "the voice of reason", and Jean-Luc Picard was made to act like an insolent brat like a child, I was more than a little disappointed.
The Doctor wa...more
Joey the J in R.J. Spindle
More paraphrased lines from both shows. I was so hoping that was going to be something that wore off. There is an awful lot of repetition as well. The story moves along though. We get from the Enterprise to the Cy-Borg ship. That's exactly what they find as well. A would bunch of Cyberman/Borg mega machines. The last issues is going to be one great battle (I hope). It doesn't look any longer than the other ones. I considered not posting this commentary due to how negative my view has been on it,...more
Joey the J in R.J. Spindle
OH! But there was one major complaint. Unless they do something with the whole "Bad Wolf" reference in the next issue, and somehow bring Rose into the story, I'm going to be upset. It's just a coincidence in the name. The previous battle with The Borg and the NextGen cast has NOTHING to do with Bad Wolf. It's just references. That's all this is. References without relevance. This was such a cool concept. but the execution is so lazy. I feel like they took my money and handed me a half heated fro...more
What would happen if The Doctor consoled The Enterprise's Captain Picard on negotiating with the evil Borg ? The Captain has had enough of them, there is no trust between the races. He may have to learn to trust them they may be the only source of help in dealing with a threat the Cybermen. Things don't go easy, as they never do for the Doctor or the Enterprise. The Captain gets to know the Tardis, and takes a trip into the future.
It amazed me how easily how these two very different character wo...more
Joey the J in R.J. Spindle
Bah! They won, but they hardly had to do anything to win. It never seemed like there was any danger to the Enterprise or the TARDIS. They approached danger a few times, but never suffered any consequences. And the ending wrapped up the whole "different universes" thing--which was a complete farce. Why was it two different universes? Because they are separate stories by different authors? Please. This could have been the greatest comic mashup I'd ever read (indeed, the only comic mashup I've ever...more
Pete Storm
This was lots better than I thought it was going to be. The dialog of the Doctor is spot on - nailed it early and often. The art was pretty good as well, with different Doctor and Star Trek styles that meshed together while being distinct. I was very impressed with the change in artwork during the flashback sessions.

Very fun, I would read another.
This volume poses an interesting philosophical question - is it fan service if no one is served?
Much shorter than anticipated, otherwise great.
odd paring but it is cool
Thanks to a conversation with Guinan, our heroes have seem to have finally decided to trust each other enough to work together to deal with the situation they find themselves in. Except that its taken so long to get to this point that the situation has now changed. We don't really know whats going on with the Cybermen and the Borg. So the change to the story makes me feel like it was done just for the purpose of making our heroes antagonistic towards each other again.
Joey the J in R.J. Spindle
So we'ver reached the halfway point. *sigh* The Cybermen have inexplicably turned against The Borg. Oi. We knew this was going to happen (or something like it), but c'mon authors! The pace seems all wrong. So far, the only threat that's been posed is a short chase scene. No the "ultimate enemy" is going to destroy itself.

Read more and add your own commentary at R. J. Spindle
Joey the J in R.J. Spindle
I apologize if I'm doing nothing but bitch about these comics. Though the story was a bit better in this one, my mind almost completely rejected it, because it COULD have been an awesome fight and near defeat. Then the Doctor and Picard would regroup, and come up with a do or die plan and finally win.

Read more and add your own commentary at R. J. Spindle
I have to agree with a previous reviewer who said not that much happens. The art is decent; there are a couple of 2-page spreads that are visually arresting. But the story is sort of flat. And to be honest, I didn't feel the dialogue effectively captured the voice of any of the main characters. But take my review with a grain of salt; I'm not really a comic-book person.
Summary: We can save the world from the Cybermen-assimilated-Borg!

Why I Read This: Do you really have to ask?

Review: I enjoyed it. I think that I may need to read more graphic novels, because the format threw me off. Most of the graphic novels that I've read are in black and white, so reading a full-color comic was odd but enjoyable.
What happens if the Doctor meets the crew of Star Treks Next Generation? I don't realy know but there could be two things possible happen: First they just drink a cup of tea together or they had to fight against the deadlyst enemys of both fractions. So keep calm and call the Doctor through the communicator!
Danielle Browning
Two of my favorite shows. What a cross-over! I have only had a chance to read the first book, but it is great. The story perfectly blends the personalities of Doctor Who (and Friends) and the characters of TNG. Can't wait to read the next installments.
This series continues to make me quite happy, with dialogue that let's me hear the actors voices when I read it and exchanges that manage to blend the look and feel of two very different series into one story. I look forward to each new edition!
How can you not love a canon Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover? I mean seriously.

Also, owning a Kindle Fire has gotten me interested in reading comics where nothing/no one ever could before. So easy to get and read the digital versions!
Mostly set up. We get an introduction to the situation that's going to be the main focus of the story, and a intro story for The Doctor and his companions. The Next Generation crew only makes a brief appearance on the last page.
Mary Ann
The whole storyline was pretty meh, as there were no real points of peril. However, the characters were true to their respective franchises and the relationship between Picard and the Doctor was very interesting.
Richard Gombert
The author(s) did a great job capturing the dialog of the character.

Not a bad story either. Who would've thought that the Cybermen were tougher than the Borg. They should be thankful it wasn't the Daleks.
Janet Bullock
The story was ok , if not somewhat predictable. The art work was grainy and reminded on of the lens flares JJ Abrams employed in his Star Trek Movie (2009).

Great ideas, bad execution. The art is remarkable, the storytelling not so much. This idea does not live up to its potential, sadly.
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